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WWF Wrestling Challenge - 4/2/89
by Scrooge McSuck

No idea why I chose to recap this show. There's no original programming when it comes to actual wrestling matches, and just served as a last ditch effort to sell WrestleMania V... but, as always, lets see how far WWF went in pushing the show with only hours to go before the big event was to be held.

- As usual for the time frame, Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan are the hosts of Wrestling Challenge. Outside of Monsoon gloating over the unfortunate day Heenan will have at the hands of the Red Rooster, they aren't very comical, and simply push the show as hard as possible for anyone that still hadn't ordered the PPV. Got to give them points for that, but I like my Monsoon and Heenan comical, not shilling (no, not Curt Schilling).

- Flashback #1: Jake Roberts vs. Andre The Giant.
Highlights from the 10/29/88 episode of Saturday Night's Main Event. Following a match with Rick Rude, Roberts set his attention on Andre, unleashing Damian on him, and as a result, Andre faked a heart attack. Yes, it's the "Giant Heel is Deathly Afraid of Snakes" storyline that has been rehashed 506 times over the years. Follow that up with the 1989 Royal Rumble. Roberts, having already been eliminated, returns to the ring and scares Andre over the top rope with Damian for the lamest elimination of the night. Next clips are from the Face-to-Face PrimeTime Special, where opponents for WrestleMania screamed at each other while McMahon narates. This is what you would expect. Andre threatens to choke Snake senseless, Roberts scares Andre off with Damian. Following that are event center promos from Roberts (threatening Andre with the help of a special referee), Andre and Heenan (who are incoherent... even Heenan), and SPECIAL REFEREE BIG JOHN STUDD, who swears to be impartial despite hating Andre and "Weasel."

- Flashback #2: Demolition vs. Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji.
Extensive footage from Survivor Series '88 are shown. The match is down to Demolition and the Conquistadors against the Powers of Pain. Demolition is in control, but Fuji is being a pest at ringside. This leads to Fuji pulling the ropes down on Smash, causing him to spill out of the ring, and eventually being counted out. Ax takes offense, gets nailed with the cane, and the Demos retaliate by slamming Fuji on the floor. From there, the Powers of Pain take him on as manager mid-match and win with his assistance. Demolition returns post-match for a beating, turning them face in the process, and the Powers heel. Flash forward to 2/3/89 where Demolition are facing the Pain, when Fuji throws salt in Ax's eyes and the Powers of Pain lay a beating in on Demolition. Event Center promos follow. Demolition call Fuji "Fuj' the Stooge" and the "Powahs uh Pame" prove why they never did much talking.- Stridex

Great Wipe Outs: The Blue Blazer wipes the floor with jobber Barry Horowitz. I guess the Mountain Dew Slam of the Night had the weekend off.

- More WrestleMania V pimping by Gorilla and Heenan. They throw us to a bunch of clips of various WrestleMania performers in action. Beefcake and Dibiase are shown squashing opponents and winning with their versions of the sleeper hold. The Rockers are showcased doing double team moves, and their opponents, the Twin Towers, beat the crap out of a scrub with Boss Man's night stick.

- Event Center Promos! The Red Rooster talks like a retard, Bobby Heenan threatens to strangle him, the Bushwhackers babble nonsense, and the FABULOUS Rougeau Brothers love America. Honestly, they do. All of this and much more, tonight at WrestleMania V! ORDER NOW!

Flashback #3: Tthe Mega Powers EXPLODE!
Very extensive clips from the Main Event Special. The Powers are facing the Twin Towers, when heel-ish acts sees Akeem toss Savage right into Elizabeth at ringside, who takes a pretty good bump. Hogan, Boy Scout of the Year, ditches Savage to take Elizabeth backstage for medical help. Hogan eventually returns, gets slapped in the face by Savage, and is forced to go it alone... he wins, of course. Backstage, Savage mouths off to Hogan about lusting over Elizabeth and not being man enough to ask straight up for a title match, and all that other stuff that people love about people making fun of Hogan. We get promos from both men afterwards. Savage is especially pissed off and constipated sounding. More-so than usual, believe me.

- Mean Gene Okerlund presents the WrestleMania V Report, from inside the Casino! The Mega Powers Explode! Jake vs. Andre! Warrior vs. Rude for the IC Title! Demolition vs. Powers of Pain and Fuji in a handicap match for the Tag Titles! Beefcake vs. Dibiase! Rooster vs. Heenan! Duggan vs. Brown! Rockers vs. Twin Towers! Hercules vs. KING Haku! Bushwhackers vs. Rougeau Brothers! Blue Blazer vs. Mr. Perfect! The Hart Foundation vs. Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine! Ron Garvin vs. Dino Bravo! Strike Force vs. The Brain Busters! Rockin' Robin sings the National Anthem! Run DMC will perform! Piper's Pit Returns with special guest Morton Downey Jr. and Brother Love! All this and more, tonight, at WrestleMania V!

- Flashback #4: The Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude.
Highlights from the 1989 Royal Rumble. It's a super posedown, and Rude, fed up with the crowds bias towards him, beats the snot out of Warrior with a work out bar... ok, he didn't beat the SNOT out of him... until SummerSlam '90. Fast forward to "Face-to'Face", and Warrior clears Rude from the podium byt acting like a black man on PCP. Promos follow. Warrior is his usual insane 'self, and Rude guarantees victory at WRESTLEMANIA V. ORDER NOW!

- Call Corey & Corey at 1-900-909-3700! $2 for the 1st minute, $1.49 each additional minute. Here new messages every day, or leave your own message for them to listen to. CALL NOW!

- More hyping, nothing funny is said. Order WrestleMania V now, GOD DAMMIT!

Final Thoughts:
Well, this was what it was. An hour long hype show, much like the old Countdowns were the half-hour before the PPV would begin. Minimal amounts of Heenan and Monsoon makes me sad, and I've seen all of these clips many times before. No fresh material other than a handful of quick promos, and it's just a quick and simple way to fill a broadcast without having to go through all the trouble of producing matches with added in commentary. No need to worry about this episode of Challenge. It's about as important as that one where Roddy Piper fought Al Fernandez in the Fall of 1989.

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