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WWE Smackdown- November 28, 2008
by Drama16

Albany, New York
Jim Ross and Tazz

We recap Survivor Series and the new WWE Champion. We also skip the opening animation and go right to GM Vickie Guerrero in the ring. She introduces the new WWE Champion, a man who has overcome so many obstacles, and happens to be her husband…EDGE! Out comes the bearded Rated-R Superstar with his new title. Vickie is grinning from ear to ear, so I guess they’re back together? Edge gets in the ring and they hug, so I guess they are. Good, it makes for a better show, as I’m instantly excited the WWE’s #1 heel is back. Vickie says she promised a triple threat match at Survivor Series, and she delivered. She starts talking all cutesy. Edge takes the mike and says he wasn’t supposed to come back this soon, and he’s not even 100%. Edge says he woke up Sunday morning and saw on wwe.com what happened to Jeff Hardy. So Edge says he took matters into his own hands. Edge says the reason is simple: We all know Jeff Hardy’s history. Edge says Jeff has a history of letting people down. Edge says he doesn’t have the same gumption and tenacity that a true champion like he has. The crowd is chanting “HARDY…HARDY…HARDY”. Can you smell April 5, 2009 in Houston? Edge tells Vickie that everyone seems to think that the WWE Title is his only motivation. He says that couldn’t be further from the truth, as he also didn’t want to let his baby down. Edge says he did all of this, for her. Vickie says thank you for being her knight in shining armor, and thank you for being her hero. She says thank you for saving her from the irresponsibility of Jeff Hardy. Vickie says what happened to Jeff Hardy is still being investigated, and we’re looking forward to seeing Jeff in the ring when he is cleared to compete. Vickie says let’s face it. This isn’t the first time Jeff hasn’t screwed up. Edge says Jeff always screws up, and screw up big. Then Jeff Hardy comes running down the aisle with his black/gray makeup and his held down by security. Seconds later former champion Triple H runs down the aisle and security stops him. Then Vladimir Kozlov comes in through the other side of the ring. He says he wants to be champion, and he’s tired of the games. He wants that belt. Vickie tells everyone to stop. Vickie says she anticipated that all three men would claim stake to Edge’s title. So tonight Vickie has planned 3 “Beat the Clock” matches featuring Jeff Hardy, Triple H, and Vladimir Kozlov. Whoever wins their match in the shortest time, will face Edge for the WWE Title at Armageddon.

Beat the Clock match: Jeff Hardy vs. The Brian Kendrick
This should be good if it gets time to develop. Kendrick ducks a lockup attempt and both men pace. Kendrick does the heel thing and tries to let the clock tick but he goes for a kick and misses, then Jeff tries a quick roll-up for 2. Jeff with a backslide for 2. Jeff with a small package for 2. Kendrick bails and Jeff follows but is cut off by Ezekiel Jackson. Jeff gets back in the ring as the clock hits 1:30. Kendrick gets back in the ring. They lock up and Jeff with a right hand a suplex for 2. Jeff with a leg drop for 1. Jeff continues 1 counts and finally settles into a headlock. Jeff has a bandage on the back of his neck from the “attack” in Boston. Jeff executes a cool leg takedown for a 2 count. He then hits the double leg drop in the crotch for 2. Kendrick has had no offense so far. Jeff with some boots to the gut and a back drop. Kendrick bails again as the clock passes 3:30. Kendrick stands in front of the announce table yapping when Jeff comes out of the ring and grabs Kendrick, then throws him into the ring. Jeff with a bodyslam for 2. Jeff with a powerslam for 2. Jeff with some boots but Kendrick reverses an Irish Whip, then eats an elbow. Jeff goes for Whisper in the Wind, but Kendrick crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Kendrick with a neckbreaker off the top, and Jeff is down as we go to break. We’re back and Kendrick with a reverse neck crank. During the break Kendrick cracked Jeff with a Shining Wizard kick. The clock passes 8:00 as Jeff tries to fight back, then an inside cradle for 2. Kendrick throws Jeff into the turnbuckle. Kendrick steps on Jeff’s throat, then a headlock. We pass 9:00 as Kendrick turns it into a rough Million Dollar Dream. Jeff gets to his feet and backs Kendrick into the corner multiple times until Kendrick lets go. Jeff’s to his feet and hits Kendrick with a stun gun. We pass 10:00 as Jeff’s moving slowly, and Tazz and JR note that maybe the Boston stairwell attack affected Hardy because he’s not capitalizing on his moves faster. Kendrick is hanging upside down in the corner and Jeff with the double mule kick (Tree of Woe) for 2. Jeff hits a gourdbuster for 2. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate but Kendrick pushes him off into the corner, so Jeff climbs the ropes and hits Whisper in the Wind. Jeff goes for the cover but Kendrick puts his foot on the rope. Ezekiel comes over and Jeff kicks him into the barricade. He hits a reverse powerbomb, then hits the Swanton for the win. Definitely too long.
WINNER: Jeff Hardy in 12:13 (Grade: 3)

-Vladimir Kozlov’s opponent will be ECW Champion Matt Hardy, and Triple H will face US Champion Shelton Benjamin. Now Eve Torres is backstage with Matt Hardy, and he says that his brother Jeff has screwed up in the past. Matt however says that it was Edge and Vickie that caused Jeff to lose his chance, and tonight Matt will help his brother get that chance again.

-We recap the build and the casket match between Undertaker and Big Show. JR and Tazz then announce that next week Undertaker and Big Show will face each other one last time, inside a steel cage.

The Bella Twins & Divas Champion Michelle McCool vs. Maryse, Victoria, and Natalya
These divas matches are getting dreadfully dull. It’s the same 6 girls every week. I miss Cherry. Michelle starts with Victoria and they lock up. Michelle with a flip and an armbar. Tag to one of the two Bellas, as they’re both wearing the same outfit. This is going to suck royally. Bella #1 gets a 2 count on Victoria, then a sunset flip for 2. Incidentally, the twins names are Brie and Nikki. Bella #1 tries another flip but Victoria drops her. She tags the poorly used Natalya and she hits a snap suplex for 2. Natalya starts working the legs over with a bow & arrow. JR says that its Nikki in the ring but he’s guessing. Tag to Victoria who hits a spinning side suplex for 2. Tag to Maryse who hits a very sloppy Russian Leg Sweep for 2. She clubs and kicks Nikki, then pushes Brie off the apron. Nikki tags Michelle and she goes off on Maryse, finishing with a neckbreaker for 2. One of the Bellas attacks Victoria, breaking up the pin. Michelle is annoyed but goes after Maryse, who slaps the other Bella. Michelle takes control and holds Maryse, but the other Bella accidentally clotheslines Michelle. Maryse rolls her up for the pin.
WINNERS: Maryse, Natalya, and Victoria (Grade: 0)

-Michelle gets in the Bella’s face, so Maria comes in to try and keep the peace. Michelle shoves Maria to the ground and leaves. The heel turn is really beginning.

-JR mentions that Linda McMahon participated in Global Entrepreneurs Week on Wall Street, and she was also named one of the 50 most powerful women in cable television. Then we get that awfully cheesy DX Christmas commercial.

Beat the Clock match: Vladimir Kozlov vs. ECW Champion Matt Hardy (TIME TO BEAT-12:13)
We get a quick Hurrapop announcing that Hurricane Helms makes his return to the ring next week. Nice. Matt ducks the Russian twice then they lock up. Kozlov pushes Matt in the corner and breaks clean. Matt with a quick right hand that surprises Kozlov. Matt with a boot and a headlock. This goes on for a minute or so, including Kozlov trying a suplex but Matt hangs on. Kozlov breaks it, and pitches Matt into the ropes, and Matt calmly rolls under the bottom rope and casually strolls around the ring, clearly to kill time. He gets back in as we go under 9 minutes. Kozlov gets the single leg takedown but lets go when Matt gets to the ropes. They lock up again and Kozlov with a waistlock takedown. He stays on the waistlock for a bit, until Matt breaks it with reverse elbows, but he comes off the ropes and Kozlov shoulder blocks him down. Matt ducks outside again, but Kozlov finally realizes what’s going on here and goes outside to chase Matt back in the ring. He does and after some right hands he locks Matt’s arms and does the Al Snow head butts. Kozlov with a boot to the chest, Kozlov charges and eats a boot as we go to break. We return from break with Kozlov dropping Matt with a suplex, but the clock is closing in on 3 minutes remaining. We go backstage as Jeff is looking on to the match. Kozlov with a backbreaker for 2. Matt with right hands but he goes for a cross body but is caught, and Kozlov with the Fallaway Slam for 2. Kozlov perches Matt on the corner and starts hitting head butts into the kidney/back area. Kozlov with another Fallaway Slam for 2. Kozlov with a powerslam for 2. Kozlov with another slam but Matt with the Side Effect and Kozlov falls out of the ring with less than :30 left. Kozlov gets back in Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but is tossed out of the ring. So Matt starts walking away and the clock runs out.
WINNER: No Contest (Jeff Hardy still has the lead at 12:13, grade 2)

-Jeff Hardy celebrates backstage but when he turns from the tv screen he sees Triple H behind him. They go nose to nose as we go to break.

Jesse & Festus vs. John Morrison & The Miz
Morrison no longer has the glitter in his abs. The bell rings and Festus charges but Miz & Morrison bail. Miz starts with Jesse and Miz with a headlock but he breaks it and hits right hands and a reverse elbow for 2. Jesse approaches but Miz grabs the tights and drapes Jesse over the second rope and starts clubbing. Tag to Morrison and they hit that “Sunset Boulevard” elbow maneuver. Morrison starts choking Jesse in the corner, then a tag to Miz and a double gutbuster for 2. Miz with more clubbing blows and a headlock. Miz with some right hands but he goes for a suplex, yet Jesse reverses it into one of his own. Both men are down trying to get to their corners. Miz tags Morrison but Jesse tags Festus and he goes Cornfed Collossus on Morrison. Morrison is tossed out of the ring and goes to the ring bell and hits it, which stops Festus cold. Jesse comes around the ring and attacks Morrison. He throws Morrison in the ring, then rings the bell and Festus awakes and goes off on the Shaman of Sexy. Miz then gets the bell and rings it with again stops Festus cold. Miz beats the hell out of Jesse outside and Morrison joins him while Festus is just standing in the ring. The ref tells them to stop but they don’t and he calls for the DQ. WINNERS: Jesse & Festus (Grade: 1.5)

-Jesse is left beaten down in the ring, so Morrison and Miz do a great bit where they keep ringing the bell over and over, so Festus flips from crazy to quiet over and over. Jesse comes in and gets crushed with the bell. Miz drops the bell and the hammer, but the hammer drops on the bell, which rings it and Festus double clotheslines them out of the ring.

-We get a shot outside Albany’s Times Union Center, and then go to the Raw Rebound where we have our Armageddon World Heavyweight Title match set: John Cena vs. Chris Jericho.

-Now we have Mr. Kennedy, who’s doing an interview…with Triple H? He says some think that he can’t beat Shelton Benjamin in 12:13? Watch him. The Game says Edge…see you at Armageddon.

Beat the Clock match: Triple H vs. US Champion Shelton Benjamin (TIME TO BEAT-12:13)
The bell rings and Triple H goes for an immediate Pedigree but Shelton ducks out. Shelton with a headlock that Triple H pushes out of and hits a shoulder block, then goes for another Pedigree but Shelton ducks out of the ring again. This time Triple H comes after him and decks him. He slams Shelton into the post and pitches him back in the ring. Triple H gets in and Shelton with a boot to the gut. Shelton with right hands but out of the corner Triple H with a clothesline. He goes for another Pedigree but Shelton with a backdrop, but in the exchange Triple H with a sunset flip for 2. Triple H then locks up the Crippler Crossface a couple of times (oh sorry…Crossface Submission), but Shelton goes to the rope. We go under 10 minutes as Triple H goes for a suplex but Shelton with a neckbreaker reverse. Both men are down as we go to break. We’re back and the clock goes under 5:30 as Shelton has a headlock. Jeff Hardy is shown backstage watching the match as Triple H breaks the hold but off the ropes Shelton hits a sweet DDT for 2. Shelton with some right hands and tries another neckbreaker but Triple H shoves him into the corner. Both men are down but Shelton with a reverse elbow. He comes off the ropes and Triple H hits the high knee and knee drops for 2. Shelton bails as the clock hits 3:15 left. Triple H goes after him and slams Shelton into the barricade, then pitches him back in. Shelton falls outside and Triple H throws him into JR and Tazz’s announce table a couple of times. Both men back in the ring and Shelton runs away, but Triple H catches him and throws Shelton into the steps. Both are back in the ring and Shelton comes off the ropes and eats a spinebuster. Triple H tries to hit the Pedigree and Shelton with another backdrop. The clock reads 1:15 as Triple H gets to his feet but Shelton locks himself into the rope but when Shelton lets go he gets thrown into referee Mike Chioda. He’s down and Triple H hits the Pedigree but Chioda is down. He tries to get Chioda to count, and eventually he does, and Chioda’s hand hits 3 right as the buzzer goes off. After a few moments, Chioda raises Triple H’s hand in victory. The Game’s music hits but then referee Charles Robinson runs out to tell Chioda that he didn’t hit his hand before, but after the buzzer went off. Both referees keep arguing and Chioda’s talking to the timekeeper. We get a replay of Hardy’s 3 count and Triple H’s 3 count simultaneously, and announcer Justin Roberts says that both men won their matches in the same amount of time. Jeff Hardy comes out and all four men are in the ring as we go off the air.
WINNER: Triple H in 12:13 (Grade: 2.5)

DRAMA’S TAKE: Wow what a difference one guy makes. Edge returns and now the show is back to what is was before Summerslam. We have the WWE’s top heel (sorry Chris Jericho, but you’re a VERY close second) back on his show, stealing another WWE Title in a match he wasn’t in. Now we have a great cache of #1 contenders (Hardy, HHH, Kozlov) and Edge is back pulling the strings for Vickie Guerrero. The only problem now is the rest of this show was filled with crap, which included a lousy 6-divas tag match and some comedy with Miz and Morrison. No R-Truth? Well that didn’t last long. Vickie and Edge are back together, but I hope they find a way to write their reconciliation into the storyline instead of just saying “Hey Edge wanted to kill her, now everything’s fine!!!” Michelle McCool’s heel turn is starting, but frankly I could care less. I’ve heard that Gail Kim will be going to Smackdown when she debuts, and that’s a big help. I am looking forward to seeing Hurricane Helms back, as it helps the midcard even more. No Taker or Big Show this week, but that’s fine since their steel cage match will be the focus of next week’s show. This show did focus on what it should: The WWE Title and who gets the Armageddon Title shot. Right now its another triple threat match, but we have a couple of weeks. Things will change. FINAL GRADE: B-

MVP: Triple H & Jeff Hardy
Runner Up: Edge
Non MVP: Vladimir Kozlov
Runner UP: R-Truth (For no-showing)

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