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Impact Wrestling Victory Road
October 3, 2020

by Samoa Rowe

Impact Victory Road 2020

Happy Halloween Havok to you and your loved ones. For the first time in 2020, we can wear masks just for fun, and not for survival. Let's check out Impact Wrestling's return to monthly Impact Plus specials and hope they give out more treats than tricks.

Live from an empty Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Our hosts are Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne.

Aaaaaaand the stream isn't working on Roku. That's a tally in the Trick column. Guess I'm recapping this split screen style on my Chromebook, like some kind of caveman. The browser version of the broadcast was far too choppy, so I'm trying this again the next day. I had to log in to Fite on my new smart TV because the Roku app still wouldn't let me watch. This is far too much effort to have to go through to watch TNA in 2020.

The Rascalz (Wentz and Dez) vs. XXXL (Acey Romero and Larry D.)

Romero has recently dropped 100 lbs, but is still a big bruising figure. The Rascalz do a good job working around him, until Romero slams them on top of each other at ringside. XXXL swarm Dez with a series of splashes in the buckles. Larry D hits Dez with a Falcon Arrow. Larry cuts off a Dez comeback with a powerbomb. Hot tag to Wentz who lights Larry up with chops and kicks. Penalty kick by Wentz and standing moonsault get 2, when Romero mistimes a save and splashes Larry. XXXL sandwich Dez and hit a sequence of attacks forcing Wentz to save the match. Wentz dives onto Acey, but Larry hits a lariat. Dez blindsides Larry with his boots and finishes with a corkscrew senton to finish at about 9:00. Decent opener that played to the both teams' strengths, **.
Winners: The Rascalz

Brian Myers vs. Tommy Dreamer

Myers is the former Curt Hawkins and Dreamer is Dreamer. Myers hits an armdrag and sarcastically gives himself a "You've still got it" chant. Dreamer actually plays along with some chain wrestling. Myers teases a clean break in the ropes but then wrenches Dreamer's midsection into the rope. Myers does a nice job showcasing his "Most Professional Wrestler" persona as he works Dreamer over. Dreamer surprises Myers with a running dropkick off the apron. Dreamer hits a clothesline off the apron and they take a breather while crawling in. Dreamer finds his second wind and throws some jabs and a spinebuster. Myers Raven-esque DDT only gets 2. Desperation cutter by Dreamer, who looks pretty gassed. Myers answers with a rolling kick, but Dreamer throws him off the buckles and hits a DDT for a rope break. Myers knocks Dreamer off the buckles again and wins with a CLOTHESLINE! This was okay, it got Myers over, which is no easy feat considering the baggage he carries, **.
Winner: Brian Myers

Scott D'Amore tries to talk down an angry Moose.

X Division Championship:
Rohit Raju © vs. Willie Mack

This is a "Defeat Rohit" challenge, as Rohit is issuing open challenges in order to give guys the sort of opportunities he was denied. The title around Raju's waist suggests he did get an opportunity, but I digress. Mack shows off his athleticism, hitting a neat standing rana. Raju takes a quick timeout, but Mack continues to dominate with a spin kick. Another retreat by Raju, Mack misses a dive but lands on his feet, and delivers a hard forearm. Back to the ring, Raju hands Mack's boot the ref for an easy clothesline. Rohit picks Mack apart for several minutes with hard kicks and the usual chinlock fare. Mack makes a resilient comeback, hitting a Samoan Drop and standing Moonsault for 2. Raju cuts him off with Cross Rhodes and a crossface. Mack escapes, but Raju hits a running cannonball for 2. Mack answers with a pop up elbow and an overhead suplex for a routine nearfall. They bump heads in a chaotic exchange and Raju rolls to ringside and accepts a countout loss at 11:08. Decent match, Rohit is finding himself in this role, **½.
Winner via count-out: Rohit Raju

Backstage interview with Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan. Sami does the talking and makes excuses for why they just had to attack Eddie Edwards. Sami declares Ken to be his best friend and is only looking out for his best interests.

Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) vs. Jordynne Grace

They lock up and Grace scores a headlock takedown. Dashwood reverses into a headlock, but Grace counters into a mighty head scissors. Shoulder block by Grace and a series of running corner attacks. Grace misses a Vader Bomb when Kaleb pulls Tenille to safety. Kaleb takes a selfie as Dashwood works Grace over. Grace answers with a neckbreaker into the ropes, but Dashwood then baseball slide dropkicks her off the apron. Grace hits a toss into the rails but then misses a head of steam! Tenille wastes time looking at Kaleb's photos and mocks Grace's injuries. When Dashwood turns her attention to hurting Grace, she looks deadly. Grace takes a beating but then powers out of a tree of woe to slam Tenille off the buckles! They duke it out and Grace builds some momentum with power slams. Spinebuster by Grace gets 2. Dashwood answers with a double underhook suplex for 2! Grace connects with the Vader Bomb for only 2! Grace's Rear Naked Choke would have ended it if not for Kaleb's distraction. Dashwood's Spotlight Kick finishes at 12:14. Very good match with hard hitting action and strong chemistry, ***½.
Winner: Tenille Dashwood

Backstage interview with Impact Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns. They are looking forward to their 4-way title defense at Bound for Glory, because they have issues with all their challengers and just want to end it. First, Alex Shelley is going to make a statement by winning a 4-way singles match.

Unsanctioned Match:
Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend) vs. Rhino and Heath

This is only unsanctioned because Heath (Slater) isn't signed to Impact Wrestling and is campaigning for a job. I kind of like Impact recycling Heath's angle from the last WWE brand split in 2016, including the team with buddy, Rhino. Luster the Legend has a dumb mohawk that even Sheamus would laugh at, and starts against a game Rhino. Heath tags and gets to look like a credible competitor while working over Thornstowe's wrist. Luster blindsides Heath from behind to give Reno Scum control of the match. Heath does a nice job selling for Reno Scum's well oiled offense. Heath finds an opening with a leg lariat, but lunges to the wrong corner for a tag. Rhino gets a hot tag anyway and tears through Luster. Rhino and Luster go down after a collision, so Heath tags himself in. Heath kicks Luster down but misses Thornstowe, who dives onto Rhino. Match breaks down completely and Heath finishes with the Wake Up Call for the win at 10:34. I liked this a lot more than I probably should, Heath and Rhino are an endearing team, and Reno Scum look like they belong on a main stage, ***.
Winners: Rhino and Heath

Scott D'Amore gives Rhino and Heath props for their win, even though Heath doesn't work here. Scott invites Heath to visit his office on Tuesday, potentially to negotiate a contract. Heath is over the moon and takes off for a beer with Rhino.

Moose vs. Trey Miguel

Trey uses his speed to avoid disaster until Moose connects with a nasty chop. Moose demands to know where EC3 is, and Trey slips away for a burst of quick offense. Moose slams Trey off the buckles! Moose calls out EC3 again, blaming him for hurting Trey. Moose risks DQ by holding on to a choke in the ropes, and then continues the onslaught with hard Irish whips. Chokeslam by Moose, who seems to be toying with Trey at this point. Trey desperately hits a running boot to the face and dropkicks Moose to the floor for a pair of tope suicidas. Moose blocks a somersault senton, but Trey leaps onto the apron, only for Moose to block a standing moonsault and drop him against the frame! Moose signals a spear, but is distracted by the number "3" on the video wall, which allows Trey to score a rollup at 8:18. That was the lamest distraction finish of all time, **.
Winner: Trey Miguel

They shift into cinematic mode, as Moose storms into the production area, only to find it deserted. The door shuts behind him and he's locked in! Moose seems to hear voices in his head and breaks out. He runs into the parking lot, and finds the TNA World title enshrined with candles. EC3 suddenly appears and takes him down from behind. EC3 walks away with the TNA title, and I'm mildly amused and somewhat confused.

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) vs. Josh Alexander (with Ethan Page) vs. Karl Anderson (with Doc Gallows) vs. Alex Shelley (with Chris Sabin)

Shelley eagerly starts against Anderson and trade wristlocks. They exchange holds and reach a stalemate. Anderson tags in Austin, who gets caught in Shelley's headlock. Drop toe hold by Austin and head kick. Shelley builds steam with a knee lift and kick to the spine. Austin backs Shelley into the corner, where Alexander tags himself in. He boots Austin in the face, forcing a timeout. Anderson tags himself in via chopping Austin's face, and he throws uppercuts at Alexander. Gallow interferes and Alexander dares him to a proper fight, but then refocuses on Anderson with a Finlay Roll and flying knee for 2. Austin tags himself in, prompting an eager tag from Shelley, who cleans house with dragon screw leg sweeps. Shelley piles Alexander and Austin for double half crabs, but Anderson breaks it up. Shelley stuns Austin on the ropes, but Fulton ambushes with a chokeslam on the apron. Austin cuts Shelley with a playing card! Ace misses a Phoenix Splash, and Shelley makes him pay with a suplex. Anderson tags and runs wild, including a spinebuster on Alexander for 2. The ref takes a bump as Josh lifts Karl, and all the seconds at ringside run in. Fulton prepares to press slam Austin onto the field when the ref wakes up and ejects everyone. Match resumes with a tower of doom spot with Shelley on top. Shelley's frog splash gets 2 on Alexander thanks to Anderson. Match totally breaks down until Alexander finishes Shelley with a Piledriver at 14:37! This match kept a BLISTERING pace, all four guys wrestled with urgency and purpose, and at the risk of possibly overrating this, let's go with ****.
Winner: Josh Alexander

Tommy Dreamer wants to shake Brian Myers' hand. Brian refuses, because Dreamer was a tired old man, not the Innovator of Violence. Dreamer challenges him to a rematch on Tuesday.

Knockouts Championship:
Deonna Purrazzo © (with Kimber Lee) vs. Susie (with Kylie Rae)

Susie was previously known as Su Yung, and she now appears to be an animated doll come to life. Deonna patronizes Susie's act, though I find it rather unsettling (she's lead to the ring like a child by Kylie, and keeps doing this unnatural little hand wave). Susie has the wherewithal to counter a wristlock, but Purrazzo reverses into a hammerlock. Susie seems to go back into a trance, not seeming to know that she's supposed to run the ropes, and Purrazzo goes after her arm. Susie gets back into it with a headlock and bulldog. Purrazzo wants a timeout with Lee, so Susie takes them down with a tope suicida. Deonna arm drags Susie off the top rope to regain control. Susie absorbs some punishment but comes back with a sunset flip. Purrazzo throws an elbow for 2. Well, somebody jobbed to a clothesline earlier, so all bets are off. Purrazzo misses a head of steam and Susie takes over with a monkey flip. Susie seems to morph back into Su Yung and hits a high crossbody, but Lee distracts the ref. Purrazzo recovers with a leg sweep into an armbar, Susie breaks free and hits a top rope head scissors takedown. Purrazzo blocks the Panic Switch and snaps the arm against her boot. Purrazzo finishes with a double armbar at 12:46. Interesting match with a hot finish. Susie's act feels like a cross between Orange Cassidy and Eugene, **¾.
Winner and still Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo and Lee are sore winners and beat up Susie and Rae just because they can. They force Kylie to watch Susie get Pillmanized.

Impact World Championship:
Eric Young © vs. Eddie Edwards

Edwards is mad that Young stole his title and tried to piledrive his wife, so he quickly boots him in the face. Eddie cuts Eric's eye open and hits a tope suicida. Young counters with a backdrop onto the steel ramp. Eddie takes some punishment before hitting an overhead suplex. They jockey for position around the ring post until Eric snaps Eddie's neck over the top turnbuckle. Eric tries again to dominate in a heat sequence, but Edwards makes another quick comeback. Young cuts him off in a half tree of woe and targets the knee with closed fists. Eric has a lot of success dissecting Eddie's knee, including wrapping it in the ropes and smashing it against the barricade. Edwards hobbles through a desperate comeback, hitting a suplex. They light eachother up with knife edge chops. Edwards hits a wild Blue Thunder Bomb in which Eric lands on his face. He hits a normal typical Blue Thunder Bomb for 2. Young blocks a Tiger Driver to hit a TKO. Eric hits a wheelbarrow neckbreaker for a good nearfall. Flying elbow by Young gets a super close 2 count. My stream goes haywire as Eddie rallies with backdrops. Tiger Driver by Eddie only gets 2. Boston Knee Party is partially blocked, but Eddie counters into a top rope Blue Thunder Bomb but Eric kicks out! Young throws Eddie off the ropes for a hideous landing onto his knees. My stream freezes as Eric applies a grapevine ankle lock. Eddie seems to lose his shoe to escape and hits another Boston Knee Party. Eric saves himself with a rope break! Eric hits a piledriver and reapplies the ankle lock for the win at about 24:43. Technically sound match that told a basic story very well. Streaming issues took me out of it late, but I think I can objectively call this ***¼.
Winner and still Impact World Champion: Eric Young

Rich Swann runs in to save Eddie from a beating. My stream freezes again, so I'm not sure if Swann was limping to begin with or injured himself while clearing Young out.

Final Thoughts: Victory Road 2020 was a treat, though all the technical issues from Fite and Roku were real tricks. Recommended, if you have the patience to deal with some Halloween Havok.

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