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WWE Main Event - April 1, 2014

by Kieran Lucas

- Taped from Washington D.C., with Byron Saxton and Tom Phillps on commentary. First thing: I absolutely love the intro for Main Event, and the song suits the show perfectly. Also, Tony Chimmel is doing ring introductions, which makes me a happy guy.

Sheamus vs. The Miz:

(Scrooge Note: Remember the good old days when Main Event was practically Miz TV?) Both men are going to be in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal this Sunday at WrestleMania XXX. The match starts off at a relatively slow pace. Sheamus with a shoulder block and a Powerslam for an early two count. Miz sends Sheamus to the outside, and follows with a baseball slide. Sheamus esponds with a fall-away slam into the barricade, which looked painful. Back from commercials, and Sheamus in control with hold bumber 617: the armbar. That's a joke from Chris Jericho's program with Dean Malenko from the Spring of '98, where Jericho actually procuded a list of a thousand holds, the majority of them being armbars. Sheamus hits a clothesline, sending Miz over the top rope. Miz throws Sheamus into the buckle, hits two big boots and a clothesline. Miz comes off the top rope with an axehandle and applies a chinlock. Miz hits a delightful backbreaker, into a neckbreaker. They exchange strikes with the crowd fully behind Sheamus (Scrooge Note: Shocker). Miz then hits a running knee to the stomach and Sheamus hits a bug clubbing axehandle and a spear in the corner. He follows that up with a knee lift and a Finlay role, and the Irish Curse. Miz comes back with a nice DDT, but only gets two in a great nearfall. Miz then kicks and dropkicks the knee, setting the Miz up to apply one of his signature moves: The Figure Four Leglock! Sheamus escapes the attempt, but misses a Brogue Kick. Miz signals for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Sheamus counters and hits the Brogue Kick this time, and it's good for the win. **3/4 That was a decent match, with both men giving everything they had and the result made the Miz still look good, even in defeat.

- Video Package showing the history between John Cena and Bray Wyatt, culminating at WrestleMania XXX. The song "Legacy" by Eminem really suits the match, and to me, make the match feel like it's Cena's last. I hope Sunday, Bray Wyatt will get the win, but when Cena is involved, there's always a possibility he will. (Scrooge Note: I love a video making the rounds about Cena not having issues not being the Main Event. Way to keep digging the knife into CM Punk. I'm sure he cares.)

Nikki Bella vs. Tamina Snuka:

This is just a standard Divas match, and both of them will be involved in the 13 Divas Championship at WrestleMania XXX (Scrooge Note: Holy Trainwreck). My underdog pick for that match is Nikki Bella. Things start off with a beautiful springboard dropkick from Nikki, who follows by applying a leg scissors. She hits a head scissors, sending Tamina to the floor. Out of nowhere, Tamina comes back with a clothesline on the floor. Tamina with a headbutt, and I must say, Tamina has to be the most unattractive Diva currently working for the WWE. Nikki with the comeback, hitting a clothesline and big knee to the head. Tamina hits an awesome Super-Kick, and the Superfly Splash finishes for the victory! * Like I said earlier, just your standard Divas Match, nothing more, nothing less.

- We're all done with first run matches, so let's take you back to what happened between the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar at this weeks episode of Raw. In case you didn't watch, they teased a fight until Lesnar walked back, but then Heyman ran in for a distraction, and Lesnar came back to hit Undertaker with the F-5. I really enjoyed that segment, and that is one of the matches I am most looking forward to at WrestleMania.

- The final replay from Raw is from the Main Event, No DQ Match between Randy Orton and Batista. It was a decent match, but the highlight was the ending when Daniel Bryan came out and beatdown Triple H with a kendo stick and a sweet looking suicide dive. The build up for Bryan vs. Hunter has been world class, and I can't wait for the Game to bury his ass... I bet you didn't see that one coming.

Overall: 4/10
We saw a great match to open the show, as we always seem to do on Main Event. The Divas Match was your normal affair, but the video packages were world class, and really has me pumped for WrestleMania, which is only four days away! (Scrooge Note: Subscribe to the WWE Network! OBEY!)

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