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WWE NXT - August 7, 2014

by Samoa Rowe

From Orlando, FL. Our hosts are Jason Albert, Alex Riley, and Rich Brennan.

#1 Contenders Tournament:
Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger vs. Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore

Big Cass uses his size advantage to overpower both Jordan and Dillinger, at least until falling for the oldest trick in the book (Dillinger distracts from the apron). Cassady gets trapped by the no-longer-jobber team. Colin blocks a stomp and makes gets the lukewarm tag to Amore, who almost immediately walks into a super kick. Cass shields Amore from Jordan in the turnbuckle and sneaks a big boot on Jordan, allowing Amore to pick up the win at 5:16. Cheating baby faces are more interesting than boring baby faces, I suppose.
Winners: Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore

-Sami Zayn flirts with Renee Young during an interview. Zayn is wearing an Against Me! T-shirt, which is awesome. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel interrupt, as Kidd would like to remind Sami about what a loser he is. Sami is about to offer his rebuttal when Adam Rose and the Rosebuds interrupt. Rose volunteers to be Sami’s partner and offers him a lollipop of friendship. Looks like Sami is going to be a Rosebud.

CJ Parker vs. Xavier Woods

I’m digging Parker’s faux 60’s protest music theme song. Parker earns some heel heat by protesting fracking, but I guess these people would rather have flaming water in their faucets. Woods is looking for revenge after a recent cheap shot and takes the fight to Parker (either that, or Woods really hates the environment). Woods takes an unfortunate spill into the ring post to send us to commercial. Back from break, Parker wears Xavier down, true to formula. Woods counters a senton and makes a classic comeback. Xavier delivers a leg lariat and rolling clothesline for near falls. Xavier hit’s a springboard cross body from a ridiculous distance, but Parker hits a generic slam finisher for the win at 7:19 (shown). Woods totally carried Parker here, but pulled out some fun surprises along the way, **¼.
Winner: CJ Parker

-Tyler Breeze appears on the Titantron for some antics. Tyler is ready to announce the date of his NXT title match, but not just yet.

Bayley (with the wacky, waving, inflatable arm, tube men) vs. Eva Marie

This match generated some buzz coming out of the tapings due toe Eva Marie putting in a botchy performance in front of a hostile crowd, so let’s sit back and enjoy. Eva gets the “You can’t wrestle” treatment at the opening bell. Bayley takes control but Eva sloppily rolls through a pin attempt and goes for the arms. Eva hits an acceptable suplex and goes back to the arm work. Bayley makes her comeback and finishes with the Hugplex at 3:19. That could have been a lot worse. The crowd is acting relieved for this to be over, makes me wonder how much was cut out.
Winner: Bayley

#1 Contenders Tournament:
Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel vs. Sami Zayn and Adam Rose (with the Rosebuds)

Kidd and Zayn have unfinished business and exchange holds. Kidd suffers some rapid fire arm drags and the fans chant “Nattie’s wife” at him. Rose tags in and spanks Tyson and Gabriel, which only angers the serious competitors. Gabriel takes charge but eats a hard spinebuster from Rose. They still manage to isolate Rose for a beating, which lasts through ha commercial. Rose counters a springboard elbow drop from Kidd, and Zayn gets the hot tag. Zayn dumps both opponents for a running dive to the ramp! Zayn sets them both up for a somersault senton off the top rope from Rose! Zayn finishes Gabriel with the Yakuza kick at 9:20 (shown). Solid work all around from four guys who deserve better spots in WWE, **¾.
Winners: Sami Zayn and Adam Rose

-The Rosebuds return for the post-match celebration!

Final Thoughts: Another pleasing episode of NXT. The ongoing storylines and feuds are heading towards what should be a great finale at Takeover 2 in September. Thumbs up.

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