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WWE NXT - January 28, 2015

by Samoa Rowe

-I think I’m going to miss January 2015. Between the fascinating Royal Rumble, excellent New Japan Wrestle Kingdom show, high quality of Lucha Underground, fun Impact Wrestling episodes, and NXT staying strong, this was a great month to be a wrestling fan. There might have even been a good episode of Raw along the way. Goodbye, January, hope this year continues to entertain.

-From Winter Park, FL. Our hosts are Tom Philips, Jason Albert, and Alex Riley.

NXT Tag Team Championship:
The Lucha Dragons © (Kalisto and Sin Cara) vs. Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake

Blake and Murphy upset the Vaudevillains last week and asked for this title shot, which the champions were happy to oblige. Blake quickly manages to slam Sin Cara into position for a tag, but Sin Cara counters with double arm drags. Sin Cara springboards into a Murphy drop-kick and becomes the face in peril. Sin Cara counters with a one arm dead lift power bomb and a fresh Kalisto tags in and dishes out a series of aerial assaults. Blake counters Sin Cara on the floor with a nearly botched whip into the apron. Blake makes a blind tag and sneaks up on Kalisto for a roll-up to upset the champions at 3:58! Abrupt end for the reign of the Lucha Dragons (due to a likely Kalisto call-up on the main roster) and the new champions have a lot to prove going forward.
Winners and new NXT Tag Team Champions: Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake

-Bayley is lacing up her boots when an angry Charlotte storms in for a confrontation. Bayley almost apologizes, but takes it back, feeling that she’s been too nice. Charlotte warns Bayley not to pull any more stunts, or she might not make it to their upcoming 4-way title match.

-Tyler Breeze cuts a disappointing, redundant selfie promo about his own greatness.

#1 Contenders Tournament:
Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd

Neville’s promo is briefly interrupted by a signal loss, teasing the arrival of Solomon Crowe! The commentators no-sell it, but it’s about time Sami Callihan resurfaced in NXT. Neville and Kidd start with a nice display of chain wrestling. Kidd takes a bow after an escape and seems to build momentum with some smug offense, but Neville comes back and fakes Kidd out on a dive to play some mind games of his own. Kidd stalls for time until luring Neville in for a head scissors off the apron and into the stairs! Kidd hopes for a count-out victory as they cut to a commercial. Back from the break, Kidd is wearing down Neville and cutting off his hope spots. Kidd adds insult by burying Adrian’s head in the ring apron and taking cheap shots. Neville finally manages a running dive over the ropes onto Kidd. Neville follows with a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Kidd manages a gut buster onto the ropes and hits a spinning neck breaker for 2. Adrian lands on his feet in a German and nails a sick sit-out power bomb for a good near fall. Kidd surprises by drop-kicking Neville off the apron and nails a soccer kick to the jaw. Neville blocks the Sharpshooter and delivers a kick to the head. The Red Arrow finishes Kidd at 11:54. Damn good match here. As far as I’m concerned, these two can wrestle each other any time they want, ***¾.
Winner: Adrian Neville

-Neville is interviewed in the ring by a new guy about facing the winner of Baron Corbin vs. Bull Dempsey. Adrian says this business is about getting back up after being knocked down, and that’s what he’ll continue to do if it means regaining the NXT title. Short and sweet.

-Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks are interviewed backstage. They’re going to be opponents at the next Takeover special, but tonight they’ll work together to win. I wouldn’t have expected them to say anything else, though Lynch teases that she’s out for herself.

-Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake are asked for their thoughts over winning the NXT tag titles. They put over the Lucha Dragons for having defeated the Ascension, and use that fact to put themselves over. Sounds good to me.

NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte and Bayley vs. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch

Bayley starts against Sasha and knocks her down with a shoulder tackle. Springboard arm drag by Bayley, and a botched second arm drag. Lynch tags and smashes Bayley down for an isolation attempt, but Charlotte puts a stop to that with a hot streak. Bayley tags herself in to continue putting a hurting on Becky. Sasha pulls Bayley’s hair to allow a suplex from Lynch. We now have a Bayley in Peril and she takes some punishment. Bayley counters with a suplex and Charlotte gets the hot tag for another round of house cleaning (no sexist pun intended, I use that phrase for the guys too). Lynch saves Sasha from the Figure Four Leglock and Sasha scores a neck breaker, but Bayley breaks the cover. Bayley clocked Charlotte while making the save, and we have dissension amongst our heroes. Banks and Lynch take advantage and the match is tossed out at 5:51. Bayley and Charlotte continue their slugfest as referees try to break them up. Good action built up to an important angle, so huzzah, **¼.
No Contest

-Devin Taylor interviews Finn Balor about having to face his friend, Hideo Otami in the tournament. Otami interrupts, reminding Balor that he brought him here, so he can take him out too. Should be a hell of a match.

-Devin Taylor interviews Emma about her return to NXT. Emma says things didn’t work out as planned, but she’s ready for a fresh start (her and me both). Emma takes offense to Devin imitating her dance, telling her to leave it to the dancing queen.

#1 Contenders Tournament:
Baron Corbin vs. Bull Dempsey

The crowd counts the seconds as the wrestlers trade shots. Corbin scores a shoulder tackle and pursues Dempsey to the floor. Back to the ring, Dempsey gains some traction with head butts, but Corbin answers with a body avalanche. The End of Days finishes this at 1:31. Corbin continues to shine in short matches, but I’m a little nervous about what might happen if he has to go more than 2 minutes. Also, I hope he doesn’t squash Neville next week.
Winner: Baron Corbin

-Devin Taylor interviews Baron Corbin backstage. He says he takes one step closer to becoming champion, while Adrian Neville takes one step closer to getting erased. That’s a heel-like thing to say. Bull Dempsey interrupts, saying that Baron got lucky, and Corbin just shoves him off.

-William Regal hosts the Main Event Contract Signing between NXT Champion Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Regal stipulates that if either man puts a hand on the other, their match at Takeover is canceled. Sami signs the contract without saying a word, but Owens hesitates. Sami takes a mic and presses Owens for an explanation and mocks him for just staring at him. Zayn says that everything they eve did together, and against each other, was about making it to WWE, so he didn’t ever see Owens stabbing him in the back at this stage. Owens seems to blow off everything Sami said, and complains to Regal that the contract says “non-title.” Kevin refuses to sign the contract until the title is brought into play. Zayn tells Regal that the match must be changed, because he knows that Owens is being completely serious. Regal caves under the pressure and adds “NXT Championship” to the contract. Owens finally signs and tosses the contract and pen at Zayn. Regal holds Sami back as Owens storms out. I like that this segment avoided the usual contract signing clichés and effectively built up the match at Takeover.

Final Thoughts: It’s getting hard not to gush about this show. Big thumbs up.

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