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WCCW- February 26, 1983
by erick von erich

Fans, we're back with more World Class Championship Wrestling! Michael Hayes is once again flying solo in the WWE 24/7 studio, as he can breath easily without Kevin Von Erich around to harass him. Hayes teases a special guest, later on, as we cut to the actual show with Bill Mercer running down the card. During this episode we'll be introduced to "The Iceman" King Parsons, "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin and the enigmatic "Man" from Devastation, Inc will finally appear! It seems that WWE 24/7 might have skipped over an episode or two, but as you'll see, we haven't really missed much. Maybe an Al Madril match or two, but we'll survive. But with so much going on in World Class Championship Wrestling, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: King Kong Bundy vs. Magic Dragon (w/Arman Hussein)
Before the match, Bundy cuts a ringside promo. Mercer asks him where "The Man" is, but Bundy replies that his presence isn't required for a such a "low caliber opponent". Dragon has a new all-red mask this week and Hussein is pants-less.... that is,he has his wrestling trunks on. Both guys size each other up for a few minutes. Bundy wins a lock-up and they do the Penultimate Knucklelock Challenge. Dragon reverses out of the knucklelock by somersaulting. Dragon works on the eyes and throat, until Bundy begins clubbing back. Bundy slam and a a knee-drop gets 2. A chinlock happens. After an irish-whip, Dragon leapfrogs and tries a roll-up, which Bundy no-sells. Dragon is tossed outside and inside the ring as he tries to attack Bundy's eyes again. He finally knees Bundy into the corner, but the big man military presses him off. More chinlock! Dragon gets a drop-kick and a flying shoulderblock, then tries a flying bodypress. Bundy catches him and turns it into a backbreaker. Bundy bounces off the ropes for a big splash and the elementary 3 count pin. Mercer calls the splash as Bundy hitting "what was the Dragon". Mercer also talks about Bundy may have been out for revenge for Devastation's Great Kabuki, who was apparently attacked by Tola Yatsu, last week.

A Very Special Pre-Recorded Interview with Some Newcomers
Pre-taped interview time, as this week Mercer introduces us to "Iceman" King Parsons. Iceman talks about his nickname: he got it while working in college when he "hauled ice, man". He says that he's in Texas to take out Arman Hussein, alluding to some heat the two had over in Germany. He also says that he's a friend of the Von Erichs, having tagged with David in the past.

Next up is "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin and his valet, Sunshine. I had forgotten how cute she was. Not hot or "WWE Diva slutty", just kinda' cute. Garvin says that World Class will now be the greatest promotion, since he's arrived. He strongly objects to having any of his matches video-taped, though.

Match 2: "Iceman" King Parsons vs. Arman Hussein
In a pre-match promo, Hussein calls Parsons a "possum" and says that he's not the next "black hope". Graphics spell Hussein's first name as "Armond"...so I'm still unsure the proper spelling- I've been using "Arman" as well as "Armand"...now I have to worry about "Armond". In an earlier reivew, I had speculated that Hussein was supposed to be Haitian, but he's announced as hailing from the Sudan. Finally clears that up for me. As the match starts, Hussein demands to do his "camel walk"; where he struts and jumps along each side of the ring. After one pass, Iceman has had enough. He pounds away on Hussein, backdrops him and flattens him with a drop-kick. Iceman covers to score the quick 3 count victory (with a canvas love tap from Bronco Lubich) and the fans go nuts! Oh yeah, during the camel walk, Mercer informed us that Hussein was, indeed, "The World Class African Champion". Oh, for poop's sake!!

Match 3: Al Madril vs. "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin
Garvin's debut match...but he threatens a walk out and objects to being filmed on television! Fans and Madril can't believe it, but referee David Manning runs in and confirms that Garvin does NOT have a TV contract. So the cameras must be turned off. No match, but a pretty interesting and arrogant angle for the time.

Devastation, Inc. Press Conference
Seated at a table with King Kong Bundy, a flunky and two harem girls, it's "The Man", "The General", Skandar Ackbar! Ackbar runs down his business interests in oil, announces his arrival in World Class and his intentions to make Devastation, Inc. the premier organization in wrestling. The first order of business is to get revenge for Tola Yatsu's attack on the Great Kabuki. Ackbar also mentions that Kamala will be arriving soon. He cites an old grudge with Fritz Von Erich, as he hands a hefty sum of cash to Bundy. Good stuff, as Ackbar has a real no-nonsense authoritative tone in his voice.

Match 3: Lumberjack Match:
Kevin, Kerry & David Von Erich vs. Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts

THE match that everyone wants to see. Although it's not for the 6-man title, the Von Erichs finally have the Freebirds in the ring! The Freebirds are in their prime, countered by the best 6-man combo the Von Erichs ever had. It looks like the lumberjacks are: Jimmy Garvin, Sunshine (yeah, that'll help), Al Madril, King Parsons, Arman Hussein, Tola Yatsu and King Kong Bundy. Kerry and Gordy start, as Gordy whips him in for a stiff kneelift, then tags in Hayes who chokes him on the ropes. Kerry halts Hayes' hip-toss attempt, delivers his own and clears the ring by slamming Gordy. David comes in to brawl with Gordy, who sells like crazy. Irish-whip and a drop-kick from David, then all 6 men enter for fisticuffs. After things settle down, the Freebirds isolate Kevin in their corner and work him over. Roberts with a slam for 2. Hayes comes in for a running kneelift and drops a knee for 2. Gordy whips Kevin to the corner, but Kevin rolls away as Gordy eats turnbuckle. Hot tag to Kerry who delivers a backdrop, snapmare, kneedrop and pounds away with discus punches.

'Birds take over again as Gordy tosses Kerry into their side of town. Roberts works the arm, bringing out chants of "Go, Kerry, Go", then Hayes delivers a vertical suplex. Hayes twists a hammerlock into a backbreaker for 2. Gordy tosses Kerry out of the ring, right into King Kong Bundy. Back in, Kerry and Roberts butt heads as both stagger around. Tag to David, who runs in to hook a sleeper on Gordy. All 6 enter for some brawlin' fun. Kerry and Roberts tussle and go over the top rope...and so does referee David Manning! David hooks the claw on Gordy, but Hayes flies off the top to nail him in the external occipital protuberance. Everyone fights with everyone else...including the lumberjacks. In the middle of the ring, Gordy sets up David for a piledriver and connects. But turnabout's fair play, as this time Kevin flies off the top and nails Gordy in the noggin. Kevin throws David on top, just as Manning returns to the ring. Manning slaps out the 3 count victory for the Von Erichs at 11:13.

After a commercial break, the Von Erichs are at ringside for an enthusiastic promo. They acknowledge tonight's record-setting attendance at the Sportatorium and say the victory was for "all of Texas". The World Class 6-Man Trophy will soon be coming home. Mercer signs off and promotes next week's card; featuring Tola Yatsu vs. Al Mardil, David Von Erich vs. a Freebird and more on "The Man". The DRUMS hit and we're out!

Why'd You Tape This??
Back in the 24/7 studio, Hayes brings in his special guest, "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin. Garvin now has a shaved head and obviously looks completely different. They reminisce about old times, including all the boozing they did at the Freebirds' house in Dallas.

As for the show itself, the Devastation stuff is kinda' interesting. They're involved in a heel vs. heel war with Hussein's stable, formerly known as "H&H Enterprises", yet still taking on all the babyfaces as well. By the way, what happened to the other "H" of H&H, Gary Hart? I'm also thankful that Garvin's match with Madril was blacked out. Garvin's okay, but I really didn't want to see another match with ol' Alberto.

This show is probably the best World Class episode they've aired, to date. An absolutely smoldering main event, the debut of three new impact players, plus some big angle advancement with Devastation and Garvin's video taping. Probably one of the most significant episodes of World Class's history, for all those reasons.

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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