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WWE NXT -August 12, 2015

by Samoa Rowe

-From Winter Park, FL. Our hosts are Corey Graves, Rich Brennan, and Byron Saxton.

-Last week, on WWE.com, William Regal agrees to let Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor at Takeover: Brooklyn be a ladder match. That’s probably the biggest match at NXT’s disposal, so busting it out in front of 13,000 paying customers is a great idea.

Solomon Crowe vs. Tye Dillinger

Tye is sporting a new gimmick as a “Perfect 10” while Crowe’s hacker gimmick continues to flounder. They trade holds to a stalemate, where Dillinger taunts by holding out his palms (because he has 10 fingers). Dillinger cartwheels and hops around while fans chant “10.” OMG, WE HAVE A NEW YES CHANT ON OUR HANDS!!! Sorry, I just woke up, and the coffee hasn’t kicked in properly yet. Crowe quickens the pace, hitting a hurricanrana, and kicking Tye in the head from a head scissors position. Dillinger gets a boot up to shift the momentum and goes into heel beat down mode. Crowe makes a comeback, hitting a neck breaker. Dillinger blocks the Stretch Muffler and kicks Crowe through the ropes. Dillinger nails a new knee-to-the-face finisher for the win at 4:34. Match was pretty basic, but good to see Dillinger getting this opportunity, *½.
Winner: Tye Dillinger

-Mojo Rawley doesn’t understand why Zack Ryder wasn’t answering his texts at 3 am. Rawley claims he had ten chicks all over him (sadly Tye Dillinger doesn’t run in to shout “10!”). Ryder doesn’t believe him, as Mojo changes his story to 12 chicks.

Baron Corbin vs. Axel Tischer

Seems like every week there’s a jobber whose name I can’t understand so I have to search other reviews, so thanks a lot, Axel. The crowd gives Corbin a “boring” chant right out of the gate. The End of Days finishes at 0:33 while the fans continue spewing X-pac heat at him.
Winner: Baron Corbin

-Corbin grabs a mic and lashes out at his opponents for always being pushovers. Recent jobber, Steve Cutler, has a failed run in and gets puts down pronto. Samoa Joe, who has the unfortunate task of carrying Corbin (and perhaps having to put him over) in Brooklyn, comes to for a rebuttal. Joe says there won’t be any End of Days for him and dares Baron to try. Corbin backs out of a match, but cheap shots Joe, getting the best of him in a brawl. Watching Joe sell for this clown is painful, but Joe turns it around and locks on the Coquina Clutch to win the exchange and stand tall. Based on booking patterns, I don’t like Joe’s chances in Brooklyn.

-Another training montage for Bull Dempsey, but now with dramatic, serious music.

-Tyler Breeze plans on disposing of Jushin Liger the same way he did with Hideo Itami.

Marcus Louis vs. NXT Champion Finn Balor

Louis is still sporting a creepy bald guy persona (after getting shaved by Enzo Amore almost a year ago) and looks competitive in the early going. Louis nails a hard uranage and clutches Finn by the cheeks. Balor escapes and lights Marcus up with running chops and the Sling Blade. Drop-kick into the corner sets up Balor’s Coup de Grace for the win at 2:44. Nice showcase match for Balor.
Winner: Finn Balor

-Balor’s celebration is cut short by a Kevin Owens ambush. Balor avoids the power bomb on the ring frame and delivers a running drop-kick through the barricade. Owens counters a second drop-kick with a pop-up power bomb in the ring. With Balor down and out, Owens stands tall with the NXT title belt.

-The Vaude-villains are interviewed backstage. They have a plan for Alexa Bliss at Takeover: Brooklyn, but are interrupted by Alexa Bliss herself. She’s flattered that they’re so worried about her and slaps both of them. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing an NXT diva repackaged with a silent film star gimmick.

-Another introduction montage for Apollo Crews, who will be making his in-ring debut at Takeover: Brooklyn. Should be awesome.

-NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks joins commentary to scout her competition. I’m dead-serious when I say that Sasha Banks has been my favorite WWE performer this summer. I love her character, ring work, and level of effort she puts in every time she steps into the ring.

NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contenders Match:
Bayley vs. Becky Lynch

I love the high stakes for this match as they tentatively exchange holds. Some fans sing Becky’s music while others chant for Bayley. The pace quickens and Becky scores a pair of arm drags. Bayley tries to build some momentum, but Becky cuts her off with a suplex and targets the arm. Becky twists the arm with her legs in borderline ludicrous hold due to looking easily escapable. Becky’s arm work lasts through a commercial before Bayley really starts fighting back. Bayley makes rapid fire pin attempts but Becky surprises with a pump-handle suplex. Becky delivers her patented leg drop sequence, but Bayley dodges the final one to hit an elbow drop. Bayley tightens her pony tail and nails the flying elbow shot, which aggravates her arm injury. Bayley counters with a slam off the turnbuckles, but Becky counters into the Disarmer. Bayley hits a suplex but can’t get the Belly to Bayley. Instead, she reverses the Disarmer into a roll-up for the win at 12:44. Not as awesome as I was hoping for, due to a lukewarm crowd and some minor slip-ups along the way, but a cool moment and win for Bayley, **¾.
Winner: Bayley

-Sasha Banks poses with the NXT Women’s title on the announce table while Bayley celebrates in the ring. Their match at Takeover: Brooklyn has the potential to steal the show.

Final Thoughts: Hard to complain about a show where every match and segment serves a bigger purpose. Thumbs Up.

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