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ECW on Sci-Fi - July 22, 2008
by Sassy

WWE’s ECW is broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel from Philadelphia, PA.

Ringside announcers: Mike Adamle & Tazz

Ring announcer: Tony Chimel

ECW General Manager Theodore Long is in the ring. He is presenting the brand new ECW title belt to the reigning champion, Mark Henry. Henry brings Tony Atlas to the ring with him. Tommy Dreamer lost his bid for the title belt at GAB. The belt is silver. Atlas tells the audience that they are happy to be the holders of the title. He says it is now a new ECW. Henry does a lot of prancing around the ring – as well as someone Henry’s size can prance – holding the belt in the air. Atlas introduces Colin Delaney. It appears Delaney turned heel and helped Henry at the GAB ensuring Henrys’ win. Delaney enters the ring and he wants to explain why he turned his back on Dreamer. Delaney says that all he got from being Dreamer’s friend was beat up every night. Delaney calls Dreamer a washed up loser. Long is standing behind everyone in the ring watching and listening. Delaney starts to tell Henry he will do whatever he needs for him to do but Long steps in and tells Delaney that because of what Delaney did Sunday night, Delaney is going to face Dreamer in the ring tonight and that match starts now.

Colin Delaney Vs. Tommy Dreamer
This could be a little tricky for Dreamer since Henry and Atlas are still in the ring when he steps in to face Delaney. Henry and Atlas get out of the ring and leave Delaney all by himself as we go to commercial break. Back to the ring, the bell rings and Delaney tries to bail out of the ring but Dreamer catches him. Delaney does make it out of the ring but Dreamer catches him and rolls him back into the ring. Delaney catches Dreamer when Dreamer tries to roll back in the ring. Delaney goes for a cover but can’t even get a one count and Dreamer is back to his feet, which isn’t good news for Delaney. Dreamer sets Delaney up in the corner, goes across the ring and delivers a nice dropkick. Dreamer delivers a pump handle slam and Delaney is begging for mercy. Dreamer helps Delaney back to his feet then delivers a DDT, goes for the cover and gets the three count. Time: 3 minutes.
Winner: Tommy Dreamer with a DDT

Delaney’s turn seems to have gotten him in more trouble. Dreamer didn’t pull any punches going up against his former friend. It will be interesting to see what happens between these two wrestlers in the near future.

John Morrison and The Miz are backstage bemoaning the loss of their title. Tonight they are in a fatal four way in order to become number one contender for a match at Summerslam. If Miz has to wear the Mohawk hairdo, he should keep the bandana off his head. This may be one time I prefer seeing Miz in a hat. We go to commercial break.

Chavo Guerrero along with his bodyguard, Bam Neely, appear to sit at the announcer’s table in order to watch the next match.

Evan Bourne Vs. Gene Curtis
Bourne defeated Guerrero last week with a shooting star press. Bourne applies a wristlock but Curtis has Bourne in a waist lock. Bourne takes Curtis down to the mat, rolls him over and applies an arm bar. Curtis makes it back to his feet and backs away from Bourne. Curtis decides he has had enough wrestling and goes after Bourne with fists and slams to the head. Bourne delivers a standing dropkick and then another before going for a cover. Bourne gets a two count before Curtis kicks out. Bourne goes after the arm again but Curtis sends Bourne into the corner. Bourne delivers high kicks to the head but Curtis slams him down to the mat. Curtis goes after Bourne again with fists and then delivers a back body drop. Curtis goes for the cover and gets a two count before Bourne kicks out. Curtis works on Bourne’s neck and shoulder, keeping him down on the mat. Bourne is back to his feet. Bourne delivers some high kicks again and comes off the rope with a kick to the jaw. Bourne goes for the cover and gets a two count. Bourne delivers a dropkick and goes to the top rope to deliver the shooting star press, goes for the cover and gets the three count. Time: 6 minutes.
Winner: Evan Bourne with a shooting star press.

Bourne certainly makes everyone sit up and take notice when he is in the ring. He’s quick, he’s agile and he does some amazing legwork along with the shooting star press. After the match, Neely goes around the outside of the ring as Guerrero comes in on the other side. Bourne manages to bail out of the ring and get away before Neely or Guerrero could do any damage.

Finlay and Hornswoggle are backstage. Finlay is telling Hornswoggle that they don’t need any luck because they have Finlay’s favorite weapon. We go to commercial break.

Raw Rebound – Batista tells everyone that Batista is in charge and that he will face CM Punk for the championship since Kane interfered in their match at GAB. Kane shows up prior to the start of that match but Punk enters the ring and gets Kane out of the ring. Punk and Batista continue with their match with Punk but JBL appears to interfere in that match. Cena appears to help out but he hits Batista and it’s Batista versus Cena, which the referees broke up.

Tiffany is backstage with Ricky Ortiz. Long appears and asks what he can do for him. He says he has been working on ideas but Long tells him that he’s only been in ECW three weeks and he’s only had one match. Ortiz says that he is undefeated. Long tells Ortiz that he will have a match next week.

Mike Adamle introduces a video of Mike Knox but I’m not sure why we are watching it. Matt Hardy is backstage to say that he is competing in a four-way match and if he wins he will face Henry for the ECW title. Hardy tells everyone that he lost his US Championship at GAB. Hardy says he will be going to Summerslam. We go to commercial break.

Fatal Four Way Match:
Winner will face the ECW Champion at Summerslam
The Miz Vs. Finlay (w/ Hornswoggle) Vs. John Morrison Vs. Matt Hardy

Hardy got the biggest pop from the crowd tonight. Miz and Morrison look like they are going to play this as a tag team until Miz rolls up Morrison and tries to get the three count. Finlay and Hardy break it up. Hardy sends Miz to the floor and Finlay sends Morrison to the floor, leaving Hardy and Finlay to face each other in the ring. Finlay breaks clean but Hardy mouths off and shoves him. Morrison pulls Hardy off the ring apron, and then rolls Hardy back in the ring. Miz is in the ring going after Finlay. Hardy takes down Morrison and Finlay clotheslines Miz. The Hardy chants have begun. Hardy goes for a cover but Morrison gets a foot up on the bottom rope. Finlay is whaling on Miz. Finlay goes for a roll up but Miz kicks out at two. Hardy goes for a backslide but Morrison kicks out at two and we go to commercial break in the middle of the match. Back to the action, Morrison and Finlay battle it out as Miz takes down Hardy for a cover but Hardy kicks out. Morrison takes down Finlay but Finlay counters, Morrison counters and Finlay again counters before Morrison kicks out. Finlay takes down Morrison and then goes across the ring to deliver an atomic drop to Miz. Finlay is down on the mat holding his knee, Miz is down and Hardy goes for the cover on Morrison. Miz breaks it up and everyone is trying to pin everyone else. Finlay has Morrison down on the mat in a submission hold but Morrison gets a foot on the rope. Finlay pulls Morrison back in the ring and goes for the cover but Morrison kicks out. Hardy pins Miz but Miz kicks out. Finlay sends Morrison into the ring post. Hardy and Miz collide in the center of the ring. Finlay tries to pin them one at a time but they both kick out. Finlay is on the floor and Hornswoggle comes around to check on Finlay. Morrison grabs Hornswoggle and Finlay sends Morrison over the guardrail and goes out after him. Morrison throws someone’s drink in Finlay’s face as Miz comes out of the ring to drag Finlay back over the guardrail. Miz slams Finlay into the guardrail back first. Miz catapults Finlay into Morrison’s elbow and Morrison comes over the guardrail to nail Finlay. Hardy is still in the ring and now it’s two on one as Morrison and Miz both go after Hardy. They deliver a double gut buster. Miz sends Hardy down to the mat. Morrison delivers a roll up after he gets Miz to check on Finlay outside the ring. Hardy kicks out and Miz catches Morrison in the act. Hardy shoves Morrison into Miz and goes for a roll up on Morrison but Morrison kicks out. Miz sends Hardy down to the mat and they both miss Hardy in the corner. Morrison comes off the top and nails Miz instead of Hardy, Finlay is back in the ring and he tries to pin Hardy but Morrison breaks it up. Finlay delivers a missile dropkick off the second rope but Miz prevents Finlay from getting the three count. Finlay covers Hardy and gets a two count. Miz hangs Finlay up on the ropes, Morrison tries to cover, Hardy sends Morrison out to the floor and goes for the cover but Miz breaks it up. Hornswoggle is on the ring apron allowing Finlay to use a weapon on Miz. Morrison comes off the ropes, Hardy catches him with the twist of fate and gets the three count. Time: 13 minutes.
Winner: Matt Hardy with a twist of fate.

I’m almost afraid to admit that ECW seems to be improving their matches lately. This was an action packed match. After the match, Henry and Atlas appear at the top of the entrance ramp with Henry holding the new ECW title belt.

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