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NWA/TNA Weekly PPV #18- October 30, 2002

by Wrestling Recap's Bob Colling

From: Nashville, Tennessee

Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to the “eve of Halloween”. The opens up with Kid Kash and Tony Mamaluke already in the ring to quickly start off with a match!

Opening Contest: Kid Kash defeated Tony Mamaluke

Both men with leg trips and they have a stand still early on. Kash with a springboard sunset flip for a near fall. They trade a series of pins each man getting near falls. They also trade several arm drags until Mamaluke goes to the floor. Kash connects with a slingshot cross body onto the floor. Kash with a running clothesline in the corner but on a second attempt, Mamaluke drives Kash face first into the middle turnbuckle with a drop toe hold. Mamaluke follows up with a reverse neck breaker a two count. They trade a series of right hands until Mamaluke knees Kash in the corner. Kash takes Mamaluke down with a pump handle backbreaker and locks in a modified cross face. Mamaluke sends Kash to the apron and shoulder blocks Kash to the floor and nails Kash with a baseball slide dropkick. Mamaluke gets a two count back in the ring. Mamaluke slams Kash face first into the canvas several times. Kash comes back with a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Mamaluke manages to get a ankle lock submission locked on but Kash powers his way to the ropes and reaches the bottom rope. Double springboard cross body off the top by Kash and several clotheslines for a two count. Mamaluke with a nice saito suplex where Kash landed right on his neck! Kash with a fisherman buster across the knee for another near fall. Kash comes back with a baseball slide for a near fall, and Mamaluke tries one as well. However, Kash rolls through and plants Mamaluke with the Money Maker to pick up the win. **½

Mike Tenay and Don West go over tonight’s show. Jeff Jarrett/Curt Hennig in a first round match to determine a number contender to the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Amazing Red challenges AJ Styles for the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship. Ron Killings defends the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Scott Hall. Tenay mentions he talked to Scott Hall earlier today.

In the interview earlier today, Scott Hall says that he was interested in the company because the guys in the company will not quit, and he likes that attitude. Tenay brings up Hall’s inability to win the “big one”. Hall would like to be the NWA-TNA World Champion. Hall wants to be the guy running the show. Hall also says that Ron Killings is talented and really good “but so am I”. Tenay wishes Hall luck tonight.

Before the next match, Ron Killings insults the fans by rapping. “If I suck, you swallow” when the fans chant “You Suck” at him. Killings cuts a promo on Syxx-Pac, Curt Hennig, BG James and Scott Hall. Killings doesn’t believe that Jeff Jarrett is Mr. Wrestling III masked man who attacks him on a weekly basis. Killings botches the Hall line of “Don’t sing it, just bring it”. Instead he said “Don’t bring, don’t sing it, just bring it.” Scott Hall comes out for the title match, and doesn’t get that great of a response. Hall says that Killings needs to stop being a stooge of Jeff Jarrett. Hall also says that Killings needs to be worried about him, and not some masked guy.

Second Contest: Ron Killings defeated Scott Hall to retain the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Hall throws the toothpick at Killings and gets a good laugh out of it. Hall works on the left shoulder of Killings with several shoulder blocks and a slam. Hall locks in a arm submission and slaps the back of Killings head. Hall with a abdominal stretch and lifts up the leg of Killings. Hall briefly locks in a chin lock as well. Killings with several right hands to drop Hall down to a knee. Killings avoids a clothesline and connects with a spinning heel kick and plants Hall down with a power slam. Killings also hit’s a flying forearm smash but only gets a two count. Killings connects with the scissors kick coming off the ropes but Hall manages to kick out at two. “Overrated” chant directed towards Killings. Killings comes off the top rope and hit’s a top rope leg drop but once again only gets a two. Killings kicks Hall in the chest to avoid a backdrop. Killings drives Hall down with a reverse Russian leg sweep and gets another two count. Killings misses a leaping sidekick, and Hall drops Killings with a choke slam. Hall with a discus right hand and a fall away slam. Hall crotches Killings on the top and drives Killings down with a back suplex. Hall signals for the end but the Mr. Wrestling III masked man runs down and Hall hit’s the masked man with a right hand. Killings with a front sit out suplex and pins Scott Hall to retain the title. *¼

A video promoting the feud between Curt Hennig and Jeff Jarrett is shown, but their isn’t any sound. So, Jeff Jarrett comes out to cut a promo on Curt Hennig. Jarrett mentions that he was going to earn his way to become the champion. He has to win three matches to get to Killings and win the championship. Jarrett promises that he will do just that. Jarrett mentions the Mr. Wrestling III masked man. Jarrett declares a bounty on the masked man. Curt Hennig is out on the entrance ramp, and his music hits too late. Hennig goes over the previous gimmicks of Jeff Jarrett. Hennig is curious as to why Jarrett and Mr. Wrestling III are never in the same place. Hennig knows that the masked man is Jarrett. Hennig is going to kick Jarrett’s ass here tonight.

Third Contest: Chris Harris/James Storm defeated The Hot Shots and Chris Michaels/Rick Michaels to retain the NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships

Both challenging teams huge each other in the ring as the champions storm the ring. Harris and Storm brawl with the Hot Shots on the floor until Rick and Chris also comer over and help double team the champions. O’Reilly hip tosses Storm on the concrete floor. Rick sends Storm into the guard railing as Chris drives Harris down with a sit out spinning slam in the ring. The champions continue to be double teamed for several moments. Rick clotheslines Storm as O’Reilly lifted him up in the air. Storm and Rick appear to be the legal man as order is restored. Storm manages to nail Rick with a super kick. Chris Harris enters and cleans house with right hands and lariats. Harris with a running bulldog on Stevens as well. Rick plants Harris with a float over DDT but only gets a near fall. O’Reilly hit’s a handspring back elbow on Rick Michaels, which signals the end of the partnership. Hot Shot with a double team rolling leg slam on Chris. O’Reilly hit’s a top rope frog splash on Storm. Rick with a face buster onto his knee and neck breaker on Harris. Chris leaps off the top hitting a elbow drop on Harris for a near fall. Storm sets Rick up and Harris knocks O’Reilly off the top to the floor. Harris leaps off and connects with a leg drop on Rick. Storm covers and they retain the tag team titles! **

After the match, the lights go out as soon as the match ends. When the lights come back on, Brian Lee and Slash are in the ring and they attack everyone in the ring. They attack the champions as James Mitchell says “take the garbage out”. Brian Lee with a snap suplex on Storm on the entrance way. Lee brings Storm to the side of the ramp and choke slams Storm off the ramp through the table on the floor! Lee brings Harris to another table, and Slash goes up to the top of the balcony. Slash leaps off and crashes onto Harris through the table! James Mitchell says that the New Church have come back to TNA like a plagued. Mitchell says that the New Church will do what they want, to whom they want for as long as they want to do it. Mitchell says nothing can be done to stop them. Mitchell doesn’t care about the rules in TNA. Mitchell is the messiah of the New Church and they only listen to him. Mitchell “says prepare for the apocalypse”.

Mike Tenay talked to Bob Armstrong about rule changes in title matches. Armstrong says that if the champion gets disqualified or counted-out they will lose the championship. Armstrong does say he has gotten complaints about giving title shots to Killing’s championship but he believes he is being fair by introducing a tournament. Armstrong says that their will be a clear cut winner in title matches and that Don Harris will be the referee for the tournament matches.

Don West goes over some of the tournament matches to be shown on this show. The first tournament match is up next.

Fourth Contest: BG James defeated Ron Harris in a #1 Contenders tournament match

Harris works on BG in the corner with several right hands in the corner. BG comes back with several right jabs, but Don Harris prevents BG from hitting a right hand, just as he did to Ron moments earlier. Ron leaps onto BG as he is hovered over the middle rope. Ron with several elbow drops. We cut backstage to see Jeff Jarrett and Curt Hennig brawling backstage where Curt Hennig is busted wide open. BG with a forearm smash a knee drop coming off the ropes for a near fall. BG gets in Don’s face over the count. Ron knocks BG down with a right hand. We cut again backstage, to see Hennig getting taped up stop the blood loss. Goldylocks is trying to get more help for Hennig. BG works on Ron with closed right fists in the corner. BG is stopped but Don and is met with a running big boot from Don. Bob Armstrong comes down and says that Don isn’t doing his job. Don Harris says that he is doing his job, and that Armstrong is protecting his sons ass. Armstrong sends Don Harris to the backstage area. Don Harris nails Bob Armstrong with a right hand. Ron Harris was watching what happened and BG rolled Ron up to win the match. *1/4

A video recapping the feud between Ace Steel and Jorge Estrada is shown.

Before the next match, Mortimer Plumtree has a microphone. Plumtree says that he will not wrestle with a woman. Mortimer has gotten the services of someone “who is more of a woman than Priscilla”. Bruce makes his way out to the entrance ramp.

Fifth Contest: Ace Steel/Bruce defeated Jorge Estrada/Priscilla

Steel attacks Estrada as he was distracted by Plumtree. Bruce chases Priscilla on the floor until Estrada leaps off the top rope and dives onto Bruce. Estrada with several right hands on the floor. Estrada with a head scissors takedown in the ring on Steel. Steel manages to reclaim the advantage with right hands. Steel and Bruce connect with a double team elevated dropkick/sit out spine buster which saw Bruce come off the top rope with a dropkick for a near fall on Estrada. Bruce continues with a scoop slam for another two count. Estrada comes back with a springboard cross body off the middle rope for a near fall. Steel enters and controls Estrada with a vertical suplex. Double team back drop on Estrada for another near fall. Steel misses a top rope diving head butt and Estrada goes to his corner to tag in Priscilla but Plumtree yanks Priscilla off the apron. Estrada manages to take both men down with a cross body off the top rope for a near fall. Estrada knocks Bruce to the floor and Priscilla trips Steel up in the ring. Estrada with a rolling fireman’s carry and springboard moonsault for a near fall on Steel. Estrada goes up but Bruce wiggles the ropes and Estrada crashes to the mat. Steel sets Estrada up and hits the Twist of Cain. Bruce gets the tag and simply pins Estrada to win the match. *

After the match, Plumtree, Bruce and Steel celebrate their win as Priscilla checks on Estrada. Steel places Priscilla on Plumtree’s knee and she is spanked by Plumtree. Estrada is also attacked as referees come down to stop the attack.

Sixth Contest: Jeff Jarrett defeated Curt Hennig in a #1 Contenders tournament match

Curt Hennig is busted wide open and looks like he may have a concussion. Jeff Jarrett comes from behind and hits Hennig with a steel chair. Jarrett throws Hennig into the ring and hit’s the Stroke for win. That was less than a minute. NR After the match, Jarrett taunts Hennig and Jarrett attacks referees and security guys with a chair. Hennig is unable to do anything as he has lost too much blood.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn discussing his match with Sonny Siaki. Lynn says he needs to focus and not think to much about getting revenge on Siaki. Lynn mentions that he has been a World Champion before but puts over the NWA World Championship. Lynn is focused on taking that next step to be the NWA World Champion.

Video from last week’s match between Jerry Lynn and Sonny Siaki is shown. Siaki working on Lynn’s knee is heavily mentioned as is the post match beat down after losing the match.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki. Goldylocks mocks Siaki for not being able to beat Jerry Lynn last week. Siaki says he has stamina and makes a few sexual references. Siaki says that he didn’t give Lynn everything he had last week. Siaki says that he is the biggest bully on the block.

Seventh Contest: Sonny Siaki defeated Jerry Lynn in a #1 Contenders tournament match:

Siaki tries to get to the right knee of Lynn, but Lynn manages to side step Siaki as he shows that his knee appears to be healthy. Siaki works on Lynn in the corner with a few shoulder blocks but Lynn battles back with right hands and a head scissors take down. Lynn follows up with a middle rope bulldog for another near fall. Lynn with a baseball slide to the floor and a running somersault dive off the apron onto Siaki. On the floor, Siaki sends Lynn back first into the guard railing. Lynn rams Siaki face first into the ring steps and gets a near fall in the ring. Siaki with a flapjack that sends Lynn throat first across the top rope. Siaki with a short arm clothesline and a leg drop for a near fall. Lynn with right hands and boots in the corner and manages to roll Siaki up out of the corner for a near fall. Siaki reverses a scoop slam with a reverse DDT for a near fall. Lynn blocks a clothesline and rolls Siaki up for a two count. Siaki with a spinning neck breaker for near fall. Siaki works on the neck of Lynn with a chin lock. Siaki takes Lynn down with a vertical suplex for another near fall. Lynn crotches Siaki on the top rope and takes Siaki down with a superplex. Lynn takes Siaki over with a backdrop and a clothesline. Lynn comes off the ropes and connects with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Lynn plants Siaki with the TKO but Siaki again manages to kick out. Lynn attempts the cradle pile driver but Siaki backdrops Lynn down. Siaki follows up with a scoop slam into a ace crusher for a near win. Lynn reverses a neck breaker and sends Siaki into the ropes but Siaki plows over the referee. Lynn goes behind Siaki and is met with a low blow. Siaki goes to the floor to get a chair, and misses a shot in the ring. Lynn hits Siaki with a spinning leg lariat that sends the chair into the face of Siaki but there isn’t a referee to count the pin fall. Moments later, Siaki pins Lynn with his feet on the ropes for leverage to advance in the tournament. **½

After the match, Lynn dropkicked Siaki over the top to the floor and brawled with Siaki to the top of the entrance ramp. Lynn tossed Siaki off the ramp way onto the guard railing. Lynn yelled down at Siaki proclaiming TNA to be his playground.

Main Event: AJ Styles defeated Amazing Red to retain the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship:

Styles with a wrist lock early on they trade a series of arm drags until Styles nails Red with a standing leg kick. Styles takes Red down for a pin, but Red reverses into one of his own. Styles goes for a springboard off the middle rope but Red dropkicks Styles to the floor. Red attempts a hurricanrana off the apron to the floor but Styles blocks it. Red is placed back in the ring and dives over the top hitting a somersault dive onto Styles! Red gets a near fall back in the ring. Red dropkicks Styles in the corner but Styles comes back with a gut wrench ace crusher for a near fall. Styles with a swinging neck breaker coming off the ropes and spikes Red down with a nice brain buster for another two count. Red reverses another vertical suplex attempt into the Code Red and nearly wins the title! Red charges into a back elbow in the corner and Styles his a springboard reverse DDT for a near fall. Red avoids a kick and plants Styles with the tornado DDT and again almost wins the title! Styles rolls through a pin attempt and goes for the Styles Clash but Red battles out, however Styles still hit’s a thunderous sit down power bomb but only gets a two count! Styles with a brutal kick to the back of Red. Styles ducks a clothesline and connects with a super kick for a two count. Red with several right hands to stop Styles offense. Red with the Red Star Press following a kick to the knee of Styles but only gets a two count! Red attempts a hurricanrana but Styles goes for the Styles Clash, which Red reverses into a snap hurricanrana and goes for the cover but only gets a near fall! Styles with a sit down dominator to stop Red’s momentum. Styles went for the cover but Red popped his left shoulder up. Red with several kicks in the corner and hit’s a spinning kick that gets another two count! Plumtree grabs the foot of Red as he is sent into the ropes. Styles hits a lariat and goes to the top rope. Red manages to get up and crotches Styles on the top rope. Red attempts a hurricanrana but Styles blocks attempting a Styles Clash. However, Red manages to regain position and connects with a top rope hurricanrana but Styles rolls through and pins Red to retain the title! ***½

Mike Tenay and Don West go over the show and what is going to happen next week.

My Take: Kid Kash/Tony Mamaluke actually consisted more of wrestling and not a million high risk moves. I do think that Kash/Mamaluke didn’t have the ideal chemistry for the match but it still a decent opener for what it was. Kid Kash continues to impress me, just as he did back in ECW.

Not a fan of the NWA-TNA World Championship title match going on second. I am old fashion where the champion should go on last. If you aren’t going to have them go on last, then put them in the middle of the show and be the first hour main event. The match itself, wasn’t that good or bad. They kept it short which is always good when it comes to Scott Hall around 2002. Killings just needs to get some clean wins.

Three way tag team title match was alright for what it was. Nothing special in that match. TNA has really built Harris and Storm as a strong tag team as they have yet to lose in TNA and it’s been over four months. I really liked the aftermath of the New Church attacking the champions. I am a huge fan of James Mitchell as the guy can cut a damn good promo, just as he did on this show. I hope to see a decent feud between the New Church and America’s Most Wanted.

I do not like the rule change for the championship matches. If the champion is the heel, that takes away a lot of his “outs”. This also just means that their will be a lot more interference in the championship matches and referee bumps.

Clearly TNA officials knew that Ron Harris/BG James would not be interesting and they were right. Thus, they put in those several backstage segments between Jarrett/Hennig in the backstage area. Apparently, Don Harris has turned heel and will be with his brother. I don’t think anyone really cares about that. BG James moving on in the tournament was obviously going to happen and the fans again didn’t care about that. TNA seems to be shoving BG James down the fans throats.

The mixed tag team match was really just a handicap match for poor Estrada. Priscilla did nothing. I do like the stable of Plumtree, Steel and Styles. Those three are some quality heels in my opinion.

Jarrett/Hennig match shouldn’t have been expected to be anything significant considering the attacks backstage. Hennig hasn’t really done anything impressive in his TNA run thus far, he only pinned Killings in the six man tag match a couple of weeks ago, and that wasn’t even cleanly.

For as good as the feud between Lynn and Siaki has been, I find the matches to be lacking. I don’t know what it is, but their matches seem to be rather slow and really drag on. The angle has been properly promoted and everything, just the matches that have followed have been a letdown.

Red/Styles was a very good main event. Red looked really good in the match and their were a few times where I thought perhaps he was going to win the title. I mean, the title does change hands a lot so you never did know. Anyway, this match really showed me that Red is a legitimate title threat and not some jobber to the rest of the X-Division. I’m looking forward to see what Red brings to the table in the coming months.

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