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WCCW- June 11, 1983
by erick von erich

Unlike "Life on Mars", there's no mystery why we're flashing back in time. It's simply more World Class action from 1983, courtesy of WWE 24/7. We're now just a few weeks away from World Class's next super-card; "International Star Wars" and everyone is wondering who will be Kerry Von Erich's partner to challenge the Freebirds for the American Tag Team Championship. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: Chris Adams vs. Tola Yatsu (w/Arman Hussein)
Hussein's wearing some plaid trousers, looking a little like Idi Amin, which was probably the intent. Yatsu starts out with several thrusts kicks, but Adams ducks n' dodges, then suckers him through the ring ropes. Yatsu manages a nice hip-toss, then bows to Adams. Admas comes right back with a monkey-flip to rile him up. Yatsu takes Adams to the mat with a waistlock, which is countered into a head-scissors. Yatsu bridges out of it, turns it into a toe-hold, then elevates it into a surfboard. Yatsu pulls Adams up, slams him on the top rope, chops away, then pastes him with a reverse flying bulldog off the second rope for 2. Yatsu lands two nice reverse thrust-kicks, but Adams is able to duck away from a third. Adams lands two of his own, then whips Yatsu to the ropes and sweeps his legs. Adams is sent to the corner, but climbs to the top for a twisting flying body-press for 2. Adams blasts Yatsu with his super-kick, then dishes one out to Hussein on the apron. Adams goes upstairs and nails Yatsu in the mush with a flying kick from the top turnbuckle. That gets the clean 3 count victory for the "Gentleman". Good match and probably the best Yatsu match we've seen on these episodes!

A Very Special Interview with the Fabulous Freebirds
Bill Mercer is on location at the Freebirds' private pool. Michael Hayes says that champs like them make money... and they buy things with the money! Buddy Roberts is about to go off the diving board (in his wrestling trunks, no less), but stops to talk about "Iceman" King Parsons and their upcoming hair match at Star Wars. Roberts mentions they'll be bringing the infamous "Freebird Hair Cream" that'll make Parsons' dome completely bald! Terry Gordy talks for a bit, thanking the 'Birds moms for making them so awesome. Hayes then runs down Kerry Von Erich and his mystery partner. Hayes claims that nobody's available; the 'Birds ran Chavo Guerrero out of town and Kimala demolished Johnny Rich. Also, according to Hayes: "It won't be Andre the Giant, 'cuz he's in Puerto Rico! An' it won't be Dusty Rhodes, 'cuz he's too fat!" Good stuff from the 'Birds. But here's the funny part: as Michael Hayes told us in the WWE 24/7 pre-game, they were actually at Fritz Von Erich's pool!

A Very Special Ringside Interview with Skandor Akbar and the Mongol
Akbar plugs Star Wars and how Kimala will be in a 3-on-1 handicap match. Michael Hayes suddenly walks in, in street clothes, protesting the announcement of Bruiser Brody. Hayes looks scared and says there's no way Brody will be able to make it in. "He's in Japan!"

A Very Special Ringside Interview with Kevin Von Erich
Pre-recorded footage with highlights of Kevin's recent match against Ric Flair. Kevin actually pinned Flair, but it was a screwy finish since both combatants had tossed the other over the top rope, earlier. Pre-recorded comments from Flair himself are also included, saying how it was a travesty. The bottom line: Kevin will get his shot at Flair and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at International Star Wars.

Match 3: Eight-Man Elimination Match:
David Von Erich, Kerry Von Erich, Kevin Von Erich & "Iceman" King Parsons vs. Terry Gordy, Michael Hayes, Buddy Roberts & "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin

For trivia purposes, this might be the first World Class team-up of the Freebirds and their fourth, "unofficial" member, Garvin. Not a tag match, as it's more like a battle royal with pinfalls. So yup, lots of brawling and hugging. 3 referees are on hand and I have to say that ref John Renesto bears a slight resemblance to Neil Peart, circa 1977. All 8 men pair off and begin brawling, with the inevitable four-man irish-whip collision in the center of the ring. The Von Erichs and Iceman quickly dog-pile on Gordy for a 3 count, eliminating him in about a minute. Iceman then goes after Roberts while Kevin squares off with Garvin. Iceman gets his flying "butt-butt" on Hayes, but only gets 2. Garvin and Roberts join in on another dog-pile and Iceman is eliminated.

David Von Erich chomps down on Garvin's nose. Garvin manages to duck and send David over the top rope and to the floor for an elimination. Garvin poses and gloats while David is ushered out, which allows Kevin to drop-kick him in the back and eliminate Garvin over the top.

Things settle down as it's now Roberts/Hayes vs. Kerry/Kevin. Kerry applies a sleeper on Hayes while Kevin slams Roberts and hits him with a flying splash for 2. Freebird double clothesline on Kerry gets 2. The 'Birds then try to toss Kevin...but Kevin holds onto the top rope and "skins the cat" to stave off elimination. The Von Erichs come back and apply Stereo Clawholds! Followed up by Stereo Drop-kicks on both 'Birds. Hayes stops a cover by putting his foot on the bottom rope. Hayes then charges back and hits Kerry with a flying bulldog for 2, while Robers hits Kerry with a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Backbreaker from Roberts gets another 2. Von Erichs fight back and blast Hayes with a double drop-kick. They try it on Roberts, but miss. Kerry hits the mat, so Hayes quickly leaps off the second rope and pins him with a flying elbow.

Kevin's alone against both 'Birds, as they beat on him with a double-team backbreaker. They toss Kevin over the top and thinks he's eliminated. But Kev skins the cat again and makes it back in. The Freebirds attack and try to muscle him over the ropes. All three men go over in a cluster...but Kevin, once again, skins the cat, sheds both 'Birds and wins the match! Official time was 14:16. Kevin's "skin the cat" move was still pretty rare and exciting at the time, so this was a great finish.

A Very Special In-Ring Interview with the Von Erichs
All three brothers are in the ring and pump their upcoming title matches at Star Wars. David's set to wrestle Jimmy Garvin for the Texas title, Kevin's going after Flair's World title and Kerry's going after the American Tag Team titles. Kerry also confirms that, yes, Bruiser Brody will indeed be his partner. Mercer then quickly plugs next week show, which will feature the infamous Brass Knucks Championship! So long, folks!

Why'd You Tape This??
Fun episode, as we not only got two decent matches, but some great build for Star Wars. Unlike the other Star Wars of 1983..this one will have no frickin' Ewoks. Some may wonder why Brody was announced ahead of time as the "mystery partner". But consider that Brody was a big draw and you can understand why they'd want to promote his name, in advance, on the company's huge super-card. Skip over the Mongol match and you've got an exceptional episode of World Class.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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