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WWE NXT -July 29, 2015

by Samoa Rowe

-WWE Network is working on my desktop browser for the first time in about a year, so I’m celebrating with an NXT review! I’ve been on vacation, so this is sort of a practice review to get back into the swing of things.

-From Winter Park, FL. Our hosts are Corey Graves, Rich Brennen, and Byron Saxton

-I’m rewarded for my return to NXT with Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady, and Carmella gracing us with their presence. They do their usual shtick and call their critics “SAWFT.”

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder vs. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady (with Carmella)

Amore has some fun at Dawson’s expense, dancing on him like a surfboard at one point. Wilder tags, but Cassady slams Amore onto him. Cassady throws Enzo into a corner clothesline. Enzo nails a flying elbow of his own, but Wilder rebounds with a thrust into the turnbuckles. Enzo places Face in Peril for a while, letting Wilder and Dawson exhibit their competent ring skills. To his credit, Enzo has improved at earning sympathy through selling. Wilder misses a head of steam and Cassady gets the hot tag. Enzo makes an unwise tag and gets lured into a trap around ringside. Wilder and Dawson finish with the Shatter Machine (a modified 3D with a Codebreaker landing) at 6:35. This was a really nice exhibition match from four guys who are learning, **.
Winners: Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder <

-Devin Taylor interviews Jason Jordan and Chad Gable backstage about their debut victory. Jason explains that even if they don’t see eye to eye, they get the job done. Chad says they don’t need any stupid gimmicks to compete. Gable tries to trick Jordan into saying his name unsuccessfully, just to remind us that they don’t get along. I like this team and they’re potential.

-WWE’s Tap-out commercial is interrupted by a Dana Brooke video package, airing her grievance with Charlotte being chosen for the advertisement over her. It sort of pains me that Charlotte is going to have to inevitably put over Dana, but at least she’s flourishing on the main roster.

Baron Corbin vs. Jessie Sorensen

Yes, that’s former TNA superstar Jessie Sorensen, who broke his neck in a TNA ring and was promised a job for life by Dixie Carter. You will notice that he’s no longer employed by TNA. Anyways, the fans count along with the match, as Corbin stumbles into End of Days for the win at 0:22. This positioning of Corbin on NXT television in these short, crappy matches is going to hurt him in the long run. He might turn out to be a good wrestler some day, but a boat load of smart-ass fans are going to remember this time and he’ll have to work extra hard to earn respect.
Winner: Baron Corbin

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable vs. Elias Samson and Levis Valenzuela Jr.

The fans get behind Jordan and Gable in the early going as Jordan outwrestles Valenzuela. Samson makes a tag and demands a piece of Gable, which Jordan is happy to oblige. Gable overwhelms Samson with a chain wrestling sequence and experiments with a leg submission in a gut buster position. Valenzuela, a fairly big jobber, manages to overpower Gable for a heat sequence. Jordan gets the inevitable hot tag and impressively plows through Valenzuela. Jordan and Gable finish at 4:23 with the “Grand Amplitude” where Jordan tosses Valenzuela into Gable’s back suplex.
Winners: Chad Gable and Jason Jordan

-Dana Brooke and Emma are interviewed by Devin Taylor backstage. Dana reminisces all the times she has beaten up Charlotte, but still no one thinks she can stop her. Dana almost leaves without patting Devin on the head but just can’t help herself.

-Bull Dempsey enjoys a bag of chips in William Regal’s office. This sets up a video package of Dempsey developing an eating disorder, to the point where he almost smashes a chair through a vending machine. How long before Dempsey comes out in Bastion Booger’s gear? The video changes gear into an 80’s style montage video showcasing “out of shape” Dempsey having a difficult time exercising. This might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen on NXT, but it still gets a chuckle or two.

Charlotte vs. Dana Brooke (with Evil Emma)

Dana has some fans in the building, but still gets X-Pac heat from a good portion of the audience. Charlotte has a hot start, but misses a head of steam into the turnbuckles. Charlotte rolls over in a body scissors and slams Dana into the canvas, but Dana counters with a power slam. I laugh as Dana makes repeated cover attempts while ordering the official to “count faster.” Charlotte nails a spear and knocks Emma off the apron on her way to hitting Natural Selection for the win at 3:27. This was really well done for a short match, nice action from well-defined characters, *˝.
Winner: Charlotte

-Samoa Joe is interviewed about his upcoming match with Rhyno. Joe says he’s in NXT for the NXT Championship and Rhyno is standing in his way. Joe in NXT still feels surreal, so I’m loving this.

-Kevin Owens makes a half-hearted attempt to apologize to William Regal for his recent crimes against Finn Balor. Regal accepts it, but mutters that he cannot wait to see Owens get beaten in Brooklyn.

-Eva Marie won a match last week and gushes about it to Devin Taylor. She’s after the NXT Women’s title so Sasha Banks had better watch out. The fans hate Eva so much, I almost feel sorry for her.

Kevin Owens vs. Martin Stone

Owens quickly takes control while the fans chant “Ole.” Stone looks more grizzled than most NXT jobbers and manages to get some shots in. Owens German suplexes Stone into position for the running cannonball. Swanton Bomb by Owens and the Pop-up Powerbomb finishes at 1:48. Nice squash match.
Winner: Kevin Owens

-Owens isn’t satisfied and power bombs Stone onto the ring frame to send a message to Finn Balor. He mocks Balor’s pose on the turnbuckles. I would laugh my ass off if Owens were to mock Balor’s entire ring entrance, complete with body paint.

-Hype video for Rhyno, that makes him look like the scariest bad-ass walking the face of the Earth.

NXT Tag Team Championship:
Blake and Murphy © (with Alexa Bliss) vs. The Vaude-villians (Simon Gotch and Aiden English)

It’s amazing how much the addition of Alexa Bliss has helped Blake and Murphy’s presentation, and suddenly I don’t mind that they’re having a disproportionately long title reign given their abilities. The match starts off evenly, but English impressively counters Blake and Murphy’s double wrist lock into an arm drag. Cue the commercial! Back from the break, the Vaude-villains are still in control. English avoids becoming a face in peril and back drops Blake and Murphy onto one another. That buys him some time, but Murphy and Blake manage to isolate him after all. English outsmarts the champions and gets the hot tag to Gotch. The Vaude-villians signal the finish, but Alexa Bliss trips up English for a roll-up and cheap win at 7:17. This was fine as a means to set up the rematch in Brooklyn, **.
Winners and still NXT Tag Team Champions: Blake and Murphy

-The Vaude-villains beat down Blake and Murphy afterwards and pose with the belts. Alexa Bliss finds herself stuck in the middle, luckily the Vaude-villians are gentlemen and hold the ropes for her to leave. Alexa calls them pathetic and slaps them on her way out. How refreshing it is to see some babyfaces take the higher ground and not beat up the smaller woman.

Final Thoughts: This is what professional wrestling should look like in 2015. Thumbs up for a fun, breezy show.

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