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World Class Championship Wrestling - November 12, 1983

by Erick Von Erich

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear as World Class rides again! We're only a few short weeks away from the annual Holiday Star Wars spectacular. Tonight we'll get a chance to see the NEW American Tag Team Champions, some special highlights from Fort Worth, plus we'll hear from Jimmy Garvin and Fritz Von Erich! But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to to ringside for...

Match 1: Mike Reed vs. Super Destroyer #2 (w/Super Destroyer #1 and General Skandar Akbar)
Here they are; after weeks of build-up; the NEW Tag Champs, the Super-D's. Two big dudes in masks and capes. For kayfabe's sake, we'll play along and pretend we don't know who they are. The match begins as SD2 trades shots with Reed. SD2 no-sells all of Reed's offense, then whips him to the ropes for a knee-lift and a crouched head-butt. Big slam and a diving headbutt leads to a reverse chinlock. "Go Mike, Go" is the chant, so I'd say the Super-D's are already over as heels. SD2 with a shoulderblock, a whip, a reverse elbow and a gut-wrench suplex. Announcer Bill Mercer plugs "Holiday Star Wars" a bit as he mentions that Mike Von Erich will be making his in-ring debut at the event. Reed finally comes back with some mild offense, but eats Super-D boot as he charges the corner. SD2 flings him around from a jumping knee/bicycle kick, then sets him up for a super-plex and gets the pin. Hmm... those last two moves looked very familiar!

Fort Worth Highlights: WCCW TV Title: "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (c)(w/Sunshine & Assistant Valet) vs. Johnny Mantel
First time we've seen or heard of the Television Title on these shows. It was basically a belt that was only defended at the Fort Worth/Will Rogers Coliseum shows. These aired on World Class's other show, on a different TV channel.

We jump to the end of the match, where Mantel is attempting to suplex Garvin back into the ring from the apron. "Assistant Valet" reaches in to grab Mantel's leg and trip him... but Mantel manages to roll through, reverse it, and PINS Garvin to become the NEW Television Champion! Mantel quickly leaves, as Garvin and his two valets have the spotlight. The valets argue and start a cat fight. Garvin quickly sides with "Assistant Valet" and ...gasp...SHOVES Sunshine away! Sunshine comes right back and SLAPS Garvin in the mug for a big pop! As Sunshine leaves, Garvin grabs the house mic and officially fires her.

Press Conference: Sunshine
Pre-recorded at an empty Sportatorium, as Sunshine is introduced by her "spokesman". Sunshine blasts Garvin and "that lil' tramp", saying that she has now taken EVERYTHING Garvin owned. Including his library of wrestling tapes and medical records. Out of spite, she gave them to Chris Adams and will now be in Adams' corner at Star Wars. Sunshine gets emotional as she says that she loved Jimmy, but he changed her into something she didn't like. The "spokesman" then returns to end things as Sunshine begins weeping.

This was a HUGE angle for World Class, and it may have been the first time a female valet did a face turn against her "man". It's a little weird; because they were cousins in real life; but for kayfabe purposes this is being played as an woman divorcing her cheating and abusive husband. So, yeah, it should find mass appeal in Texas.

On Location: Bill Mercer at Jimmy Garvin's Estate
Mercer knocks at the front door and it's answered... by "Assistant Valet" wearing one of Jimmy's shirts! Jimmy eventually comes out in his trousers and denies everything. Jimmy slams the door in Mercer's face. Mercer concludes the segment saying that a "woman spurred" is dangerous. Nevertheless, this is great stuff and Sunshine is a great sympathetic character and Garvin is such a despicable heel.

Match 2: "Iceman" King Parsons vs. Tonga John
Hmm... TJ looks kinda' familiar. Wonder if I've seen him before? TJ shoves off Iceman's initial lock-ups and gloats. So Iceman drop-kicks him out of the ring. TJ's return is met by an Iceman hiptoss, headlock takedown, then an Irish whip into a backdrop. Iceman works a headlock to the mat as TJ is pretty vocal; hollering and whining. TJ rolls Iceman over for a quick 2 count, then returns to a vertical base to hit Ice with a headbutt, a whip and....oh no.... oh no... NOOOOOOOOO... a bearhug!!!

Aww hell, no!! Tonga John is the Frickin' BARBARIAN!!! No! No! No! Whyyyyyyyy?! C'mon! All I want is one little rasslin' show that I can watch multiple episodes of, in peace! Then, one of my hated Stable of Suck, the Barbarian shows up to destroy my happy world!! NOOOOOOOOO! Damn you, Barbarian! Damn you all to hell!!

Ahem.... anyways, TJ gets a backbreaker for 2. Iceman chops back, boogies, hits a drop-kick, but puts his head down on a backdrop attempt. TJ kicks him in the dome, then whips Iceman to the ropes. Iceman comes flying off with the Butt-Butt to drop TJ and score the pin at 6:11. Thank you, Iceman. You are my friend, even more.

A Very Special Pre-Taped Interview with Fritz Von Erich
Bill Mercer introduces the segment by saying this is the first time we've heard from Fritz in almost a year. I think that's true, as I don't recall him being on-screen since the awesome Flair promo from late '82. Fritz says that he's been sitting in the back, watching everything. He plugs "Holiday Star Wars" and states the stipulations of the big Kerry Von Erich vs. Michael Hayes match. The loser will not be able to wrestle in Texas for a full year! Fritz mentions that the loser can still live in Texas (as Kerry would), but he just can't wrestle. He then introduces the next clip....

Fort Worth Highlights: Kerry Von Erich introduces Mike Von Erich
Kerry is in the ring with Mike and presents him with his old jacket; one that mother Doris made for Kerry, way back when. Michael Hayes rumbles down to ringside and begins pacing back and forth. Marc Lowrance tries to interview Mike, while Hayes stirs the crowd up. It's obvious that Mike is incredibly nervous and unprepared, as he stumbles through his interview, mentioning "wrestling" and "my brothers" every fifth word. Of course, Lowrance doesn't help matters by asking Mike if "a legend is beginning; maybe the best yet?"

Hayes soon enters the ring and rips apart the jacket. Kerry returns to jump Hayes, while Buddy Roberts also arrives. Mike tosses Roberts, twice, with some incredibly weak drop-kicks. Give Roberts credit for selling. Referee David Manning can't seem to restore order... but once 132 year old Bronko Lubich arrives, things quiet down.

Back to the studio, where Fritz ties things up with a warning to Hayes. Fritz will be at Star Wars to make sure no shenanigans occur!

Match 3: Country Whipping Match:
Kerry Von Erich & Kevin Von Erich vs. Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy

Both teams have leather straps, which they can use however they want. All 4 brawl, with the Von Erichs clearing the ring. Referee David Manning gets the house mic and orders that each team can only use ONE strap while in the ring. Buddy Roberts (in headgear) also shows up at ringside, but gets sent back.

There's minimal wrestling in this match, as it's all guys slapping the crap out of each other with a strap. Kerry sweeps Hayes' legs and dares Gordy to enter. Kevin comes in for maximum strappation, then whips Gordy for a backdrop. Hayes takes over and flails away on Kerry, even choking with the strap. Hayes absolutely makes this match with his antics and selling. Freebirds manage a double team clothesline on Kevin. Gordy returns, but loses his strap, as Kerry twirls around two. Kevin then gets tossed over the top rope by Hayes, drawing a disqualification. The 'Birds doubleteam Kerry for a bit, as Kerry blatantly blades in front of the camera. More mayhem ensues when Kevin returns, as the Von Erichs clear the ring and destroy Hayes. A decision wasn't necessary in this match, since it didn't matter who won. The fans just wanted to see some guys getting pummeled by straps!

After the final commercial break, Bill Mercer has Kevin and Kerry at ringside for a very brief promo. Kerry shouts Figthin' Words to Hayes as the DRUMS hit!

Why'd You Tape This?:

Great angle development in this episode as it's another "must have" for World Class fans. The main event is more fun than it should be. Plus an intro to the no-selling, bad-ass, Super Destroyers, the debut of Mike Von Erich and a match with Iceman against... someone. But I shouldn't whine too much. I mean, it's not as if Raven or the Rockers will be popping up on these episodes. Right? RIGHT?!!!

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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