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WCCW- June 18, 1983
by erick von erich

Fans, we are counting down the hours until "International Star Wars at the Reunion Arena"!! Err, we were counting down the hours, back in 1983. Well, okay, not all of us...mostly just some folks in Texas. And then only the ones with indoor plumbing and electricity. So some people were counting down the hours.

Michael Hayes and Kevin Von Erich do their usual WWE 24/7 modern intro. Of all people, Hayes pumps up.. Ron Starr, who was instrumental in getting Hayes into the business. After that, Bill Mercer and the old intro package fires up. The intro STILL includes shots of Bugsy McGraw and Armand Hussein in his wrestling tights. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: The Mongol and Buddy Roberts vs. "Iceman" King Parsons and Johnny Mantell
Hmm..seems like a weird pairing on the heel side, but Mercer fills us in on a possible Heel Conspiracy! Remember a few episodes back when Skandor Akbar had complained that "only the elite Mongol warriors" could have the same hairstyle as The Mongol? Well, a week or two after that, Buddy Roberts went out and chopped off a few locks from Iceman and his somewhat-similar hairstyle (which, in turn, set off the pending "Hair Match" between Roberts and Iceman at Star Wars). Thus, you can connect the dots and see a locker room pact between the Freebirds and Devastation, Inc. Makes sense, 'cuz I didn't realize it was happening and thought it WAS kinda' weird how Roberts would suddenly decide to lob off Iceman's locks.

Match begins with Mantell and Mongol criss-crossing the ropes (which'll make ya' JUMP JUMP). Mongol plants him with a hiptoss, but Mantell is right back up to deliver a nice drop-kick. Roberts runs in, but Iceman also meets him with a drop-kick, as the good guys clear the ring to get the fans pumped up. Mongol tries working Mantell's leg, but Iceman tags in for some head-buttin' and butt-boogeying. Roberts tags in, but immediately backs off when Iceman starts chopping him. Roberts tries a waistlock, but Ice boogeys some more and knocks him off with a butt-ram. Tag off to the other guys, as Mantell applies a drop toe-hold and works Mongol to the mat. Roberts makes the save, then Mantell lands a cross-body block off of the ropes for 2. Iceman returns to slam Roberts and get another 2. Mongol saves this time, applies a backbreaker and gets a 2 count. Roberts comes in for some criss-crossing, but smacks into Iceman's head, sending both guys wobbling around. Roberts and the Mongol try to corner Ice, but he somersaults over and makes the hot tag to Mantell. Quick backdrop on Mongol gets 2, but Roberts makes the save and all four guys enter the ring. Iceman tackles Roberts and begins pounding away. In the confusion, Mongol picks up Mantell for a running powerslam and scores the 3 count pinfall victory.

Match 2: Mike Reed vs. Kimala (w/Skandor Akbar and Friday)
Another Kimala squash, complete with belly slapping, chopping and a tree choke. Reed tries a few forearm shots, but Kimala no-sells and hits two consecutive flying splashes to score the easy pin. Throughout the match, Mercer pumped up Kimala, wondering WHO could beat him.

Match 3: Ron Starr vs. Mr. Ebony (w/Skandor Akbar)
Ebony's a rocked-up masked wrestler and the newest member of Devastation, Inc. To describe him to younger fans: he kinda' looks like a masked Ahmed Johnson. I'm pretty sure he was 70's wrestler Tom Jones; but if that's true, he looks in pretty solid shape for an older guy. But that's Not Unusual... no, no, it's not THAT Tom Jones! Ebony starts off with a side-mare, charging shoulderblock and some clubbering. Starr briefly brawls back and tries targetting the arm. Ebony kicks him away and they fight over applying a wristlock. Ebony whips Starr to the ropes, blasts him in the tummy, then cinches in a swinging full nelson to get the submission victory. Ebony didn't do anything too innovative, so I think it's safe to say that it was Tom Jones.

A Very Special Ringside Interview with Skandar Akbar and Mr. Ebony
Akbar formally introduces his newest member, then throws out an challenge, asking for more competition.

A Very Special Kerry Von Erich Video Package
Mercer introduces this bit by saying Kerry is like a "Tiger". WWE 24/7 uses dubbed-over generic music, but it was originally set to Survivor's Eye of the Tiger. During the chorus, they super-impose his face onto...well, an eye of a tiger. Kerry apparently went the distance and is now back on his feet-- just a man and his will to surviiiive!

Match 4: World Class Brass Knuckles Championship:
Terry Gordy (c)(w/Michael Hayes) vs. Kerry Von Erich (w/Kevin Von Erich)

Oh golly...another of the World Class "specialty belts". But, whoa, Gordy's wearing an actual BELT! And it even has a nifty little set of brass knucks on it! I can't remember who Gordy beat for this title (or if it was magically awarded), but I'd guess Jose Lothario. The Brass Knux title was pretty much the pre-cursor to the Hardcore Titles of the 90's. It means the matches are no disqualification. If you actually use brass knux, great... but they're not required. For this match, it appears that each guy taped their right hand, for added impact.

Basically an all-around brawl, but Gordy manages two flying kneedrops for a cover. He tosses Kerry over the top, which would've drawn a DQ in an ordinary match. They brawl outside for a bit, but the count-out rule is still in effect. Back inside, Kerry grounds Gordy by working on the knee. Gordy fights back with a whip to the corner, elbowsmash and a headbutt. Kerry connects with his discus punch and tries the CLAW, but Gordy is under the ropes. Gordy ties him up in the corner, stomps away, then lands a double kneedrop for 2. Kerry kicks out and immediately hops in the air to deliver a drop-kick. Kerry goes into his wardance, hooks the CLAW...but Hayes sneaks in for the save. Kevin chases Hayes around ringside, until Kerry catches him on the apron. While occupied with Hayes, Gordy charges from behind and blasts Kerry in the back with a knee. Gordy pulls Kerry to the center and cleanly pins him. Kevin (clad in some "Daisy Dukes"), clears the ring as the crowd chants "we want five!" I dunno'...the whole "five more minutes" thing usually only works for time limit draws, no pinfall decisions. Ahhh, Texas.

A Very Special Bill Mercer In-Ring Interview with the Freebirds
All three 'Birds brag about their collection of World Class title belts. Hayes says they're been kicking tail as a visiting team, but wonders how great it would be if they were on their home Dixie turf (specifically the Omni in Atlanta)! Hayes calls Brusier Brody a sell-out and forecasts that Iceman King Parsons will soon be bald. Roberts chimes in to mention the special hair removal cream they've acquired. The Freebirds seem to have all the momentum as we get in one final plug for "International Star Wars".

Why'd You Tape This??
The only really pertinent segments in this show are the interviews. The matches are all rather ordinary and almost boring. Seeing as how this is the final weekly show before "Star Wars", you can see why they're not trying to tear the house. Next episode is supposed to have all the fallout (and possibly highlights or matches) of the big event. It's also important to note that Kevin Von Erich was to face Ric Flair for the NWA World Title at "Star Wars"; but just a few days before THIS show, Flair lost the title to Harley Race. Thus, Kevin will actually be facing Race for the belt. I remember seeing the Kevin vs. Race and Bruiser/Kerry vs. Freebirds matches when World Class was showing reruns on ESPN in the late 80's, so I hope those will be included on the upcoming WWE 24/7 versions. Tune in, fans!

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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