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World Class Championship Wrestling - November 10, 1984

by Erick Von Erich

Kevin Von Erich vs Chris Adams

Fans, we're back for Part Two of "The Cotton Bowl Wrestling Star Wars Extravaganza"! Last time on World Class, we had a match from later on in this card: a match for the Six Man Tag Team Championship that had the notable absence of one Kevin Von Erich. So we're actually stepping back in time by about one hour to explain that absence. We'll also have an intergender tag match a few more surprises. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get to the ring for...

Kevin Von Erich vs. "Gentleman" Chris Adams (w/Gary Hart)

Ring announcer Ralph Pulley tells us "this match features the captains for the World Six-Man Tag-Team Title, as chosen by you the fans, in the largest write-in campaign vote in the history of professional wrestling". Adams then gets the mic and tells Kevin to "keep the punching and the kicking to yourself, because I'm going to challenge you to a wrestling match, something you're not very good at." Kevin then gets the mic and agrees to the challenge. Commentator Bill Mercer sounds a bit skeptical if that'll hold true.

They start by sowing off with somersaults, hammerlocks, side-mares, and playing it clean. They bounce off the ropes and Kevin floors Adams with a leg takedown and works an reverse told hold, until a rope break. Adams goes into a headlock as Mercer plays up a subplot that Fritz Von Erich will run to ringside at the slightest sign of interference from Gary Hart. Umm... since they're in the middle of a big football stadium, that might take awhile for Fritz to arrive. Adams goes to an armbar, allowing Kevin to do the cool step-up-and-flip out move, then deliver a nice bodyslam. Tempers start to flair, as both guys trade SLAPS. Adams with a whip and a backdrop, then a seated reverse chinlock. Into the corner, where Kevin avoids a charge, leaps over with a sunset flip and gets a quick 2 count. Adams hits a clothesline, but gets kicked in the mush as he charges into the corner. Then it's Kevin's turn to work the wristlock/armbar stuff. The grapple into the corner and Adams responds with a vicious forearm shot! Well played, as the fans instantly pick up on it and begin boo-ing. Adams work him over for a bit, the SUPER-KICKS him to the floor. Adams brings him in, over the ropes for some criss-cross (JUMP! JUMP!) action. Adams drops down to land a monkeyslip, then a flying dropkick to send Kevin outside, again. Adams then DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES to nail Kevin! Whoa! For 1984, that may as well be a double-crusted underhook reverse flying tiger bomb! Adams tries to suplex him in, from the apron, but Kevin counters with a roll and a bridge to get the 3 count! An eager fan at ringside approves and takes the chance to express himself, in an un-gentlemanly manner, to Adams:

Chris Adams

Adams can't believe he lost, complains that he got his shoulder up, and has a mini temper tantrum. Kevin gets the mic and says: "that was a clean match and I won it, fair and square. I'll make you a deal: you fire Gary Hart, get rid of him, and I'll forget it ever happened. It'll be water under the bridge". Now THAT's a babyface. Kevin turns and looks at Gary Hart...allowing Adams to come in and blast Kevin with a framed wooden chair! Adams jumps on top of the chair and stomps a mudhole in Kevin. Referee David Manning gets the mic and announces: "we're gonna' need an ambulance!". And, yeah, there is a good trickle of blood running down the ring arpon. It's entirely possible that the metal frame of the chair cut open Kevin's external occipital protuberance, on the first blow.

Back from commercial, we see Kevin is being fitted for a neckbrace. Some young girls in the crowd are sobbing and saying: "we love you, Kevin!" You know it's a big deal, because Bill Mercer has switched to his "somber announcer" voice. No doubt inspiring Dan Dierdorf to use that same tone whenever someone as much as stubbed their toe on Monday Night Football from 1987 to 1999. Cameras follow Kevin into the ambulance as this is a phenomenal stretcher job! Heh...to be a weenie, I would've chanted "Go Kevin, go!"

Iceman vs Butch Reed

"Iceman" King Parsons vs. "Hacksaw" Butch Reed

I don't think we've seen much of Reed in World Class since the spring of 1984, so this is kinda' surprising. Reed gets some great smack before the bell: "c'mon, Ice Cream Boy! I'm gonna' whup some ice cream out your drawers!" Reed attacks right sway, clubbering Iceman around the ring. Iceman bounces off the ropes, leapfrogs, then hits a drop-kick and hip-toss to send Reed rolling out to the floor. Back inside for a lock-up, but Parsons is too quick and begins jabbing and head-butting to take over. Iceman charges into the corner, but Reed gets both knees up. Reed with a fist-drop from the second rope and drops Iceman on the top rope. Stomps and chokes from Reed, then he tosses Iceman out for a "sojourn to the floor" as Mercer so eloquently describes it. Reed celebrates and we can see that his tights are worn out a bit, as they only say " TCH REED" on the back. Iceman somersaults in with a sunset flip,but only gets a desparation 1 count. More clubs, kicks and a chinlock from Reed. Iceman fights back to a vertical base, rocks Reed with some shoulderblocks and a slam for 2. Clothesline get a 2 count, then the bell rings as Iceman hooks a small package...but it's a time limit draw at 10 minutes. Iceman gives Reed a few more chops as he leaves the ring. I suppose they had some unfinished business from the sping, but this match had no real heat.

Mike Von Erich & Stella Mae French vs. Gino Hernandez & Andrea the Lady Giant

This is announced as having a 45 minute time limit...but Parsons/Reed only got 10?! For clarification, I think I'm going to start using the term "Andre the Man Giant" from now on, whenever I recpa matches of thsat big French dude. However, Mercer keeps saying "Nickla Roberts" for this entire match. Crowd is chanting "we want Sunshine"...and right on cue, a frickin' HELICOPTER flies into the Cotton Bowl and out steps Sunshine! Back, after a long and mysterious absence!

Sunshine helicopter

Sunshine is escorted to ringside, hugs Mike and her Aunt Stella, and takes a place in their corner. Match begins as Stella Mae takes down Andrea and whales away. Tag off, and the men come in. Mike shows off his flying side headlock skill, but Gino's quickly back to work and selling lilke crazy, including getting his arms caught in the ropes. The women return and Andrea floors Stella Mae with a double axe-handle and kicks at her. Andrea jumps on top of Stella Mae, but takes a shot at Sunshine, out at ringisde. Sunshine grabs a plastic chair and "hits" Andrea with it (but mostly hitting the ring ropes). Andrea is dazed, falls to the mat, and Stella Mae pins her at 5:19! Sunshine gets the house mic and says "I love you guys! I'm back!" Then runs over and gives Bill Mercer a hug, as well. Match was awful, but it was all about the surprising (?) and dynamic return of Sunshine. Really, Sunshine flying into the stadium is a pretty cool visual.

Mercer wraps things up, as the Cotton Bowl is emptying behind him. He tells us that Kevin Von Erich will be okay, he "just had a few stitches in his head". Egads...I'm having flashbacks from the two times my head was cut and stitched up. It still creeps me out.

Why'd You Watch This?:
Great angle with Adams and one of the highlights of World Class's history. Very brutal beatdown and Adams is absolutely killing it as a heel. To top it off, the match was quite good! It is very curious how they showed these episodes out-of-order, though. Maybe because they wanted to end things with the happy angle of Sunshine's return and the faces winning? Just ruined some of the suspense when we heard that Kevin was in the hospital, last week/episode. Regardless, while this card had some matches that were just there (Fantastics/Kiniski & El Diablo, Reed/Parsons, Wengroff/Link), the three big matches (6-Man Championship, Kevin/Adams, Mixed Tag) all delivered. Add in Sunshine's return and this is required viewing for all World Class fans. I really wish I could've been at the 1984 Texas State Fair, eating a turkey leg and watching this.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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