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WWE Main Event - October 10, 2012

by Scrooge McSuck

- Last week on WWE's premiere episode of Main Event, C.M. Punk defeated Sheamus in a Non-Title Champion vs. Champion Match (but not without controversy, you see...), and the team of Santino and Zack Ryder overcame the difficult task of defeating the super-team of Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. What are we in store for tonight? Let's get to the ring and find out... right now! [cue the music]

- Taped on October 9th, 2012 from San Jose, CA. Michael Cole and the Miz, reigning Intercontinental Champion, greet us from the middle of the ring, much like they did last week. We hype the main event between Randy Orton and the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Champion, the Big Show. WWE's ranking system has to be about as pointless and clueless as all the boxing commitees.

- "Giants are mighty men of devestation..." and so we throw it to a hype video of Big Show's potential of destruction, INCLUDING clips from WCW (back when he was The Giant). Again, like the CM Punk video last week, I'm 99% sure this is from a DVD release (I never got the Big Show DVD Set, and don't plan on it, so I had to knock 1% off). Cut to the locker room, where Josh Mathews gets a word from the Big Show. Last week, Show defeated Orton on Smackdown, but I guess that's not enough to prove he's better, so he has to do it again. He offers Mathews an up-close look at just how big his fist is, and explains the devestation it can cause.

- Special inside look at Randy Orton! Again, probably a DVD set outtake or something, but since I've never bothered to get a Randy Orton DVD set, I can't confirm anything. Arn Anderson has gotten more face time on WWE TV through these hype videos than I think we've seen him combined over the last 5-years. Old clip from OVW of Orton vs. Cena stands out the most. To complete things, Matt Striker gets a word from Orton. Apparently he wasn't 100% when he lost the contendership match, thanks to a prior attack from Alberto Del Rio. Orton's not ashamed of losing to Big Show, but he doesn't like losing, and doesn't believe that lightning strikes twice. I'm sorry, but the way the shows format is being presented, I'm loving it. Announce the main event, hype the performers, have the match. It's simple and effective. I actually want to watch a fucking Big Show/Randy Orton match, now.

Randy Orton vs. Big Show:

My only complaint so far... I really, honest to God, hate the "Viper" nickname. Orton is being pushed into a program with Alberto Del Rio and Big Show is set to job to Sheamus at Hell in a Cell, so this match can go either way, me thinks. We get clips from Two Weeks Ago on Smackdown, where it took two Chokeslams to finish Orton off. Post-match, Show lands a KO punch to add insult to injury. Orton attacks at the bell, and pounds away. Show turns it around in the corner, but Orton uses his speed to remain in control. Show shrugs him off with a headbutt, but Orton fights off the slap across the chest and mounts Show for more punching. Orton with a european uppercut, and Show responds with a right into the previously injured ribs. On the third attempt, Show finally lands the palm across the chest. Show with a scoop slam, followed by an elbow drop for two. Orton throws rights and lefts to stagger the Big Show, but he comes back off the ropes with a giant shoulder tackle. We go to the floor, where Show lands another palm on the chest. He scoops Orton up, but ends up being shoved into the steel post.

We return from commercial, with Show laying Orton out with a headbutt, then doing the John Tenta walk-over-the-midsection spot. Big Show with a methodical pace right now, which is a nice way of saying "lost steam". Orton with another flurry of blows, but Giant catches him off the ropes in a bearhug. At least that rest hold has a purpose in the match, for once. I'd like to aknowledge the commentary, constantly hyping the match, pointing out both men suffer from having to live up to their potential. It's little things that keep matches interesting, even if the action is less than stellar. Orton fights free, side steps a charge, and dumps Show over the top rope.

We go to another commercial, and come back with Orton laying into the Show with rights. Back in the ring, Orton kicks the feet to drop Show to his knees, then rakes the eyes with his boot laces. Orton with the GARVIN STOMP, followed by a jumping knee drop across the chest for two. Show with a few shots to the ribs to put Orton back on the canvas, then goes back to "fat giant standing on your stomache" spot. Big Show slaps on the Von Erich Claw on the ribs, but Orton fights to his feet and punches his way free. Orton off the ropes, and Show plants him with a side slam for a two count. Show goes back to clawing the ribs. Orton with elbows to escape, but Show remains in control with clotheslines. Whip to the corner, Show charges in with a butt splash. He comes off the ropes, and Orton lands a desperation dropkick, then does the slow crawl cover for two. Show's kickout sends Orton to the floor, and that's where the action resumes. Show charges, and takes a drop toe hold into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Orton boots Show across the side of the head, then drags him back into the ring for the DDT! Cover, but it only gets two. Orton stands around looking goofy, then goes into his Viper position, waiting to strike. RKO connects, but Big Show rolls through the ropes on the impact. Orton follows, sets up again, but Show shoves him off, ribs first into the side of the ring. Back inside, Show drops an elbow across the back, then mounts him for the Colossal Clutch (fat man chinlock). Show with three more elbow drops, then reapplies the hold. Orton somehow gets to his feet, but the Chokeslam puts him right back down for the three count at 15:20. I'm not going to say I enjoyed it from start to finish, but Show consistantly working the ribs and Orton fighting Show with believable "against a giant" offense came across well. Nice to see a clean finish, and the last 5-6 minutes definitely got my attention.

- Post-match, Josh Mathews meets Big Show at the top of the entrance, who declares he will take the World Heavyweight Championship from Sheamus at Hell In A Cell. Short and to the point.

- Josh Matthews brings in Sheamus for a response to Big Show's comments. Last week on Raw, Big Show managed to block the Brogue Kick with ease, something no one else has been able to do. Sheamus will not back down though, and promises victory. Really? I thought he was going to promise defeat at Hell in a Cell.

Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty:

Not a whole lot of time left, of couse. The Miz isn't too happy to see Kingston. We join the match in progress, with Kingston taking McGillicutty over with a monkey flip for a two count. McGillicutty comes back with a clothesline to the back of the head, then stomps away. We revisit monday night, when The Miz got punked out by Larry King's wife, and also set out to push a program between him and Kofi. McGillicutty tosses Kingston into the corner, stomps away, and brings him down with a snap back suplex for a two count. Whip to the corner, and Kingston turns the tide with a hurricanrana. Kofi with a series of elbows, followed by a dropkick. Kofi with the Boom Drop, but Trouble in Paradise misses. The S.O.S. (I can't even think of describing it right now) doesn't miss, and that gets three at 2:30. Just a squash match for Kofi.

Post-Match, the Miz enters the ring for an "Interview", but really, the purpose for it is to keep pushing their porgram. Miz mocks Kingston's response of the match "being fun", and says he devalues everything he comes near. Ouch. Miz also says Kofi will never be at his level (not HHH/Booker T style, we hope). Kofi pulls the "maybe I'm holding back" card, and offers a challenge. The time and place... next week, on WWE Main Event. For the Intercontinental Title. Honestly, who has Kofi beat to earn a title shot? Michael McGillicutty? Then sign up Ted Dibiase (Jr.) for a shot, too, while we're at it. Miz tries a cheap shot, but Kofi lays him out with Trouble in Paradise.

Final Thoughts: Solid show, from start to finish. I'm loving the hell out of the presentation. Big Show vs. Randy Orton was hyped well to open the show, and put over throughout the course of the match by the broadcast team. The match itself was slow at times, but built up nicely to a strong finish, and allowed Orton to look strong in defeat. Even with limited time left, we've established a main event for next week over the Intercontinental Championship, without a wasted segment. I suggest all WWE fans to watch Main Event will the production and writing staff still cares.

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