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WWE Smackdown- Apr. 18, 2008
by Sassy

Friday Night Smackdown is broadcast from London, England on the CW network.

Ringside announcers: Michael Cole & Jonathan Coachman

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

Backstage interviews: Eve Torres

Y2J Chris Jericho, WWE Intercontinental Champion, enters the ring to host The Highlight Reel. Jericho gets a loud pop from the live audience. Jericho informs the audience that he has been named as special guest referee at the match between Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and The Animal Batista. Jericho introduces Batista as his guest tonight and Batista enters the ring. Batista gets a decent pop from the live audience. Jericho tells Batista has a huge match tonight against The Undertaker. Jericho relates to Batista what Jericho said to Michaels on Monday Night Raw – that got Jericho a kick to the jaw. Jericho said that by Michaels’ actions he basically justified what Batista and Jericho think about Michaels. Jericho tells Batista that he’s welcome for making Michaels admit it. Batista says that he didn’t ask for Jericho’s help. Batista says that what is going on is between Batista and Shawn. Jericho says that he will now analyze Batista. Jericho says he knows why Batista is upset with Michaels. Jericho says that Batista wanted to retire Flair himself. Jericho says it is not a theory. Jericho says that Flair picked the best to face in his final match and that must have upset Batista. Jericho asks for a show of hands from the audience as to whether or not Batista wanted to retire Flair himself. Quite a few of the audience raise their hands. Jericho then asks for a show of hands indicating that Batista is more selfish than Shawn Michaels. Another large showing of hands from the live audience. Batista then delivers a Batista bomb to Jericho and leaves him lying in the ring.

Matt Hardy enters the ring to an enthusiastic welcome from the crowd. If I was judging the noise, I think Hardy gets a louder pop in the states, but it was a nice pop. Hardy joins Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman at the announcer’s table.

Tommy Dreamer from Yonkers, NY, weighing 260 lbs. (already in the ring):
M.V.P. from Miami, FL, weighing 248 lbs.
WWE United States Champion

I will have to admit that Dreamer has been seen in more matches lately although I’m not certain they have been the same quality of matches a wrestler like Tommy Dreamer deserves. MVP gives the evil eye to Hardy at the announcer’s table. MVP begins the match by showing off to the jeers of the audience. Dreamer comes out using his wrestling ability until MVP slides himself out of the ring and out of harms way and then takes Dreamer down to the mat by pulling him off his feet. MVP delivers a neck breaker and goes for the cover but Dreamer gets a shoulder off the mat. MVP has used everything but wrestling maneuvers to keep Dreamer down on the mat. If Dreamer wasn’t the favorite going into the match he appears to be the favorite with the live audience now. MVP again goes for a cover and Dreamer kicks out. MVP tries for a cover again and gets a one count. Dreamer makes it back to his feet, but MVP delivers a face buster and Dreamer is down on the canvas again. MVP drops an elbow, goes for a cover and gets a two count be fore Dreamer powers out. MVP comes off the top rope and Dreamer gets out of the way. Dreamer sends MVP to the mat with two clotheslines and then goes for a bulldog. Dreamer takes MVP down with a neck breaker and gets a two count before MVP gets a shoulder off the mat. MVP fights back, Dreamer counters the playmaker, and Dreamer delivers a DDT and gets a two count before MVP gets a grip on the bottom rope. MVP sends Dreamer shoulder first into the ring post and follows up with a kick to Dreamer’s skull, goes for the cover and gets the win. Time: 6 minutes

Winner: MVP with a kick to Dreamer’s head

After the match, MVP points to Dreamer on the mat and then points at Hardy. Hardy gets to his feet and the two men have words.

Matt Stryker is in the ring with a mic. Stryker complains about his match last week with Finlay and Finlay’s leprechaun son, Hornswoggle. Tonight Stryker has to face Hornswoggle tonight. Stryker says it is an insult to him and he is interrupted by Hornswoggle’s entrance theme.

Hornswoggle, 4’4”
Accompanied by Finlay
Matt Stryker from NY

This is a match strictly for the fans, specifically the younger WWE fans. While I have no objection to seeing Hornswoggle in the ring, I would prefer that he were up against wrestlers in the same size/weight category. The bell rings and Hornswoggle holds up his hands, takes some tennis balls out and juggles them before throwing them at Stryker. Finlay grabs Stryker by the leg, taking him down to the mat. Hornswoggle has water guns and he goes up in sizes. Stryker manages to get all of the away from Hornswoggle but then Stryker delivers a kick to Finely on the floor and when he takes a dive at Finlay, Finlay catches him in the curtain around the ring. Hornswoggle dives off the ring apron and takes down Stryker. Stryker is back in the ring and he grabs Hornswoggle and slams him to the mat, then sits on Hornswoggle and slaps him. Stryker gets to his feet and stomps on Hornswoggle and then Stryker grabs Finlay’s weapon but the referee catches him. As the ref turns his back, Finlay nails Stryker with another weapon, Hornswoggle delivers a tadpole splash off the top turnbuckle and gets the three count. Time: 3 minutes

Winner: Hornswoggle with Finlay And several illegal weapons

I’m starting to think that Finlay and Hornswoggle make a good team.

Chavo Guerrero from El Paso, TX, weighing 215 lbs.
Accompanied to the ring by Bam Neely, Guerrero’s new bodyguard
Jamie Noble from Hanover, WV, weighing 202 lbs.

Noble got a nice pop when he entered the arena. Between the two wrestlers in this match, I’d have to name Noble as my favorite. Not only does he dish it out, he can take some hard hits and get back up and come right back. He is a very talented ring worker.

The match begins with some wrestling moves and counter moves. Both of these men know their wrestling when they choose to show it. Noble goes for a roll up and gets a two count. Noble goes for another pin and gets another two count. Guerrero drops Noble on the top rope and then uses the ropes to choke Noble. Guerrero goes to work on Noble’s left arm and shoulder. Noble fights out and runs into a knee to the abdomen. Guerrero goes for the cover and gets a two count. Noble gets back to his feet and he drops Guerrero to the mat. Noble goes for a bridge pin and he gets a two count. Noble comes off the ropes and Guerrero sidesteps Noble. Noble hits the mat. Guerrero delivers two of the three amigos but Noble blocks the third and delivers a swinging neck breaker. Noble goes for the pin and gets a two count. Guerrero hangs Noble up on the top rope, goes up to the top turnbuckle and delivers a frog splash, goes for the cover and gets the win. Time: 7 minutes

Winner: Chavo Guerrero with a frogsplash

That was a nice match until after the bell rings and Guerrero has Neely enter the ring to slam Noble down to the mat.

The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry from TX, weighing 392 lbs.
The Big Show, 7’0”, weighing 441 lbs.

Big pop for Big Show as he enters the arena. I think we can all agree that this won’t be a wrestling match. It will most likely be a show of brute force.

The two men lock up in the center of the ring with Henry shoving Show back. Again they lock up and again they break apart. Henry holds up his hand for a battle of strength then nails Show with a boot. Henry and Show swap head butts in the middle of the ring with Show finally dropping Henry to the mat. Show follows up with slaps to the chest. Henry picks up Show and applies a bear hug. Henry releases the hold and Show delivers a boot to Henry’s head. Khali is heading down the entrance ramp as Show picks up Henry and delivers a choke slam. Instead of pinning Henry, Show rolls out of the ring to face Khali. The ref calls for the bell to ring as Khali works over Show on the floor. Khali sends Show into the steel steps and then rolls Show into the ring. Khali enters the ring and stands over Show, motioning for Show to stand up and as he does, Khali has Show around the throat. Kahli picks up Show and delivers a Khali bomb. Time: Match time was 4 minutes

Winner: I don’t think a winner was named.

Two giants working the ring opposite one another certainly beats one giant squashing a much smaller man. Show and Henry are obviously known for their speed but for what it was, it did seem to go over well with the live audience.

Cherry from the Other Side of the Tracks
Accompanied by Michelle McCool
Victoria from Los Angeles, CA
Accompanied to the ring by Natalya Neidhart

To the best of my knowledge, Cherry has never wrestled in a match in WWE. This could be interesting. Victoria shoves Cherry to the mat and then applies a side headlock. Cherry is taking a lot of hits and not sending many hits Victoria’s way. Cherry finally manages to send a boot to Victoria’s abdomen but Victoria sends Cherry to the mat. Cherry goes for a roll up but Victoria kicks out. Michelle is trying to get the audience involved but they don’t seem to be overly eager to join in. In the ring, Victoria continues to pound on Cherry. Victoria slams Cherry to the mat and Cherry tries to talk to McCool but Victoria pulls Cherry back and gets into a verbal confrontation with McCool. McCool gets up on the ring apron and Victoria faces her giving Cherry a chance to surprise Victoria with a roll up. Cherry gets the three count. Time: 4 minutes

Winner: Cherry with a roll up

I’ll do another why in the world are they pitting Victoria who has tremendous talent against someone like Cherry?

Vladimir Kozlov from Russia, weighing 300 lbs.
Leroy Kincaid from London, England, weighing 236 lbs. (already in the ring)

We have seen Kozlov several times on Smackdown but have never seen him in a match with anyone of his size and strength. At some point WWE must have decided he wasn’t ready for prime time. These short squash matches don’t showcase any true talent that Kozlov might have in the ring. At the beginning of this match Kozlov is using a few wrestling moves. And Kincaid is trying but he doesn’t seem to be having any luck up against someone so much larger than he is. Every time the Londoner gets a few steps ahead, the fans in the audience shout their approval but I don’t believe the hometown wrestler is going to win this match. Kozlov delivers a neck breaker, covers his opponent and gets the win. Time: 2 minutes

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov

Edge, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder are shown taking seats in the audience area.

Main Event:
The Animal Batista from Washington, DC, weighing 290 lbs.
The Undertaker from Death Valley, weighing 299 lbs.
Batista got a nice greeting from the fans but Undertaker’s welcome was much louder.

I’ll put my money on Undertaker in this match up but with Edge and his cronies in the audience, there’s a good chance at some point there will be interference. Undertaker isn’t taking any chances. He doesn’t break clean on the first lock up that lands the two wrestlers in the corner. Batista follows Undertaker’s lead. Batista lands an elbow as Undertaker comes off the ropes and goes for the cover but he only gets a two count. Batista tries for another pin and gets another two count. Undertaker face plants Batista and goes for the cover. Undertaker gets a two count. Undertaker goes to work on Batista’s left arm and shoulder and slams Batista’s shoulder into the top turnbuckle. Undertaker goes old school but Batista manages to head Undertaker off. Batista delivers a clothesline and goes for a cover but he can’t get the three count. The two men meet in the center of the ring as Undertaker comes off the ropes with dual clotheslines and both men are down on the mat and we go to


Back in the ring, the two men are back to their feet and Batista is fighting his way out of the corner. Batista goes down to the mat but the camera was on Edge in the audience so I’m not sure what happened. Undertaker goes back to work on Batista’s left shoulder. Undertaker goes up to the top turnbuckle but Batista cuts him off. Batista climbs up to the second rope but Undertaker shoves him down to the mat. Batista goes back up after Undertaker and delivers a superplex off the top rope. Batista goes for the cover and gets a two count before Undertaker powers out. Batista's shoulders are down but it’s only a one count before Batista gets a shoulder off the mat. Undertaker goes up to the top and finally manages to go old school. Undertaker tosses Batista out through the ropes and then climbs out after him. Undertaker sets Batista up on the ring apron and delivers a leg drop on the ring apron. Batista goes down to the floor and the ref starts the count. Batista gets back to his feet and Undertaker rolls him back into the ring. Undertaker goes for the pin and gets a two count. Batista comes off the ropes and delivers a spear and both men are down, Batista gets up and goes for the cover. Batista gets a two count. Both men are back to their feet and they exchange punches in the center of the ring. Batista delivers a clothesline and sends Undertaker over the top rope; Undertaker pulls Batista out by his legs and slams him into the steel steps. The ref is counting both men out and he’s up to 7, now 8, and the ref counts 10 as Batista slams Undertaker’s head into the announcer’s table. Undertaker responds by slamming Batista back first into the guardrail then slamming Batista’s head into the announcer’s table. Time: 9 minutes

Winner: Double disqualification, double count out

The fight continues outside the ring and as they fight around the guardrail, Undertaker reaches out and grabs Edge by the shirt, tossing him over the guardrail and onto the floor. Undertaker goes to work on Edge, rolls him into the ring, as Batista comes after Undertaker. Hawkins and Ryder try to assist and they get nailed by Batista and Undertaker. Batista rolls back into the ring and Edge turns around and nails Batista with a fist. Edge is now surrounded by Batista and Undertaker. Batista charges to take out one of the Edgeheads and Undertaker takes out the other one as both have entered the ring to help Edge. Undertaker has both an Edgehead and Edge by the throat. He shoves the Edgehead back into the corner post but is forced to release Edge when Guerrero and his bodyguard enter the ring. Batista takes out Guerrero with a spine buster as Undertaker sends the bodyguard over the top rope. Edge has made it to the top of the entrance ramp on his way out of the arena, leaving Undertaker and Batista in the ring.

Edge doesn’t make it all the way out of the arena before Theodore Long pushes Vicky Guerrero out to the top of the ramp in her wheelchair which is getting very, very, VERY old. If Mrs. Guerrero hasn’t looked in the mirror lately, it would do her a little good to be walking instead of sitting on her butt. Her jaw muscles are just fine and we aren’t spared the yak, yak, and yak from those jaw muscles. She has now decided that The Undertaker will face Batista next week in another match but this time it will be for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the winner of that match will face Edge at Backlash.

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