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ECW on Sci-Fi - May 6, 2008
by Sassy

WWE’s ECW is broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel

Ringside announcers: Mike Adamle & Tazz

Ring announcer: Tony Chimel

Tonight is the 100th Episode of WWE’s ECW on the Sci-fi Channel.

Tony Chimel introduces the new voice of ECW, Mike Adamle. Tazz says that Adamle walked out of ECW last week and that Tazz walked out in support of Adamle. Adamle is in the ring to explain his leaving the announcer’s table last week. Adamle says that he lost his cool and he needs to apologize and he apologizes to Tazz and to the ECW fans. Adamle gives the fans his resume and says that he has no idea how hard this job is and how great the ECW fans are. Adamle says that he has made mistakes and his purpose is to say that he love WWE and he loves working for the ECW and he will do everything in his power to be the best he possibly can.

I’m certain WWE brought Mike Adamle into ECW in an effort to boost the ratings. As great an announcer as Adamle is in the sports world, a new announcer isn’t going to do for the ratings what quality programming will do for the ratings.

Extreme Rules Match:
Tommy Dreamer from Yonkers, NY, weighing 265 lbs.
Mike Knox from Phoenix, AZ, weighing 293 lbs.

Dreamer brings his shopping cart full of weapons. Stevie Richards is at the announcer’s table to comment on the match. Knox in an Extreme Rules Match? Okay, Dreamer, kick his butt all over the arena. Dreamer sends Knox over the top rope and to the floor. Dreamer goes after him and uses his shirt to slam Knox into the steel steps. Knox comes back with a clothesline that sends Dreamer to the floor. Knox makes it to Dreamer’s weapons and slams a cookie sheet into Dreamer’s back. Both men are back in the ring and he picks up Dreamer and holds him in the air before slamming Dreamer to the mat. Knox goes for a pin but Dreamer kicks out. Knox uses the ropes to choke Dreamer and then goes back out of the ring to grab a metal trashcan and a hockey stick. Dreamer kicks the garbage can into Knox and then nails him in the back with a hockey stick before sending Knox back into the ring. Dreamer grabs a kendo stick and a boat paddle, breaking the paddle over Knox’s head. Dreamer sends the shopping cart into the ring, picks up Knox. Knox blocks Dreamer and suplexes Dreamer onto the cart. Knox goes up to the top turnbuckle but Dreamer catches Knox and hangs Knox upside down to nail him with a kendo stick then goes after the garbage can, slamming Knox to the head, puts the cart in front of Knox’s head and delivers a baseball slide into Knox’s face. Dreamer goes outside the ring and brings in a table. Knox is on the mat as Dreamer sets up the table. Knox manages to switch Dreamer around and slam Dreamer into the table, breaking the table. Knox goes for the cover but Dreamer kicks out. Knox goes out and grabs a chair, tries to nail Dreamer, Dreamer grabs the chair and nails Knox. Knox nails Dreamer with a low blow and slams Dreamer onto the chair, goes for the cover and gets the three count. Time: 7 minutes

Winner: Mike Knox with a DDT on the steel chair

If you were used to the original ECW, then this match with extreme rules will be a disappointment. Tommy Dreamer is Tommy Dreamer and this was no extreme rules match compared to the original ECW’s extreme rules matches. It was an okay opening match for WWE’s ECW. I was sorry Stevie Richards wasn’t in the ring but he did a good job as an extra commentator.

Kelly is in the ring for Kelly’s Expose. I think Kelly and Ashley must hang out together after work. I didn’t really watch this but Layla showed up and it was some cat fighting involved. And I will stress that if you want to watch half dressed girls dance, there are clubs for that. It has no place on a wrestling program.

September 26, 2006 match video is shown to the audience. It involved Rob Van Dam and Sabu – true ECW workers.

The audience sees a video of the June 26, 2007, 55th ECW Episode featuring Matt Striker and Rowdy Roddy Piper with an appearance by The Boogeyman.

Chuck Palumbo is backstage with Lena Yada. Palumbo addresses CM Punk and tells him if Punk gets in his face again, Palumbo will knock Punk out. Did Palumbo get sent to ECW on a permanent basis?

Shelton Benjamin appears to sit at the announcer’s table in order to watch the next match.

Kofi Kingston from Jamaica, weighing 217 lbs.
Matt Striker from NY

Striker goes for an early cover but Kingston kicks out. Kingston is using his highflying maneuvers and Kingston goes for a cover but Striker kicks out. Striker resorts to fists, and attempts to throw Kingston through the ropes. The ropes stop Kingston, he catches Striker with a high kick, goes for the pin and gets the win. Time 1 minute

Winner: Kofi Kingston with a high kick

As soon as the bell rings, Benjamin enters the ring and drops Kingston with an inverted neck breaker. The match was too short and there wasn’t much to comment about.

Colin Delaney is backstage. CM Punk greets him and wishes him well and it appears that several members of all three brands are backstage offering Delaney encouragement for his match, which is next.

The audience sees a clip of the 43rd Episode from April 3, 2007, which included Sandman, RVD and Sabu.

Colin Delaney’s ECW Contract Match:
Colin Delaney, weighing 172 lbs.
ECW General Manager Armando Estrada

Estrada is built, I’ll give him that. Adamle informs the audience that Estrada was the former Heavyweight Champion in Cuba. Delaney goes for a quick roll up but Estrada kicks out. Estrada goes to work on Delaney with fists and then tosses him across the ring after the referee makes him break. Estrada goes for a cover but Delaney powers out. Estrada tries to twist Delaney’s arm in a submission move and Delaney yells “never” and manages to make Estrada break the hold. Estrada charges Delaney in the corner but Delaney drops to the mat out of the way and Estrada meets the ring post. Delaney delivers a nice drop kick but Estrada sends Delaney out to the ring apron then delivers a blow that sends Delaney to the floor. Estrada grabs Delaney by the hair, Delaney slides under the ropes, grabs Estrada in a roll up and gets the win. Time: 2 minutes

Winner: Colin Delaney with a roll up

Delaney goes around the ring slapping hands with the fans. Tazz asks Delaney about his win. Delaney thanks the fans for their support and Tommy Dreamer for being his mentor. Delaney says that he wants to thank everyone who has doubted him because they are the ones that make him come out every week. Delaney leaves the arena slapping hands with the fans on his way up and then back down the entrance ramp. We can only hope that this means Delaney will have quality matches on ECW.

Smackdown Rebound: The Undertaker being stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. No comment.

John Morrison and Miz are at the announcer’s table with Tazz and Adamle in order to watch the upcoming match.

Tag Team Match:
Chavo Guerrero
Bam Neely
At a combined weight of 492 lbs.
CM Punk from Chicago, IL, weighing 225 lbs.
The Big Red Machine Kane weighing 323 lbs.
WWE ECW Champion

Kane starts off the match with Neely. Neely goes after Kane’s legs but Kane drops Neely with a clothesline and then picks Neely up and body slams him to the mat, tagging in Punk. Punk goes for a cover but can’t get the three count. Morrison hasn’t shut up at ringside since the match began. Nelly tags in Guerrero who comes over the top ropes. Punk gets his knees up and catches Guerrero in the gut. Punk goes for a cover and gets a one count. Kane is asking for a tag but Guerrero pushes Punk back across the ring and backs him into the corner. As the ref backs off Guerrero, Neely goes after Punk and Punk knocks Neely off the ring apron and toward the announcer’s table. Guerrero comes after Punk, Punk sends Guerrero over the top ropes but Neely catches Guerrero to keep him from hitting the floor and we go to COMMERCIAL BREAK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MATCH! Back from commercial break, Punk in the ring with Neely. Punk delivers a series of kicks and then applies a wristlock. Neely sends Punk into the corner post and tags in Guerrero. Guerrero goes for the cover but Punk gets a shoulder up. The audience is behind Punk in this match and they are vocal about it. Punk tries to get to Kane, but Guerrero holds him back. Punk makes it back to his feet but Guerrero pulls Punk’s hair to take him down to the mat and then tags in Neely. Neely goes for the cover but only gets a one count. Punk fights back but Neely drops Punk with a knee to the abdomen. Neely delivers a backdrop and again goes for the cover. Punk gets a shoulder up. Neely tags in Guerrero and Guerrero goes for a pin but Punk kicks out at one. Kane is begging for a tag but Punk can’t get to the corner. Guerrero delivers a blow to Kane, Kane enters the ring and as the ref is trying to get Kane out of the ring, Punk and Neely gang up on Punk. Guerrero tags in Neely. Punk springboards off the top rope and takes down Neely but Punk is down on the mat as well. Punk manages to tag in Kane as Neely tags in Guerrero. Kane backs Guerrero into the corner and pounds on him, delivering a boot as Guerrero comes out of the corner and then sending Guerrero over the top in a back body drop.. Kane delivers a side slam and then has to stop to deliver a blow to Neely on the ring apron. Kane comes off the top turnbuckle to take down Guerrero. Kane tags in Punk, Punk delivers a lariat to Guerrero. Punk delivers the high knee in the corner, tries for the bulldog but Guerrero breaks it up. Punk follows up with a high kick to the head, goes for the cover and Neely breaks it up. Kane comes after Neely, sending him out of the ring, Punk delivers the GTS, goes for the cover and gets the three count. Time: 9 minutes.

The longest match of the night turned out to be the best match of the night. I never mind watching Punk, Kane or Guerrero in the ring but it was good to know that Neely isn’t going to just be standing on the sidelines in order to “guard” Chavo Guerrero. At the announcer’s table, Morrison and Miz don’t look happy about the win.

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