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Impact Wrestling Victory Road
September 18, 2021

by Samoa Rowe

Impact Victory Road 2021

From Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, with a small capacity crowd. Our hosts are Matt Striker and D'Lo Brown.

TJP vs. Petey Williams vs. Steve Maclin

Quick 3-way brawl to start, followed by quick pin attempts. Petey dropkicks Maclin from the apron, back drops TJP onto him, and hits a tope suicida on both guys. Maclin stops Petey with a vertical suplex. Maclin hits TJP with a backbreaker on the stage, and takes control of Petey with a back elbow. Maclin piles the other guys into a double Tree of Woe for a spear! Petey answers with a flying rana at ringside. All three guys take turns hitting drive by offense and go down for some applause. TJP and Petey pummel Maclin into the buckles and begrudgingly work together to serve turnbuckle punches. Petey throws out TJP and puts Maclin into a Sharpshooter! TJP interrupts with the Octopus on Petey, forcing him to let go of Maclin. TJP hits Maclin with a backdrop driver, and follows with running boots. TJP hits a variation of Sole Food, but Petey breaks the cover. Canadian Destroyer on TJP, but Maclin interrupts and steals the pin at 10:20! Fun opener, everything they did looked good. Maclin's cheap win is an overplayed trope of these triple threat matches, but I'm not that torn up about it, ***.
Winner: Steve Maclin

Five Way Scramble:
Black Taurus vs. John Skyler vs. Jake Something vs. Laredo Kid vs. Trey Miguel

The ring clears out for Laredo Kid and Taurus to square off. Taurus is mobile for a big guy and suplexes LK. Skyler steps up against Taurus, but Something breaks it up with a triple body avalanche. LK hits Jake with a rana into the buckles, but Jake leaps up for a brutal body splash. Enziguri by LK and then a missile dropkick to clear out Jake. Miguel wakes up to show off his lightning quick offense against LK. Skyler stops Miguel's momentum and hits a spear. Taurus catches Skyler with a Samoan Drop, turns around for Jake's clothesline. Miguel hits Jake with Meteora for 2! Jake chokeslams LK onto Miguel! Jake goes for a press slam but Taurus interrupts with a spear. Taurus hits LK with a Crucifix Bomb, and launches Skyler into LK in the buckles. Skyler spears both Taurus and Miguel. LK removes Skyler, Miguel dives over him to take down Something, and Taurus takes them all down with a big time dive. Meanwhile, Jake grabs LK's tights in a roll up for 2. LK finishes Skyler with a moonsault belly to belly suplex for the win at 7:58! Heckuva spotfest, didn't overstay its welcome, and finished at the crescendo, ***!
Winner: Laredo Kid

Hype video for Tenille Dashwood vs. Taylor Wilde. Kaleb with a K continues to be a difference maker for Tenille, and they've realigned with Madison Rayne.

Tenille Dashwood (with Madison Rayne and Kaleb with a K) vs. Taylor Wilde (with Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering)

Tenille hits a series of punches, Wilde returns the favor and hits a knee to the face. Head scissors takedown by Wilde, but Tenille elbows out of a suplex. Kaleb grabs Taylor's leg, allowing Tenille to splat her out of the buckles. Tenille works a Full Nelson, the fans get behind Taylor as she escapes. Tenille reapplies the Full Nelson and adds a body scissors. Madison tries to interfere, gets caught, and the ref ejects everyone. Tenille pleads but gets rolled up for 2. The fans are behind Taylor as she builds steam towards a possible victory. Tenille face plants Wilde into the buckles and then hits her running low crossbody. Wilde hits a suplex for 2, but Tenille hits a neckbreaker in the ropes. Wilde's German suplex out of nowhere ends it at 9:16! Yes, this was pretty clunky at times, but it had better heat than any match on last weekend's ROH PPV, **.
Winner: Taylor Wilde

Backstage interview with Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards, who are putting their differences aside to team up. Sami still can't help but needle Eddie, but Eddie is in this for the "greater good" of Impact Wrestling. Eddie's wife, Alisha, doesn't trust Sami, and insists on being at ringside.

No Disqualification Match:
Rohit Raju (with Shera) vs. Matt Cardona

Cardona jumps Rohit before the bell, but Shera helps with a chokeslam backbreaker. Rohit is satisfied and dismisses Shera so he can pick up the scraps himself. Once Shera is gone, Cardona pops right up and clotheslines Rohit to ringside. Cardona misses a basement dropkick and Rohit drops him onto the floor. Fans chant "Let's go, Matt" while Cardona hits a leg sweep into the rails. Rohit kicks the bottom rope into Cardona's groin and then launches him off the apron. Rohit drives Cardona's throat into a chair and ring post. Rohit hits a chair assisted cannonball into the buckles. Rohit leaves a chair in the buckles, but Cardona musters a comeback to flapjack him into it. They trade punches, Cardona hits a Codebreaker to give them a breather. The fans chant "This is awesome" and this Nashville crowd rules. Cardona hits a chair assisted Broski Boot and fetches a trash can. Rohit cuts him off, teases a suplex onto the can, but Cardona counters with a TKO through the can, but ROHIT KICKS OUT! Rohit shoves Cardona through a chair and hits a DDT for 2. Rohit slams Cardona onto a pair of standing chairs and then hits a FLYING DOUBLE STOMP for only 2! Rohit continues using the chair, so Cardona punches him right in the junk. Rohit kicks out of Radio Silence, and slips out. Shera returns, so Cardona hits him with Radio Silence on the ramp. Rohit hits more chair shots, and threatens a Pillmanizer, but Chelsea Green runs in for a boot. Cardona finishes with Radio Silence at 11:30. This was far better than it had any right to be, great use of the stipulations, and it got mega over with the crowd, ***½.
Winner: Matt Cardona

Hype video for FinJuice vs. Bullet Club. Chris Bey has become a thorn in David Finlay's side, so they must go to war.

Bullet Club (Chris Bey and Hikuleo) vs. FinJuice (David Finlay and Juice Robinson)

I'm not sure if Bey is an honorary Bullet Club member, or if he's made inroads with New Japan, but he looks good in the role. Sadly, he gets eaten up by FinJuice early on. Hikuleo assists from the apron, and Bey crushes Robinson's ankle, allowing Bullet Club to cut him off in their corner. Finlay runs wild through Bey on a hot tag. Hikuleo ends the party with a power slam. Fans chant "Finlay" while Bey picks him apart. Hikuleo hits the delayed suplex on Finlay for 2. The fans stay behind Finlay while he fights out of a 2 on 1 situation and hits a power slam on Bey. Robinson gets the hot tag but is selling his injuries from earlier, and has to muster the willpower to pummel Bey into the buckles. Jabs by Robinson, and then a DDT on Bey for 2. Bey flees into a tag to Hikuleo, and Robinson meets him with more jabs. Finlay misses a dive onto Hikuleo, but Juice cleans it up with a slingshot plancha. Blind chair shot by Bey, allows Hikuleo to finish Juice with a powerbomb at 10:47. Hot tag match that did all the little things right, ***¼.
Winners: Bullet Club

Hype video for Moose and W. Morrissey vs. Edwards and Callihan. Moose and Morrissey are a force so evil that hated rivals need to join forces to stop them.

Moose and W. Morrissey vs. Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards (with Alisha Edwards)

Eddie and Sami rush the ring, but Moose and Morrissey meet them with big boots. Our heroes clear the ring for stereo topes. Sami and Eddie have a friendly contest to find out who can chop Morrissey hardest. Double suplex on Moose, but Morrissey recovers with a double chokeslam. Eddie gets worked over for a while. Eddie desperately plants Morrissey with a Blue Thunder Bomb, and makes the hot tag. Sami goes after Moose's eyes and stomps him into the buckles. Moose pops up but Sami hits a sneaky DVD for 2. Moose answers with a sitout powerbomb for 2. Eddie powerbombs Moose, but Morrissey knocks Sami into them to break up the pin. Callihan powerbombs Morrissey, Moose superplexes Eddie, Sami and Eddie suplex/superkick Moose, and they take a breather to "This is awesome" chants. Eddie backdrops Morrissey to the floor, and meets Moose's kendo stick attack and hits a piledriver. Eddie is ready to use the kendo stick himself, but Morrissey lifts Alisha over his shoulders. The distraction works and Moose spears Eddie to ringside. Morrissey forces Alisha into the ring, Moose pushes her into a powerbomb! Callihan goes it alone but falls to the numbers game and Moose's spear at 15:05. Rock solid grudge match, Morrissey and Moose walk away from this looking mean, ***.
Winners: Moose and W. Morrissey

Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship:
Decay © (Havok and Rosemary) vs. Savannah Evans and Tasha Steelz

Evans and Steelze recently stole the physical belts but Striker makes it super duper uber clear that they are NOT the champions. Decay rush in with strong emotion, but Steelz cuts Rosemary off with a superkick. Rosemary answers with a shoulder block for 2. Havok throws Steelz at Evans to force a tag. Evans isn't scared and dukes it out with Havok. Rosemary tags in to splash Evans into the buckles. Rosemary tempts a DQ with the Tarantula, but soon finds herself trapped in enemy territory. Rosemary saves herself with a crossbody block, and Havok gets the hot tag. Evans desperately thrust kicks Havok, Tasha follows with ineffective pump kicks. Havok drops Steelz with a sitout powerbomb. Rosemary sprays green mist in Evans' eyes, and Havok throws Steelz at her. Havok finishes Steelz with a Tombstone piledriver at 8:37. Fun match with zero down time and good crowd heat, ***.
Winners and still Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Decay

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) talks to the camera about his title match against Christian Cage. Not too long ago, this would have been considered a dream match (let's not get carried away, buddy). Ace puts Christian over as a legend, but he hasn't been here building up the house like Ace has. Austin is poised to become the youngest Impact Champion in history when he beats Christian.

Willie Mack and Rich Swann vs. The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows)

This is another grudge match, Mack is eager to put a hurting on Gallows. Swann tags in only to get cornered by the Good Brothers. He hits a quick rana on Anderson. Mack tags but can't get anything going before Anderson rakes his eyes. Mack and Swann recover with double dropkicks on Gallows. Anderson back suplexes Swann, and the Good Brothers finally get their heat. Mack eventually gets the hot tag and does well getting the fans behind him while he cleans house. Samoan Drop on Gallows, pop up forearm on Anderson, and Sling Blade for 2! Mack tweaks his own knee while leapfrogging Anderson, and stumbles into a spinebuster for 2. Swann rescues Mack from the Magic Killer, but Anderson puts him down with a cutter. Mack hits many punches on Gallows, but takes a mean big boot. Gallows powerbombs Swann at ringside, and holds Mack's leg so Anderson can hit a Stun Gun. The Magic Killer finishes Mack at 11:28. It's always a total bummer when the Good Brothers win, and I mean that as a compliment, **¾.
Winners: The Good Brothers

X-Division Championship:
Josh Alexander © vs. Chris Sabin

Sabin is looking for his 9th X-Title and goes after the wrist. Arm drag by Sabin forces Alexander to reconsider his strategy. Alexander whips Sabin into a back elbow. Sabin tosses Alexander for a penalty kick and somersault senton from the apron. Alexander answers with a basement body block off the apron. Sabin pops up (no-sells) for a springboard crossbody. DDT by Sabin gets 2, so he uses a headlock to set up a neckbreaker. Alexander sells the neck damage while methodically picking Sabin apart. Sabin takes a long beating, but manages a destructive neckbreaker at ringside. Sabin's selling isn't nearly as good as Alexander's, as he casually climbs up for a missile dropkick for 2. Alexander looks like a guy in the fight of his life while Sabin looks like a video game character with a full health bar. Powerbomb backbreaker by Alexander, but Sabin slips into a jackknife cover for 2. Sabin rolls into a sunset flip to set up a crossface! Alexander reverses into a nearfall while some fans chant "Fight Forever." German suplex by Alexander, but Sabin turns over into a hammerlock! Alexander reverses into a brutal back drop. Ankle lock by Alexander, Sabin tries to escape with an enziguri, instead rolls into a cradle for 2. Alexander reapplies the ankle lock and Sabin bridges back for 2. Superkick by Sabin, but Alexander hits a suplex and piledriver to win at 19:05. You know, Sabin is a sentimental favorite, I've been watching him since I was in high school and have a lot of fond, nostalgic memories. Having said that, his shortcomings as a performer have never been more exposed than when he's in there with a guy like Alexander, who is simply crushing it in terms of psychology, selling, and mean, brutal offense. This was a good match, with the potential to have been a great match had Sabin been able to hold his end of the bargain, ***½.
Winner and still X-Division Champion: Josh Alexander

Sabin and Alexander embrace, and Sabin cannot be bothered to sell any pain, but I digress. He seems to whisper some advice in Josh's ear.

Impact World Championship:
Christian Cage © vs. Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton)

Christian takes Ace to school with the opening chain wrestling exchange. Austin steps over the arm to pull Christian down for a punch to the face. Austin misses a running dropkick and Christian lights him up with chops. Flapjack by Christian gets 2. Austin misses a dive, and Christian hits a basement dropkick. Austin dropkicks the chin, does a handstand on the apron while Fulton interferes. Austin goes to work on Christian's back. Ace slices Christian's hand up with a playing card. Christian runs the ropes but Ace elbows him through the ropes. Fulton gets too close, so the ref ejects him. Christian capitalizes with a pendulum kick and tornado DDT. Flying uppercut by Christian gets 2. Christian unloads turnbuckle punches and then a reverse DDT for 2. Ace answers with a flying kick for a good nearfall. Christian snaps Ace's neck on the ropes but then misses a frog splash! Ace pulls out an extra sharp card, but Christian blocks with a spear but ACE KICKS OUT! Fulton sneaks back to snap Christian's neck on the ropes, and Ace splashes Christian for an excellent false finish. Killswitch ends it at 12:09. Overwhelming solid match that played to their strengths, ***¼.
Winner and still Impact World Champion: Christian Cage

Josh Alexander interrupts Christian's celebration to reveal that he's cashing in on "Option C" in which the X-Division Champion may trade in the title for a shot at the World Championship. They'll meet at Bound for Glory! Um, yeah, take my money now.

Final Thoughts: Victory Road 2021 is a satisfying collection of good/decent matches, elevated by an enthusiastic crowd and a roster full of workhorses. Easy, breezy, recommendation, and a good rebound after last month's middling Emergence event.

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