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World Class Championship Wrestling - October 20, 1984

by Erick Von Erich

The Missing Link

It's more from the Sportaorium, the "most famous rasslin' arena in the world". The WORLD! The bar has been set, Mars! Bring it! Bill Mercer plugs tonights' card, at ringside, promoting tonight's main event between a " wonderful human being" Kerry Von Erich and "maybe a human being" The Missing Link. But with so much going on World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Kelly Kiniski vs. Mike Reed

Kiniski has given himself an upgrade with a buzzcut and has ditched the wispy/thining brown hair. Since his unofficial gimmick was "he's the spitting image of his dad, Gene Kiniski", it works well. As introductions are made, Kiniski announces to the camera: "look at this neck! All you women, at home, wish you had a man with a neck like this". Okay, that might be a first. But who knows... maybe there's a "big neck" fetish club, out there? Kiniski starts off with some kicks, clubs to the back, and a straighforward slam. Reed is momentarily in control when Kiniski misses an elbowdrop. Reed delivers an armdrag, but gets suckered into the corner for more clubberin' from Kiniski. Reverse atomic drop only gets 1 for Kiniski. Belly-to-back suplex, snapmare and a reverse chinlock from the Canadian. Nice swinging neckbreaker, but he misses a kneedrop to give Reed a chance to deliver some forearm shots. Reed really looks..strange... whenever he whips Kiniksi into the corners. They hits the ropes and Kiniski catches Reed for a spinning reverse backbreaker to get the pin at 5:44.

Buck "Rock and Roll" Zumhofe vs. Norvell Austin (w/Koko Ware)

After introductions, there appears to be an edit, as the screen fades to black, and we cut to the opening bell. Makes me wonder if there were some musical boom box shenanigans...we'll see. They fight over waistlocks and hammerlocks, with Zumhofe getting the advantage. Zumhofe goes to work on the left arm. Austin tries a slam, but can't lift due to his weakened arm, as Zumhofe falls on top for a quick 1. More arm work, then a headscissors on the mat from Zumhofe. While stuck in the headscissors, Austin complains to referee Rick Hazzard: "he's ruining my hair!" Austin escapes, then charges off the ropes, right into a monkekflip. Austin bails to the floor to consult with his Pretty Young Thing partner, Ware. Austin returns and finally takes over with a kick, headbutt and backbreaker. Sloppy charging high-knee from Austin, then a nice shoulderbreaker for 2. AUstin works the nerve/trapezius resthold, while the "Rock and Roll" chants going. Zumhofe fights back with two shoulder-blocks off the ropes, and a soft flying drop-kick. Austin tries a slam, but Zumhofe jumps out, then rolls him up, off the ropes, to get a surprise 3 count at 9:47. AFter the official announcement, both Pretty Young things do a beatdown on Zumhofe.... AND completely destroy his beloved boombox! C'mon now! Those things ran about $65 at K-Mart, back in the day! Sort of the equivalent of someone smashing your new iPhone in 2023.

Marc Lowrance Locker Room Interview with Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Jake is annoyed at why Lowrance was sent into the locker room to get the lowdown, and wonders if he's a scout for the Von Erichs. Jake then anounces that he and Gino Hernandez will, in fact, be challenging for the Von Erichs' 6-Man Tag Team Championship with a surprise partner... Chris Adams. Adams then enters and says that he's not a "bad guy" now. He's still the same, but the people who were cheering for him a few weeks ago havechanged. He's also sick of living in the shadows of the Von Erichs. Adams' manager, Gary Hart then enters, informing everyone that he's helping Adams seek championship gold, including the World Heavyweight Championship held by "Ricky Flair". In a rare moment of humor, Jake walks up behind Lwrance and sticks his tongue out at him, as the segment ends.

"Chief" Jules Strongbow & George Wengroff vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts & "Gentleman" Chris Adams (w/Gary Hart)

Wengroff and Strongbow start out with a series of arm-wringers on Jake. Tag-off to Adams, but Strongbox dodges his shoulder-blcoks and slams him. Strongbow misses an elbowdrop and the heels take over. Strongbow shrugs off a sleeper from Jake, and goes back to the arm. Wengroff tries the same, but Jake lifts him into the corner, so Adams can attack. Adams misses a blind spin-around bodypress from the second rope and the crowd goes ballistic. "On the warpath" with more chops, but Adams grabs the legs and catapults him into the corner. Jake returns for a sit-down reverse chinlock. Strongbow with a sunset flip off the ropes, but Adams was tagged and runs in to chinlock Strongbow then deliver a clothesline and leg-drop. Strongbow fights back, but mysteriously grabs his head. Huh? Mercer sells it as "he may have a concussion". Jake invites Strongbow to staggr over and tag Wenggroff, but kicks him in the ribs. Jake fails a slam attempt, netting a 1 count for Strongbow and the HOT TAG to Wengroff. Reverse atomic drop and a snapmare score 2. He whips Jake to the ropes, but Adams sneaks over and grabs him to prevent the rebound. Jake with a font face-lock into a suplex as he drapes Wengroff on the top rope. Wengroff is groggy, so Jake casually tags in Adams. Adams somersaults over the top rope, waits for Wengroff to stand up, and nails him with the super-kick to get the 3 at 10:52. What a jerk! Adams' first real TV match as a heel, and he got the antics down.

Kerry von Erich vs. The Missing Link (w/Gen. Skandar Akbar)

Introductions are cut short, as Link begins attacking Kerry before he can get his ring jacket off. Kerry fights back with a series of kicks and the brawl is on. Kerry gets tossed out to the floor, then comes back in for more kickin' n' punchin', then a discus punch to send the Link out. More in-ring brawling, but Akbar grabs the foot to trip-up Kerry. Kerry is tossed over the top rope, while AKbar distratc referee aid Manning. Kerry doesn't touch the floor, but works his way back over the rops and nails the Link with a drop-kick in the back. Kerry rolls him up for 2, but then Akbar enters the ring to stomp on Kerry, drawing the disualification at about 2 minutes. Double-team thumpin' on Kerry, until Mike Von Erich runs in to make the save. Well, this did pretty much nothin'.

Why'd You Watch This?:
The main event didn't move the needle in any direction, as the undercard was where the action existed. Zumhofe and the PYT's started a mid-card feud, while Chris Adams and Jake Roberts got to showcase their heel tactics. In only a few weeks, the Chris Adams Situation has become the biggest story in World Class. And it's only getting started.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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