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ECW on Sci-Fi - August 5, 2008
by Sassy

WWE’s ECW is broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel in Atlanta, GA.

Ringside announcers: Matt Striker & Todd Grisham (where is Tazz????)

Ring announcer: Tony Chimel

Tag Team Match
Bam Neely
Chavo Guerrero
At a combined weight of 488 lbs.
Evan Bourne weighing 193 lbs.
Ricky Ortiz from Phoenix, AZ (I couldn’t hear his weight)

Striker is giving Grisham lessons on how to pronounce Spanish names. Bourne is great in the ring but he may need to learn to fight a little on the dirty side if he’s going to feud with Guerrero. Bourne is a one man cheerleading squad for his partner while he’s on the ring apron. If he doesn’t get to do anything else in this match, he’s keeping the audience involved in the match. Bourne gets a tag in time to go after Neely. Ortiz sends Guerrero over the top rope and follows with him. Bourne goes for the bridge and gets the three count. Time: 6 minutes.
Winners: Evan Bourne with a bridge & Ricky Ortiz

Bourne has it and the fans know it. He may not be a big boy but he can keep the match exciting whether he is in or out of the ring. Guerrero does a good job in the ring but I think Bourne can stay one step ahead of Guerrero and then some. We go to commercial break.

Mike Knox is in the ring to show everyone what a fraud Finlay is. Knox calls Finlay a joke and tells everyone that Finlay used to be one of the toughest men in the business but now Finlay spends his time dancing around with a leprechaun. Finlay and Hornswoggle appear and head toward the ring. Finlay is not dressed to do battle in the ring. Finlay enters the ring with a mic in his hand. Finlay says that it was a funny video. Finlay then insults Knox and tells Knox that Finlay loves to have fun and he loves his family and if Knox has a problem with Finlay and his family, to go ahead and take a shot. He then asks if he should turn his back so Knox can jump him again. Finlay takes off his coat and tells Knox to take his shot but if he doesn’t knock him out, Knox will find out whether Finlay has gone soft or not. Knox backs up and exits the ring.

Raw Rebound – John Cena & The Animal Batista defeated Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes to win the WWE World Tag Team titles. We go to commercial break.

Armando Estrada from Havana, Cuba weighing 232 lbs.
Tommy Dreamer from Yonkers, NY weighing 265 lbs.

This is Estrada’s last chance to win a WWE contract. This may not be the opponent Estrada wanted to face. Dreamer takes control of the match immediately but Estrada manages to get Dreamer back into the corner. Dreamer comes back and sends Estrada out to the floor. Dreamer leans over and pulls Estrada up on the ring apron but Estrada hangs Dreamer up on the top rope. Dreamer sets Estrada up in the tree of woe and backs across the ring. Colin Delaney appears at ringside with chair in hand. Dreamer climbs out and takes the chair away from Delaney. Delaney flies over the announcer’s table. Delaney is on the ring apron and Dreamer sends Delaney into the ring post but the distraction gives Estrada time to catch Dreamer in a roll up and get the three count. Time: 3 minutes.
Winner: Armando Estrada with a roll up.

We go to commercial break. Estrada is backstage with Delaney. Estrada doesn’t understand why Delaney helped him. General Manager Theodore Long appears to tell Delaney that because of what Delaney just pulled, next week he will face Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules Match. Grisham introduces the Smackdown Rebound where Edge attacked Mick Foley in the ring after inviting Foley to the Cutting Edge. We go to commercial break.

Braden Walker from Ft. Wright, KY
James Curtis weighing 245 lbs. (already in the ring)

Does Curtis have a WWE contract? Walker delivered a suplex but it looked like he was having a problem holding Curtis in the air. Both men are using wrestling holds in this match up although Curtis doesn’t want to follow the rules. Walker delivers a suplex and a bridge and gets the three count. Time: 4 minutes.
Winner: Braden Walker with a bridge

John Morrison & The Miz debut in the Dirt Sheet on ECW. I really enjoyed this segment. Miz and Morrison get beat up by Matt Hardy & The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry. Tony Atlas is in the middle trying to keep the peace between Hardy & Henry.

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