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World Class Championship Wrestling - November 19, 1983

by Erick Von Erich

Time to check in on the Sportatorium, the "most famous 'rasslin arena in the world" (or maybe just Dallas, Texas). There's been a lot of buzz over Jimmy Garvin and the American Title, specifically involing Sunshine and her new alliance with Chris Adams. Plus, the New American Tag Team Champions, the Super Destroyers have finally arrived in Dallas. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: Encore Match: David Von Erich vs. Kimala (w/Skandar Akbar and Friday)

Looks like this match is from Fort Worth. Joined WELL in progress, as we have the ending of the match. DVE has Kimala in the Iron Claw and takes him to the mat. Friday throws in the towel to officially surrender. Akbar is pissed at Friday, so he enters the ring and begins whipping him with a ...whip. Akbar tries the same to DVE, but he no-sells and begins choking Akbar. Kimala attacks DVE from behind and the brawl resumes. Little bro Kerry Von Erich runs in to clear the ring, flanked by even littler bro Mike; who is restrained by King Parsons and Johnny Mantell. Akbar has menacing words for Mike and gets a big slap from the youngster. Have we seen the last of this rivalry?!

Special Report: Cage Match

Highlights are shown of last year's Kerry Von Erich vs Ric Flair cage match. This year, it'll be Kerry vs. Michael Hayes in a "loser can't wrestle in Texas for one year" match. Kerry cuts a promo promising to send Hayes back to Georgia. Hayes then cuts a promo (in a Braves hat), saying he's sick of the Von Erichs and Texas, but if he leaves it'll be by his choosing. We'll get the big showdown at Holiday Star Wars.

Match 2: Jose Lothario vs. Tonga John

What's worse than a Barbarian match?! A Barbarian match with Jose Lothario. I haven't noticed it before, but Jose's billed as being from Monterrey, Mexico and San Antonio, Texas. Tonga John is billed as being from Samoa... so wouldn't that make him "Samoa John" instead?! Jose starts with a standing sidelock, then an arm drag into an armbar. TJ shoves him off for a slam, but misses an elbowdrop. Jose goes back to working the arm, until TJ kicks him in the tummy, snapmares, slams him, then drops and elbow for 2. A chinlock happens. Whip and chop from John gets another two. More chinlock. John misses a diving headbutt from the second rope, which allows Joes to slam him, then come off the top with a double axe-handle for 2. Jose gets in some left jabs, with John missing a charge into the corner for variety. Jose slams him, then comes off the top with a sit-down splash to score the 3 count. Neither guy's offense looked convincing and a boring match all around.

Match 3: "Iceman" King Parsons vs. Super Destroyer #1 (w/Super Destroyer #2 and Skandar Akbar)

Time to start up another signature World Class feud. Parsons ducks away from SD1 and surprises him with 3 armdrags. The a BOOGIE for good measure! SD1 with a go-behind waitslock, where he trips Iceman and brings him to the mat. Ice quickly reverses it into a hammerlock and works the resthold for a bit. SD brings it back to a vertical base, whips Iceman to the ropes, but Ice holds on. SD1 finally gets the jump on ice by sneaking in a thumb to the eye during a headlock. SD1 clubs away and drops Ice with a hiptoss. But Ice is right back up to hiptoss SD1 and crank on an armbar. SD1 tries to shove him off to the ropes and leapfrogs. Ice responds immediately with a sweet drop-kick to the chink and goes right back to the armbar. SD1 gets some offense with a series of clubs n' kicks, chokes Ice on the ropes and delivers a double-chop to the throat to get a 2 count. A chinlock happens, then SD1 connects with a forearm from the second turnbuckle. More chinlock, followed by a headbutt, slam and kneedrop for 2. Iceman blocks another attempt from the ropes, then comes back with a slam, butt-butt and legdrop for 2. iceman connects with another charging BUTT-BUTT, but knocks SD1 right below the bottom rope. The ref messes with Iceman about the bottom rope and, while the ref's back is turned, SD2 rolls in and switches places with SD1!! A fresh SD2 quickly hooks a small pakcage and surprises Iceman with a 3 count pin! Devastation, Inc quickly leaves the ring, with Iceman fuming.

Match 4: "Gentleman" Chris Adams & Johnny Mantell vs. Buddy Roberts & "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin and "New" Sunshine

Before the match, Bill Mercer interviews Garvin at ringside, asking what we should all this new valet. Garvin says that she's "Sunshine" and the other Sunshine is "gone, fired and across the tracks". Roberts (still in his headgear) starts off with Adams in a nice little bit of mat wrestling. Tag off the Mantell as they decide to work Roberts' arm. Roberts shoves Mantell to the ropes and catches him with a kick, allowing Garvin to tag in....and walk right into an armdrag from Mantell. Criss-cross (JUMP! JUMP!) segment, as Mantell rolls up Garvin from behind for a quick 2. Roberts returns and get his arm worked on, again. Crowd starts chanting: "We Want Sunshine!" Garvin takes over on Mantell with a slam, a 2 count and a reverse chinlock. Garvin works the crowd with their chants. Garvin and Mantell both knock noggins, but it's Mantell who makes the hot tag to Adams. Adams attacks Garvin with a flying clotheslin and a kneedrop. Roberts tries to make the save, but eats a Super-Kick. All four guys enter the ring and begin brawling. The crowd goes ballistic as the original Sunshine runs out to ringside an chases her replacement into the ring. It's a catfight, as Sunshine I rips off II's jacket, then goes after Garvin. In the confusion, Garvin turns arond, right into a super-kick from Adams! Original Sunshine tries to make the pin, but referees David Manning and Bronko Lubich are in to clam things down. No decision was announced; nor was it needed; but I'd call it a double disqualification.

Back from the final commercial break, Bill Mercer has Chris Adams at ringside. Adams is thrilled to have wrestling tapes and the full medical history of Garvin, thanks to Sunshine. He invites Sunshine to be in his corner at the upcoming Holiday Star Wars American Championship match at Reunion Arena. David Manning then comes in to plug the Kerry Von Erich-Michael Hayes steel cage match at the same event. DRUMS hit and we're out!

Why'd You Tape This?:

Another good episode for angle development and hype for Holiday Star Wars. It's amazing how over Sunshine is. The Iceman/SD1 match had a little bit too much chinlockage, but the Grade A Masked Heel Switcheroo with SD2 was excellent. As a bonus, it also started the new Iceman & Partner vs. Super Destroyers Feud, which will run for the next 6 months or so and involve guys like Andre the Giant and Buck Zumhoff.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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