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World Class Championship Wrestling - October 27, 1984

by Erick Von Erich

Iceman King Parsons

It's another stop on "the Road to the Cotton Bowl Etravaganza". Or just another weekly episode detailing the trials and tribulations of the grappling antics contained in the Texas-based sport of professional pre-determined competitions. Or just some more rasslin'. You decide. But with so much going on World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Encore Match: NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Ric Flair (c) vs. Kerry Von Erich

Joined-in-progress and there's no real reason for including this. Yet if you're going to fill some airtime, it's not a bad idea to replay PWI's Match of the Year. Originally shown on the May 19th episode, if you'd like to jump over there and read all the details. One thing I didn't notice, before: at one point Kerry works Flair to the mat and shouts: "stay down, baby!" The result is still the same: Kerry wins the Championship on the Backlslide Heard Around The World (or at least around Pro Wrestling Fans). It's honestly a good match, a highlight of both guys' careers, and a great part of wrestling history.

Special Look at Gino Hernandez and Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Bill Mercer introduces this segment with its theme of "opposites attract". Marc Lowrance interviews Gino outside "his" private jet as he says "comparing me to Jake Roberts is like comparing my Mercedes to a Volkswagen". Hey, those are well-built! Gino runs down the Von Erichs, then continues that the reason he ahd to buy his own private Learjet was because women were trying to grab him and his tear his clothes off, at public airports. Up next is a replay of the awesome "Evil Hobo Jake" on-location interview from the October 13th episode. To round things out, we get a short clip of an interview with Chris Adams in his "office" from the October 6th episode. To close the segment, we get random clips of Jake and Gino, including Jake dropping Jules Strongbow with the DDT.

"Chief" Jules Strongbow vs. "Wild" Bill Irwin

No Skandor Akbar for Irwin, for what that's worth. As he introduced, Irwin turns to the camera and shouts: "yeah! I'm gonna' beat me up an Indian, just like the old time cowboys used to do". Err...his words, not mine. And yes, I should probably add a disclaimer that "this content was presented in its original format and may have contained culutral references that are out-dated or offensive". Irwin stalls, to start, then tires a waitlock which Strongbow turns into a hip-toss. Strongbow works the arm for a spell, allowing Mercer to get in a thank you to an 80 year old fan from Oklahoma who watches WCCW on Channel 9, the "Spirit of Oklahoma". Criss-cross (JUMP! JUMP!) and Strongbow connects with some chops, then a headlock happens. Irwin breaks and taunts by putting "nunny ears" on the top of his head to emulate feathers. Errr...see the disclaimer, three sentences prior. More headlockin' from both guys. Like, a LOT. Ring announcer Marc Lowrance announces the 5 minute mark, and I'm suddenly feeling where this match is going. Strongbow targets Irwin's hamstring with some kicks, then goes into a slap-fest, drop an elbow and gets 2. Step-over inside toehold as Strongbow continues to work the leg. Greco-Roman thumb-to-the-eye breaks for Irwin and he thumps away. Surprise small package gets 2 for Strongbow. Gut-wrench suplex from Irwin, but he misses an elbow from the second rope. Choppy/Kicky from Strongbow and a forward roll...then the bell rings for a 10 minute time limit draw. Yup. As expected. Mercer seems to prophesize that this -mid-card Feud Must Continue!

Locker Room Interview with "Iceman" King Parson and Kevin Von Erich

Marc Lowrance asks Ice for his thoughts on the Chris Adams Situation. Ice's response: "he done went goofy! Ya' let your friends down, sucker! You let the fans down! But most of all: we was tight". Ice also offers to help his buddy, Buck Zumhofe, in his quest for Boombox Vengeance against the PYT's. Kevin then tags in and recounts his bewilderment at Chris Adams. "He needs a slap to the face". Kevin then reiterates that the Von Erichs are okay with Stella Mae French and can't wait to see her whup Andrea the Lady Giant. Finally, Kev's excited that Ric Flair will coming back to town and defend against brother Kerry, soon. Ahh...THAT'S why they opened the episode with the Encore Match. Sorry to have doubted you, Mickey Grant and friends.

"Iceman" King Parson vs. Killer Khan (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar)

So, did I tell you that I recently bonded with a new neighbor/friend when he told me about going to see a Khan/Andre Mongolian Stretcher Match at the Boston Garden in his youth? I just did. You're welcome. I know I've shat on Khan in other recaps, but I think I've warmed up to him. Iceman spends the first few minutes fretting over Akbar's presence. So much so, that referee Bronko Lubich even hops out to ringside to separate the two. The intial collar-and-elbow tie-up lasts over two minutes, as they work it to the mat. Khan kicks and chops Ice into the corner, then chokes him on the ropes. In a neat spot, Ice blocks an Oriental Spike attempt, then Khan immediately blocks a headbutt attempt! Ice fakes another headbutt, jukes Khan, then jumps down to headbutt him in the tummy! Khan seels it like a gunshot, but is right back with more chops and misses an elbowdrop. Ice punches back, whips Khan to the corners, then Akbar distracts. Khan nails Iceman in the throat with "an illegal chop" and gets disqualified at 4:41. Ring announcer Marc Lowrance explains that Khan did not "heed (Lubich's) warnings about the chops to the throat". Huh. That ending stunk, but the match looked to be moving alopng at a fun pace.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts & Gino Hernandez (w/Andrea the Lady Giant) vs. Kevin Von Erich & Mike Von Erich

Ginp's still a double championm, as he has both the Texas and American Championships with him. Kevin and Jake start off with a short lock-up, then Jake goads Kev into tagging Mike. Mike shoves Jake to th mat, then brings back Kevin who hits a "reverse head-scissors" (slow hurracanrana) and punches Jake to the floor. "We Want Stella" chants are answered, as he appears at ringside and grabs Andrea. Second referee David Manning comes out to separate them. Back in the ring, the bad guys double-team Kevin in their corner. KEvin is whipped to the ropes and get a desparation sunset slip for 2. More double-teaming, until Kevin manages to thump Gino into the corner, then hits a backdrop. He comes off the ropes for a flying splash, but Gino gets the knees up. Kevin quickly fights back, monkey-flips Gino, then climbs up top for his reverse flying body-press to get the pin at 4:30! Post-match brawl sees Mike come in to beat away on Jake with elbowdrops and two drop-kicks. Kevin grabs the house mic and invites Gino back out to defend his belts. Kevin declares: "if I lose, you get $5,000. Whatta' ya' say?!" Gino teases the idea... but nothing comes of of it.

Why'd You Watch This?:
It's not a silly phrase I'm trying to coin. "The Chris Adams Situation" seems to be WCCW's trademarked name for what's been happening. I'll give them credit for consistently referring to it as such, acorss the board. It's interesting how Adams is the focus of this episode, and he's not even IN it. Of what is in it, I hope to never see the Strongbow/Irwin match again, I was disappointed with the lame ednign to Parsons/Khan, but the main event did offer some satisfying "story building" for the Von Erichs and their new 6-man tag team enemies. With Kevin gettin the clean pin, here, you can probably guess what's going to happen when the 6-Man World Tag Team Championships are on the line.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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