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World Class Championship Wrestling - September 13, 1985

by Erick Von Erich

As part of Black History Month 2015, WWE Network has added this episode of World Class. Simply because it features "Iceman" King Parsons in the main event. Huh. With that logic, you could've picked almost ANY World Class episode from 1983 to 1988. Personally, I would've gone with Iceman's NWA World Title Match against Harley Race from October, 1983... but I'm not complainin'. A "new" episode of World Class in any way, shape or form is always appreciated.

We get the traditional DRUM opening! World Class is in the middle of the Von Erichs vs. Dynamic Duo feud, yet the crowds at the Sportatorium are noticeably thinner from what we're used to seeing in the 1983 heyday. Bill Mercer welcomes us to the show and runs down the card. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Tommy Montana vs. Jim Powell

Huh (part 2). Two generic jobbers, but Powell has a dual-colored singlet and a mullet to distinguish himself. Mercer wonders if Tommy is related to Joe Montana. I know, you were probably hoping for a Tony Montana reference. Yet I don't think "Scarface" really became popular until the proliferation of cable and video rentals in the late 80's. Basic action in the ring, as Powell constantly turns to the crowd to complain about a hair-pull. Mercer hypes up the upcoming "Cotton Bowl Spectacular", detailing all the new additions to the Texas State Fair (in case you're wondering, World Class's Cotton Bowl Spectacular was annually held on the grounds of; and in conjunction with; the Texas State Fair). Chin-lock, armbar and a few Irish whips. They hit the ropes and Powell ducks down to avoid a potential sunset flip, but Montana slides underneath and hooks Powell into a pin, from that angle. Different ending, but this was very pedestrian.

A Very Special Press Conference with the Von Erichs

Kerry and Kevin are hosting a conference with little bro, Mike. Big Daddy Fritz is shown, behind the cameras, looking on. Mike is recovering from shoulder surgery. Alledgedly, this is when he developed a high fever, was re-admitted to the hospital and developed toxic shock syndrome. Mike has a few words to say, but it's very saddening to hear him speak, as he appears very distant. He looks and sounds ill, overall. Kerry and Kevin do their best to pump him up, but this is a very solemn segment. Mercer concludes things, from outside the hopsital, saying to stay tuned to World Class--and your local news station-- for more updates on Mike.

Flashback to a recent match at Reunion Arena pitting John Tatum against Scott Casey (w/Sunshine). Tatum takes offense at something and grabs the house mic: "Missy! You said this wouldn't happen again"... then Casey rolls him up. A "woman" (Missy Hyatt) runs down to ringside and smacks Sunshine, even tearing off part of her top. Pixelation's in effect to save Sunshine's udders. Casey and the officials check on Sunshine, as we lead into...

Brian Adias vs. "Hollywood" John Tatum (w/Missy Hyatt)

Adias is introduced as "1/3 of the World Six-Man Tag Team Champions" and is even wearing a belt. Tatum's sort of working a low-budget Ric Flair gimmick, complete with a feather boa. No relation to Oakland Raiders bad-ass Jack Tatum, either... although I still get their names mixed up, to this day. Missy gets her own introduction and a special ringside chair. She could use a bra, as her gazonkas are hanging down to about her belly-button; no exaggeration. Tatum basically acts like a minor league Ric Flair, trying to get Adias to back-off and over-selling when he's attacked. Tatum gets a cheap shot and works a chinlock for a long while, cueing the "Go Brian, Go" chant from the Sportatorium faithful. He picks Adias up for a slam, but misses an elbowdrop. Adias is up to... punch and fling Tatum to the turnbuckle. In typical oversell fashion, Tatum flips over the corner to rinsgide. Referee David Manning has a brief discussion with Adias, saying that Taum flung himself over, so it's not a disqualification for being chucked over the top rope. Back in and Adias goes punchy/kicky. He whips Tatum to the ropes and connects with a nice reverse elbow. Missy then gets out of her chair, so Adias stops to point a finger at her. In the distraction, Tatum rolls up Adias from behind (in a very sloppy manner) and scores the 3 count. Terrible match that was booked just to show off Missy.

A Very Special Look at the FEUD

That's how it's billed, and in this case, we're talking about the long-running Chris Adams/Gino Hernandez (The Dynamic Duo) vs. Kevin/Kerry Von Erich. Clips of how it started, with Chris' heel turn on Kevin after they had lost a tag team match to Hernandez and Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Jump forward to a Cotton Bowl show, where Kevin offered to bury the hatchet with Chris, if he'd just fire Gary Hart. Well, that didn't work, so Chris beat up Kevin with a chair. Jump forward, again, to a tag team bout where the Dynamic Duo tried to cut the hair of Kerry. Well, that didn't work, so Kevin and Kerry cut a few locks off of Chris. Okay-- it always seemed strange to me that guys would use SCISSORS in the middle of a match. Didn't they learn anything from grade school? I remember seeing this whole haircut thing on "Legends of World Class" on ESPN and thinking that the WWF had ripped it off for Brutus Beefcake; but haircut stipulations go back a long ways. I never understood them. You want to beat somebody up or get his championship...so of course you'd want to cut his hair! Logic in Wrestling. But coming up at the Cotton Bowl, we'll have Kerry & Kevin taking on the Dynamic Duo in a Hair vs Hair match! The segment concludes with a interview from "Gentleman" Chris Adams in a salon, admiring his mullet. "There's no way you're cutting my hair".

Kerry Von Erich & "Iceman" King Parsons vs. "Maniac" Mark Lewin and Jack Victory (w/Gary Hart)

The main event of the evening, as it looks like the corwd has grown a little bit. Victory's billed as the "Hearthrob of New Jersey"... just to clairfy. Kerry and Victory start, going all criss-cross until Kerry connects with a clothesline. Tag-off to their partners and Lewin does a long, drawn-out sequence about sneaking in a foreign object via Gary Hart and a towel. Lewin's succesfful in the smuggle and jabs Iceman in the noggin. Iceman sells like crazy and rolls out to ringside. Kerry keeps running in to smack Lewin, but gets shoo'ed away by referee Mark Hazzard. Bad guys tag off, taking turns choking Iceman in different ways. Iceman finally escapes and somersaults over to make the hot tag to Kerry. Kerry clears the ring and they double-team on Victory. Tga back to Iceman and Kerry tumbles outside to braw with Lewin. Lewin reverses a whip and tosses Kerry into the ringpost. Lewin hops back in the ring and applies a sleeper to Iceman. Kerry follows Lewin in and blasts him with a discus punch. The cameras then miss Iceman (seemingly) small packaging Victory for the pin. Huh.. for a show that was selected to highlight Iceman, ya'd think it would've been one where we could see him pin somebody. Mercer signs off anf promises us two great match, next week: Scott Casey vs. Chris Adams and Kevin Von Erich vs. Gino Hernandez. So long, everybody! Cue the drums.

Why'd You Watch This?:
Not a great episode by any means. Sure, they're just filling time to build up for the Cotton Bowl Spectactular, but there's nothing worth seeing, here.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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