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WWE Main Event - November 21, 2012

by Scrooge McSuck

- We open with a video package hyping the Miz and all his accomplishments, the same ones he brings up over and over again. It segues to Ziggler hype, and all of the bickering from the week before leading up to tonight's Main Event.

- Originally taped on November 20th, 2012, from... eh, who cares. Michael Cole and JBL are on commentary for the obvious reasons, and the Miz is already in the ring, but is quickly interrupted by Ziggler. He reminds us of winning at Survior Series as the SOLE Survivor of his team. A fan adds his own finish to Ziggler's catchphrase, and it's always nice for someone, in this case, his opponent, to point it out. Ziggler tells Miz to shut up about WrestleMania 27. He has a point, we've grown tired of that damn claim. Miz questions why Ziggler hasn't cashed in his briefcase, possibly because he's scared and carries it around as a security blanket, then calls him Linus. This is the most entertaining back and forth I've seen in months. Zig responds with a bitch slap, and IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!

The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler:

Miz pounds away and catches Ziggler coming with a one man flapjack. Miz with a clothesline, sending Ziggler to the floor as we take a commercial break. We come back with Miz hammering on Ziggler in the corner. Miz measures up and plants a pair of boots to the midsection for a two count. Miz with a handful of hair and a chinlock. Ziggler escapes with elbows to the face. Whip to the ropes, and he connects with another elbow. Ziggler with rights and a jumping elbow drop for one, then hooks a chinlock. Whip to the ropes, and Ziggler puts him down with a shoulder. Criss-cross sequence ends with Miz catching a dropkick attempt and sending him into the ring post. Miz with a school boy for a two count. Miz with a back breaker, but Ziggler shoves off the neckbreaker and connects with a dropkick for two. Ziggler chokes him across the middle rope and takes him down with a neck breaker of his own. Ziggler goes back to the chinlock, and Miz quickly fights free with elbows. Ziggler boots Miz off, but a charge sees him back dropped over the top, to the floor, as we take another commercial break.

We come back with Ziggler working a body scissors. Replay shows that during the break, Ziggler sent the Miz on a one way trip into the security rail. Miz struggles to fight free and mounts him for some clubbering. Ziggler is up first, and lays Miz out with a clothesline for two. Ziggler with a series of elbows across the chest, seven in all, before dropping a jumping version for a two count. Miz fights free of a chinlock and connects with a dropkick. Miz charges, but meets the post shoulder first. Ziggler takes the moment to undoe a turnbuckle pad, allowing Miz to recover and cradle for two. Ziggler with a swank dropkick for a two count of his own. Ziggler goes back to the chinlock, as the referee fixes the buckle. JERK! Miz powers back to his feet, with Zigler still on his back, and drives a series of elbows to the midsection. They slug it out, with the Miz gaining the advantage. Criss-cross, and a double cross body puts both men down for the countdown... of another commercial break!

We're back again, With Ziggler planting a boot to the midsection of Miz. Miz ducks under a big right and rolls him up for two. Ziggler comes back with the Rocker Dropper for another two count. He body scissors Miz and hooks another chinlock, but that doesn't last long. Miz fights free, only to take an uppercut. Ziggler off the ropes, only to be pressed into the air for a face-first landing. Miz with a duo of clotheslines, followed by the back and neck breaker combo for a two count. Miz charges and eats foot. Ziggler hooks the legs, and ropes, but the referee sees it and forces the break. Miz with a weird rock bottom style slam for a two count. Ziggler with boots and a sleeper hold applied, bringing Miz back down to the canvas. Miz fights to his feet and slams Ziggler back into the turnbuckle to force the break. Ziggler tries to restablish the hold, but Miz with elbows and a headbutt to finally get Ziggler off of him. Miz with a flurry of lefts in the corner. He charges in and connects with a clothesline. Miz to the top rope, coming down with a double axehandle. He signals for the end, but Ziggler uses the hair to snapmare Miz over. He goes for a Zig Zag, but miz fights it off and rolls Ziggler up for two. Miz charges to the corner, but the turnbuckle gives, and Ziggler with the Zig Zag for three at the 25-minute mark (commercial breaks included). Their chemistry wasn't the greatest, and it took a while to get going, but was solid throughout and really picked up for the final 4-5 minutes. Not great, but a good television Main Event.

- Matt Striker joins Ziggler in the ring for a quick interview, but gets shunned away almost immediately to cut another promo, aimed at John Cena. Can't wait for that match at TLC. anyone give Ziggler any chance in hell of winning that one?

Justin Gabriel vs. Wade Barrett:

How many times is WWE going to book this same fucking match? It's almost always good, but I've seen it so much. I hope there isn't a Nexus chant, WWE might get the wrong idea again. Barrett quickly starts pounding away on Gabriel, driving boots to the midsection. Barrett with a slingshot back breaker for a two count, then goes back to pounding on the ribs. He takes Gabriel over with a suplex for two and hooks a reverse chinlock. Gabriel with an arm drag to escape, then rolls away from an elbow drop. Gabriel with a spinning heel kick, followed by a second rope clothesline. Charge to the corner and a springboard body press gets two. Gabriel goes for the Lionsault, but Barrett rolls away and plants Gabriel with a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Gabriel counters a pumphandle slam with a body drop, and this time the moonsault connects, but only good for two. Gabriel to the top rope for the 450 splash, but Barrett crotches him pretty hard across the turnbuckle. Barrett with the Bull Hammer, and that's good enough for the three count at 3:00. Energetic squash match for Barrett. I guess he's programmed with Kofi Kingston? It's hard to keep track of some of these guys and the inconsistant booking.

- John Cena will make his ion television debut on Main Event... but who will he face? We find out... NEXT!

- We recap the John Cena, A.J., Vicki Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler stuff from Monday Night Raw. Ziggler calls A.J. trash. I beer, you trash? John Cena hurts his knee (legit), right after returning from another injury, but I guess it's good enough to continue working through the pain.

- It's going to be Damian Sandow, by the way. Smell the squash, but maybe Cena will pop a bit more ratings, although I see them staying steady at where it's been.

Final Thoughts: Solid show from start to finish, but nothing outstanding. I actually enjoyed the banter between Ziggler and Miz more than the match that followed, but it was still satisfactory for television. We followed with a decent squash match, recapped Ziggler's continued "push", and established next week's main event. Not a wasted segment. I'm still loving this show.

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