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WCCW- March 19, 1983
by erick von erich

World Class is on the air. Well, was on the air. This month, Kevin Von Erich and Michael Hayes are in the WWE 24/7 studio talking about how popular World Class was becoming at the time. Specifically how the show would beat 60 Minutes in the ratings in the Dallas area. When you beat those old CBS 60 Minutes codgers in anything, it's an accomplishment. Heck, I'd be bragging if I beat them in a game of "10 yard dash".

Quick intro from the actual show, this time around, as Bill Mercer quickly runs down the card. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: The Texan vs. "Wild" Bill Irwin
Texan is a masked wrestler with a tall build, wearing baggy pants, cowboy boots and a bandana around his neck. Plus, he appears to have slightly long hair and a bushy mustache sticking out of his mask. Hmmmmmm. Texan starts off with a wristlock and a clothesline for 2. He dances around and jabs a bit...in a VERY familiar manner. He drops to the mat on all fours and taunts Irwin a bit. He cinches a hammerlock to take Irwin to the mat, drops a knee into the shoulder, then works it into a pinning combination for a 2 count. The crowd begins chanting "Chauncey", which was supposedly one of Irwin's kayfabe "real" names, to rile him up. Irwin works his way up with a series of punches and kicks, then whips Texan to the ropes for a nasty-looking leaping mafia kick. He sets up Texan for a backdrop, but the masked man counters with a kneelift! I had my suspicions, but that kneelift confirmed it for me: Texan is a masked Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Irwin rolls out from the kneelift, then shoulderblocks his way back in from the apron and lands a sunset flip for a 2 count. Marc Lowrance comes over the speaker to announce that only 15 second remain in the bout. Irwin whips Texan to the ropes. Texan ducks a clothesline then rolls up Irwin for the 3 count pin with about 6 seconds remaining. Surprise ending, since it seemed that a time limit draw was inevitable once the time was announced. Oh, and I don't think Jake was ever acknowledged as the Texan for on-screen kayfabe purposes.

Match 2: "Iceman" King Parsons vs. Buddy Roberts
Michael Hayes is in Roberts' corner, but grabs the house mic. He explains that while he would usually be in the corner of his "brother" to help evaluate a match, he doesn't think it's necessary for tonight. Iceman grabs the stick and tells Hayes that he'll "leave him with something". Iceman then decks Hayes! Roberts attacks, but Iceman whips to the ropes and connects with his flying "butt-butt". Iceman gets the 3 count pin in only 4 official seconds! Which is subjective, since Bronco Lubich was the referee and his slow love-taps take about 4-5 second on their own! Regardless, the crowd goes nuts! Terry Gordy runs down and join his brothers in protesting the match as chants of Go Home, Freebirds" fill the Sportatroium.

The Freebirds hop out to ringside for an interview. They challenge Iceman to come back out. Iceman returns...with David, Kerry and Kevin Von Erich in tow. The Freebirds leave, complaining of a sudden unfair advantage. Iceman dances a little, in the ring. Great segment, as Iceman is now supremely over.

Match 3: Mike Bond vs. King Kong Bundy
Mercer didn't mention this match at the beginning of the show, so it must've been added due to extra time (kayfabe). Bundy grabs the house mic from Marc Lowrance's hands and demands to be introduced as "Devastation, Incorporated! You say that". So Lowrance calmly introduces him as "Devastation, Incorporated you say that". Heh. This match is just a notch above a squash, since Bond is allowed to reverse a wristlock and puts up a good resistance. Bundy mainly pounds away, but works Bond to the mat with a hammerlock and drop some knees. Bundy slams him, chokes him on the ropes and drops another knee for 2. Bundy clamps on a reverse chinlock and the crowd is absolutely dead and decomposing at this point. Bundy whips Bond to the corner, but Bond climbs, twists and blows a jump off the second rope. Bundy tries to catch him anyway... then drops him onto the top rope. Bundy follows up with a big kneedrop off the ropes to finally score the 3 count.

Afterwards, Bundy hops out for an interview. He promises that Devastation, Inc will be 100%, then challenges Tola Yatsu to a match, next week.

Match 3: WCCW Texas Heavyweight Championship:
David Von Erich (c) vs. "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/Sunshine)

Garvin has agreed to be on TV for this title shot. Garvin wins the initial lock-up with an armdrag, then struts around a bit. Second lock-up, but David wins this one with THREE consecutive armdrags. Expectedly, Garvin is frustrated and bails. Garvin returns as they trade armwringers. David slips under with a fireman's carry to the mat. Standing side headlock from Von Erich which, surprisingly, doesn't get a submission victory. Garvin gets a sucker blow to the mid-section, then clamps on a reverse chinlock...which cues up the audience for "Go, David, Go". Garvin looks into the camera and proclaims David is "a piece of beef jerky". Egads, that's EVIL! David elbows his way up and lands a shoulderblock off the ropes. Garvin gets a quick clothesline for 2, then re-applies the chinlock. David works him way out with a sidemare, stomps a mudhole into Garvin, then clamps on the CLAW. They brawl back and forth, with David eventually getting the upper hand. Garvin drops to his knees and begs. David charges off the ropes with a flying knee...but Garvin ducks and David tumbles over and out to the floor. David sells the injured knee like crazy, as he barely beats the count back into the ring. Garvin immediately applies his brainbuster to get the pin and become the NEW Texas Heavyweight Champion. Mercer mentions that a brainbuster or "piledriver suplex" is illegal, though.

Back from a break, as Mercer is wrapping things up at his desk with Garvin and Sunshine. Garvin brags that this is his fifth state championship and credits his extensive film study with producing the victory. Mercer asks him about the illegal brainbuster. Garvin plays ignorant and says that's it not of those...it's simply "Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin's Bombs Away", an original move. Oh...how silly of us to ask. Garvin is such a goofy villain and it's easy to hate him. Mercer then promotes next week's Bundy/Yatsu match as the DRUMS hit!

Why'd You Tape This??
The Texan was a nice surprise, as was the Iceman/Roberts match. An average episode, but still worth watching for the Texas title match and the latest Von Erich-Freebird antics. Garvin and David now go into a little program that runs over the next few months and has a satisfying end. But Big Dave's still very much a part of the Freebird War. And don't think that Roberts is done with Iceman, either.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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