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WWF Wrestling Challenge – November 24, 1991
by Scrooge McSuck

- Another in a series of random episodes of Wrestling Challenge, pulled from the Vault of Scrooge. Just think about is as Tales from the Crypt, but instead of a rotting corpse, or in the case of the comic book version, a scary looking weirdo, think of an over-weight wrestling fan with Kane posters on his wall. Most of these episodes are rather worthless in terms of “wrestling action”, but that’s not the point in watching them. It’s hearing Gorilla and the Brain argue and all the angles played out in between the squashes.

- Coming to you from the Hara Arena in Dayton, OH, it’s Wrestling Challenge, with Gorilla Monsoon and the Brain. We’re hinted in at the fact the Anvil will not be at the Survivor Series for Jim Duggan’s team, and something happened to Hulk Hogan on SuperStars. The opening video includes Hulk Hogan, Earthquake, Jimmy Snuka, Sid Justice, the Rockers, Jake Roberts, Mr. Perfect, Kerry Von Erich, the Undertaker, the Big Boss Man, Jerry Saggs, Sid Justice, Ted Dibiase, and the Legion of Doom.

- This week on Challenge. The feature match between Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Jerry Saggs of the Nasty Boys! A Special Report, courtesy of Superstars, from the Funeral Parlor. The Undertaker will be on the Barber Shop with host, Brutus Beefcake. Davey Boy Smith is in action, as well as the Beverly Brothers. That and a whole lot more!

- The Rockers vs. Kato & The Brooklyn Brawler:
Interesting. I guess the Orient Express were officially broken up at this point, since Tanaka (who is NOT Japanese, either, for the record) was still hanging around doing a scrub role as a singles wrestler, too. No wrestling fans, this is NOT a feature match, no matter how hard you try to spin it. Jannetty and Brawler start, with the Brawler hammering away. Irish whip is blocked, and Jannetty sunset flips him for a two count. Jannetty with an arm drag and applies an armbar. Irish whip, and Jannetty connects with a super-kick. Inset promo from the Bushwhackers, the Rockers Survivor Series partners. Michaels and Kato lock-up into the corner, and Kato cheap shots Michaels for my enjoyment. Irish whip, and Kato runs. Michaels follows out, and both Rockers hammer on him. Gorilla and Heenan hype the Survivor Series Showdown in the meantime. A lot of questions are unanswered. Oh, and the Rockers win after Michaels press slams Jannetty onto the Brawler. Only now is any tension between the two mentioned.

- Special Report, courtesy of Hulkamania 6, available on Coliseum Video, this Thursday! Last week on Superstars, the Funeral Parlor welcomed an appearance by Hulk Hogan. Ric Flair came out to confront Hogan, with the REAL World Title blurred out. The Undertaker comes out of his coffin from behind Hogan and KO’s him with the urn. Undertaker and Flair work Hogan over until Randy Savage and Roddy Piper (doing PBP) run down to make the save. Piper nails Flair with a chair, and Undertaker gets sandwiched by both guys, but he shrugs it of. The Undertaker rips the cross from around the neck of Hogan, but sells it like it has some kind of power over him and drops it back on top of Hogan, who clutches it like it gives him powers. That sure went nowhere, didn’t it? In a recently recorded promo, Hogan takes a whiff of his cross, claiming he can smell the burning flesh from the Undertaker’s body… yeah, this REALLY went nowhere.

- The Mountie (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Burt Stiles:
If memory serves correct, the Mountie had recently begun a feud with Bret Hart over the Intercontinental Title. I think it was a few weeks earlier on Superstars where the Mountie zapped Hart after Jimmy Hart dumped a pitcher of water all over the champion. Heenan comments on Slaughter showing up backstage, bad-mouthing him, while Monsoon backs up Slaughter for trying to ask for forgiveness. The topic quickly switches to the “Jailbird.” The Mountie does nothing of note until winning the match with his modified choking thing. After the match, the Mountie gets on the microphone to talk trash to the fallen jobber. Zapping is done, and yes, piped in sound effects are included.

- The Event Center, with Sean Mooney, hyping the Survivor Series, taking place this Wednesday night at the Joe Louis Arena! Promos from the team of Jim Duggan, El Matador (subbing for the recently quit Dragon) and Kerry Von Erich talking smack about the team of weirdos. Speaking of weirdos, the Undertaker and Paul Bearer are ready to take the title from Hogan and to lay Hulkamania to rest for good. More commenting about the damn cross. WHY DIDN’T THIS GO ANYWHERE?

- Repo Man vignette. He’s hanging around outside some guys home. The dude is a day late on his car payments, so Repo Man is ready to take back what’s rightfully his. Repo uses his foot to smash the window on the drivers side and hotwires the engine to take off. I never noticed his jacket had his name spelled out in license plates. For those three of you that don’t remember, Repo Man is probably better known as one half of Demolition, Smash. Or maybe the Blacktop Bully. Or Virgil’s MYSTERY OPPONENT.

- “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Jerry Saggs (w/ Jimmy Hart & Brian Knobbs):
This sure has a chance to be a great match. In other news, the Rays have won the World Series. Heenan wastes no time insulting Duggan’s intelligence. Saggs, in true Nasty Boy strategy, stalls like nuts after the bell rings. Duggan gets the fans clappy before any contact is made. Saggs with a knee to the midsection and a lot of crappy rights. Irish whip is reversed, and Duggan nails a sloppy clothesline, sending Saggs out of the ring, again. Back inside, and Duggan catches Saggs in an atomic drop position. Mounted punches in the corner, followed by a scoop slam. Duggan sets up for the clothesline, but Knobbs trips him up. Duggan grabs hold of Knobbs, allowing a cheap shot from Saggs. Knobbs comes in for the double team, giving Duggan the win by Disqualification. The Nasty Boys clothesline Duggan with his flag pole, snapping it in half. Now they choke him with the flag. Out comes… Sgt. Slaughter, and he takes care of both Nasty Boys. Jimmy Hart gets slammed over the top onto them for good measure. Slaughter uses the flag as a shield from Duggan’s 2x4. He just wants his country back! Slaughter’s face turn is cemented here, thus bringing an end to the lame-ass Iraqi Sympathizer gimmick.

- More from the Event Center! This time the dream team of Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Roddy Piper (rambling like a psycho) and… uh, Virgil, comment about each of their matched up opponents for the Survivor Series. I guess the Bulldog/Warlord feud never ended.

- Jack Tunney, WWF President, with a very special decision. Regarding the reinstatement of Randy Savage, he has taken the matter of the situation under advisement. Well, that sure as shit was lame. Heenan claims the Repo Man is going to repo’ the $75 suit Tunney was wearing.

- The British Bulldog vs. Tom Stone:
Excuse me while I slack off. As the match begins, Monsoon hypes the new issue of WBF Magazine. My God, I forgot all about the WBF, and the fact it had it’s own magazine publication. Heenan tries to claim that Slaughter is going to double cross Jim Duggan at Survivor Series, incase Duggan selects him as his 4th team member. Well, if this were 1998-Present, that is probably what would happen. Oh, Bulldog wins with the running powerslam. That sure was short.

- The Barber Shop is open for business, with your host, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. When I think of people that deserve their own interview segment, Brutus Beefcake is pretty damn far from the list. I guess they couldn’t come up with the a stage idea for Virgil, because he’s on par with Beefcake in the promo department. The Undertaker should’ve beat the crap out of Beefcake to send another message to Hogan… and to entertain me. Nothing new of interest is said. Paul Bearer just gloats about what they did to Hogan on the Funeral Parlor, and at Survivor Series, Hulkamania is going to die.

- Survivor Series Report, with Mean Gene Okerlund. The Survivor Series is this Wednesday night, Thanksgiving Eve! The Gravest Challenge is set, with Hulk Hogan defending the title against the Undertaker! Big Boss Man and the LOD (minus Sid Justice) will face Jake Roberts, The Natural Disasters, and I.R.S (promo from the 3-man team). Bret Hart, Roddy Piper, British Bulldog, and Virgil take on REAL WORLD CHAMPION Ric Flair, The Warlord, Ted Dibiase, and the Mountie. Comments from both teams, including the introduction of MR. PERFECT as Flair’s new executive adviser… or whatever. Jim Duggan, El Matador, Kerry Von Erich, and a 4th member take on Col. Mustafa, the Berzerker, Skinner, and Big Bully Busick! Finally, the Rockers and the Bushwhackers team up to meet the Beverly Brothers and the Nasty Boys!

- The Beverly Brothers (w/ The Genius) vs. Unknown Jobbers:
The Genius reads a poem to open the match. Monsoon comments on the introduction of Perfect into the stable of Ric Flair and Bobby Heenan. I guess Heenan isn’t there to sell that the promo just happened live, and he had to leave the broadcast position. Monsoon takes a shot at Heenan in his absence. Then he makes fun of the Bushwhackers for being out there. The Beverly Bomb is enough to pin the black jobber, for those who care. I didn’t bother watching the rest of the match.

- Even More from the Event Center! Last chance to shill the Survivor Series on this show! Jake Roberts team of evil do-badders comment about their opponents lacking a 4th member. Jake does most of the talking for his team, which is always a plus.

- Promotional consideration paid for by the following: Talking Battleship (YEAH!), G.I. Joe action figures. Real American Hero! Electronic Hot Shot Basketball! The WWF Ring and new Tag Team Combos! Double Dragon II for GameBoy, with 1 or 2 Player Action! FROM ACCLAIM!

Final Thoughts: A decent episode for what it was. Some big stuff concerning the Undertaker and Hulk Hogan, Mr. Perfect returns to television for the first time since right after SummerSlam, and Sgt. Slaughter finally has his country back! The wrestling all sucked ass, especially the “Feature” between Duggan and Saggs, but good wrestling was never the point for that match, anyway. The banter between Monsoon and Heenan seemed to lack a bit, as they played a too serious role this time in pushing the PPV.

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