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WCCW- June 4, 1983
by erick von erich

Time once again for some World Class action. WWE 24/7 has been skipping over a few episodes (and I missed a recap of one episode), due to poor video quality of the original master tapes, or else due to the fact that no tape exists. That's to be expected, but it'd be nice if Kevin Von Erich and Michael Hayes would actually talk about what we're missing and provide some background info, instead of just reciting what will be on the show. In addition to the weekly shows we've been following, World Class also ran a second show, which featured matches from Reunion Arena and the Will Rogers Center. A few key angles, title switches and matches happened on those shows, so some stuff has slipped through the cracks.

The 1983 show starts up with Bill Mercer running down the card, along with plugging the upcoming "International Star Wars" event. To be held in a few weeks at Reunion Arena, it'll feature some marquee match-ups. Specifically, Kerry Von Erich and a Mystery Partner challenging Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes for the American Tag Team Championship. Plus, Kevin Von Erich will challenge Ric Flair for the NWA World Championship. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: Chris Adams vs. Bill Rathke
They start off with a handshake, although Rathke still gets a chorus of boo-birds. Adams tries to bounce off the ropes for some shoulderblocks, but Rathke no-sells and tossing him outside. Adams hops back in as Rathke grabs a single-leg takedown and works a step-over toehold. Adams reverses, applies his own reverse toehold and works Rathke's legs. That goes on for awhile, so Mercer fills us in on Adams' past wrestling accomplishments, including his 1979 British Empire Championship. He also informs us that Adams went to college to study architecture before becoming a grappler. Rathke gets a little build-up, as well, since Mercer tells us he's from the tough town of Bandera, Texas. The match finally gets off the mat with Adams selling a sore hamstring from Rathke's attacks. Adams slams Rathke and follows uo with a flying kneedrop. Rathke tries grabbing the leg, again, but Adams counters and kicks him in the head with his other leg. Adams then applies a small package to grab the 3 count pin. Straigthforward match, with a lot of time spent on targetting each guy's legs.

Match 2: Johnny Rich vs. Kimala (w/Skandar Ackbar & Friday)
Ahh...the signs of summer in Texas: warm weather, barren grass, and Friday in shorts. Kimala is led in through the side door, once again. Sportatorium debut for Johnny Rich, cousin of the more-famous Tommy "Wildfire" Rich. Rich is billed from San Antonio...which means nothing to you the reader, but it's a chance for me to reference my Main Chickie's home town. Anyways, the Rabid Old Ringside Lady from a few episodes back has returned! This time she's giving Rich an earful of advice. Match begins as Rich tries to dodge Kimala's charges. He manages a brief wristlock, but Kimala powers him off then pounds away. Club, club, chop, tree-choke, cloub, club, two splashes and it's time for Kimala to get the pin. They've built up Kimala pretty well, so it's probably time to move him into a program against the Von Erichs.

A Very Special Interview with David Von Erich on the ranch
Bill Mercer is on location at, presumably, the Von Erichs' ranch to interview David. Mercer relates the place to Dave's own personal "Shangri-La". Dave agrees, but aspires to one day have a ranch twice as big as this. Dave talks a little bit about Jimmy Garvin and the Texas Title, even a little bit about Flair and the World Title. But most of the segment is peaceful footage of Mercer and Dave riding horses alongside two fillies. Looked like a moment of serenity for the guys.

Match 3: Kerry Von Erich vs. Michael Hayes
Hayes does his usual strut, which is then mocked by Kerry! Hayes is pissed and charges, right into two armdrags. Hayes bails for a bit, then returns to get blasted with some punches and an up-close meeting with the top turnbuckles. Hayes manages a kick and a kneelift, but misses a legdrop. Kerry comes right back with a flying kneedrop for 2. Kerry cinches a wristlock, cranks the arm, and takes Hayes to the mat. Hayes manages to return things to a vertical base, for some criss-cross (JUMP! JUMP!) tope work. Hayes leapfrogs, but Kerry rebounds with a flying cross-bodypress for 2. Hayes comes back with a flying clothesline and a second-rope fistdrop for his own 2. Kerry breaks Hayes' front facelock, slams him, then comes off the top turnbuckle with a flying reverse elbow drop for 2. Hayes is reeling, but quickly remembers Kerry's bum knee and begins attacking it. Hayes throws him outside and cracks the knee on the apron. He tries to suplex him back in, but Kerry counters in mid-suplex and lands on top of Hayes to grab the 3 count pin. Terry Gordy runs in, immediately, for a double-team beat-down. Kevin Von Erich soon arrives to make the save for his little brother.

A Very Special Ringside Interview with Hayes and Gordy
They pump up the Star Wars show and Kerry's mystery partner. Gordy says that there will be no partner and that the whole thing is a fraud.

Match 4: World Class Texas Heavyweight Championship (vacant):
David Von Erich vs. "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/Sunshine)

The title has been held up for the third time, after several inconclusive outcomes amongst these two. Mercer mentions that the champion will go on to the International Star Wars... so that tells you the outcome of this match! I realized while watching this match why I used to dig Sunshine: she was kinda' like the female lead in any horror movie. First time ya' seen her, it's no big deal, but as the movie goes on (as she's screaming, running through rain and getting her clothes ripped for 90 minutes), you eventually develop an affinity for her.

DVE and Garvin tear into each other at the bell. Dave works a hammerlock to take Garvin, then targets the legs, hooking a reverse step-over toe-hold. The toehold and kneedrop seem to be the moves of the night. Dave bridges back on the hold to the tune of "Go David, Go!" Garvin kicks the eyes, pounds away and deliver shis own hammerlock to take Dave to the mat. Kneedrop from Garvin scores 2. Dave turns the tide, punches some more and thumps Garvin into the turnbuckles to score a 2 count. He tries the claw, but Garvin blocks it with a thumb to the eye. Dave tries what looks like... a drop-kick... as Garvin begs him off. Mudhole stompin' results, as Dave backdrop hims, delivers a kneedrop (that move again) and covers for 2. Small package from DVE gets 2 more. Dave whips him to the ropes for a running high knee and goes for the cover...but Sunshine pulls Garvin's leg onto the bottom rope. Dave hops out to chase Sunshine, follows her into the ring and the bell sounds for a double disqualification. Huh? Well, the explanation is that Sunshine entered the ring, drawing the DQ for Garvin, while DVE was outside the ring for more than a 10 count. Wow.. that must've been a quick count, especially considering that Bronco Lubich was the referee for this bout. The result is that the Texas Title is STILL held-up and (shocker) will be decided at International Star Wars! DVE clears the ring, brings in the Texas flag and leads the crowd in a chant of "Garvin's a sissy". Wow, that's HARSH!

After a final commercial break, Mercer wraps up the show at his desk. Gavin and Sunshine enter, with the former complaining about a conspiracy in World Class. After all, he had David Von Erich beat! Mercer throws a quick plug for next week's 8 man tag-team elimination bout, as the DRUMS signal the credits.

Why'd You Tape This??
Typical old school booking, as mostly everything is a build for the upcoming "Star Wars" super card. You even had the "roadblock match", with one-half of each tag team wrestling (Hayes/Kerry). Kimala and Adams have established themselves and they really need to move onto bigger, high-profile things, like "Iceman" King Parsons did. Speaking of Parsons, one issue that was mentioned frequently on this episode was the newly-developed issue between Parson and Buddy Roberts, regarding the cutting of hair. Parsons managed to clip lock of Buddy's hair on the May 28 episode I skipped recapping... but that feud is really just beginning.

In the WWE 24/7 bumper segment, Von Erich and Hayes talk about how the guys would often try to out-perform each other, after watching each other's matches. That's evident in this episode, as the toe-hold and the kneedrop must've been what they were borrowing from each other.

All in all, not a great episode, just another "day at the office"

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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