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WWF at the Nassau Coliseum - June 10, 1989
by Erick Von Erich

What the HECK?/Intro-
From out on Long Island, it's the WWF's "b-show" from June 1989. To place this card, think of it as the halfway mark between WrestleMania V and SummerSlam '89. Or, to be more accurate, it takes place right as "No Holds Barred" was in theaters! What? You don't remember THAT date vividly?! Anyways, our hosts for tonight's festivities are Tony Schiavone and Lord Alfred Hayes. But with so much going on in the World Wrestling Federation, let's get down to ringside for..

Match 1: Jim Powers vs. The Genius
Hayes is extremely complimentary and says that young Jim Powers has certainly improved in his short time here in the WWF. Uh, Al... he's been a jobber since late 1984! Genius reads a poem declaring that "No Holds Barred" would win an Oscar if he had been allowed in it. Genius prances around an offers a handshake to stall. He suckers Powers into an armdrag and applies a power slam. Powers makes a few offensive flurries with basic moves-- including his running clothesline that always makes him flail his arms, yell "Yeah!" and jog around. Genius dropkicks him into the turnbuckle, then goes up top for an attempted senton splash. That misses, so Powers quickly follows up with a clothesline, slam and a snap vertical suplex. Genius holds on to the suplex and hooks a small package to get the pin.

Match 2: Rockers. vs. Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (w/Jimmy Hart)
(Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty vs. Jacques Rougeau & Raymond Rougeau)
Set up from the recent confrontation these two teams had on Wrestling Challenge. Wherein the Rockers came out with LYRICS to their theme music. "Oooo-weee, the Rockers! Oooo-weee, the Rockers!" was the chorus. Darnit, they don't use that version, here! The Rougeaus also blasted Michaels' throat with Jimmy Hart's megaphone. So to sell that "injury", Michaels enters this match with a sweatband around his neck. Ha! Try hitting his throat with a megaphone, now!! As the match starts, the Rougeaus stall and keep leaving the ring. In a fun spot, the Rockers both lay on the canvas in the middle of the ring to bait them back in. As soon as the Rougeaus enter the ring, both Rockers instantly hop to their feet and the Frenchies bail. The Rockers manager to corner Raymond and work him over with three straight splashes. Raymond gets a cheap shot on Michaels and takes over. The Rougeaus cut off the ring and work on Michaels for a good 15 minutes or so, hitting most of their trademark spots. Raymond hooks a Boston crab, while Jacques nails a knee into Michaels' back. Raymond tries to hook a scorpion deathlock/sharpshooter, but Michaels manages a desperate sunset flip for a quick 2. The Rougeaus hoist Michaels in the air for a double team stun-gun on the top rope. Michaels finally makes a hot tag to Jannetty, who cleans house. Fist-drop off the second rope gets 2. Michaels comes back in and they clean the ring. Jannetty hooks Jacques in a small package, but the ref is busy messing with Michaels. Raymond sneaks in, reverses the small package, and the ref turns around to count the 3 count pin for Jacques. Rockers clear the ring after the bell. Good match and probably the best on this card.

Match 3: Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake vs. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (w/Jimmy Hart
The never-ending Dream Team tussle, because some feuds just won't die!!! These two obviously inspired Tito Santana and Rick Martel to do a similar act for the next 5 years. Schiavone breaks the Sean Mooney Rule by remembering the long past of these two. He even cites the fact that Bruti trimmed Hart's hair awhile back. Tony was a capable announcer and it's too bad that he's mostly remembered as the Nitro Shill. This match was aired on Prime Time Wrestling sometime in September 1989, which means it's copy n' paste-a-Mania! Hammer walks around the floor for the first three minutes. Brutus hits him with a few punches, an atomic drop, and drops a leg onto his crotch. Hammer bails and consults with Jimmy. More punching! Valentine gets punched into the corner and does his delayed "Hammer Flop". Brutus with a powerslam and a series of two counts. Hammer reverses an Irish whip and sticks Brutus with a knee, sending the Barber to the floor. Hammer pulls him back in, and works on him with elbowsmashes and shots to the hind quarters. Hammer tries for the figure four twice, and eats turnbuckle on his second attempt. Brutus rallies and hooks in the sleeper. Jimmy Hart grabs the barber bag and hops up on the apron, distracting Brutus. Valentine smacks Brutus from behind and tries for the FF again. Brutus kicks him, sending him into Jimmy. Barber underhooks Valentine on the rebound, for the pin. Afterwards, Brutus attempts to HAPPYIFY the fans, by stealing Jimmy's megaphone.

Match 4: Hillbilly Jim vs. Andre the Giant
HBJ is filling in for the recently departed Big John Studd and the fans are PISSED. Andre chokes and waddles around, even doing his Special Move-- he gets caught in the ropes after a few shots from HBJ. Andre chokes some more as the fans begin chanting "We want Studd!" Tony sells this as: "the fans rallying behind Hillbilly!" Ha! Very, very ugly match, as Andre chokes and Hillbilly punches. Hillbilly gets a knee to the tummy to knock Andre down. HBJ begins stomping away, when Haku suddenly arrives at ringside. Haku distracts HBJ, allowing Andre to headbutt him out of the ring. Haku starts stomping on HBJ and this draws out "King Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. ANdre pokes his head through the ropes and gets a 2x4 shot from Duggan. HBJ rolls back in and gets a 2 count on Andre. Haku hops through the ropes and breaks the cover. Duggan follows to clear the ring with his lumber. Disqualification win for Hillbilly Jim, so his lucky horseshoe really worked! At ringside, Andre demands the house mic and announces..... "Bleeee--arrrrrh".

Intermission Interviews with Sean Mooney
Back in the locker room, Mooney brings in Duggan who has unkind words for "that big islander, Haku". Later, Mr. Fuji and his "Powuz uh Payme" drop by for some fun. Brutus Beefcake comes in to throw a challenge "Macho Man" Randy Savage and "Scary" Sherri. The segment closes out with a Very Special Promo for Hillbilly Jim, who talks about....Dino Bravo?!

Match 5: "King Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Haku
But ebfore the match, ring announcer Howard Finkel informs all of us that we should visit out local cinema for the family adventure of the summer-- "No Holds Barred". Yes... that's why "Batman" was pushed back to the end of June '89! (that's a joke, son...don't go around citing that "fact"). This is a re-match after Duggan beat Haku for the obtuse "King" title, yet the crown isn't on the line. Haku attacks Duggan as he enters with a series of kicks and chops. Duggan stumbels around, but makes sure to keep the American flag in the air. That's fine and dandy, but why a guy who was trumpetting "the land of the free" is suddenly okay with being a monarch is a weird conundrum. Duggan actually hits his backdrop and clotheslines Haku out of the ring. Haku returns and keeps trying to pul Duggan's trowsers down. Ummm..okay. Duggan with a kneelift and then he tries his backdrop-that-never-connects. Haku takes over and uses a nerve hold on the trapezius. Legdrop gets 2 for Haku, then it's back to the nerve hold. Haku with a snapmare and diving headbutt. He hauls Duggan to the turnbuckle, where hacksaw suddenly begins no-selling. See, he likes hitting his head on the turnbuckle. Wow, that must mean Duggan is part Samoan (and thus, related to The Rock)! Haku with an irishwhip, then misses a flying elbowdrop. Duggan conects with his 3-point-stance charging clothesline and gets the easy 3 count.

A Very Special In-Ring Interview
Finkle once again plugs "No Holds Barred", then introduces Sean Mooney (to and audible chorus of boooo's! ha!). Mooney then introduces a guy who claims to be the REAL star of "No Holds Barred". Whoa-- Stan Hansen's here?! Nope, it's ZEUS! The Human Wrecking Machine! Zeus walks to ring, hops up on the apron and says "Dahhhh!". Commercial break! Dammit, I wanted me a Mooney/Zeus moment! What a tease!

Match 6: "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka vs. Boris Zhukov (w/Jimmy Hart)
It was supposed to the HonkyTonk Man, but Jimmy Hart informs us that Honky had the flu. But Hart's found a suitable repalcement in comrade Zhukov. Snuka enters and is flipped out of the ring by the clubbing Zhukov. Snuka returns with a flying press off the ropes for 2. Snuka with a drop-kick then the Duggan backdro-that-never-works. Zhukov clubs some more, then whips Snuka to the ropes for a clothesline and 2 count. Zhukov side back-breaker gets another 2. A headlock happens. They both stagger up and begin brawling. Snuka whips Zhukov to the ropes, drops down, then chops him. Slam, drop-kick, then up for the big Superfly Splash, as Snuka gets the pin.

Howard Finkel has the mic again to plug next month's card. The Genius will continue his mission to destroy the Young Stallions, as he takes on Paul Roma! Warlord vs. Koko B. Ware! Mr. Perfect (who believes he's Perfect) vs. Hercules! Akeem and the Big Bossman -- known collectively as the Twin Towers--- will take on Demolition for the tag titles! Haku and Andre the Giant will take on Hillbilly Jim and... "King Hacksaw" Jim Duggan! Also, in the Main Event, it's Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage!

Match 7: Hart Foundation vs. Powers of Pain (w/Mr. Fuji)
(Bret "Hitman" Hart & Jim "the Anvil" Neihdart vs. Warlord & Barbarian)
Anvil does some power shoudlerblocking and cackles, but it soon devolves into the Powers pummeling away on the Hitman. Warlord slams him for 2. Theydouble-up for a front facelock and charging headbutt to the kidney. Barbarian follows it up with a backbreaker for 2. Barbarian stmps around and Hitman rolls between his legs to make the tag to the Anvil. Anvil slams both guys, then dropkicks the Warlord. Another slam for Barbarian, then Anvil slingshots the Hitman over the ropes for a flying splash and a 2 count. All four enter the ring, then quickly out to ringside for some brawling. Cameras catch the tail-end of Hitman doing a plancha onto the floor. Fuji "accidentally" hits Barbarian with his cane. Hitman rolls in and wins the match by countout. Hmm... I don't think the Harts won any non-jobber matches with a pinfall during this time period.

Why'd You Tape This??
Whoa...that was the enitre card?! Tough to figure out what the promised "main event" was. I'd guess Big John Studd vs. Andre was originally scheduled as the main, so the fans' abhorrence of seeing Hillbily Jim is well deserved. As much as I hate Shawn Michaels, I have to admit that the only match worth seeing on this card is the Rockers vs. Rougeaus. Although the Zeus "interview" is pretty frickin' awesome. As it usually is with these house shows, the rest is only worth watching if you were a fan of this period.

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