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ECW on Sci-Fi - April 1, 2008
by Sassy

The television audience sees highlights of the 24 Man Battle Royal at Wrestlemania XXIV. The Big Red Machine Kane and The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry are the last two competitors in the ring. Kane eliminates Henry and wins the match. We then see the very short WWE ECW Championship match between Chavo Guerrero, Champion, and The Big Red Machine Kane, Challenger. Kane wins the WWE ECW title.

WWE’s ECW is being broadcast from Miami, FL on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Ringside announcers: Joey Styles & Tazz

Ring announcer: Tony Chimel

The Big Red Machine Kane won the Battle Royal at Wrestlemania XXIV and took his title shot against Chavo Guerrero, WWE ECW Champion. Kane defeated Chavo in around ten seconds and is now the WWE ECW Champion.

The show opens with The Big Red Machine Kane, new WWE ECW Champion entering the ring. And the new champ has a mic in his hand! Kane tells the audience that at Wrestlemania he had the satisfaction of unleashing his destruction against 23 other men and earned the right to face Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Championship. Kane says he decimated Chavo in a mere 8 seconds to become the new ECW Champion. The audience shouts their approval. We even get an “ECW” chant going. Kane says that now that he is champion, we haven’t seen anything yet.

CM Punk’s entrance theme begins and Punk enters the arena with his Money in the Bank Ladder Match briefcase in hand. Styles tells the audience that Punk may be ready to trade in his briefcase for an ECW Championship match against. Kane.

Kane tells Punk that he sees he had a good day Sunday, too. Punk smiles and agrees that he did. Kane says if Punk is there to do what he thinks he is going to do, Punk won’t have a very good night tonight. Punk says that even though he won the MITB match, he is a little jealous because he may have gotten the briefcase but Kane got the Championship. Punk says that on the other hand, he can trade in his briefcase for any title shot he wants any time he wants it. Punk says it could be right here and Chavo Guerrero’s entrance theme begins.

Chavo, dressed in his street clothes, and he says that no one is going to get a title shot tonight for the ECW Championship unless it is Chavo. Chavo tells Kane that his win on Sunday was nothing but a fluke. Punk says that not only did Chavo make history by losing his title at Wrestlemania, he did it in record time – 8 seconds and that makes it the shortest match in Wrestlemania history. Chavo says Kane attacked him from behind because Kane knows he can’t beat Chavo face to face. The audience really doesn’t like Chavo this evening. Chavo says that tonight Punk and Kane will be in a match together and that Chavo has talked to Armando Estrada and they not be opponents, they will be partners. They will be facing Chavo and someone who feels that he a little unfinished business with Punk after Sunday, The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin.

Benjamin enters the arena and tells Punk that the only reason he is standing there with the briefcase is because two men were tipping Benjamin over when he was at the top of a ladder and if a 20 foot drop wasn’t enough, he hit a ladder on the way down. The audience doesn’t like Benjamin either. Benjamin says that tonight Punk will find out why Benjamin is the Gold Standard.

Punk says he looks forward to that and calls Benjamin “Goldilocks” and Punk looks forward to showing Benjamin why he can’t call himself “Money in the Bank”.

Stevie Richards from Philadelphia, PA, weighing 220 lbs.
Mike Knox from Phoenix, AZ weighing 293 lbs.

Audience favorite: Stevie Richards
My favorite: Stevie Richards

Knox makes sure to draw a little extra heat from the audience as he stands in the ring. This feud between Knox and Stevie has been going on for three weeks. Stevie may have been out of action but he isn’t showing it in this match up. He’s giving it and taking it right back. This may be the loudest ECW crowd I have heard for some time. I think Stevie bit Knox in order to make him break a bear hug. Unfortunately for Knox, he comes off the second rope to nail Stevie and Stevie gets out of the way. Stevie delivers a nice inverted atomic drop and then goes to work with kicks before going for the cover. He doesn’t get the three count. Knox goes for the corkscrew neck breaker, goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Winner Mike Knox

It wasn’t a long match but Knox showed a few moves I don’t recall seeing before. Stevie hasn’t been winning a lot lately but he hasn’t lost any of his showmanship in the ring. I am not sure I like the feud that is building between these two but Stevie has managed to pull off worse storylines.

And if you had not seen enough advertising about Wrestlemania XXIV, there is now an ad for Wrestlemania XXV which will be April 5, 2009 in Houston, TX.

Tazz is in the ring with Colin Delaney. Tazz says that everyone is talking about what an amazing event Wrestlemania was. He asks what Colin’s Wrestlemania’s experience was like. Colin says that at least he didn’t get beat up but then again he didn’t have a match and next year Colin will be in Wrestlemania.

Armando Estrada interrupts Colin and Tazz and Estrada tells Colin that he has earned his first official contract. Estrada says that there is one thing he forgot to mention – April Fools. Estrada says that if Colin wants to earn a WWE contract, all he has to do is beat Big Show.

Colin Delaney Vs. Big Show
Audience favorite: I’m not sure
My favorite: I like them both

The bell rings and nobody moves. Then Colin takes a step sideways and Big Show follows him. Colin takes another step, so does Big Show. Colin turns his back and Big Show puts his hand on his shoulder and puts him in some sort of choke hold, the referee stops the match and Colin is down on the mat.

Winner Big Show
This match may have been shorter than the Chavo/Kane match at Wrestlemania.

Poor Colin still didn’t earn his WWE contract. Maybe Colin could hire Big Show to beat up Armando Estrada and make him give him his match. I know I have said this before but Colin was very popular in the Indys. I don’t understand why WWE/ECW continues to use him as a jobber. The short run he had with Tommy Dreamer as his partner was working for me but that seems to have fizzled out and gone by the wayside. For Colin’s sake, I hope the WWE writers come up with something geared toward Colin’s wrestling ability in the ring.

The audience sees the highlight’s of last night’s Monday Night Raw and Nature Boy Ric Flair’s farewell speech to his fans and the people that appeared to show their respect to Flair from the Four Horseman to the entire WWE (not just Raw) roster, including referees. Nature Boy Ric Flair has always been and will always be The Man.

Main Event
Tag Team Match
Chavo Guerrero from El Paso, TX, weighing 215 lbs.
The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin from Orangeburg, SC, weighing 248 lbs.
CM Punk from Chicago, IL, weighing 225 lbs.
The Big Red Machine Kane, weighing 323 lbs.
WWE ECW Champion

Audience favorites: CM Punk & Kane
My favorites: I like them all

The bell rings and it’s Punk and Benjamin in the ring with chants of “CM Punk” from the live audience. Punk goes for a quick cover but only gets a one count. Punk tags in Kane. Kane delivers a nice short dropkick off the ropes. Kane has a problem with his left knee and as Benjamin tags in Chavo, Chavo goes after the leg. Chavo tags back in Benjamin and Kane sends Benjamin over the top rope and to the floor. Chavo enters the ring and Kane sends him over the top rope near Benjamin. Chavo is back up on the ring apron and he delivers a shot to Kane but Punk delivers a kick that sends Chavo back down to the floor and as Punk and Kane stand in the ring, we go to


Back to the match, Kane has Benjamin down on the mat and he goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Kane tags in Punk. Punk goes for the cover and gets a one count before Benjamin powers out. Benjamin gets to his corner and tags in Chavo. Punk delivers a back breaker and goes for the pin but can’t get the three count. Punk tries for the GTS, Chavo hangs onto the top ropes, Benjamin enters the ring and delivers a kick to Punk’s chest. Punk drops Chavo, Chavo tags in Benjamin and the “CM Punk” chants are getting louder. Benjamin tries for the cover but can’t get past the two count. The tow continue to battle it out as Kane bounces up and down on the ring apron waiting for a tag from Punk. Benjamin delivers a knee to Punk as Punk comes off the ropes and again goes for a cover but only gets a one count. Benjamin blind tags Chavo and Chavo comes over the top ropes and lands with both knees on Punk. Chavo goes for a pin but only gets the one count. I think the audience is chanting “Chavo sucks”, but I can’t be sure. Chavo has Punk in a submission hold but Punk manages to get out of the reverse chin lock. Chavo continues to use submission holds trying to get Punk to give up but Punk hangs on and gets back to his feet.

My DVR ran out…I think I need to work on timing my recordings…the new HD box isn’t working the same as the old cable box was.

Via the Internet, I discovered the winners of this match were: The Big Red Machine Kane WWE ECW Champion & CM Punk MITB Winner

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