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WWE Main Event - June 24, 2014

by Scrooge McSuck

- We're less than a week away from the 2014 Money In The Bank PPV, arguably the most important and most likely to deliver "B" level PPV that the WWE offers every year. This past week on Monday Night Raw, they announced a second Ladder Match, with the standard MITB Briefcase up for grabs, with a group of midcarders and JTTS' filling out the match. 6 of these men will be competing in a 6-Man Tag Team Match, tonight, on WWE Main Event...

- Byron Scott and Tony Phillips are at ringside to call the action, unless otherwise noted. We're in Pittsburgh, PA, for the three of you who read this.

- Dolph Ziggler is already in the ring, climbing a ladder. Remember when Dolph won the briefcase before? Well, don't expect a repeat performance. I'm surprised he's even in the match, considering his recent history of concussions. Remember when he cashed in the night after WrestleMania 29? That was pretty cool. RVD interrupts, probably looking for his bag of Cheetos... oh, never mind, it's match time?

Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, Kofi Kingston vs. Seth Rollins, Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter):

Not exactly the Shield we're used to... oh, sorry, I'm just used to Rollins being in 6-Man Tags with Ambrose and Reigns. Speaking of Ambrose, he's also in the match, but he isn't involved in this particular tag team match. Barrett is the reigning Intercontinental Champion, but I expect Swagger to do the job. Nice Super-Villain tights. Kingston and Swagger start. Kofi avoids a charge and takes him over with a monkey flip. Ziggler with a jumping elbow drop for two. Barrett with a snap suplex for two. RVD with clotheslines and Rolling Thunder barely hits for a near fall. Barrett hangs him up across the top rope as we take a quick break. We return with Rollins taking RVD over with a trio of suplex for two. Swagger with a belly-to-belly suplex and the Swagger-Bomb for two. RVD tries to tag out, but gets carried back into the cool corner. Barrett with a swinging neck breaker for two. Barrett knocks RVD silly with a running boot for another two count. RVD with a springboard dropkick on Swagger, and tag made to Kingston. He lays into Rollins with chops, a dropkick, and jumping clothesline. He comes off the ropes with the Boom Drop, but Trouble in Paradise misses. Rollins avoids something from the top rope, but gets taken down with the S.O.S. Heck breaks loose, leaving Rollins and Kofi in the ring. Kingston with a hurricanrana for two. Rollins from out of nowhere with the Curb Stomp, and it's all over at 7:49. That was... disappointing. *1/2 You have six workers, most of them pretty good, and limit them to single digit minutes?! That's just bull crap. Post-match, Swagger locks the Patriot Lock on Ziggler and Barrett whacks people with a ladder.

- Last Friday on Night Smackdown, Layla walked in on Fandango macking with Summer Rae. I'm sorry, is this WWE, or the Young and the Restless?

- Last Monday on Night Raw, Vickie Guerrero was put in a match with her WWE career on the line... against Stephanie McMahon. It's an over-booked match of nonsense that revolved around a pool of "something that smells awful." Vickie actually fought off Stephanie's hired goons before getting knocked in the slop. Stephanie's celebration is short lived, as Vickie knocked her into the pool, too. Unfortunately, the replay didn't show the best part of the entire angle from Raw, Vickie's comments about being humiliated and mocked more than anyone, and fighting for her dignity. Nice of Stephanie to let someone get one-up on her on the way out.

Fandango (w/ Layla) vs. Bo Dallas:

It's a rematch from... I don't know, some other show (Friday). Bo Dallas is undefeated, not counting Battle Royal's, and who does? He's won hard fought matches over top contenders like R-Truth, Xavier Woods, and Santino Marella. He improved to 9-0 on Raw in a match with Titus O'Neil. GIVE THIS MAN A TITLE SHOT! Summe Rae instantly runs into the ring and macks with Fandango, and here comes Layla for the CATFIGHT! CATFIGHT! Fandango tries to get a handful here and there as the crowd continues not to care. Dallas surprises Fandango with the Running Bo-Dog, and improves to 10-0 (sorry, 10-Bo) at 1:37. Victory lap follows. I'm starting to like this guy... No rating, match was nothing but storyline. At least it bumps Bo's numbers.

R-Truth & Xavier Woods vs. RybAxel:

It's funny watching R-Truth being a JTTS on WWE TV after watching weeks worth of old TNA PPV's where he went from "former WWF JTTS" to "rising star of professional wrestling." It's life coming full circle, I guess. I'm starting to warm up to Ryback and Curtis Axel as a team. Ryback and Truth start. Lockup into the corner, and Truth acts like a goof. At least he retired Little Jimmy. Woods with the blind tag and forearm from the second turnbuckle. He works over Ryback with punchy-kicky, but it's not very effective. Ryback catches him off the ropes and plants him with a Powerslam. Axel with a snapmare and the float-over snapmare. Oh, NOW he's allowed to do that move. Running knee to the face gets two. R-Truth tries to rally the troops while Woods continues taking a beating. Ryback blocks a kick and throws Woods on his ass. Axel cuts off the tag, but Woods slips out of a slam and tags out to Truth. He pounds away on Axel and hits a goofy Stunner for two. Truth with a splash in the corner and a DDT for two. Woods gets dumped to the floor by Rybac. Truth misses a charge, and Axel finishes with his goofy snapmare neck breaker at 5:51. ** Perfectly acceptable wrestling, but Woods and Truth are so low on the card it wasn't like this match held much suspense. Ryback grabs the microphone and demands a rematch with Goldust and STARDUST (Cody Rhodes dressed like Goldust) at MITB. Ryback keeps calling Axel "Axe Man." Maybe Ryback should be renamed "Smash Man", and they can be the Demolition Men.

- Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt on Smackdown, Friday Night. Haven't these two proven enough they have zero chemistry together?

- Renee Young brings out Roman Reigns for a MAIN EVENT Interview. Clever choice of words, huh? Reigns is still allowed to come through the crowd, I see. Last night on Raw, Kane made his presence felt and has been inserted into the Ladder Match for the WWE Title... whoops, sorry, The Demon Kane. Reigns suggests Renee take off her heels incase she has to make a run for it... and she does! Hopefully Tony Atlas isn't sneaking around ringside to steal her shoes. Reigns runs down most of the participants of the match, kind of like another Samoan did about 15 years ago, except less comically. Triple H interrupts, makes a match between Reigns and The Demon Kane™, and the two have a slugfest to close out the broadcast. Tune into Friday Night Smackdown (or if you're in attendance, wait about an hour) to see The Demon Kane vs. Roman Reigns, a MAIN EVENT anywhere in the Country.

Final Thoughts: Not much for quality wrestling this week. The "Main Event" Six-Man Tag Match should've been a show-stealing performance, but it was horribly rushed and was mostly punchy-kicky and chinlocks. Fandango vs. Bo Dallas shouldn't even be bothered to be listed as an actual match, and RybAxel vs. Woods/Truth was just undercard filler any day of the week. Reigns being given "Main Event Interview" time keeps pushing him into a larger role in the company, but I don't feel like sitting through an hour of WWE TV just for a Roman Reigns promo.

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