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WWF Monday Night RAW - November 14, 1993

by Samoa Rowe

-Our hosts are Bobby Heenan and Vince McMahon. I think theyíre still in Bushkill, PA.

Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon vs. Brooklyn Brawler

Brawler cheap shots before the opening bell and enjoys a short stint in the driverís seat. Razor rebounds with a bulldog and fall away slam. Brawler breaks an abdominal stretch and fills time with a chinlock. Razor breaks out and finishes with the Razorís Edge at 2:53. Absolutely nothing wrong with this one.
Winner: Razor Ramon

-Pretaped Crush promo. Macho Man had better stay out of his way or heíll get, um, crushed.

The Headshrinkers (Samu and Fatu, with Afa) vs. Mike Bucci and Mike Moraldo

Bucci trades bunches with Fatu, and Moraldo drop-kicks his partner into a cross body pin attempt. Fatu shakes it off and the Headshrinkers trap Moraldo in their corner. The Headshrinkers could have ended it with a double diving head butt, but theyíd prefer to rip Moraldoís tights and keep the beating going. Iím pretty sure McMahon and Heenan have the jobbers mixed up, but Iím just rolling with it for the recap. Fatuís flying splash finishes it at 4:23. Another good squash that didnít overstay itís welcome.
Winners: The Headshrinkers

-Video recap from Superstars. The Real Americans team (Lex Luger and the Steiners) need a replacement partner for Tatanka if theyíre going to be successful at Survivor Series against the most recent collection of evil foreigners, but luckily for them, The Undertaker is game! USA! USA! USA!

Quebecer Pierre (with Johnny Polo) vs. Lex Luger

Itís all Lex in the early going and Pierre is forced to take a breather. Luger pursues and gets poked by Poloís club. Despite the distraction, Luger foils a charging Pierre with a back body drop and itís time for a commercial. After the break, Pierre breaks a wrist lock and connects with a clothesline to finally gain the advantage. Lex tries to build some momentum, but Polo grabs the leg, allowing Pierre to knock Lex to ringside. Pierre bounces Lugerís skull off the ring steps and slams him into the ring post. Pierre continues to work over the back of Luger in the heat segment. Lex is about to break a chinlock when they take a SECOND commercial. Back from break, and Pierre managed to hang on to the chinlock. Luger finally counters but Pierre delivers a piledriver for a near fall! Flying leg drop by Pierre and a side slam. Pierre misses a flying senton and Luger makes a believably hard fought comeback. Luger knocks out an invading Polo and hits Pierre with a forearm smash for the win at 13:29 (shown). This kind of dragged, but I have to give Luger props for a convincing baby face performance in the final stretch, **ľ.
Winner: Lex Luger

-Bret Hart will face Yokozuna at the Survivor Series Showdown! I should see if itís on Youtube (Editor's Note: it's recapped right here on Da' Site, too! Under the "Prime Time Wrestling" section because, um, that made sense once upon a time).

Diesel vs. Sid Garrison

Garrison goes after the arm but Diesel shows him whatís up with a backbreaker. Garrison is determined to hurt the arm, but Diesel pummels him in the corner. Powerbomb by Diesel and a sidewalk slam. Cue the neck vice, because itís not time to go home yet. Diesel continues to have his way until finishing with a leg drop at 3:28. Usually by the third squash of the program, Iím harder to impress, but Diesel looked good here.
Winner: Diesel

-Itís time for the Survivor Series report, brought to you by the official Survivor Series program! I bet that thing commands big money on Ebay these days. Thereís breaking news that Pierre might miss Survivor Series due to a concussion (thanks a lot, Lex). They show a recap from Superstars when three Doinks appear on the video wall to taunt Bastion Booger, and I suspect there were supposed to be four Doinks, except there was a malfunction.

-Jeff Jarrett is in the recording studio and is less than impressed with his band.

-And thatís all, folks.

Final Thoughts: I canít wait for this Survivor Series hype to be over. Skip this one, unless you just love Lex Luger.

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