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WCCW- March 5, 1983
by erick von erich

Welcome back to World Class Championship Wrestling. In the WWE 24/7 studios, Michael Hayes and Keivn Von Erich have apparently settled their differences, as they do a straight introduction for the show. I'm sure in another few weeks, they'll be facing off again.

The original show starts up with Bill Mercer doing his customary rundown of tonight's card. But before we can go the ring, Mercer is joined at his desk by "The Man" from Devastation, Inc. General Skandar Akbar (yes, I think I'll stick to spelling it as "Akbar"... until I see otherwise, which should be the next show). Akbar announces that the Great Kabuki is currently rehabbing in his "home country". Akbar continues pounding this point as we cut to a video of Kabuki training in an Oriental pagoda. Fairly well done video, as this would be used for the next few years to hype up Kabuki. For instance, I remember seeing it on a tape of Central States wrestling from 1984. Mercer blows his liens by saying Kabuki, who was always billed as being from Singapore is in his home country of... "Japan". Akbar keeps repeating himself about Kabuki being home and rehabbing, completely killing the promo momentum he had from the last episode.

Mercer then asks about the rumors of Kamala. Akbar wanted to wait to bring him in, but with Kabuki's injury, Devastation has had to expedite things, 'cuz Kamala's coming sooner rather than later! Cut to a hype video of Kamala, hunting in the "wild". Kamala has a different version of his traditional facepaint, as we see that he has the top of his head painted. He wouldn't settle on his usual look for a few more months.

Two lenghty promos to start the show... but there's still so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, so let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: "Iceman" King Parson vs. The Magic Dragon (w/Arman Hussein)
Hussein is still pants-less, which means he must've been wrestling, this week. Dragon is back to a more typical red and black mask. Iceman is in the ring signing autographs for fans, and for a guy in only his second match in Texas, the fans seems to love him. Match starts off with the Penultimate Kuncklelock Challenge, whihc Iceman wins and takes Dragon's hands to the mat for a foot stomp. They trade hammerlocks until Dragon jabs Iceman in the eyes and takes over with a series of chops. He rams Ice's head to the turnbuckles, but since Ice is black, that means he has the traditional African-American No-Selling Hard Head (also available in a Samoan model). Boring match, as they continue to do nothing but punchy/kicky. They bounce off the ropes, with Iceman doing a leapfrog over Dragon, then connecting with his leaping "butt-butt" finisher, as Parsons score the 3 count victory. Afterwards, Hussein gets in the ring and receives his own butt-butt for his troubles.

Match 2: Al Madril vs. Tola Yatsu (w/Arman Hussein)
Nooooo! Not more Alberto! I'm tempted to do some research and find out when his worthless rump leaves World Class. Before the match, King Kong Bundy and General Skandar Akbar are in the ring to issue a challenge to Hussein's stable. Match gets underway with Yatsu chopping and tossing Madril through the ropes. Madril makes a mild "comeback" with...a punch and a side headlock. Yatsu comes right back at him with a kneelift, whip into a bearhug and a reverse atomic drop. Powerslam and flying knee get 2 for Yatsu. Yatsu continues with a reverse thrust kick and a backbeaker into a submission hold. Yatsu slaps on the "nerve hold" to allow a breather. This riles up the fans to chant "Go, Al, go!" Meanwhile, Bill Mercer tells us that Madril is a huge fan of Elvis Presley and styles himself after his idol. Okay, then why the poofy hairdo and porn star moustache?! The King never had those! Yatsu whips Madril to opposite turnbuckles. On the second, Madril attempts to climb, twist and fly off... but he slips off the second rope. Yatsu quickly applies the dreaded Stomach Claw to get the submission win.

A Very Special Ringside Interview with Arman Hussein
Failry by-the-books promo, as Hussein warns Devastation, Inc while pumping up Yatsu.

A Very Special Interview with "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/Sunshine)
Garvin has invited Mercer out to his home, where Garvin gives an interview in his hot tub (or, more likely, the HOTEL'S hot tub). Mercer questions him about his reluctance to not be filmed, but Garvin says he's warming up to that aspect. While Sunshine primps his hair, Gravin announces that he's in Texas to take out the Von Erichs, especially David Von Erich and the Texas Title. Garvin rips up pictures of the Von Erichs...then also rips up pictures of the Freebirds, saying they have "no class" and belong in a "garbage can". A bit unusual, since I had always thought Garvin was a buddy of the 'Birds. But it's kinda' fun how all of World Class's heels hate each other.

Match 3: David Von Erich vs. Buddy Roberts (w/Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy)
Roberts is billed as "the Third Bird". Once David sees that Hayes and Gordy are out, he brings out borthers Kerry and Kevin Von Erich. As the place goes nuts, Jimmy Garvin and Sunshine also come out to scout things. Referee Bronco Lubich puts his foot down (gently, of course) and orders everyone to leave. The 'Birds and Von Erichs leave, but Garvin is allowed to stay and watch. DVE notices, as this essentially starts their little feud.

Match begins, as it's a basic brawl. Roberts plants David on the turnbuckles and kicks away. David reverses and irish-whip, plants Roberts on the opposite turnbuckle and answers back with his own series of kicks. David off the ropes with a shoulderblock, then Roberts fights back with a knee and tries an atomic drop. DVE reverses and lands his own atomic drop. They pretty much counter each other's basic holds, until Roberts swings wildly on a clothesline attempt. DVE hooks him in the CLAW! Roberts tries to make the ropes, but suddenly Hayes and Gordy run out from the back and attack. They both deliver swinging neckbreakers on David, until the Kerry & Kevin Calvary makes the save. David gets the win by disqualification at 6:53 (special thanks to ring announcer Marc Lowrance for that last lil' nugget).

Bill Mercer signs off at his desk, with specila guest David Von Erich. David's still selling the effects of the neckbreakers, but declares war on the Freebirds and those 6-man World Tag Team Titles. Mercer plugs next week's main event of Kerry Von Erich vs. Michael Hayes as we sign off.

Why'd You Tape This??
This is just a filler episode, with horrible matches. Aside from Garvin's three minute promo and his little appearance in the main event, there's nothing worth mentioning on this show. Akbar and Iceman both took steps back with a lame promo and match, respectively. Every episode can't be great. But, there is good news: WWE 24/7 seems to have stepped up their frequency of new World Class episodes! Usually, I've had to wait two weeks between new installments. But as soon as this episode disappeared from the selection menu, it was replaced with the very next episode! So, what this means for YOU, Dear Reader, is that you won't have to wait a month for the next review. Well, assuming I'm not lazier than usual, that is.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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