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Monday Night RAW March 10, 2008
by Sassy

Monday Night Raw is being broadcast from the Cajundome

On the USA Network.

Ringside announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Ring announcer: Lillian Garcia

Two weeks ago on Raw, John Cena was in charge of the Raw main event. Last week on Raw, it was Randy Orton’s turn to be in charge of the main event and this week, The Game Triple H is in charge. Lawler informs the audience that it will be John Cena and Randy Orton against The Entire Raw Roster tonight.

Y2J Chris Jericho is in the ring and he welcomes the audience to Raw and the Highlight Reel. Jericho introduces his first guest, the WWE Intercontinental Championship, which Jericho won last week in a match against Jeff Hardy. This is Jericho’s seventh time as the WWE Intercontinental Champion. Jericho introduces his second guest, the person who will face Floyd “Money” Mayweather at Wrestlemania, the largest athlete in the world, The Big Show.

Big Show enters the ring. JR reminds the audience that Big Show weighed in last week at 441 lbs. And Mayweather weighed in at 159 lbs. Jericho introduces the video of last week’s confrontation between Big Show and Mayweather – Mayweather gets tossed over the top rope on top of wrestlers standing around the ring and Shane McMahon gets knocked down to the floor outside the ring. Big Show tells Jericho that the clip just shows how no one likes Mayweather. Big Show tells Jericho that even though Jericho is bigger than Mayweather, everyone knows that Jericho wouldn’t last in the ring with Big Show for more than two minutes so what chance does Mayweather have? The audience responds with chants of Y2J and Jericho says that even though he agrees with Big Show, everyone still thinks Big Show is a jackass. Jericho says that Big Show may not be as big a jackass as Mayweather but he is a jackass just the same and as far as this two minute nonsense goes, he is not talking to Mayweather, he is talking to Y2J who is the first undisputed champion in WWE history. Jericho has beat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the same night to do so and at Wrestlemania when he is climbing the ladder to get the briefcase, Big Show will be climbing around on the floor for the teeth that Mayweather has knocked out of Big Show’s job. Big Show calls Jericho “Napoleon”. Big Show he is thinking Big Show versus Jericho for the WWE Intercontinental title tonight. Jericho thinks about it and says he is bringing sexy back to the WWE. Jericho says that this is the Highlight Reel and anything goes, so tonight it will be Big Show versus Jericho for the WWE Intercontinental title.

This may be the shortest WWE Intercontinental title reign in history.

JR says that the Chairman of the WWE has some comments to make and Vince McMahon is on the monitor to brag about his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. McMahon says he will be on the Larry King Show this Wednesday (the previous show with WWE was cancelled last week) and he is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day today and on top of that McMahon could end Ric Flair’s career tonight. McMahon says tonight it will be one on one McMahon versus Ric Flair and tonight will be Flair’s last match. It will be a street fight.

CM Punk from Chicago, IL, weighing 222 lbs.
Representing WWE ECW
Carlito from the Caribbean, weighing 220 lbs.

Audience favorite: CM Punk
My favorite: I like them both

JR reminds the audience the participants of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania XXIV are

The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin


CM Punk

Y2J Chris Jericho

John Morrison

M.V.P, and

Mr. Kennedy

They lock up in the center of the ring and Carlito pushes Punk toward the ring post but the audience is chanting “CM Punk” and Punk backs Carlito up into the center of the ring. Carlito shoves Punk back and glares at the live audience. Punk points to the Wrestlemania sign hanging above the audience. Punk delivers a kick to the abdomen and then another kick before delivering a stunning kick to the chest of Carlito. Punk goes for another kick but Carlito ducks and Punk misses his mark. Carlito sends Punk through the ropes and out to the floor on his back. That didn’t sound good. The referee starts his count. Punk tries to get back in the ring and Carlito drags Punk in and then delivers a fist that drops Punk back down to the canvas. Carlito picks Punk up and slams him headfirst into the top turnbuckle. Carlito goes to work on Punk who is trapped in the corner as the ref tries to get Carlito to back up. The ref grabs Carlito and shoves him back toward the center of the ring but comes back with a short dropkick to Punk who is down in the corner. Carlito picks up Punk and again tries to slam him head first into the top turnbuckle but Punk gets a boot up and blocks it. Punk nails Carlito with an elbow to the midsection and a fist to the face before going after Carlito’s jaw with forearms. Punk sends Carlito across the ring and into the opposite corner post. Punk goes for what appears to be a high kick but Carlito sends him up and over the top rope. Punk lands on the ring apron and sends a shoulder block into Carlito’s gut through the ropes. Punk goes for another shoulder block but Carlito brings up a boot and kicks Punk in the side of the head. Punk falls through the ropes and back into the ring as the ref backs Carlito up. Carlito goes for the cover but he only gets a two count before Punk powers out. Carlito works on Punk’s back, using his knee for extra leverage. Punk makes it back to his feet, drops down and rolls Carlito up, going for the pin. Punk gets a two count before Carlito rolls him off across the ring. Both men are back to their feet and Punk goes for the clothesline. Carlito ducks underneath and springboards off the middle rope delivering an elbow. Carlito goes for the pin but Carlito only gets a two count before Punk kicks out. Carlito straddles Punk and delivers fists to Punk’s face and head until the ref makes him break. Carlito again goes for a cover and again gets a two count before Punk gets his shoulder of the mat. Carlito has Punk in a face lock but Punk won’t give up. Carlito stands up and comes down with an elbow to the top of Punk’s skull. Carlito goes back to work on Punk’s neck but Punk refuses to quit. Punk gets back to his feet and sends a knee into Carlito’s midsection. Carlito returns the favor. Carlito attempts to deliver a suplex but Punk goes up and over Carlito’s back, shoves Carlito into the ring post and then nails him with a high knee. Punk follows up with a bulldog and goes for the cover. It was almost a three count before Carlito manages to kick out. Punk doesn’t believe the ref when he says it was only a two count. Punk goes out to the floor, climbs up to the top turnbuckle and springboards off the top ropes. Carlito delivers a dropkick that catches Punk in midair. Carlito tries for a pin but Punk kicks out. Punk makes it back to his feet and Carlito catches him but Punk hangs onto the ropes and Carlito hits the mat. Punk picks Carlito up and tries for the GTS but Carlito breaks away and delivers a swinging neck breaker. Carlito goes for the cover and gets a two count before Punk gets a shoulder off the mat. Carlito is back to his feet first, he picks Punk up, Punk shoves him back and delivers a high kick to the back of Carlito’s head. Carlito goes down and now both men are down on the mat. The ref starts a count and gets to three before they are back to their feet, Punk in the ring and Carlito on the ring apron. Carlito delivers a shoulder block to Punk’s abdomen and then uses the top ropes to try to go over Punk. Punk catches Carlito as he comes over the ropes and this time Punk hits the GTS, goes for the pin and gets the win.

Winner: CM Punk

Holy crap! I haven’t enjoyed a match on RAW so much for a long time. What is CM Punk doing sidelined on WWE’s version of ECW and why is Carlito not being used in the ring more often? I wasn’t sure who I was cheering for. Punk I know everyone insists on that GTS and it’s a nice move but you can do better than that. You shouldn’t have the same finishing move in every match. Carlito, you make a fantastic heel and I appreciate your efforts. You should be out there winning more matches, well, maybe not against Punk but at least a couple of matches a month should be in your win column. And kudos to the referee whoever he may be. He doesn’t just stand around or look like he’s bored. He actually shoved Carlito and was loud enough that the fans at home could hear him when Punk wouldn’t tap out. The ref should be a very important player no matter who may be in the match. . This ref earned my respect. The two wrestlers in the ring already had that.

JR reminds everyone about the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania and Lawler reminds everyone that he is looking forward to Bunny Mania Lumberjack Match at Wrestlemania. It will be The Glamazon Beth Phoenix and Melina against Candice Michelle and Maria with Snoop Dogg as the emcee of the match.

Snoop Dogg is on the monitor to tell everyone, I’m not sure what, because Santino Marella has written Dogg’s cue cards. And Snoop Dogg doesn’t like Marella’s cues. Yo, yo, yo! Dudes! Snoop looked almost straight!

On Larry King Live, this Wednesday night, Vince McMahon, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, The Big Show, John Cena, Y2J Chris Jericho and The Game Triple H will be guests.

Raw’s General Manager, William Regal, appears at the top of the entrance ramp to address Paul London and Brian Kendrick who are in the ring. Regal tells them at Wrestlemania there will be a Raw vs. Smackdown match and Batista will be representing Smackdown. Their opponent will be the wrestler who is representing Raw and that is the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga.

Handicap Match
Paul London & Brian Kendrick
The Samoan Bulldozer Umaga

Audience favorite: I’m not sure
My favorite: I like them all but I’m not going to like them in this match

I’m not going to try to call this match because I don’t believe it is a match but a beat down by Umaga to show his strength. It is great to see Umaga although I am certain he can do more in the ring than yell and use the Samoan spike but I have seen London and Kendrick wrestle in the ring and they are very good. Another waste of talent by WWE. Kendrick bails out of the match before it’s over leaving London at Umaga’s mercy but we didn’t see any wrestling in this time in the ring. Kendrick gets a ton of boos from the audience as he walks up the entrance ramp and out of the arena.
Winner: The Samoan Bulldozer Umaga

Regal is backstage and Triple H appears. Regal tells Triple H that Kendrick just walked out on London and he was thinking that it might happen with Orton or Cena tonight but Triple H says that it won’t happen because if Cena walks out on Orton, Cena won’t be in the match at Wrestlemania and if Orton walks out on Cena, Triple H will strip Orton of the WWE title. Regal says that Triple H can’t do that because Regal is in charge but Triple H reminds Regal of the Triple Threat Takeover Regal himself devised and tonight Triple H is in charge.

Lawler reminds the audience about the match between Jericho and Big Show tonight and JR reminds the audience about the match between McMahon and Flair in a career threatening street fight match.

The audience sees a video recap of Triple H’s career and the injury that caused him to miss last year’s Wrestlemania.

Video replay of McMahon receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels is backstage and The Nature Boy Ric Flair appears to yell at HBK for being at the arena because HBK doesn’t have a match tonight and Flair knows that HBK is there to protect Flair from McMahon. Flair says he doesn’t want to see HBK before Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania XXIV is 13 days away.

John Bradshaw Layfield
Colin Delaney

Audience favorite: I’m not sure
My favorite: Colin Delaney

This is another short, worthless non-wrestling match and if Colin Delaney isn’t wondering why he signed that WWE contract before, perhaps he is wondering now.

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield

Vince McMahon and Ric Flair are heading toward the ring for their street fight match which is coming up next.

The audience sees a video replay of The Nature Boy Ric Flair being told that the next match he loses will be his last match. That happened four months ago.

Career Threatening Street Fight Match:
The Nature Boy Ric Flair from Charlotte, NC
Vince McMahon, The WWE Chairman of the Board

Audience favorite: Ric Flair
My favorite: Ric Flair

In case you missed it, the referee held the ropes for Flair to enter the ring. I don’t know if this was planned prior to the match but it certainly showed respect for the former World Champion and Hall of Fame inductee. Flair has a large bandage on his forehead as a result of the handicap match against Edge, the Edgeheads Hawkins & Ryder, and Chavo Guerrero.

The bell rings and I hope McMahon remembers that he is up against the dirties player in the game. McMahon throws the first punch but Flair blocks it. Flair delivers punches and they don’t miss their mark. Flair has McMahon up against he ropes and is taking the boots to him and kicks McMahon out on the floor. Flair goes out after McMahon and sends him up on the announcer’s table while Lawler and JR scramble to get out of the way. Flair climbs up on the table to deliver fists to McMahon’s head and McMahon goes to the floor on the opposite of the table. Flair climbs down and goes after McMahon. Flair delivers chops to McMahon’s chest and then several fists to the face. Flair leans McMahon over the guardrail surrounding the audience and delivers some up close action to the fans in the front row. McMahon goes over the guardrail and into the audience seating area and Flair follows him. Flair delivers a boot to McMahon’s midsection and follows up with a hard right to the jaw. Flair hits McMahon with a chop to the chest that drops McMahon to his knees . Flair shoves McMahon back over the guardrail, McMahon hits the floor and Flair comes over the guardrail after him. Flair continues to pummel McMahon outside the ring but as Flair grabs McMahon and heads him toward the ring post, McMahon sends Flair head first into the metal post. Flair hits the floor. McMahon gets up to his feet slowly and heads for the announcer’s table. McMahon grabs a monitor from the table and turns to nail Flair in the head with the monitor. Flair is down on the floor again and he is bleeding. McMahon is back to his feet and he goes after the cut on Flair’s forehead as the ref yells at McMahon to get back in the ring. McMahon rolls Flair back into the ring and goes for the cover. He gets a two count and Flair kicks out. McMahon again goes after the cut on Flair’s forehead and goes for the pin. Again Flair powers out. McMahon goes outside the ring and pulls out a metal garbage can. He nails Flair in the skull and goes for the cover but Flair gets a shoulder up before the count of three. McMahon throws the can out of the ring and into the announcer’s table before rolling back out of the ring. McMahon goes back under the ring and pulls out a kendo stick. Flair is barely able to get to his feet by using the ropes and he staggers across the ring at McMahon. McMahon smacks him over the top of the head with the kendo stick, then hits him in the side of the head and McMahon again goes for the cover. Flair kicks out at the count of two. McMahon again rolls out of the ring and this time comes up with a steel chair. McMahon rolls back in the ring with the chair, nails Flair in the head and goes for the cover. The live audience gets loud, the ref gets to the count of two and HBK Shawn Michaels pulls the ref out of the ring, breaking the count. HBK keeps the ref out on the floor and the ref throws HBK out of the arena. McMahon again goes back out of the ring and this time he comes up with a table. McMahon slides the table in the ring and proceeds to set it up (I don’t think he had the directions). McMahon goes over and kicks Flair in the head after he has one side of the table set and then he sets the table up next to one of the corners. McMahon turns around and goes after Flair but Flair greets him with a low blow – hey, it’s a street fight – and then Flair nails him with another low blow. Flair puts McMahon up on the table and proceeds to nail McMahon in the head with fists before climbing out on the ring apron. Flair climbs up to the top turnbuckle and delivers a frog splash to McMahon and the table, breaking the table, Flair goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: The Nature Boy Ric Flair

With the exception of Flair having to bleed in every match lately, this wasn’t a bad match for Flair. The fans were into it and I bit my lip when Flair climbed up on that top turnbuckle because he always seems to get in trouble when he does that. He delivered a nice dive and a perfect end to the match. The dirtiest player in the game rides again…all the way to Wrestlemania XXIV.

Lawler introduces Jared Fogle “The Subway Guy” who then hawks a Subway sandwich for Lawler. Jared originally lost 240 lbs. 10 years ago.

Tag Team Match
Maria & Candice Michelle
Jillian Hall & Victoria

Audience favorite: I’m not sure
My favorite: Victoria

Santino Marella shows up to join the JR and Lawler at the announcer’s table. The bell rings and it’s Jillian and Maria. The only woman in this ring that can wrestle, in my opinion, is Victoria and I don’t understand why WWE continues to put her in matches against women who can’t wrestle.

Winners: Candice Michelle & Maria

In case you didn’t see it, early in the match Candice was favoring her left arm. After the match, at the announcer’s table, Marella and Lawler get into a war of words that turns into Marella throwing Lawler’s Subway drink on Lawler and then nailing Lawler with a blow that sends Lawler down to the floor. Marella then throws Lawler’s Subway drink on him, grabs the sandwich and runs around the ring to join Victoria and Jillian on their way out of the arena.

The audience sees a video of Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. who will face The Big Show at Wrestlemania XXIV.

USA will host the WWE 2008 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony the night before Wrestlemania. The next inductee will be named on tomorrow night’s WWE ECW show.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Y2J Chris Jericho, weighing 226 lbs.
The Big Show, 7’0”, 441 lbs.,
The largest athlete in the world

Audience favorite: Chris Jericho
My favorite: I like them both

Jericho goes after Big Show’s legs with kicks but Big Show responds by delivering a boot to Jericho’s face. Jericho hits the mat but Big Show picks him up and delivers a slap to the chest that sends Jericho down to his knees. He picks Jericho up and delivers another chop to the chest, then sends a knee into Jericho’s abdomen. As Big Show tries to pick Jericho up again, Jericho nails Big Show with a jawbreaker and throws a few fists but Big Show shoves Jericho back into the ropes. Jericho charges again but Big Show picks Jericho up and drops him to the mat. Jericho lands on his feet and as Big Show charges at him, Jericho pulls down the top rope and Big Show goes over the ropes and down to the floor. Jericho comes off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and goes for a baseball slide but Big Show catches him and throws him into the side of the guardrail. Big Show rolls into the ring to break the ref’s count and then rolls back out. Big Show rolls Jericho back into the ring and then climbs up the steps and into the ring. Jericho is still down on the mat and Big Show steps on him as he goes to the corner and climbs up on the second rope. Big Show comes off the ropes to deliver a splash but Jericho rolls out of the way and Big Show meets the mat. Jericho comes off the second rope and delivers a dropkick that sends Big Show back down to the canvas. Jericho delivers a lionsault and goes for the cover but Big Show throws Jericho off and Jericho goes out of the ring and onto the floor in front of the announcer’s table. Jericho grabs his title belt, climbs back in the ring and nails Big Show in the head, getting himself disqualified.

Winner: The Big Show via DQ

Y2J Chris Jericho retains the Intercontinental title

As he goes after Big Show with the belt again. Big Show delivers a shot that drops Jericho. Big Show picks Jericho up and delivers a choke slam before picking up Jericho’s title belt and dropping it on Jericho before he leaves the ring.

John Cena and Randy Orton are backstage talking about their upcoming match. Orton tells Cena they need to take a dive so that neither of them gets hurt before Wrestlemania. Cena tells Orton if he wants to lose on purpose to go ahead and lose. Cena says he is not a coward and he is not going out and losing on purpose. Triple H shows up and tells him that they don’t have any chance at all. The match will continue until they have beaten each and every one of their opponents or until they are no longer able to physically able to continue. Triple H says he wants them to know that he will be rooting for them.

Main Event
17 on 2 Handicap Match
Randy Orton from St. Louis, MO, weighing 245 lbs.
WWE Champion
John Cena from West Newbury, MA, weighing 240 lbs.
Umaga, Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes, Val Venis, Snitsky, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Santino Marella, Carlito, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Paul Burchill, Charlie Haas, Robbie McCallister of The Highlanders, John Bradshaw Layfield, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Super Crazy, D.H. Smith…and The Game Triple H

Audience favorites: Not Randy Orton
My favorite: John Cena

It begins with Cena against Snitsky. Cena tries for the FU early but Snitsky lays Cena out on the mat. Snitsky delivers boots to the downed Cena, then picks him up as the audience chants for Cena, and body slams him onto the mat. Snitsky walks by Marella and Marella slaps Snitsky on the back, tagging himself in. Marella goes for a splash but Cena rolls out of the way and Marella gets nothing but canvas. Cena rolls Marella up and gets a three count.

ELIMINATED: Santino Marella

Trevor Murdoch enters the ring and goes after Cena delivering blows to the back of Cena’s neck and following up with a neck breaker before going for the cover. Cena kicks out before the count of three. Murdoch picks Cena up and delivers two fists to the jaw before again going for a cover. Murdoch gets a two count. As Murdoch gets up, Cena takes him down with a drop toehold and makes Murdoch tap out.

ELIMINATED: Trevor Murdoch

Lance Cade enters the ring before Cena can get a tag but Orton is in the ring and he nails Cade with an RKO, Cena covers and gets the three count.


Umaga charges into the ring at both Cena and Orton and takes them down with a double clothesline.



John Bradshaw Layfield is in the ring with Orton. He delivers a knee to the abdomen and then takes Orton down to the mat and goes for the cover. He gets a two count.

Lawler informs the audience that during the commercial break, Orton delivered an RKO to Super Crazy and got the three count.


In the ring, JBL has nailed Orton with a block that sends Orton down to the mat. JBL picks Orton up and tags in Hacksaw Jim Duggan who goes to work pummeling Orton with fists then tags in Cody Rhodes. Cody comes in with a kick to Orton’s midsection and then fists to the face. Orton is down on the mat and Cody delivers a series of boots before tagging in Paul Burchill. Burchill delivers a short clothesline that drops Orton, then stomps him before tagging in Val Venis. Venis picks up Orton and sends him back down to the canvas, picks Orton up and tags in Carlito. Carlito delivers a few shots and then tags in Hardcore Holly who comes in with boots to the chest before picking Orton up and sending him into the ropes. Orton comes off the ropes and delivers an elbow that drops Orton again. Holly goes for the cover and he gets a two count before Orton kicks out. Holly tags in Robbie McCallister. Robbie goes to work on Orton but Orton manages to deliver a back breaker and rolls to tag in Cena. Cena comes off the top turnbuckle, drops Robbie, goes for the cover and gets the three count.

ELIMINATED: Robbie McCallister

D.H. Smith enters the ring and is immediately picked up by Cena and slammed down to the canvas. Cena goes for the five-knuckle shuffle, hits it, delivers the FU, goes for the cover and gets the three count.


Cena tags in Orton as Burchill enters the ring. Burchill is met by an RKO, Orton goes for the cover and gets the three count.

ELIMINATED: Paul Burchill

Venis is back in the ring and he goes for a clothesline but Orton ducks out of the way. He delivers another RKO, goes for the cover and gets the three count.


Cody enters the ring and so does Cena. Cena picks Cody up, tosses him at Orton, Orton drops Cody with an RKO and gets the three count.


Everyone else on the roster enters the ring with the exception of JBL who hangs out on the ring apron. The ref rings the bell, I assume to disqualify the roster members, as Cena gets tossed out of the ring and the roster continues to beat on Orton who is still down in the ring. Cena grabs a steel chair and heads back to the ring. Cena takes out Holly, Snitsky, Haas, and Carlito while everyone else bails out of the ring, except JBL who never got in the ring and Umaga who is waiting in the corner. Umaga delivers the Samoan spike and JBL finally hauls his lard butt into the ring and grabs the steel chair as Umaga sets Orton up. Orton drops, JBL nails Umaga in the head with the chair, Umaga doesn’t look happy, Umaga picks up Orton, delivers the Samoan spike and heads for JBL who throws the chair down and gets out of the ring – isn’t that what Orton usually does? – to get away from the angry Samoan. Umaga chases JBL around the ring and out of the arena as Cena and Orton are down in the ring.

The Game Triple H appears at the top of the entrance ramp and makes his way to the ring. After all, Triple H is a member of the Raw roster. The Game enters the ring. Orton is trying to get to his feet, Triple H picks him up and delivers a pedigree. Orton is down again. Cena is trying to get back to his feet, Triple H delivers a pedigree to Cena and Cena is now back down in the ring.

And that’s the end of the show.

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