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ECW on Sci-Fi - July 8, 2008
by Sassy

WWE’s ECW is broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel from Baton Rouge, LA.

Ringside announcers: Mike Adamle & Tazz

Ring announcer: Tony Chimel

John Morrison & The Miz, WWE Tag Team Champions enter the ring. Unless someone shows up to save the fans from these two, I’m skipping this part of the show. We have been rescued…as Finlay appears at the top of the entrance ramp. Finlay makes his way to the ring as Hornswoggle appears behind the pair in the ring to nail them with a huge water gun. As the two chase Hornswoggle, Finlay catches Morrison but Miz manages to sidestep Finlay and as Morrison & Miz head up the entrance ramp, we go to commercial break.

AS we come back to commercial break, we find out that the General Manager of ECW has set up a match between Finlay and Miz. Hornswoggle and Morrison are outside the ring. Morrison makes a great little cheerleader for Miz outside the ring. Finlay sustained some damage courtesy of Miz but Finlay is never one to stay down and he’s back in the game. Morrison goes after Finlay while Miz has the referee distracted but Hornswoggle nails Morrison with a kick to the face allowing Finlay to catch Miz off guard. Finlay delivers the Celtic cross and it’s all over for Miz. Time: 9 minutes.
Winner: Finlay with the Celtic cross

Finlay is an exceptional wrestler and seeing him take down Miz tonight was great. Hornswoggle is a fantastic crowd pleaser and everyone just knew he would find some way to get involved in the match.

Long is backstage with his assistant Tiffany. Armando Estrada appears and tells Long that he wants his job back and he wants another opportunity to get his contract. Braden Walker, making his WWE ECW debut (formerly Chris Harris from TNA wrestling) appears and will face Estrada tonight. We go to commercial break.

Raw Rebound – The fatal four-way match between The Animal Kane, John Bradshaw Layfield, John Cena and The Animal Batista, with Batista winning the match. Batista will now face CM Punk, WWE World Heavyweight Champion for the title at The Great American Bash. Kane finished off the evening by beating up announcer Michael Cole and then taking out Jerry “The King” Lawler when Lawler rescued Cole from Kane’s clutches.

Armando Estrada from Havana, Cuba weighing 233 lbs.
Braden Walker from Ft. Wright, KY weighing 241 lbs.

I was a fan of Chris Harris in TNA and I hope WWE has the foresight to allow Walker to use his technical skills in the ring. If Walker is going to show the fans his stuff, he’d better get himself moving. Right now Estrada is kicking Walker’s Kentucky backside. Walker delivers a suplex and then a major clothesline, an atomic drop and Estrada is down. Walker delivers a full nelson slam and goes for the cover but only gets a two count before Estrada kicks out. Walker goes up to the top turnbuckle and takes down Estrada. Walker goes for the cover and gets the win. Time: 6 minutes.
Winner: Braden Walker with a cross body block

I would have liked to have seen more wrestling from Walker in this match but it wasn’t a bad match

Tony Atlas, WWE Hall of Famer, is backstage with Long. Atlas is going to be the guest announcer for the main event. The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry appears. Henry talks to Atlas but refuses to shake his hand. We go to commercial break.

Lena Yada is backstage with Atlas Ortiz. Ortiz says to call him Ricky and he says he loved his debut match last week. Ortiz is claiming that he is now undefeated. He’s only been in one match. Adamle & Tazz introduce a video of Matt Hardy, WWE United States Champion, who was drafted to WWE’s ECW.

Tony Atlas is now backstage with Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney. Delaney has his ribs taped. Dreamer and Delaney both shake Atlas’s hand. We go to commercial break.

Nunzio from NY weighing 176 lbs. (already in the ring)
Evan Bourne weighing 183 lbs.

At last, Nunzio has someone close to his size in the ring. I’m not sure if Nunzio can keep up with the high-risk abilities of Bourne. Nunzio is not slow but Bourne appears to be faster. Tazz has only had to correct Adamle once so far tonight. Nunzio delivers a backbreaker and goes for the cover getting a two count. Bourne delivers a high kick and goes for the cover. Bourne gets a two count. Bourne goes up to the top and comes off with a shooting star press, goes for the cover and gets the three count. Time: 4 minutes.
Winner: Evan Bourne with a shooting star press.

This was a short match than the earlier matches this evening but it was a nice showing for both men in the ring.

Tony Atlas runs in Henry again. Henry tells Atlas that all the old timers are just alike, always looking for a payday. Henry tells Atlas to stick around after the show and Atlas can carry Henry’s bags. Atlas says that he’ll have to think about that and we go to commercial break.

The audience sees a video of CM Punk who I understand broke Snitsky’s nose in their match last night on Monday Night Raw.

Special Guest Ring Announcer: WWE Hall of Fame Member Tony Atlas

The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry from TX weighing 400 lbs.
WWE ECW Champion
Tommy Dreamer from Yonkers, NY weighing 260 lbs.
With Colin Delaney

I hope Dreamer came to the ring with a game plan. Delaney grabs Henry’s leg and Henry rolls out of the ring and faces Delaney. As Henry goes after Delaney, Atlas interferes. Atlas grabs Delaney by the head and slams him head first into the announcer’s table as Dreamer bails out of the ring. Henry picks up Dreamer and body slams him to the floor and the ref calls for the bell. Time: 3 minutes.
Winner: Tommy Dreamer via disqualification

It appears Tony Atlas has sided with The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry. This wasn’t long enough to be called a match and poor Delaney keeps getting worked over no matter what he does.

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