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World Class Championship Wrestling - December 31, 1983

by Erick Von Erich

Coming to you from Reunion Arena in Dallas, it's part one of "Holiday Wrestling Star Wars". In the modern WWE Classics studio, Michael Hayes and Kevin Von Erich talk about the Missing Link, Dewey Robertson. Kevin mentions that Link was a nudist, then tells a story about how he came into the Sportatorium early one day and heard screaming. The Link was up in Ken Mantell's office, screaming. Yup... that's the entire story.

Back in the past, Bill Mercer is at ringside to welcome us to Holiday Rasslin' Star Wars and run down the card. It's a festive holiday atmosphere and even Santa Claus is in the building! But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Wrestling Star Wars Opening Ceremonies

Ralph Pulley is in the ring to sing "God Bless America". Yes, people would acually sing that song pre-9/11. After Pulley's rendition, the lights go down as "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" (aka: "Theme from 2001" or "Theme from Ric Flair") plays over the PA. I vaguely remember, back in the 70's and early 80's, how this was used at countless conventions, events and church picnics to start an event. It adds to the "Star Wars" connection, since it was widely known as a sci-fi theme.

Match 1: Johnny Mantell vs. The Missing Link

Link is wandering around the ring and even stomps at the microphone cord. He charges, but Mantell dodges and catches him a drop-toehold. Mantell works an armbar, then tries to ram Link into the turnbuckle. Link bangs his head against the corner to show he likes that stuff. Mantell bounces off the ropes some, then tries a cross-body press which Link turns into a slam. Link bounces off the ropes for a diving headbutt, but Mantell dodges once again. Link goes for a gut-wrench suplex, which Mantell blocks by grapeviing the leg. Enough of that-- Linkbegins biting, choking and headbutting. Mantell tries two roll-ups off the ropes, then a series of uppercuts and a sleeper. Link escapes in the corner, then walks the ropes to drop a knee. Mantell makes his final offensive attempt with 3 charging shoulder-blocks and 2 drop-kicks. Link then catches him in mid-air and plants him with a reverse atomic drop. Link goes up top and flies in with a diving headbutt to the back, then scores the 3 count pin. Pretty much a squash, as Mantell is sorta' the "Koko B. Ware of World Class".

Pre-taped promos air for our next match. "Iceman" King Parsons is furious and wants to settle the score with the Super Destroyers. Iceman's face is still a little raw, so maybe he really WAS burned in the grill. Brian Adias, in one of THE most banal promos of the time, says he's there to wrestle. Cut over to General Skandar Akbar, who warns that Adias has been added to the list of those who will be punished.

Match 2: NWA American Tag Team Championship:
Super Destroyers (c) (w/General Skandar Akbar) vs. "Iceman" King Parson and Brain Adias

Adias starts off with SD1 in a criss-cross (JUMP! JUMP!) segment, then slams both Super D's. The cameras show Akbar fuming at ringside and we get a quick shot of "Santa" walking through the crowd over his shoulder. Iceman comes in to jab and head-butt, then goes for a standing side headlock on SD1. SD1 shoves him to the ropes and delivers a kneelift. Tag off to SD2, who walks right into a drop-kick from Iceman, then a side mare into a headlock. SD2 powers out and hip-tosses Iceman. Iceman then does a little mis-direction off the ropes and catches SD2 with a headbutt. Tag to Adias, who comes in for some more side headlocking. Adias gets a drop-kick, then goes right back to headlock. A drop-kick on SD2, then right back to the headlock. A sunset flip from Adias gets 2, so it's time for more headlock. Bill Mercer takes a moment to plug the upcoming appearance of Andre the Giant...while more headlock happens. SD2 pulls Adias's trunks for a quick 2 count... then it's more headlock. SD2 counters with a leg-scissors, but he still can not escape the Power of the Headlock. About six or seven minutes are wasted with this damn headlock.

SD2 finally gets a side-suplex , then rings in SD1 for a backdrop resulting in a 2 count. They double-team Adias for a few minutes, with kneedrops, double back-elbows and slams. SD2 goes for another slam, but Adias counters with a small package for 2. SD1 comes in for a slam, drops and elbow then PAYS BACK ADIAS with... a chinlock. Doesn't last as long as the headlock, though. Adias reverses an Irish whip attempt, as SD1 hits the turnbuckle allowing the HOT TAG to Iceman. Iceman cleans house with 2 drop-kicks for each Super D and a headbutt on SD1 for a 2 count. They manage to double-team Iceman, with Sd2 executing a gut-wrench suplex and a backdrop. He tries another backdrop, but Iceman puts on the brakes, hooks a small package and gets the 3 count! We have NEW American Tag Team Champions!

Immediately, the Super-D's do a beatdown by tossing Adias out of the ring, then super-plexing and splashing Iceman. After a few minutes, Adias returns to clear the ring. I can see some definite comparisons between the Super Destroyers and Demolition. Cool match... when Iceman and the Super-D's were in there. Adias was terrible and could only do the side headlock. Why did Iceman go out and get HIM, when anybody else in the World Class locker room could've supplied the Headlock Arsenal?

Up next are more pre-taped promos,this time from Kerry Von Erich and Skandar Akbar. Kerry recounts his previous slamming of Kimala and how he's owed $10,000. So he'll slam him again, tonight, and up to 20K. Over to Akbar, who says that the slam wasn't part of an official match and the only thing Kerry deserves is the beating of a lifetime. Akbar then warns all the other Von Erichs, including Mike "that snot-nosed punk".

Match 3: Kerry Von Erich vs. Kimala (w/Gen. Skandar Akbar and Friday)

Kerry has a new black/red jacket and headband. Or maybe it's just one I haven't noticed before. Match is an exercise in painful viewing as Kimala does little but chop and choke. Kerry gets an early drop-kick to send Kimala outside. That's one thing I like about World Class matches on a whole-- they seemed to use the drop-kick alot and made it look a bad-ass move. Kimala returns and wants the Penultimate Knucklelock Challange, but Kerry ain't interested and goes punchy/kicky. Kimala chokes some more, then does the always-exciting belly slap. Kerry makes the universal sign of "watch out, my good man, I could potentially apply a devastating CLAW HOLD", which sends Kimala scampering. Kerry gets another drop-kick, a discus punch and drops two elbows for a 2 count. Kimala takes over with a low-blow then slaps on his own version of the claw--- a pectoral claw-- to take Kerry to the mat. "Go Kerry Go" inspires the Modern Day Warrior to power up and thump Kimala. Kerry bounces off the rope, but Akbar reaches in and trips him, right in front of referee David Manning. THAT draws the disqualification. Are you kidding me?! A lame leg trip? Of course, you can see where this is going, as Kerry slaps on the CLAW, then SLAMS Kimala. So you can imagine Akbar still won't give Kerry any cash since the slam occurred after the match. Big bro Kevin comes in to celebrate and even Santa gives Kerry a high-five.

After a final break, Bill Mercer sums things up at ringside. Next week will have the second half of this Star Wars show which will include the "Loser Leaves Texas" match between Kevin/Mike and Buddy Roberts/Terry Gordy. Mercer hints that, should the Freebirds win, there's a chance Michael Hayes will be allowed back into Texas.

Why'd You Tape This?:
This show had a great crowd and good atmosphere, but the matches kinda' stunk. Adias's return was supposed to be something important, but instead he treated us to 6 minutes of a headlock. Kerry/Kimala was similar to the "Kerry vs. Big Man" program that World Class would use until his departure in 1990. Unless the second half really delivers (and I know it has one significant angle), then this version of Holiday Rasslin' Star Wars is the first one I've disliked.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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