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NWA/WCW Recaps and Results

This section contains reviews of TV shows and PPV's produced by the NWA/WCW; from the days of Jim Crockett Promotions to the final days of WCW.

World Championship Wrestling (Saturday Night)

"The Mothership" from WTBS on Saturday Nights!

Clash of the Champions

The Following is a Special Presentation of TBS Sports.

Great American Bash

NWA/WCW's annual summertime supershow.


NWA/WCW's annual holiday supershow.

Halloween Havoc

Snap into Slim Jim's spooky WCW event!

WCW Nitro

On any given week -- The Greatest Night in the History of Our Sport!


All the rest, from the best of the "major league of professional wrestling". Other PPVs, weekly shows and random stuff... if you will.