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WWE NXT - September 25, 2013

by Samoa Rowe

-From Orlando, FL. Our hosts are William Regal and Josh Philips.

-Tyler Breeze and CJ Parker each try to make nice with guest star, Brad Maddox. They bicker and Maddox tells them both to shut up and wrestle as a tag team later on.

-Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady talk on their way to the ring. Amore has some mic skills and is a natural mouthpiece, so I’m dumbfounded why they’re letting Cassady talk at all right now. The crowd really seems to like them.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs. Tyler Breeze and CJ Parker

If I didn’t mention it before, I’m totally in love with Breeze’s entrance. His music is perfectly obnoxious, yet fitting a superstar, and the self-obsession in the smart phone creates instant heat. Amore and Parker mix it up in the early going, and fascinatingly enough, Parker has to carry the match. “Big Cas” gets a tag and slams Parker for the win at 1:21. That was… sudden. These guys must be greener than I thought if this is how they’re being booked, DUD.
Winners: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady

-Immediately after the match, Sylvester Lefort brings his mixed bag of goons to the ring. Tag Team Turmoil continues!

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs. Alexander Rusev and Jack Dawson (with Sylvester Lefort)

Cassady takes the fight right to Dawson in a basic brawl. Rusev gets a quick tag but runs into a big boot. Amore tags and runs into a Samoan Drop like an idiot. Amore is isolated for something resembling a heat segment. Amore surprises Dawson with an inside cradle for the win at 1:58. Another crappy, short match, DUD.
Winners: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady

-Rusev puts Amore down with a revenge attack, signaling that their time in this Turmoil is about over.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs. The Ascension (Rick Victor and Conor O’Brian)

Amore is selling death on the apron as Cassady starts against O’Brian. The Ascension pick Cassady apart in a de facto handicap match. Things get desperate enough to force an Amore tag, but he’s dead in the water. TOTAL ELIMINATION finishes this at 2:32. It was a SQUASH, so I won’t pick on it too much.
Winners: The Ascension

-Apparently that was the last round, The Ascension are now official #1 contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championship. That was the sorriest “Tag Team Turmoil” match I’ve ever seen.

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks (with Summer Rae)

Renee Young joins commentary, which is nice. I’ve grown really fond of Young, who comes across as caring about her job, which is more I can say about some of the backstage interviewers who have come and gone over the past few years. Bayley backs Sasha into a corner, which sparks an outburst of open hand slaps. Sasha catches Bayley by the legs for an unpretty face bump. Sasha goes after the face, immediately making her seem smarter than most of the ROH roster. Bayley survives a suplex and makes a comeback. Bayley almost wins it with the HUGPLEX! Sadly, Sasha delivers a hard neck breaker for the win at 3:58. There were a few near botches, but both divas play their characters so well it’s hard to get mad about it, *.
Winner: Sasha Banks

-Summer Rae announces that Fandango will be at NXT next week! Summer talks some more trash until Emma runs in to chase her and Sasha out.

-Aiden English sings his way to the ring again. The crowd already hates this, which is fantastic.

Aiden English vs. Bull Dempsey

The jobber has a size advantage on English and scores a shoulder tackle. English doesn’t like this and repeatedly attacks the head. English quickly delivers his Curtain Call finisher for the win at 1:35. This guy is money, SQUASH.
Winner: Aiden English

-Renee Young tries to get a word with Summer Rae, who is fuming over Emma’s run-in. Summer challenges Emma to find a tag partner to face her and Fandango in a mixed tag next week. Summer will send the fans home happy, because she is the first lady of NXT.

El Local vs. Sami Zayn

The crowd gets behind Zayn with “Ole” chants as he and Local trade holds. Zayn throws some arm drags and a hurricanrana. Local gets some token offense, including a snap suplex for 1 count. Zayn quickly makes a comeback, hitting the Yakuza kick for the win at 2:57! Good SQUASH for Sami.
Winner: Sami Zayn

-Sami is celebrating his win when NXT Champion Bo Dallas shows up to talk. Dallas thinks he’s Sami’s mentor and is just gushing with pride. Bo announces that next week will feature the “Bo Dallas Invitational” and anyone can beat him will get a title shot. Sami interrupts a rousing rendition of “Don’t Stop Bo-lieving” with a challenge to have that match right now. Bo passive aggressively points out that Sami is new here and doesn’t know how things work, so long story short, Zayn is the only superstar to be excluded from next week’s Invitational. Nice development here.

-Brad Maddox is on the phone when he’s interrupted by Kassius Ohno, who is upset that he’s been off NXT for a long while. Maddox calls Ohno a “D+” player, but tries to pass the blame to upper management. Maddox books Ohno against a member of the Wyatt Family for next week. Chubby or not, I’m glad that Ohno is back.

-WWE COO Triple H graces us with his presence and gets a complete babyface ovation from the crowd. Triple H says that every time he comes to NXT, he’s amazed by the hot crowd and the talented superstars. He likes knowing that if he has to replace anyone from the main roster, he could do so at anytime with someone from NXT. Triple H announces that in light of what’s been going on with Cody Rhodes and Goldust, Dusty Rhodes is being removed as NXT General Manager. He introduces us to the new interim GM, John Bradshaw Layfield! JBL makes it clear that he’s in line with Triple H and throws some insults at Dusty Rhodes. Strong segment here, though I’m worried about the prospects of having a more active GM taking up TV time.

Final Thoughts: We got a lousy Tag Team Turmoil, some enjoyable squash matches, entertaining divas, and a big show-closing angle. This sets the stage for more exciting television in the coming weeks, but as a standalone episode, it could be skipped. Marginal thumbs in the middle here.

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