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Monday Night RAW May 11, 2009
by Bigelow34

Freedom Hall
Louisville, KY
: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler

We open with our opening animation and then head inside the Freedom Hall as we are ready for some Judgment Day fallout here on Raw. We are welcomed by Michael Cole and a rowdy arena full of fans as we are live and in HD. The cheers immediately turn to boos as the WWE Champion Randy Orton heads out to the ring, fresh off escaping last night with his title. We get some stills of his match with Batista, including the surprise return of Ric Flair, as he hits the ring. Randy has the mic and stares off into the crowd. As we can all see, he is still WWE Champion. Last night he wasn’t just looking to retain the title; he was looking to take out Batista for good. As he was about to accomplish that, he was stopped by Ric Flair. He should have expected it as Flair never liked him during Evolution because he was a threat to outshine Triple H and surpass him on all levels, which currently is doing. So, he didn’t mind much when he kicked Flair in the skull back in the summer of 2007. If he hadn’t done that, Flair may have had enough to beat Michaels at Wrestlemania and be competing today, but still he did it so that was that. When he kicks former Evolution members in the skull, they come for retribution but they never get it. If Flair thinks he saved Batista last night, he only delayed the inevitable and he dares Flair to get in his business again. And, his wish is granted as the Nature Boy is in the house and strutting down that aisle. Ric climbs in the ring and struts a bit as he grabs the mic. Randy may still be the Champion, but he wants to make one thing clear. Orton did not beat Batista, as a matter of fact; he was close to losing so he slapped the referee to get disqualified. Randy wants to talk about being a big man, but what makes him one? When it comes to Evolution, Orton was supposed to be the chosen one and the heir apparent and the man. But Batista blew by him and never looked back. He became the man. Flair wants eye contact as he speaks. Orton may have a group now and may kick Batista in the head, but until he beats the man, he actually has accomplished nothing. Orton thinks Flair is wrong and says that Championship means he is the man. Flair thinks he can come out and tell Orton he can’t beat Batista, but Orton will beat him any place, any time. Flair likes that statement because he just saw Vickie Guerrero and hour ago and she was wrecked over the DQ last night. So, Flair gave her an idea and she made it official: Orton will take on Batista at Extreme Rules in a…steel cage! Orton ponders things but doesn’t look very happy about it. Since Flair was so nice to come deliver that message, Orton wants to give Flair a message for Batista. And he decks Flair with a right hand and starts to stomp away. Rhodes and DiBiase now make their way out but Batista is right behind them and he takes them both out. Orton catches Batista as he slides in and the attack is on as Rhodes and DiBiase recover and help. Flair and Batista are being taken apart before John Cena comes charging out to make the save. Legacy quickly clears out as Cena checks on Flair. All six men stare each other down as we go to break.

- We are back from break and look back to last segment. Backstage, Josh Matthews catches up with Cena and wants to know what is up. Cena says he has been beaten up and down lately and his resolve is being questioned. He overcame physics and gravity last night and the critics have been silenced. He will not let the believers down. He doesn’t usually look for trouble, but it needs to be said. Whoever wins at Extreme Rules needs to realize it is only a matter of time before the champ…is here. Vickie joins us and makes a handicap match for tonight: Legacy vs. Batista & Cena. Cena mocks Vickie’s announcement and then says he loves it as he walks off. Back at ringside, Cole and Lawler are chatting about the Extreme Rules main event that was just announced.

1) Diva Battle Royal for a future Championship match
Participants: Kelly, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Rosa Mendes, Beth Phoenix, Jillian& Mickie James

All the Divas make their way out, with Jillian getting a nice hometown pop. Maryse has joined the announce table and corrects Cole’s pronunciation of her name. The bell rings and the Divas get to fighting. Rose gets tossed by Mickie as Maryse gives Mickie her props. One of the Bellas is tossed in the fray and we get no clarification as to which it was. Jillian hits her handspring elbow and tosses Mickie over to the apron. She comes back and knocks Jillian to the floor to eliminate her. The other Bella was also tossed in there somewhere. Beth and Mickie battle until Kelly comes over and smacks Beth. Beth tries to slam Kelly out, but she slips free and dropkicks Beth to the floor. Beth yanks Kelly down and tries to pull her out. That gives Maryse a chance to get up and spray something in Mickie’s face. Kelly comes over and shoves Mickie out, not realizing what happened with Maryse. Kelly earns the future title shot.
Kelly wins a battle royal; Grade: N/A

- Kelly celebrates her win as we head to break.

- We are back and checking out the Boost Mobile WWE Rewind, which takes us to last night for a look at the Miz/Santino verbal throwdown and the subsequent Chavo attack. Back live, we are joined by Mr. Marella as he is looking for payback.

2) Santino Marella vs. Chavo Guerrero
Santino makes his way out but gets no mic time as Chavo heads out right after him. The bell sounds and Chavo attacks Santino. He lands an uppercut and plants him with an atomic drop. Santino gets up and works the kinks out of his back and then quickly walks back and forth to stretch it out. Chavo decks him with a double thrust and stomps on him. Chavo hammers away and then locks in a surfboard stretch submission hold as Santino screams. Santino fights to his feet but Chavo shoves him back down. He smacks Santino around but Santino is hulking up and drills Chavo with a right hand. He catches a charging Chavo with a back elbow and follows with a clothesline. He sends Chavo over with a back drop but eats a boot on a charge to the corner. Chavo heads up top but Santino rolls to safety and Chavo hops down. Chavo misses a charge to the corner and hops over with a jackknife cover for the win.
Marella d. Guerrero with a jackknife roll up; Grade: .5

- Santino quickly scampers off as Chavo grabs the mic. He wants to know if Santino thinks this is a joke. He tells Santino to tell his sister to get dressed because Santina will defend the Miss Wrestlemania crown against Vickie Guerrero! Santino is pretty confident with that one and stares at Chavo as we go to break.

- We are back from break and checking out a Mr. Kennedy video package as he is returning soon. Backstage, Maryse is talking to herself in French. The Miz comes in and says he has no idea what she is saying but it is hot. Maryse isn’t impressed so Miz brags about his 4-0 record. He tells Maryse to tell her friends to check in for what he has planned tonight. Cena may be done with Big Show but he is just getting started with the Miz. Elsewhere, Josh Matthews is checking in with Matt Hardy. Matt cost his brother last night and now tonight he has a US title match with MVP. Josh thinks Edge and Vickie may have worked something out here, but Matt denies it. Three weeks ago, Jeff broke his hand. There is no way he was going to sit back and watch Jeff take home the title and take all the accolades his deserves. Vickie erased his tainted loss to Kofi from the record books and she is granting him a US title match because he earned it. Across the building, Vickie is scolding Chavo over his matchmaking from earlier. Chavo apologizes but says he has a plan to put an end to Santino’s nonsense. Orton now barges in and isn’t pleased with the cage match. Vickie says she needed to ensure there was no interference and that Orton should just worry about the match tonight. Orton tells her to stay on his good side. Orton walks off and we walk off to break.

- We are back and Cole implores us to check out WWE.com and the Judgment Day coverage. We are also thanking Buckcherry for “Rescue Me” which was the Judgment Day theme song.

3) Primo & Carlito Colon vs. The Brian Kendrick & Goldust in a non title match
The champions make their way out and it seems as if Kendrick may have found a partner as promised. We go back to last week’s Superstars when Goldust saved Hornswoggle from Big Show. Carlito and Goldust start off and Goldust hits a shoulderblock for one. He takes Carlito over with an armdrag as Kendrick yells for Goldust to tag him in. Goldust obliges and Kendrick takes Carlito down and grabs a sleeperhold. He turns it into a Dragon sleeper but Carlito fights up. Kendrick runs Carlito into the corner and then distracts the ref but Goldust doesn’t take advantage and Kendrick yells at him. Carlito drills Kendrick with a dropkick and tags in Primo. Primo slugs away and takes Kendrick down with a side Russian legsweep for two. He goes for The Kendrick, but Primo slips free and hits a springboard cross body off the top rope for the win.
Colons d. Kendrick & Goldust when Primo pins Kendrick with a cross body; Grade: 1.

- The Colons head off as Kendrick gets in Goldust’s face about the loss. He shoves Goldust, who slowly climbs into the ring. Hornswoggle comes from behind and bites Kendrick’s leg. He then kicks his shin and Goldust sends Kendrick flying to the floor. Backstage, the Miz is dressed in Cena’s gear. He gives a mock salute and you can’t see me hand flash before wiggering his way through the halls as we go to break.

- We are back and live and John Cena’s old theme music has been cued up as the Miz does his best Cena impression on his way to the ring. Miz says the biggest news from Judgment Day is that he is 4-0 against John Cena, but Cena still won’t come fight him. Cena had a rap song called "Word Life" and Miz has decided to do a remix to better suit John Cena. It is called “Nerd Life: The Story of John Cena”. He takes some pretty good digs at Cena in classic Cena 2003 freestyle fashion. Miz is carrying this show right now. The crowd is calling for Cena, but there is no sign of him. Miz declares the score is now 5-0. Cena is dead like a possum and he is the Miz and his awesome. The King now has something to say as he grabs a mic and hops into the ring. The crowd chants “Jerry” and Miz tells them this isn’t the Springer show. Lawler says commercials do better ratings than Miz’s rap. He says just because he calls people out, that doesn’t mean Miz gets a victory. King calls out Batista to prove his point. Batista doesn’t come out, but that doesn’t make him 1-0 against Batista. King gives another example by calling out Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin. He wants a three on one handicap match right now. They no show, natch, so with Miz’s logic, King would own a victory over all three of those stars. Miz is talking out of his rear end. If Miz wants a match with Cena, he should go back and ask for the match. Miz says King talks out of his rear end every week on commentary. Miz will go back and speak to Vickie, but before he can leave we are joined by Big Show. Show makes his way out and grabs a mic. He tells Miz that make believe time is over. Cena may think he is done with Show but Show is not done with Cena by far. Vickie made a match for Extreme Rules and it is a match that Cena can’t physically win: a submission match. So until then, Miz has to wait. Miz is fine with that. He can beat John Cena after Cena is done beating Show. He shoves King into Show and runs off. Show takes the chance to take out the King. He locks in his camel clutch and chokes him out. A referee slides in to check on Lawler as we go to break. Miz verbally shredding Cena is exactly how Cena got over six years ago and it is tremendous.

- The Terminator: Salvation Slam of the Week takes us back seven days when MVP pinned William Regal in a tag team battle. Back inside the arena, Jim Ross has joined Michael Cole at ringside. We go back to last segment when Show put the beat down on the King. We then head to the ring for our US title match.

4) MVP vs. Matt Hardy for the United States Championship
Matt Hardy makes his way out first; arm still firmly entrenched in the cast. MVP is out next and the bell sounds as we get underway. MVP gets a quick roll up for two. Matt gets one of his own for two as well. MVP hammers away in the corner and he comes firing in with some kneelifts. Matt bails to the apron but MVP keeps slugging away and then takes him in with a suplex for two. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but MVP turns it into a backslide for two. Matt finally slows MVP up and goes to undo the turnbuckle. The referee stops him so Matt chop blocks MVP with the cast instead as the ref fixes the pad. Matt starts to work the leg of MVP and gets a near fall. Matt keeps hammering away in the corner but MVP fights him off and hits a flying clothesline off the middle rope. MVP lands some right hands and a sidewalk slam for two. MVP hits a facebreaker and drops the Ballin elbow for two. Matt grabs MVP’s tights and yanks him to the floor. He follows him out and goes back to the leg. Matt misses a clothesline and clubs the post. MVP slams Matt’s cast into the post and then tosses him inside. MVP hammers away and then stomps on Matt’s broken hand. He stomps on it again and then drills Matt with the Drive By as he staggers into the corner. MVP drills him with the Playmaker and picks up the hard fought win. MVP showed great fire there and wins a nice little TV match.
MVP d. Hardy with the Playmaker; Grade: 2.5

- MVP celebrates as we go to break.

- We return from commercial and go back to our opening segment of the night for a quick recap. Ric Flair is backstage with Batista and is all fired up. Flair says he is coming back to Raw next week and he will call Orton out next week. Just because he is retired, doesn’t mean he can’t fight. Batista tells him he has nothing to prove. Flair doesn’t agree and says he didn’t decide to retire, they retired him. Flair thinks Batista doesn’t believe in him and Batista doesn’t really disagree. He can still beat up 90% of the guys on Raw and next week he will take out Orton. If Batista has lost confidence in him, then Batista can go out by himself tonight. Flair looks jacked. In the GM office, Chavo is trying to teach Vickie how to do a frog splash from the couch. Vickie wants to cancel the match. Santina comes in and is excited the match has been cancelled. She says that the only way Vickie can beat her is if pigs fly…which is what she would do with a frog splash. Vickie says the match is back on. Santina squeals and runs off as we go to break.

5) Santina Marella vs. Vickie Guerrero for the Miss Wrestlemania crown in a no disqualification match
We are back and Santina is sashaying to the ring for our next match. Vickie and Chavo walk out to the ring next and Vickie still looks reluctant as Chavo tries to pump her up. JR denies a relationship with Santina. This is Vickie’s first official match. The bell sounds and Santina grabs a mic. She tells Vickie that she knows Vickie is jealous of Santina’s body. She reminds us that she is a lesbian and she likes it rough. Santina steals a kiss and says it tasted like the other white meat. Chavo hops in the ring and says the match is now no disqualification. The bell sounds and Chavo heads to the floor. Santina stalks at Vickie, but Chavo decks Santina from behind. Chavo hammers away at Santina but Santina turns the tide and slugs away at Chavo. Chavo tosses her off and charges, but Santina back drops him to the floor. William Regal now comes in and hammers Santina. He takes Santina over with an exploder suplex, drills her with a knee lift and Vickie covers for the win.
Vickie d. Santina after a Regal knee lift; Grade: .5

- Vickie is now Miss Wrestlemania and she is celebrating as Chavo puts the sash and crown on her. JR says that all four chins and a couple of cheeks are bouncing on Vickie. She parades around the ring as we check out Legacy walking backstage before heading to break.

- We are back and Cole tells us that Ric Flair will be in the house to call out Orton next week. And speaking of the Champion, he is heading to the ring for our main event.

6) Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes vs. John Cena & Batista
Legacy saunters to the ring and they are followed by Batista and then Cena. Cena and Batista both get pretty good pops from the crowd. JR and Cole play up Cena’s potential inability to apply the STF to Big Show in three weeks. Cena and Rhodes start things off and Cena grabs a side headlock. Cody tries to work free but Cena back him into the corner. Cena eats a back elbow on a charge and Cody tags in Orton. Cena catches Orton with a boot and tags in Batista. Orton bails quickly to the floor and then comes back in and tags in Ted. Batista hammers away at him and crushes him with a clothesline. He hoists Ted up, but Ted slips free and Cody comes running in to help. Batista kills the both with a double shoulderblock and he and Cena clean house as we take a break. When we return, Orton is stomping away at Batista. He gets a near fall and then tags in Ted. The crowd is trying to rally Batista as Ted takes him down with a drop toehold. Ted drops some elbows and gets two. Ted clamps on a reverse chinlock as JR puts Legacy over. Batista fights up to his feet and mares Ted over. Ted lands a shot to block to the tag and he is able to crawl over and tag Cody in. Cody pulls Batista back to his corner and tags Ted back in. They land a double punch to the gut and Ted keeps hammering away. Ted grabs another rear chinlock but Batista is up again and shoves Ted off. They bang heads as Ted rebounds back and both men drop to the mat. Ted tags in Cody as Batista tags in Cena. Cena slugs Cody down and hits the swinging sidewalk slam. Cena drops the five knuckle shuffle and then goes for the AA, but Cody tags in Orton. Cena hits the AA and Orton comes right in, nails Cena from behind and hammers away at him. The crowd is yelling for Cena as Orton knees him in the head. Orton chokes Cena in the ropes and Ted kicks him in the head as Orton distracts the ref. Orton stomps on Cena’s gut and tags in Ted. He heads to the middle rope and comes off with a stomp, but Cena dodges the move. Ted pops up and drills Cena with a clothesline to prevent the tag. Ted lands some million dollar fist drops and gets two. He backs Cena into the corner and tags in Cody. Cody mares Cena over and grabs a chinlock armbar submission. Cena fights free and hammers away but crashes into the corner on a charge when Rhodes dodges him. Cody hops up top and hits a beautiful moonsault for two. Cody tags in Orton, who starts working over Cena with some kicks and fists. Cena fights back but Orton drills him with a dropkick for two. Orton ratchets up a chinlock but Cena drags him across the ring and tags in Batista. Batista fights him off and plants him with a powerslam for two. Big Show now comes out and Cena goes at him with a chair. They fight to the back as Batista drills Orton with a spinebuster. He tosses Cody to the floor and hammers DiBiase down. Cody tries to get back inside, but Flair has returned and he shoves him off the top rope. Batista drills Orton with a spear and picks up the win.
Batista & Cena d. Legacy when Batista pins Orton with a spear; Grade: 3

- That was a hell of a match and the crowd was rocking the whole time. It bumped the show up a grade for me and I enjoyed the heck out of it. Legacy works so beautifully as a six man unit. We see a replay that Flair handed Cena the chair to go after Show. Flair and Batista celebrate as we fade out.

Final Grade: C

MVP: The Miz
Runner Up: Legacy, John Cena & Batista
Non MVP: Chavo Guerrero
Runner Up: Jerry Lawler

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