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WCCW- January 29, 1983
by erick von erich

Back with more World Class action from the (Semi) Great State of Texas. This week, in the WWE 24/7 studio, Kevin Von Erich is hosting along. Michael Hays walks in from off-camera, selling a bloody nose he just received. Heh.

As usual, the actual World Class show opens with Bill Mercer previewing the card. As a special treat, it's been announced that Ric Flair will be returning to the Sportatorium, soon. But with so much going on in World Class, let's get down to ringside for...

Match 1: The Samoan vs. Tola Yatsu (w/Arman Hussein)
Hussein supposedly had to pull alot of strings and dump a load of cash to get Yatsu into the country. Before the match, an old lady at ringside gets up and just starts absolutely blistering Hussein with heckles! Bell rings with a lock-up, with Yatsu getitng the leverage and performing a fireman's carry into a takedown. They hit the ropes for a break, and at this point I notice that Yatsu breaks tradition, somewhat, by wearing boots. Most Oriental wrestlers at the time went shoeless or else wore those little slippers like Iron Fist. Yatsu gets a nice thrust kick and chops away. Criss-cross sequence and Yatsu performs a very awkward powerslam. Off by an inch or two and he would've broken his neck. Yatsu slaps on a Cobra Clutch and takes the Samoan to the mat for an easy pin. After the bell, and because he's EVIL, Yatsu kicks away at the Samoan some more.

A Very Special Pre-Recorded Interview with David Von Erich
DVE's been travelling, but he'll be back to Texas soon. He talks about the way the Freebirds backstabbed the Von Erichs after the six-man tag team title match. He then focusses his attention on King Kong Bundy's Devastation, Inc and the mysterious "Boss". DVE concludes by saying "my boss is my dad!"

Match 2: Jose Lothario vs. Michael Hayes
During the introductions, Mercer mentions that Hayes is only 21 years old. I think that's legit. Hayes stalls and complains about Lothario's taped fists, even threatening a walk out. After referee Larry Hayes removes the tape, Hayes celebrates with a little strut. Lothario starts with an arm-wringer and a standing side headlock, then goes to work on Hayes' left leg. After Lothario cranks a toe-hold and a leg stretcher, Hayes escapes, but sells the leg injury like crazy. Hayes tries delivering a kneedrop with the gimpy leg, but Lothario dodges and goes right back to that same leg. Mercer calls this some: "Hully-Gully Roughwork"! The crowd gets riled up and begins chanting "Go home, Freebirds!". Hayes manages a comeback and gets a two count with a suplex and a swinging neckbreaker. Lothario brawls back and the bell sounds for a time limit draw. Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts hit the ring, but Lothario makes it out safely. Pretty standard brawl, but Hayes sold alot to make it interesting for the crowd.

A Very Special Ringside Interview with the Freebirds
Gordy riles up the crowd even more with some insults. Hayes challenges Lotahrio again, then throws out a general challenge to anybody else. "We're not goin' nowhere". Double negatives: a good way to tell that any rassler is upset and SERIOUS!

A Very Special Sit Down Interview with King Kong Bundy
From the swanky World Class backstage interview set...which resembled some of the low-key TV talk shows of the era. Mercer asks Bundy about "The Boss", but Bundy says that's information given on a need to know basis. And Mercer doesn't need to know! But Bundy calls him up and relays a few evasive answers from "The Boss" in a skit that wouldn't make Bob Newhart lose sleep. Bundy slips in that the Boss is heavily invested in oil and gas and will make Devasation, Inc THE dominant force in pro wrestling.

Match 3: Bugsy Mc Graw & Al Madril vs. King Kong Bundy & The Great Kabuki
Bundy and Kabuki are officially introduced as Devastation, Inc. Kabuki does his little pre-match ritual by spewing green mist on his hands. Bugsy then spoofs the move by spitting on his own hands. HA! Bugsy starts out with Kabuki with some basic brawling. Bundy comes in for...some basic brawling. Al Madril comes in for...some basic brawling. But he does mix in a KICK. Madril and Kabuki speed it up a little with some criss-cross rope work, with Madril landing a flying bodypress for 2. Kabuki comes right back with a thrust kick to the cabeza. After more...brawling... Bugsy manages to slam Kabuki, then climbs up top to try for a diving headbutt. But that trick never works. Kabuki dodges, plants Bugsy with another thrust kick, then tags in Bundy. Bundy bounces off the ropes to deliver a big flying splash and score the 3 count.

Mercer previews next week's card, while Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts shout fightin' words at Kevin Von Erich. Next week's main even will feature Gordy taking on Kevin Von Erich for the American Heavyweight title! But that's all the time we have for this week.

Why'd You Tape This??
Back in the 24/7 studio, Hayes complains about his bloody nose again. Even pushing 50, Hayes still knows how to sell an injury and make the babyface look good! They talk about Devastation, Inc some more and how it'll be an intergral part of World Class from here on out. Bugsy's usually entertaining, but the only segement worth seeing in this show is the Sit Down with King Kong Bundy. Again, Bundy's much better on the stick than most of us remember. It's too bad that he leaves World Class soon. But that's all the time I have for his week. See you next week...err...month...err..episode!

Boom-da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom, da-da-da-boom

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