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WWF Prime Time Wrestling - March 30, 1987

by Drama16


-Gorilla and “our host” the Brain welcomes us to this week’s show. Gorilla reminds us that even though this is airing the day after Wrestlemania III, this show was previously taped, so we have no results. Bobby says its ok, because right now he’s the manager of the WWF Champion, Andre the Giant. King Kong Bundy vs. Jake Roberts is one big match tonight, and Bobby reminds us that we’ll be seeing a masterpiece tonight, “Fuji General.”

Lanny Poffo vs. Ron Bass
London, Ontario
Gorilla Monsoon and Johnny Valiant

Gorilla and Johnny Valiant call our match, and Poffo gives a nice poem slamming Johnny V. Bass stops at the broadcast table and says he will get back at Poffo for defaming the Luscious one. Both men posture around the ring, Bass keeps missing the lock-up as Poffo keeps dodging. They lock up and Bass with a Irish Whip, but he misses a punch and Poffo lands a forearm to the gut. Bass begs off and we stall a little more as the crowd gets restless. We lock up again and Poffo with a side headlock. Gorilla calls Poffo “Leap”. Bass takes Poffo down but Poffo with a Nip up and a right hand to Bass. Bass backs off and postures again. Another lock up and another Poffo headlock. Valiant rips Poffo for his silly frisbees as Bass goes for a clothesline but Poffo avoids with a cartwheel. Another lock up and another Poffo headlock. Bass pushes him into the corner and goes for a punch but Poffo ducks and lands a right of his own. This match has been dreadfully boring so far, as Poffo cinches another headlock. Poffo with a leapfrog and another right hand. Bass is getting frustrated and the match is moving like death. Another lockup and Bass with an armbar. Poffo with a flip and he takes the armbar. As Gorilla and Johnny debate the term “mecca” Bass takes over with some punches and a choke on the top rope. Bass pitches Poffo out of the ring and he follows outside and Bass slams Poffo into the barricade. Bass tosses Poffo over the barricade and lands in some fans’ laps. Bass pitches him back in the ring and roughs him up with some forearms and slamming his face into the canvas. Bass puts Poffo into the corner and starts choking him out. Irish whip into a knee to the gut. A 2 count before Bass pulls him off the canvas, which even Johnny V says is stupid. Bass with a body slam followed by an elbow drop for 2. Poffo fights back with some right hands and lays some punches into the corner, but Bass catches him with a very shitty clothesline. The crowd boos Bass vociferously as he goes for a non-chalant 2-count as we go to break. We’re back from break as Gorilla gives Bobby grief for not paying attention to the match and continuously talking about Fuji General. Back to the match and Bass has Poffo into an Abdominal Stretch. Bass lets go but Poffo tries to comeback with kicks and punches. An irish whip into the corner, but Bass lifts the knee and takes control again. Bass with a front facelock into a neckbreaker. Bass follows with another neckbreaker for a 2 count. Bass with a chokehold as Gorilla and Johnny V comment on the exceptional shape of referee Johnny Bonella. Bass takes his time in the corner but Poffo with comeback punches and a couple of cradles for 2. Poffo with a middle rope splash for 2. Poffo with some right hands but Bass grabs the tights and pulls Poffo out of the ring. Poffo on the ground outside as Bass jaws with the crowd. Poffo with some shoulderblocks from the apron, and some right hands. Poffo with a backflip from the top rope for 2. Bass with an eyepoke, into the reverse elbow for the pin. A slow, plodding typical tv match.
Winner: Ron Bass

-Back to studio and Gorilla says Blackjack Mulligan is trying get a match with Bass and Bass won’t sign. Heenan says Mulligan’s the coward. We go to break and when we return we discuss Muraco and Fuji as serious actors. We now see the much anticipated “Fuji General”, a follow-up to the highly criticized “Fuji Vice”. This is particularly brutal, much worse than “Fuji Vice”. It’s clear Muraco’s reading the cue cards and the director is fed up and all they do is yell when it ends. Back to studio and Gorilla is laughing hysterically while Heenan thought it was brilliant.

Demolition vs. Jerry Allen & Dan Spivey
London, Ontario
Gorilla Monsoon & Jimmy Hart

I wonder if Jerry Allen was that wrestler’s real name, but he was from my hometown of New Haven, Connecticut. I probably saw him at my local Stop & Shop bagging groceries before this match. This is the old school Demolition with Randy Culley as Smash with a rough version of the Demolition theme. The crowd is cheering and booing. Jimmy Hart joins Gorilla at the table as Johnny V leads his team to the ring. The ref is giving Johnny V grief as Gorilla says Spivey is looking for a top line talent for a tag partner, and Jerry Allen may be the guy. Yeah, right. Allen and Smash start and Smash immediately takes control with some power shots and now he cranking on Allen’s neck. Irish whip and Smash misses a clothesline, while Allen goes for a sunset flip but can’t finish. Allen with a right hand and he tags Spivey. Smash with a headlock which Spivey reverses into an armbar. Tag to Allen and he continues the armbar. Smash takes over as Gorilla and Jimmy Hart are sniping over things. Still unsure where this taping is from, but the crowd seems very small. Tag to Ax and Spivey catches him with a cross body for 2. Back to an Armbar for Spivey and he tags to Allen but Ax shoves him into a Smash forearm. Smash back in and he’s clubbing Allen’s chest. Allen thrown outside and Ax tosses him into the post while Smash distracts the referee. Smash with a forearm as he gets back into the ring as we go to break. Back from break as Bobby’s on the phone with Miss Betty, and Ax has Allen in a headlock. The match slows down as we tag to Smash who continues cranking on Allen’s neck. Culley had a big knee brace on which makes me wonder how long he would have lasted with a Vince McMahon schedule. Double teaming by the Demos as Ax back in the ring and he slams Allen’s head into Smash’s boot. Allen fighting back with some punches. Allen tossed out and Johnny V with a cheap kick, followed by Ax dropping Allen on the railing. Ax pulls Allen back in the ring and dumps him out again. While the ref is with Spivey Smash slams Allen into the railing again. Irish Whip by Ax but he puts his head down and Allen with a kick, and he finally gets the tag to Spivey who comes in and cleans house. Spivey with a clothesline to Ax into a 2 count as Smash saves him. Spivey tags back to Allen but he takes a quick clothesline for the win. No Decapitation Device yet, but they beat the crap out of Allen for the win.
WINNERS: Demolition

-Back to studio and after complementing the Demos in their win, and Gorilla asks Bobby why Johnny V wears wrestling tights as a manager. We go an interview with Mean Gene and Blackjack Mulligan, who I keep forgetting was still in active competition in 1987. He wasn’t at Wrestlemania which probably pissed Mulligan off since he got no big payday. Mulligan runs down Ron Bass and for some reason Mulligan is talking like Dusty Rhodes, almost making a lisp up. Very odd interview as Mulligan looks about 70 as we go to break.

-After the break and we go to the “final” Piper’s Pit before Wrestlemania III. If it was really his final Pit (which of course it wasn’t since he came back for one at Wrestlemania V) it was a real touching story as he actually told his real childhood story about being in prison if he wasn’t wrestling. One of the most memorable interview segments in history (It’s also on the Roddy Piper DVD, a must purchase).

-We now head to Philips Recording Studios in Memphis and watch the Honky Tonk Man try to record music. Honky says he doesn’t care that Elvis used this studio, as unlike the King he was born a natural singer and he was born looking like a star. Solid and quick piece to enhance his heelness. Honestly you never would have thought he’d be Intercontinental Champion.

The Red Demon vs. Sivi Afi
Toronto, Ontario
Gorilla Monsoon and Johnny Valiant

We’re now at the very familiar MapleLeafGardens as Gorilla promises next week that we’ll have full Wrestlemania III results. Comedy sequence to start as Demon bails out after some Afi chops. Since this match was before Wrestlemania III, Johnny V and Jimmy Hart talk about their big matches and Gorilla just chuckled and back to the action. Demon takes control and he’s choking Afi with athletic tape as he’s covering it up with a headlock. Afi was pretty ripped but Demon is dominating with chops and choking with the tape. Afi breaks the choke with some elbows but he can’t capitalize. Demon with a chop but Afi takes over with a head butt to the lower extremities for 2. Suplex by Afi and he heads to the second turnbuckle for with a head butt for 2. Irish whip reversed but Afi gets out of the way of the charge into a powerslam. Afi sets Demon up and hits the high cross body off the top rope for the win. Perfect length match as Afi really seemed ready for a big career push, then he vanished. WINNER: Sivi Afi

-Back to studio and Bobby says he can handle this show by himself and the off camera workers laugh. This show has no real flow since they can’t talk about Wrestlemania, so every conversation seems very generic and forced.

King Kong Bundy vs. Jake Roberts
Joe Louis Arena
Detroit, Michigan
Vince McMahon, Jesse Ventura, and Bruno Sammartino

We head to a match from Saturday Night’s Main Event as Gorilla gives Bobby grief about his behavior in this match. We of course have Vince and Jesse announcing which is always gold. Bundy starts with some shots to the back and we lock up again. Bundy was in the corner with Damien and he jumps back. We lock up again and an irish whip but Jake stops before Bundy can lay into a clothesline. Heenan tells Bundy to calm down and we lock up again. Bundy with an armbar and then they lock up fingers and Bundy easily takes control, almost a 2 count. Jake on his back with a couple of 2 counts and Bundy releases the hold. Bundy with a clubbing blow to the back. Jake is pitched into the corner with more clubbing blows. Bundy then locks a front facelock and Jake is fading, but Bundy lets the hold go into an Irish Whip but Jake with a knee lift followed by rights and lefts. Jake goes for Damien but Bundy grabs his leg and pulls him back. Bobby then grabs the bag and runs to the back as Jake chases him. Back to the studio and Gorilla says he had no right to do that, but Bobby says it was a dangerous animal and needed ot be taken care of. Bobby says Miss Betty has lawyers ready if Gorilla doesn’t shape up. Gorilla laughs and we head to the match. Jake and Damien are back but Bundy drills Jake with a clothesline. Bundy with a big shoulder block followed by another one. Bundy postures and Jake catches him with an irish whip into the corner. Both men down as the bag is moving. Jake gets to his feet and throws some rights and lefts and Bundy hits the deck. Jake goes for Damien but Bundy goes after him and Jake knees the referee in the stomach for the DQ. Bundy goes for the elbow but misses, and Jake hits the DDT. Bundy is out and Jake goes after the bag once again and Damien is loose but Bobby gets Bundy out of the ring. Vince is begging for Damien to crawl on someone and Jesse is clearly freaked out. Back to studio and Bobby says he eliminated Damien and Bundy deserved to win anyway. Gorilla says Bundy should have been disqualified for Bobby taking Damien. That really makes no sense but in the 80’s the heels were always wrong. WINNER: King Kong Bundy by disqualification

Sal Bellomo & Tiger Chung Lee vs. Blackjack Mulligan & Dan Spivey
Joe Louis Arena
Detroit, Michigan
Vince McMahon, Jesse Ventura, and Bruno Sammartino

This is a truly bizarre match as Bellomo is now a heel pretending to be Rocky Balboa, plus we get two Dan Spivey matches in one show!! This show was truly slapped together. This is another SNME match as Vince and Jesse are calling it, and I never thought Sal Bellomo was ever on a SNME show. The bell rings and all 4 men start brawling. Bellomo double teamed with a clothesline. Order is restored and Bellomo in the ring with Mulligan. They lock up and Mulligan with an irish whip into a clothesline. Bellomo’s head into Spivey’s boot and we have a tag on both sides and Tiger’s in there. Mulligan quickly back in and he takes over with 2 clotheslines but Tiger with some chops. Tiger puts Mulligan in his corner but Blackjack with a double noggin knocker. Ref with Blackjack and Spivey giving Bellomo the business. Mulligan with a slam and a tag to Spivey. Bellomo tags to Lee and Spivey with a headlock. Spivey misses a dropkick he seems to have supposed to hit as this match is all over the place. Vince gives Jesse the business about being old, why who knows. Vince seemed to be a real smart ass in this episode. Mulligan hits the bulldog for the win but really I don’t understand why this match was even on SNME. There was no flow and all of a sudden Bruno Sammartino recaps the replay, but he didn’t say one word in the match at all before that. Back to studio and we have major Blackjack overload as Gorilla says he’ll likely be a tag team champion someday. Wow they really were reaching for straws since Wrestlemania III hadn’t happened yet.
WINNERS: Mulligan and Spivey

-We go to the interview area and Mean Gene interviews Outback Jack. There’s not much more to say there and we’ll go to break.

British Bulldogs vs. Demolition
Toronto, Ontario
Gorilla Monsoon and Jimmy Hart

Another repeat performance as Demolition hits the ring for the second time tonight, from MapleLeafGardens against Davey Boy and Dynamite. People felt Demolition was a Road Warriors rip-off, but I always thought they were completely different. God Save the Queen cranks as the former tag team champions come out to a rousing ovation. Demolition attacks immediately as the bell rings, and they take their time removing their gear. Ax is beating down Dynamite as he tags Smash. Smash with a chinlock on Dynamite as the pace slows down. Tag to Ax and he goes after Dynamite’s back. Bear hug by Ax as its fascinating to see Demolition wrestle much more raw than their more polished future matches. Tag to Smash and he hits the bear hug also. As the tag is made to Davey Ax distracts the ref and the tag is not allowed, meanwhile the Demos double team Dynamite. Dynamite breaks free and makes the hot tag to Davey who cleans house, and he amazingly power slams both Demos and a noggin knocker. Two shoulderblocks and Johnny V trips up Davey. A frustrated Dynamite bring a chair into the ring and lays both Demos out for the DQ. A bizarre match that give the win to the Demos without the Bulldogs eating the pin.
WINNERS: Demolition by Disqualfication

-Back to studio and we wrap things up by stating that next week’s big show which will includes all Wrestlemania III results and the highly anticipated “Fuji Bandito”.

A brutal show since we were all jacked about Wrestlemania and couldn’t talk about it because this show was taped beforehand. The opening match with Poffo and Bass was really good, but the rest of the card was full of real crap. Why we have this Blackjack Mulligan overload is beyond me, since he wasn’t even at Wrestlemania. Two Demolition matches is fine, but two Dan Spivey matches? Seeing the final Piper’s Pit was pretty cool, but the main event, which is usually well wrestled and a couple of segments long, was pretty weak. Nice to see early Demolition but they were really raw and uncoordinated. Once Barry Darsow gets in the fold and 1988 dawns, the Demolition we know and love took hold. A really bad holdover show that didn’t whet our post-Wrestlemania III appetite. FINAL GRADE: D

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