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WCCW- July 23, 1983
by erick von erich

World Class Championship Wrestling kicks off this week with a NEW intro package! Gone are Arman Hussein and Bugsy McGraw, as we now get a funky animated satellite circling the globe and zapping the US, queueing up some rasslin highlights. This week we'll find out about the results of the David Von Erich/Jimmy Garvin "Valet Match" and check in on Buddy Roberts' hair situation. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: Mexican Women's Championship:
Lola Gonzales (c) vs. Vicki Carranza

Flashback from the recent "International Wrestling Star Wars" at Reunion Arena...and it's anybody's guess why they decided to show this thing. A few cat-calls go out, so you figured some of the Texas fans were pretty hammered already. Lola starts off with a fireman's...err, fireperson's carry slam and works the lower back. Carranza comes right back with a single leg takedown and a side-mare. Things become WAY too choreographed as the match quickly devolves into "you do a move and now I'll do a move". Gonzales then begins to focus on Carranza's knee, which is bandaged. She works a reverse toe-hold, slams her, but misses a legdrop from the second rope. Carranza is quick with a roll-up and bridge for 2. They both collide in a criss-cross (JUMP! JUMP!) sequence, then Carranza flies in with a sunset flip for 2. Gonzales tries a head-scissors into a victory roll, but Carranza reverses it into a pinning combination and gets the 3 count to become the NEW Mexican Women's Champion. For what that's worth...

"Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin and Sunshine in "Valet for a Day" at the Von Erich Ranch
After the Texas Heavyweight Championship was held up for the fifth time, David Von Erich finally defeated Garvin for the title over in Fort Worth. That match aired on a different World Class TV show, so we'll probably never get to see it. But it really doesn't matter, because as a result of that match, Garvin and Sunshine agreed to become "Valets for a Day" and that is worth seeing.

Bill Mercer is on location at the Von Erich Ranch. Garvin pulls up, but DVE deamnds he get out of the car and walk, so Mercer and him can get a ride. Garvin protests, saying he's only agreeing to do this on advice from his lawyer, because if he doesn't he won't be able to wrestle in the US again. Next, we see Garvin digging post-holes, while Sunshine works the shooting trap...so DVE can practice his skeet shooting right over Garvin's head! Okay, that's pretty damn funny. More fun as Garvin is forced to wash DVE's dog and move bales of hay. DVE drives by in his pick-em-up truck, but drives away, forcing Garvin (and Sunshine) to carry and drag the bales. Finally, Garvin is forced to clean the stinky stanky barn. He's had enough humiliation, so he tackles DVE and they crash into the walls. Actually, this segment was more entertaining than their matches.

Match 2: Michael Hayes vs. Johnny Mantell
Hayes works the crowd by doing a little shimmy as he takes his jacket off. Mantell gets a small chorus of "boooo's" as he's introduced. But they quickly turn to cheers as he slams Hayes and hits 2 armdrags. Hayes bails to piss off the fans some more. They fight over a waistlock, until Mantell takes it to the mat. Hayes tries an overhead wristlock, but Mantell also manages to gain the upper hand in that hold. They bounce off the ropes, with Mantell leap-frogging, but turning right into a clothesline. Hayes is quick to capitalize with a swinging neckbreaker for a 2 count. Hayes takes over a for a bit, until Mantell makes a comeback with a backdrop and a Russian legsweep attempt. Although Hayes grabs the ropes on the legsweep and Mantell hits the mat hard. See...that's one of those moves that always mystifies me: if Hayes had been in the hold, Mantell still would've hit the mat with as much force. Regardless, Hayes flies off the second rope with an elbowdrop and scores the 3 count.

Match 3: "Gentleman" Chris Adams vs. Terry Gordy
Very slow start, as they feel each other out and Adams works a long headlock on the mat. Gordy is whipped to the ropes, but avoids a drop-kick attempt from Adams. More headlocking, as I notice Adams is sweating like mad, less than three minutes into the match. But here's something I never realized and that I have to give them credit for: Texas is Really Frickin' Hot in July. I recently spent Fourth of July just outside of Corpus Christi and, egads, did it suck! Imagine being in the back of a small, unventialted, delivery truck in 110 degree heat. Now imagine that effect ALL the time from 7am to 9pm. I'm thinking the Sportatorium had no A/C and maybe just a big fan or two.

Back to the match: as Adams hits a super-kick and a hammerlock takedown. They repeat the sequence, only mixing in a headlock. In the midst of this, Mercer mentions that the Freebirds have recently lost the 6-Man Tag Title to the Von Erichs. They criss-cross the ropes, but for some reason Gordy falls down in a mis-timed spot. Adams follows with a back-splash, slam and another super-kick. He goes for the cover, but Gordy gets his foot on the ropes. Gordy jabs him in the throat, headbutts him, them whips him to the ropes for a backdrop, slam and a kneedrop. Gordy misses a second kneedrop, so Adams quickly kicks at the bruised leg. Adams delivers TWO super-kicks, but misses a flying kick from the top. Gordy picks him up for a slam, but Adams manages to flip out of it, hit a nice German suplex, bridge and get the pin!! Huge, HUGE win for the Englishman. Gordy is rightfully pissed and beats the crap out of Adams after the bell with a Samoan drop.

Match 3: Bruiser Brody vs. Buddy Roberts (w/Michael Hayes)
Hilarious angle, as Roberts comes to the ring in boxing headgear and a goofy wig, claiming that he didn't lose his hair after his "Haircut Match" against "Iceman" King Parsons. But Parsons has put up a $500 bounty for anyone who can rip-off the headgear and prove that Roberts is bald. Wow...$500?

Brawl to begin, but you know Brody's gonna' win that. He delivers the customary one-arm slam, but Roberts jabs him in the eyes and pounds him into the turnbuckle. Brody kicks him in the tummy, then tries to undo the headgear. Whip and a big boot sends Roberts out to the floor. He returns as Brody tries another slam, but Hayes reaches in and grabs his leg. Brody chases him outside and gets caught by a loaded headgear headbutt from Roberts once he returns. Roberts contiues with another flying headbutt from the second rope, then goes all kicky/stompy. He tries to land his bulldog finisher, but Brody shoves him off and removes the wig and headgear in the process! Roberts immediately rolls out, salvages his headgear, and gets covered by a towel from Hayes. The bell sounds as Roberts is apparently disqualified for "outside interference". Huh... but I guess it appeared that Hayes pulled Roberts out. Logic in Wresling, but a fun spot regardless.

A Very Special Ringside Interview with "Iceman" King Parsons and Bruiser Brody
Mercer brings in Iceman, who provides Brody with the promised 500 bucks. Brody instantly returns 250, though, saying he only did half of the job; since Roberts still has his headgear. Returned exactly 250? I guess Iceman paid in 50's. Mercer asks Brody about Kimala, but Brody misunderstands, simply says: "thanks, Bill" and concludes the interview.

Why'd You Tape This??
Overall, a good episode. The Mexican Women's match was completely worthless, since I don't believe we'll ever see or hear of that title again. But the rest was decent. Hayes finally got a (somewhat) clean win over somebody, while Adams got the biggest win of his career at this point. The main event was entertaining, as Roberts really worked the "loaded headgear" angle and the wig removal was amusing. Of course, the big highlight of this episode was Jimmy Garvin sweating his rump off at the ranch. A noticeable benchmark episode and recommended viewing.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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