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WWE Unforgiven- September 12, 2004

by SamoaRowe

Witness the first and only World title defense Randy Orton ever made!

-We open with a recap of Randy Orton winning the World Championship at Summerslam, getting kicked out of Evolution, and then spitting in the face of Triple H. This hype video makes the feud seem better than it actually was, so kudos to the WWE production guys.

-Our hosts for the evening are Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler. This show is from Portland, Oregon.

Ric Flair and Batista vs. Chris Benoit and William Regal
Damn, I really miss the old Evolution music. "Evolution is a Listerine" I kid, I kid. Chris Benoit and Batista start the match off. They tie up and Batista is the stronger man. Batista is arrogant and almost gets locked into the Crossface in the early going. The match restarts, and Batista starts slugging away on Benoit. Benoit takes Batista down by the leg and tags in Regal. Batista takes a cheap shot at Benoit, allowing Regal a chance to lock onto the Animal. Regal takes Batista down with a suplex, and actually gets to dominate Batista for a few seconds! Tag is made to Benoit, and Batista regains control. Ric Flair is tagged in and his some chops on Benoit. Benoit does what he does best by responding with some chops of his own. Flair is helpless, as both Regal and Benoit get their shots in for several seconds. So far, this booking would suggest that Regal and Benoit are the heels. Flair is knocked loopy and takes his trademarked fall to the mat. Regal tags back in and suffers a thumb to the eye from old man Flair. Flair and Regal exchange locks for a bit before Benoit is tagged back in. Benoit floors Flair with a chop, causing Flair to beg for mercy. They go back to exchanging chops. Benoit hits an enziguri and Flair passes out while making the tag to Batista. Benoit tags in Regal, and Batista stupidly gets stuck in the arms of William Regal. The faces continue to tag and double team Batista in the corner. Benoit goes for the sharp shooter, but Batista is too strong. Batista clotheslines Benoit, and gets the first near fall of the match! Benoit tags Regal back in, and he hits a couple of European uppercuts. Batista takes control again, with that ever so wonderful corner thrusting move set. Flair is tagged in, and continues the choppity chop chop game with Regal. Flair rakes Regal's eyes and this a lateral press suplex, allowing him to get a near fall. Flair tags in Batista, who dominates Regal. Batista's methodical offense can put a guy to sleep sometimes. Batista drags Regal to the edge of the apron, allowing him and Flair to take some convenient shots on the goodwill ambassador. Flair is tagged back in, and locks Regal into the figure four leg lock! Regal is on the verge of tapping out, when Benoit interrupts. Flair tags Batista back in, so he can drop some elbows on Regal. Batista takes his time hitting a rather impressive looking suplex. Benoit breaks up another near fall. Batista follows up with a REST HOLD! Yay! Okay, it's a reverse chin lock, but giving it a pretty name doesn't make it any less boring. After they catch their breaths, Regal fights out of it and knocks skulls with Batista. Benoit and Flair are tagged in simultaneously, so the chopping game resumes. Benoit hits the second big back body drop of the match on Flair, and follows it up with German suplexes on both his opponents. Benoit locks onto Flair for two more Germans, and the Rabid Wolverine is ready to take to the sky. Benoit hits a beautiful flying head butt! Benoit goes for the sharp shooter again, but Flair rakes the eyes. Benoit goes for the Crossface instead. Batista saves Flair by lifting him up and slamming him down. Batista drops Benoit in time to hit a good spinebuster on Regal. Regal and Batista brawl outside the ring, with Batista basically taking himself out by charging into the guard rail. In the ring, Benoit catches Flair in the Crossface, making him tap out at 15:05! The last three minutes of this match were great, but it really dragged for a bit, so **1/2 I says.
Winners: Chris Benoit and William Regal

-Backstage, Trish and her boyfriend, Christian are breaking up. Christian is insisting that Tyson Tomko is his problem solver and not Trish's. Trish is worried about someone jumping her from behind, since there is a cross dressing Steven Richards after her. Trish basically offers Tomko some post show favors for him to escort her to the ring. Christian finishes the segment with "She is a slut" proving that Christian is the best heel in the business when he's allowed to be.

WWE Women's Championship: Trish Stratus © (with Tyson Tomko) vs. Victoria
Victoria comes out to her horrible stripping/dancing routine. These were the days when Trish was the evil slutty bitch, and Victoria was the spunky babyface dancer. Victoria tries to intimidate Trish in the early going. They tie up, and Victoria drags Trish to the mat. Victoria follows up with another takedown and gets a near fall. Trish exits the ring to try and regain herself. Trish returns and charges at Victoria a couple of times, but misses. Victoria hits some punches and whips her into the corner. Trish fights out and slams Victoria's head into the turnbuckle. Trish chokes Victoria on the ropes, just to remind us all of what a bad-ass heel she is. Trish applies a rear naked choke while sitting on the turnbuckles, which reminds me of why I love Trish. Trish bows to the crowd, but gets caught with a slap from Victoria. Victoria press slams Trish into a gut buster! So far, this is a kick-ass match. Victoria kicks Trish to ringside and prepares to leap off the turnbuckle. Tomko picks up Trish and carries her to safety, foiling Victoria's plan. Victoria forces Trish back into the ring, but gets her head slammed into the ring post. Trish gets a near fall out of the cover attempt, and follows up by kicking Victoria in the stomach. I love evil Trish! Trish chokes Victoria again and puts her into a modified abdominal stretch. I smell a rest hold! Trish goes for another cover after dishing out the punishment, but it's only a two count. Trish tosses Victoria around by the hair, and takes another cover attempt. Trish puts Victoria into a sleeper, and Victoria predictably fights out of it. Victoria runs into a spinebuster by Trish, and Trish gets another near fall! Trish applies the sleeper again, for fun. Victoria takes a bit longer to heroically fight out of this sleeper, but believe it or not, she does! Victoria punches away at Trish, and hits a running shoulder tackle into the corner. Victoria hits a modified swinging sidewalk slam, and the landing moonsault, but the following cover attempt is a mere two count. Trish uses the Matrix move to dodge an oncoming attack, but it won't save her from a head butt. Victoria takes a moment to hit a crossbody over the ropes onto Tomko. It backfires, when she gets back to the ring Trish hits the Stratusfaction to retain the title at 8:20! I really liked this match, it featured some classic Trish heelness, **1/4.
Winner and still Women's Champion: Trish Stratus

-After the match, Tomko attacks Victoria. This brings out Steven Richards in drag to make the save. The crowd chants "Stevie" but Jim Ross insists that he does not know who this "mystery woman" is! Tomko gets on the microphone and challenges the mystery woman to a match.

Tyson Tomko vs. Steven Richards
At this point, Richards is wearing women's clothes and a wig. Richards slaps Tomko to start off, resulting in Tomko angrily slapping him back and stripping him of his shirt. Tomko rips off Richard's wig and removes the pants. So yes, Steven Richards is now wrestling in his underwear. Tomko rips off Richard's shirt, revealing that he is also wearing a bra. By the way, the crowd absolutely hates this match. Tomko continues an assault of punches, stomps, and chokes for a bit. The crowd is giving Tomko a "you suck" chant. I don't understand why, I mean Tomko just used a wig as a weapon, how could they not appreciate that? Tomko continues the assault with his nonexistent move set. Tomko sucks so badly, I really don't know what else to say. Tomko puts Richards into a rest hold, because they are working so hard and all. Richards fights out of the hold, actually gets a shot in, but Tomko mauls him back to the mat. I really just want this match to end! please end it now. Richards gets fired up a bit and no sells some shots, but this only pisses Tomko off. Who booked this shit? Really, did anyone think this match was a good idea? Richards grabs Tomko by the testicles and shoves him into the turnbuckle, earning a pop. Richards fires away with some punches, and hits some drop kicks. Richard's come back is short lived, and Tomko drops him with the swinging neckbreaker, and finally ends the match at 6:24. And by 6:24, I actually mean six hours and twenty four minutes, -***.
Winner: Tyson Tomko

Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Christian
The Intercontinental title is vacant heading into this match, which is a ladder match! Edge was actually stripped of the title due to injury, which is a rarity for the WWE to actually do with a secondary title. Christian starts off by slapping Jericho, who retaliates with a closed fist. Jericho hits a vertical suplex and follows up with a back suplex. Jericho chops Christian into the corner, but Christian reverses. Christian chokes Jericho under the ropes, not that the referee can do a whole lot about it. There is a "CLB" chant from the crowd, which I just to be just neat. Jericho ends up flipping Christian over the ropes onto the floor. Rather than going for a ladder, Christian crawls back in, so Jericho gets a ladder himself. Jericho throws the ladder at Christian, but it gets caught on the ring post. They return to the ring, minus the ladder, and Christian takes control with some kicks and choking. Jericho hangs Christian on the ropes, charges, and hits his running enziguri. Jericho goes after a ladder. Christian tries to slide the ladder into Jericho, but Jericho dodges, and hits him with the ladder. Jericho charges again with the ladder, but Christian ducks, and the ladder bounces off the ring post. Christian and Jericho brawl into the ringside area, which you can see Christian do every Thursday night on TNA iMPACT ?, only on Spike TV®. They brawl back to ringside. Christian reverses and Irish whip, sending Jericho into the steps. Jericho is ready and avoids getting hurt, but is caught with an Unprettier onto the floor! That was cool. Christian grabs a ladder and actually brings it into the ring. Christian sets up the ladder and starts climbing. Christian reaches the gold before Jericho finally catches up and yanks him off the ladder. Christian shoves Jericho into the ladder, knocking both Jericho and the ladder down. Christian positions the ladder on the turnbuckle. Chris Jericho reverses and Irish whip and Christian hits the ladder head first! This earns Jericho a "Y2J" chant. Jericho throws the ladder at Christian again, and sets it up himself. Christian recovers, but gets chopped across his goofy chest. Jericho inadvertently runs into the ladder, knocking it over in the process. Christian sets the ladder up in the corner, between the ropes. Christian positions Jericho under the ladder and catapults him into it face first! I've always enjoyed that spot. Christian takes the chance to climb the ladder again, but Jericho stops him. Christian sandwiches Jericho into the corner with the ladder and goes to charge. Jericho throws the ladder at the oncoming Christian, knocking him down. Jericho leans the ladder against the ropes, and climbs the turnbuckle. Jericho sits on the ladder long enough to drop it on the fallen Christian. That spot was great. Jericho is now focusing on the previously injured back of Christian, so the touch of psychology is a neat touch in a ladder match, rather than a full out spot fest. Christian recovers and hangs Jericho up on the ladder. Jericho's leg is stuck, allowing Christian to drive a running knee into Jericho's gut. Christian struggles to set the ladder back up, but is able to resume his climb towards the title. Jericho is too weak to stop him, but he flips Christian the bird. The plan works, as Christian climbs down and picks up the ladder. Jericho drop kicks the ladder into Christian. Jericho bull dogs Christian into the ladder face-first. Jericho then makes a Christian sandwich with the ladder, and repeatedly slams the top half into Christian. Jericho goes for the lionsault, but Christian moves out of the way so Jericho hits nothing but ladder! Christian picks up the ladder and rams it into Jericho's forehead. Christian sets the ladder back up in the ring and slowly climbs up. Christian touches the gold, but Jericho climbs up behind him. Jericho causes the ladder to fall over, leaving Christian hanging! Jericho takes the ladder and rams it into Christian in mid-air! Christian hits the mat with a sickening thud! Jericho positions the ladder over Christian, and begins to climb up. Christian gets up and lifts the ladder up, forcing Jericho to fall off and lands on the top rope. Christian tries climbing the ladder again, but Jericho interferes. Jericho applies a modified Walls of Jericho right there on the ladder! Jericho grabs the belt, but Christian shoves the ladder over! Jericho landed really awkwardly, hitting the ladder with his ankle. Seriously, I'm surprised that Jericho didn't break his ankle. Christian brings a bigger ladder into the ring, which means that the show-stopping big bump of the match is coming up soon. Jericho sets up the other ladder parallel to Christian's ladder. They both climb to the top and slug it out. Jericho whips the belt out of Christian's reach, and both men fall off the top, I think it was Christian's offensive move, but I really can't be sure. Jericho is back to his feet first and climbs up his smaller ladder. Jericho unhooks the title to become the new Intercontinental Champion at 22:28. I was really digging this match for the first half when they were having a good blood feud match, that happened to also feature ladders. It went downhill once it turned into a "slowly climb the ladder until the other guy knocks me off" routine. Still, the bumps were cool, and while nothing was overly innovative in this one, it did click, so I say ***.
Winner: Chris Jericho

-Backstage, Todd Grisham is trying to interview KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE! Lita comes out of Kane's dressing room. Oh yeah, Lita is still Kane's wife at this point. Lita wants Shawn Michaels to beat the hell out of her husband tonight. Kane comes out in time to hear the end of Lita's rant. Kane sarcastically says "My wife is so supportive" which earns some laughter from the crowd. Oh, it turns out his match with Michaels is now "no disqualification" so yay! Well, it would only be a month later when they would become a loving couple, brought together by Gene Snitsky killing Lita's unborn baby.

-We skip over to Coach standing by with Chris Jericho. Jericho talks about being the first ever seven time Intercontinental Champion. Edge comes in and sarcastically applauds Jericho. Edge promises to take the title back.

Note: After this portion of the review, I was interrupted. I am now finishing this review something like seven months later. Let this be a testament to how enthusiastic I am about this particular show.

No Disqualifications: Shawn Michaels vs. Kane (with Preggo)
Kane drags Lita to the ring by the arm. I can totally see how their relationship ended up working out for a bit. As you may remember, this match was a result of Kane putting HBK on the shelf with a vicious attack on his throat. HBK is making his dramatic return, even after having been seen hanging out at the Republican National Convention a few days earlier. Yes, this rebellious DX member voted for Bush.

The match starts off slowly, with Kane making some goofy faces. They tie up and Kane dominates early. HBK gets a running knee lift, and soon a Lou Thesz press to take the big man down. HBK beats Kane into the corner, before falling out of the ring. Kane takes out his anger by threatening Lita, and barely misses a baseball slide from Michaels. They brawl at ringside, and Kane accidentally charges into the ring post. They head back to the ring, with HBK going up top, and flying right into Kane's fist. Kane is in charge again, beating the iron man into the corner and choking his "injured" throat. Kane goes for a cover, and the match surprisingly doesn't end at the 2:35 mark. HBK fights back with a chop, but gets power slammed. Kane misses a leg drop, and HBK dumps him back to the floor, and skins the cat himself. Kane turns his attention back to Slutty McSkant and HBK takes advantage slingshotting himself over the ropes. HBK continues the assault, but Kane uses Lita as a shield and regains control. Kane prepares the Spanish announce table for some crushing, and attempts to put HBK through it. Things don't quite work at first, but Kane manages to suplex him through the table. Jim Ross reminds us that this is a "no disqualifications" match, which is good because I had forgotten. The action returns to the ring, and Kane is in charge, hitting a lot of his trademark spots. Kane sets HBK up on the side of the ring and gets some shots in from ringside. Kane continues his beating at ringside, where a couple of fans remind HBK that he screwed Bret. They aren't even in Canada, jeez. Back in the ring, Kane gets a side slam and a near fall. Kane responds with a rest hold, twisting HBK's head with his hands. HBK fights out of it with some shots, but soon gets caught in a double Chokeslam! Kane gets a close near fall out of it, as HBK's throat is injured. Kane goes back to the same rest hold from before. That Kane sure does know how to wrestle a scientific match. Just like before, Michaels overcomes the odds and fights out. His momentum comes to an immediate halt as Kane gets a clothesline and another near fall. HBK soon escapes a back suplex attempt and gets a desperate DDT. Kane and HBK exchange shots after taking a short nap, and HBK gets a flying forearm in. Both men are down again, resuming their nap. I'm not sure exactly what they are selling. After catching his breath, Kane sits up and HBK kicks up. Kane throws HBK to the outside area and then sends his head into the steel steps. Kane grabs a chair, giving HBK a chance to blade. Back in the ring, Kane misses a chair shot, and has to rely on his fists. HBK keeps getting up and gains some momentum until running into Kane's elbow. Back to ringside, Kane prepares to kick HBK's head into the ring post, but Lita distracts him long enough for HBK to get out of the way. Kane straddles the ring post, which is probably less comfortable than straddling Lita, but more safe. The action returns to the ring, and HBK hits an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. HBK climbs to the top and hits the flying elbow drop! HBK signals the sweet chin music but ends up eating Kane's boot instead. Kane gets a near fall and heads to the top rope himself. Kane gets his flying clothesline and signals the Chokeslam. HBK escapes with a low blow, which is legal. HBK grabs the chair and cracks it over Kane's skull. Both men are having sleepy time again, selling this epic battle. Kane is the first to sit up and goes for the chair, but Lita pulls it out of the ring. Kane spends so much time arguing with Lita, that he doesn't see HBK get up. Kane blocks the sweet chin music, goes for the Chokeslam, but HBK escapes and hits the sweet chin music for real, earning him the pinfall victory at 18:03! My snide remarks aside, this was actually a pretty good match, as HBK is a master of playing the little guy against the monster, ***.
Winner: Shawn Michaels

We are treated to a hype video for Shelton Benjamin, who is returning from a minor injury. He is calling himself "Mr. Benjamin" in the video. That nickname sure didn't stick.

Todd Grisham is standing by with Triple H and asks him about his title match against Randy Orton tonight. Triple H says that Orton is just like everyone in the arena tonight in that he is a regular guy. He says that Orton was a loser before he met him. Don't you love it when Triple H shoots? He says he chose Orton for greatness. For two years he has been saying that Orton is very good, but he isn't as good as Triple H. Without him, Orton wouldn't have all those nice suits, cars, and the World title. Orton is nothing without him. Actually, Batista is nothing without Triple H, Orton is fine on his own. Triple H rants on for another couple of minutes. Because Randy Orton spat in his face, Triple H will spit in the fans' faces tonight by winning his ninth world title. Typical Triple H promo from the era.

World Tag Team Championship: La Resistance © vs. Rhyno and Tajiri
La Resistance consisted of Rob Conway and Sylvan Grenier at this point, for those of you keeping track. Before the match Grenier takes a microphone and breaks into his horrendous rendition of Canada's national anthem. I sure can't wait for that blue collar hero, Rhyno, to end this crap. Rhyno and Tajiri run down the ramp and are eager for the match to begin. Jim Ross puts Tajiri over as having an economics degree. How insightful.

Tajiri starts things off with Grenier. Grenier gets the side head lock in, and puts Tajiri down with a running tackle. Grenier goes for the cover in the early going to no luck. They tie up again, Tajiri takes Grenier down and ends up going for the front head lock. They run around each other for a few seconds, before Tajiri gets a shot in and grounds Grenier with an arm drag. Grenier tags in Conway, who runs right into an arm drag. Rhyno is tagged in, and he exchanges shots with Conway. Rhyno gains control with a back body drop, but Conway flees the ring when Rhyno goes for the gore. Conway returns and the match restarts. Rhyno is over eager and falls to Conway. Grenier is tagged in and he drops a series of stomps and leg drops. Grenier centers his attacks on one of Rhyno's arms. Conway is tagged in, and gets suplexed. Tajiri is back in and hits some stiff kicks, and gets a near fall which Grenier interrupts. Tajiri gets a sunset flip in and performs an Oklahoma Roll. Tajiri does some flips, knocking Grenier off the apron in the process, but Conway regains control. Rhyno accidentally distracts the referee as La Resistance double teams Tajiri. La Resistance switch team mates even with no tag, which the referee chooses to ignore. Grenier twists Tajiri's head before getting a back breaker in. La Resistance turn Tajiri into the face in peril, with some double teams and tags. The crowd could really not care less about this match, by the way. This reminds me of in EWR when Sophie tells you that the "crowd is still pumped up from the previous match, so this is a let down." Back to the match, Conway puts Tajiri into another rest hold for him to fight out of. Tajiri escapes and gets in a head scissors take down. There are tags on both sides, and Rhyno cleans house. Rhyno gets a beautiful belly to belly suplex on Grenier and gets a very close near fall. Grenier fires back, but Rhyno hits a spinebuster and gets a near fall interrupted by Conway. La Resistance hits a double flap jack on Rhyno, and get a near fall. Tajiri interrupts with some kicks and dumps Conway to ringside. Grenier is handed the Quebec flag, but circumstances lead to the flag nailing him in the crotch. Rhyno hits the gore and this would've been the finish had Conway not interrupted yet again. The referee is distracted by Conway and Tajiri fighting at ringside, allowing Grenier to knock Rhyno in the head with the flag pole and then pick up the victory at 9:44. This was solid, if unspectacular. Nothing really went anywhere, which is sad because they had enough time to, with the match clocking in at close to ten minutes. The crowd was out of it, *.
Winners and still World Tag Team Champions: La Resistance

World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton © vs. Triple H
Orton enters to a lukewarm reaction from the fans. He was the youngest World Champion ever, being only 24. The bell rings and we get a main event stare down from the competitors. They tie up and fall into the ropes, followed by a cautious break. The exchange slaps. That Orton is such a man. In honor of his manliness, I shall refer to him as "Randall" from here on out. Randall and HHH roll around each other for a few before Randall lands another slap across the face and does his stupid douche bag pose (to some boos, by the way). Randall then spits at Triple H. Randall punches the Game into the corner, but Triple H turns the table. This doesn't matter as Randall punches him across the ring again, lands an Irish Whip, and then a big back body drop. Randall hits a great uppercut and a snap mare. Randall hits a high knee drop and a near fall. Randall goes for his patented head lock. Just as things were picking up, they are slowed right back down again. Triple H gets back to his feet and pushes Randall into the ropes so the hold has to be broken. They exchange some shots, with Randall overcoming the Game yet again. Randall whips Game into the turnbuckle so hard that he falls to ringside. Randall follows and hits a big clothesline and slams Game's head into the apron. They head back into the ring, where Randall hits some more uppercuts. I enjoy those, so I'll start calling him Orton again. Triple H counters what looked like another back body drop attempt and tackles the back of Orton's knee. Triple H decides that this knee is his new target and tries to slam it into the ring post. Orton counters, and Triple H's skull bounces. Triple H gets in a drop toe hold and puts Orton in a leg grapevine. Orton is selling the knee like death now, as Triple H is in murder mode. Triple H succeeds in slamming Orton's knee into the ring post. Orton limps around the ring, to my amusement, and suffers another chop block from Mr. Game. Triple H stomps away at Orton's leg, while Orton desperately tries to mount some offense. Triple H drops an elbow on the knee and turns this into a rest hold. Orton breaks the hold by beating on Triple H's face with his healthy knee. That was kind of cool. Sir Randy is back on his feet and gets some shots in, but takes a face buster from Gamey. Triple H hooks the leg for a cover, but only gets two. That certainly would have been a lackluster finish.

The match continues with Triple H slamming Orton's knee into the canvas. HHH drops a series of elbows onto the injured knee and goes for the figure four! Orton manages to take the hold well considering his knee has been killing him for several minutes. This makes Orton look like nothing less than an iron man, which was the point. Orton tries to counter the hold, but Triple H grabs the legs to keep control. Orton has been in the leg lock for an eternity by this time. Triple H is finally caught grabbing the ropes by the referee and is forced to break the hold. Triple H gets another tackle to the back of Orton's knee and prepares for the figure four again. This time Orton counters, sending Triple H bouncing into the ring post. Triple H actually blades too, making this match even more ridiculous. Orton connects with some punches, momentarily forgetting that his knee is supposed to be hurting him. Orton gets a power slam in and almost gets a three count. Orton is punching away at HHH and walking around quite comfortably, even hitting a drop kick! Orton remembers to sell the knee again, and I'm ready to start calling him Randall again. Randall gets a near fall, and punches HHH back into the corner. Orton hits a DDT and gets another near fall. Triple H goes for a sleeper, but Orton counters with a sleeper of his own. "Sleeper" is a good name for this match. HHH and Orton counter each other and hit the canvas hard. Triple H climbs to the second rope, but Orton lifts his knee and catches HHH in mid-air. Orton comfortably climbs to the top rope himself. Orton hits the flying crossbody into a cover, but Gamey kicks out. Orton clothesline Gamey over the ropes. Orton gets some shots in at ringside and slams the bloody head of HHH into the steps. Back in the ring, Orton gets even more shots in! Orton slams Triple H again and gets a near fall. I think I need a new paragraph.

Orton signals the RKO as Triple H takes his sweet time getting up. Triple H blocks the move and shoves Orton into the referee. Triple H goes for the pedigree, but Orton escapes and hits the RKO! But there is no referee! Why, I have never seen anything like this happen in a Triple H main event before! Ric Flair runs in and attacks Orton, but gets clotheslined over the ropes. Batista is next and is a bit more successful. Orton ducks a charging Batista, sending him shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Orton goes back to HHH and suffers a low blow. The referee is still out. Next out is Coach, who puts on a referee shirt and nearly gets there in time to give Triple H a pinfall victory. Orton knocks Coach out, but Batista runs back in and hits a spinebuster on young Randall. Triple H covers Orton, Coach counts, but Orton still kicks out! Orton counters another cover and takes a moment to RKO the Coach. Flair comes back with a chair, but Orton thumbs him in the eye and hits yet another RKO! Batista is back in, but Orton grabs him by the balls to save himself. Triple H crawls to the chair and cracks it over young Randall's head. Triple H falls on his back and "dramatically" crawls over to Orton. Triple H hits a pedigree on Orton right onto the chair, just to make sure that we all knew how much it took to beat Orton. Batista throws the real referee back into the ring, in time for a slow count, giving the win and the World title to Triple H at 24:54. This match was absolutely ridiculous. Sure, the wrestling was solid for a bit, but became incredibly hard to buy when Orton spent several minutes in a figure four and then was walking around minutes later. The predictable Evolution screw job finish did not help matters either, **.
Winner and the new World Champion: Triple H

Final Thoughts: There is some decent stuff on this show, as the ladder match and Kane/HBK were both pretty good. The rest of the card was either disappointing or awful (that Tomko/Richards match is among the worst matches I've ever seen). The main event had some potential to be good, but fell apart quickly in the last fifteen minutes. As mentioned before, it took me seven months to finish writing this review, mainly due to the boring nature of this show.

Recommended to avoid.

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