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WWE NXT - October 30, 2013

by Samoa Rowe

-From Orlando, FL. Our hosts are Byron Saxton, Renee Young, and William Regal.

-We start on a less than promising note with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady calling out Sylvester Lefort’s goons. This feud is the worst part of a great show.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs. Alexander Rusev and Sylvester Lefort

“Big Cass” locks up with Rusev and gets knocked around. Rusev pulls Amore into the ring for an avalanche. Lefort enters the ring to celebrate and Rusev attacks him too! Rusev makes Cassady tap to the Cobra Clutch at 1:31. They just fed the three most useless members of the NXT roster to Rusev, so this was fine.
Winners: Alexander Rusev and Sylvester Lefort

-The mysterious blond woman appears again and leaves with Rusev. Looks like Rusev is upgrading.

Aiden English vs. Jason Jordan

English’s singing entrance makes me smile. He’s our “favorite thing in that ring” and a real “drama king.” William Regal admits to having a “man-crush” on English, so I’m not wrong. The jobber takes control with a rear waist lock, but English turns it around with a swinging neck breaker. Hard Irish whip into a sleeper by English, who sings along the way. Jordan surprises with a drop-kick, but English cuts him off with an uppercut. The Director’s Cut (Side Effect) ends it at 1:43. Good squash!
Winner: Aiden English

-The crowd chants “Encore” and English obliges. Some fans throw roses into the ring as he celebrates. William Regal provides a standing ovation and wipes tears from his eyes. I love it.

-WWE.com exclusive (even though we’re seeing it now): Adrian Neville is having his knee checked by a trainer. Neville vows payback on Corey Graves.

Summer Rae (with Sasha Banks) vs. NXT Women’s Champion Paige

Paige goes right for the hair and tosses Summer around. Summer regroups with Sasha and uses her as a shield. Summer counters a sunset flip, but Paige reverses into a near fall. Paige repeatedly targets the head and stomps a mud hole. Sasha grabs Paige by the leg, prompting the referee to kick her out. Cue the commercial. They return from commercial with the RAW REBOUND! Seriously? This is the first time I’ve seen one of these during an episode of NXT, let alone in the middle of a fackin’ match! Back to the actual match, and Paige is still in control. Summer turns it around with a leg submission. Summer hooks the head, allowing a Paige counter, but Summer retains control. Paige throws a desperate suplex for 2. Paige nails a series of short-arm clotheslines in a comeback. Roundhouse kick by Summer gets 2. Paige rebounds with the Paige-turner for the win (at about 5 minutes shown). This felt disjointed due to the seven minute commercial break/Raw Rebound, but again there’s no good reason why Paige shouldn’t be on Raw by now.
Winner: Paige

-Sasha ambushes Paige, prompting Emma to run in for the save. In her haste, Emma accidentally clocks Paige in the face. Paige is seeing red but Emma manages to talk her down.

-Spooky Wyatts video hypes Luke Harper appearing on NXT next week. He’s getting a rematch with his favorite play-thing, Kassius Ohno!

Tyler Breeze vs. CJ Parker

NXT has an excess of great entrances, and Tyler Breeze has one of the best. The bell rings and Parker chases Breeze around the ring. Parker catches Breeze in the ring and targets the head. Springboard cross body by Parker catches Breeze as he was sneaking away. Airplane spin by Parker, but that only earns him boos. Breeze rolls to the floor for safety to send us to commercial. Back from break (and thankfully no Raw recaps) Breeze counters with a modified power bomb off the turnbuckles. It’s worth noting that the crowd is firmly behind the heel Breeze and is openly hostile towards baby face Parker. Breeze gets his heat in but Parker tosses him off the top rope. Parker makes an awkward comeback due to the lack of crowd support. Parker nails the Third Eye for the win at 9:20. This was such a dull match considering the lengthy feud behind it. Parker needs a heel turn in the worst way, because people generally DON’T LIKE HIPPIES!
Winner: CJ Parker

-Parker grabs some oversized scissors and prepares to give Breeze a haircut (as the crowd shouts “NO NO NO!”). Breeze rolls to safety just in the knick of time.

Final Thoughts: Despite some small joys (William Regal gushing over Aiden English) there was not much entertainment value here this week. Lots of dull matches and filler make this an episode you should skip. Thumbs down.

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