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ECW on Sci-Fi - April 15, 2008
by Sassy

WWE’s ECW is broadcast from London, England on the Sci-Fi Channel

Ringside announcers: Joey Styles & Tazz

Ring announcer: Tony Chimel

Joey Styles informs the audience that tonight ECW Champion Kane and WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker take on WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz. Tazz tells Styles that Styles will be leaving ECW and will be going on to bigger and better things. Styles will be heading wwe.com. Mike Adamle will be taking the place of Styles at the WWE ECW announcer’s table.

Eight Man Tag Team Match:
CM Punk from Chicago, IL, weighing 222 lbs., MITB Winner & Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang, at a combined weight of 410 lbs. & Kofi Kingston from Jamaica, weighing 215 lbs.
Elijah Burke from Jacksonville, FL, weighing (I couldn’t hear the weight) & Deuce & Domino from the Other Side of the Tracks at a combined weight of 465 lbs. &
The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin from Orangeburg, SC, weighing 248 lbs.
This is going to be a busy match!.

The bell rings and CM Punk faces Domino in the center of the ring. I am waiting for Deuce & Domino to become a little more in the air wrestlers. Moore is tagged in, goes for a roll up and gets a two count. Moore tags in Yang and Yang delivers a drop kick that sends Domino to the canvas. Yang tags in Punk again but Punk gets a boot to the face. Domino tags in Benjamin and Benjamin comes in all fired up. Punk goes for a cover but can’t get the three count. Benjamin tosses Punk through the ropes and out to the floor. The referee flies out of the ring as both sides hit the floor and meet where Punk has landed. Punk is back to his feet and the audience is actually chanting “CM Punk” as we go to


Back to the ring, Punk is in the ring with Elijah Burke. Burke misses an elbow drop and Punk tags in Kingston. Kingston doesn’t waste any time taking Burke down to the mat. Kingston tags in Moore and Moore goes to work on Burke’s left arm and shoulder. Moore tags in Yang and Yang comes over the top rope to nail Burke while Moore has him down on the canvas. Burke tags in Benjamin who goes for the cover but Benjamin gets a two count. The audience is really into the match as Yang tries to fight out of the hold Benjamin has on him. Yang tries to fight back and gets a boot to the face for his trouble. Benjamin goes for the cover and only gets a two count. Benjamin tags in Deuce who tries for a cover but he can’t get the win. Yang finds himself in the wrong corner as Deuce distracts the ref in order to allow his partners to work over Yang in the corner. Deuce tags in Burke. Burke tags in Deuce, Deuce goes for the cover and gets a two count. Deuce tags in Domino, Domino goes for the pin and he gets a two count. Moore is pounding on the top turnbuckle and bounces up and down on the ring apron to get the audience involved. Domino stops to nail Punk and Moore, sending them to the floor. Yang manages to get a tag to Kingstoni, Kingston goes for the pin but Benjamin breaks it up. Punk goes after Benjamin, Moore goes over the top rope to take out Domino. Kingston nails Deuce with a high kick, goes for the cover and gets the win.

Time: 3 minutes before commercial break, 7 minutes after the commercial break, 10 minutes total

Winners: Kofi Kingston with a high kick & CM Punk & Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang

As much as I am not overly fond of this many wrestlers in a match, it was entertaining and each wrestler go to show a little of what he is worth during the match. I was not, however, impressed with the commentating of Mike Adamle during the match up. Kingston’s partners were really playing him up to the crowd after the match. Kingston is the new boy on the block. Whether the other wrestlers were told to play him up or whether they did it on their own, it was a nice touch.

The audience sees a video recap of the contract signing last week between Kane and Chavo Guerrero for an ECW title match at Backlash. This brought the introduction of a new wrestler who is supposed to be there to watch Guerrero’s back. Kane is backstage and he tells the audience that Guerrero will be sorry for attacking Kane last week. Kane and Undertaker, the Brothers of Destruction, will take out Kane’s anger on the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Tazz is in the ring to announce a diva dance off. This is as big a joke as having the Women’s Tag Team title match on Monday Night Raw versus at Wrestlemania XXIV. The participants are Layla, Maryse, Eve, Lena and Kelly. I’ll announce the winner but I’m fast-forwarding through the segment. Kelly Kelly was the winner. And you are going to hear me complain again. I have seen Layla dance and she can beat Kelly every time. After the “competition”, Tazz dances with Kelly. If you missed this part, don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything.

Tommy Dreamer from Yonkers, NY, weighing 260 lbs.
Accompanied to the ring by Colin Delaney
Mike Knox from Phoenix, weighing 293 lbs.

Before the match can begin, WWE ECW General Manager Armando Estrada enters the arena. Estrada says that the fans want to see a competitive match. The fans want to see Knox go one on one with Colin Delaney. Estrada gives Dreamer the night off and sends him out of the arena. We know what is going to happen before the match even begins.

Time: 1 minute

Winner: Mike Knox with a neck breaker

I hope Tazz got a raise in pay before Adamle got the announcing job. Tazz appears to be spending most of his time correcting everything Adamle screws up.

Main Event Tag Team Match:
John Morrison from Los Angeles, CA, weighing 219 lbs.
The Miz from Cleveland, OH, weighing 231 lbs.
WWE Tag Team Champions
The Big Red Machine Kane, weighing 323 lbs.
WWE ECW Champion
The Undertaker from Death Valley, weighing 299 lbs.
WWE World Heavyweight Champion

I was wrong about the British making a lot of noise. When Kane and The Undertaker made their separate entrances, they went wild. No offense, but I think Morrison and Miz should have stayed at home.

The bell rings and Kane faces Miz in the ring Miz comes out swinging but it doesn’t slow down Kane and Miz finds himself in trouble in the corner. Kane tags in Undertaker and Miz is shown the Undertaker’s old school from the top ropes. Morrison enters the ring and Undertaker drops him, and then throws Miz over the top rope. Undertaker goes out after him and as he goes for the leg drop on the ring apron, Morrison delivers a drop kick that sends Undertaker down to the floor and then looks worried that he actually connected with The Undertaker


Back in the ring, Undertaker is being double teamed by Miz and Morrison. Miz gets back in his corner and Undertaker decides he has had enough and Morrison ends up on the mat.

I’m having some serious DVR problems here. The show cut off which means I’ll have to search for the end of this match.

I went to www.gerweck.net and found a recap of the match. The Undertaker and Kane delivered dual choke slams, Undertaker takes out Morrison with a Tombstone pile driver and gets the three count.

Time: 11 minutes

Winners: The Undertaker with a Tombstone Pile Driver & The Big Red Machine Kane

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