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WCCW- April 30, 1983
by erick von erich

It's been awhile since we've seen one of these 1983 episodes, so it may take awhile for me to get back into the feel of the era. Anyways, before the program starts, Kevin Von Erich and Michael Hayes are in the WWE 24/7 studios talking about Chavo Guerrero...which leads to Hayes trying to wax poetic about Eddie. Sorry, it didn't work for me.

Back in 1983, Bill Mercer kicks off the show and runs down the card. He's joined at his desk by David Von Erich-- with his newly regained Texas Title and "Iceman" King Parson in tow. Iceman promises to get down and boogie all over the Freebirds tonight! But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: Chris Adams vs. The Mongol (w/Skandar Akbar)
The referee is Fred Sinclair, not one of the well-known World Class refs. For once, WWE 24/7's goofy "Terri-stories" graphic tells me something I didn't know: that the Mongol later went on to become "Cousin Luke" in the WWF. Match begins with some fairly stiff brawling. Mongol settles in to basic punching and choking, but lifts Adams into a one-armed slam for a 1 count. Adams chops back, then lands two wicked reverse thrust kicks. Just like last week, the crowd LOVES those kicks! Adams tries to slam Mongol, but can't get him up all the way. So a half-ass slam only gets 1. Mongol whips him to the ropes, but Adams ducks and delivers anoher thrust kick. He whips Mongol to the corner and smacks him with another. Adams climbs the turnbuckles to try a monkeyflip, but Mongol tosses him over the top rope, drawing a disqualification. But nothing's been settled! They continue brawling until two more referees are called out to break it up. Aside from seeing Adams nail some stiff kicks, this match was in-grown toenail painful.

A Very Special Ringside Interview with Chavo Guererro
Bill Mercer brings in Chavo, who talks about his "charro" outfit. That'd be a Mexican cowboy-- not to be confused with Charo ("cuchi-cuchi") or those yummy churro pastries. It's Chavo...and he's a charro. Chavo talks about his heritage of being born in Mexico, but being a citizen in the US. Yet Mercer keeps referring to him as "Guerrera". Just a basic introductory promo from Chavo, but as we go to commerical, the "UP NEXT" graphics are all in Spanish. Nice touch.

Match 2: "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/Sunshine)vs. Chavo Guerrero
New referee is John Renesto, most likely a relative of Tom. Sunshine is sporting some tight white pants that you could maybe squeeze one Corn Flake into. Chavo offers a handshake before the match and Garvin obliges, albeit weakly. After they lock-up, Garvin executes an arm-drag, then struts around. They go again, but this time Chavo delivers a nice hip-toss, 2 drop-kicks and a flying head-scissors to send Garvin to the outside. Like the earlier Garvin matches we've seen, Garvin is frustrated and asks how his hair looks. When garvin makes it back in, Chavo hooks him with another flying head-scissors into a crucifix pinning combo. Chavo keeps working the head-scissors and cranks away on Garvin down on the mat. Garvin manages to escape and deliver a toe-hold, but Chavo breaks that with a sit-out counter. Garvin bails again, this time complaining that Chavo has grease all over his body. Garvin returns and tries the Penultimate Knucklelock Challenge; but Chavo spins out of that and clamps on the head-scissors again. This time he stands up and twists Garvin's head to the mat. Garvin gets a cheapshot, kicks, pounds, powerslams and deliver a kneedrop to get a 2 count. Chavo is whipped to the corner, but climbs to the top, flips over Garvin and hooks him in a Mexican Surfboard! Chavo manages a roll-up for a 2 count, but they continue brawling as the bell sounds for a time-limit draw (about 10 minutes).

A Very Special Ringside Interview with Jimmy Garvin
Back from commercial, Garvin has Monica Hunter at ringside, complaining about how they "threw a ringer at me".

Match 3: Kimala (w/Skandar Akbar & The Mongol) vs. Tom Renesto and Bill Rathke (w/Arman Hussein)
Once again, Kimala comes in from the side door, but this time he has theme music! Hmmm..so last week Hussein had Rathke on a trial basis. But even after Rathke lost, Hussein still wanted to bring him into his stable. Things are really going downhill for ol' Arman. As you'd expect, this is a total squash, although it's interesting to note that Kimala gets a mild pop from the crowd. Kimala thumps away at both guys and does the Double Noggin Knocker. They try to pull Kimala's arms apart, but he whips both guys into each other. Renesto tumbles through the ropes, so Kimala beats up on Rathke and pins him after two splashes. Renesto is slow to get back in, but once he does he meets the same fate: big thumpin', big splashin' and a 3 count.

A Very Special Ringside Interview with Skandar Akbar
He challenges the Von Erichs, just in case the fans were confused about his heel status. The new heel stable beating up the old heel stable (Hussein's) might've been somewhat confusing for some hayseeds in the crowd. Akbar also mentions that the Mongol is his personal bodyguard.

Match 4: David Von Erich & "Iceman" King Parsons vs. Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts (the Fabulous Freebirds)
Jimmy Garvin and Sunshine return to ringside, with their all-important video camera. Of mild note to trivia buffs: the 'Birds are wearing their old green and gold trunks. Roberts starts it off with a backdrop on Iceman. They criss-cross (JUMP-JUMP!) and Iceman returns with a shoulderblock and his own backdrop. Roberts tries a toehold, but Iceman flips him away, monkeyflips him and lands two drop-kicks to send him to the floor. With the ring cleared, Iceman can now GET DOWN and BOOGIE!! Roberts returns with a headlock, countered by a head-scissors from Iceman (move of the night). Roberts jabs a thumb to the throat and tags in Hayes. Hayes flies off the second rope with a double-axehandle, then slams Iceman. Hayes tries a fist-drop on Iceman's head...but is thwarted by the Hard Head! Iceman fights back and whips Hayes into DVE's knee. David come sin some punchin', then both guys tag out. Iceman works on Roberts but, while bouncing off the ropes, gets knee'd in the back by Hayes. Hayes tags in to deliver a backbreaker and a kneedrop. Iceman kicks his way up, then tags in DVE who quickly hooks Hayes in the CLAW. Roberts makes the save and all four men are soon in the ring. In the melee, David is knocked outside...where he gets brained by Garvin's video camera. Iceman has the upper hand in the ring, but he doesn't notice Hayes reach out, pull the comatose David in the ring, and get the pin.

After the final break, Mercer quickly wraps up the show and plugs next week's main event: Kerry Von Erich, Iceman & Chavo Guerrero will be taking on all three Freebirds. As an added wrinkle, this match will also feature a "penalty box" gimmick. The DRUMS hit and we're out!

Why'd You Tape This??
Another good day at the office for World Class. Chavo gets to show his stuff, while Garvin continues on with his arrogant ways. Kimala's push continues and with Akbar challenging the Von Erichs, Devastation Inc has more to do than simply run Hussein's troops out of town. The Main Event featured Iceman getting the spotlight, while also continuing the ongoing rivalries between the Von Erichs/Freebirds as well as DVE/Garvin. While the opening match was a turdburger, both guys were new and it wouldn't have been smart to job out either one so early. So good booking all around. Like most episode of late, it doesn't stand well on its own; but as part of the continuing soap opera of World Class, it works well.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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