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TNA: Rebellion - April 20, 2024

by Doc Allen

TNA Rebellion

Live from Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. WrestleTix estimates attendance at 1,000. Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt are on commentary.

Slick video vignette of The System cruising through Vegas, having a grand old time in the city. They step out and follow Nic Nemeth around on foot. It's like a slow motions chase sequence, where Nemeth seems completely unbothered that his enemies are behind him. Nemeth ends up disappearing like Batman.

TNA X-Division Championship:
Mustafa Ali © vs. Jake Something

Ali steps out of a limo and gets escorted in by his Secret Service detail. Fans chant "Let's go, Something" while they feel things out. Jake spins Ali into a wild throw. Ali dodges a spear, but Jake slices him with a chop. Ali offers a handshake, but Jake squeezes his hand and runs back and forth to hit a mean headbutt. Ali tries an assortment of kicks, but Jake answers with a lariat. Ali counters a sliding tope with a DDT and then hits a rolling neckbreaker onto the ramp. Ali takes control, hitting a twirling DDT for 2. Jake sits up to block a senton, absorbs a superkick, and impressively reverses a rana into a sitout powerbomb! Deadlift torture rack backbreaker by Jake, but Ali rolls away from the cover. Ali desperately counters with a German suplex onto the ring frame! The Secret Service "help" Jake into the ring for Ali's 450 splash. The ref allows this for reasons, but JAKE KICKS OUT! Jake summons his inner animal and dives onto Ali and the Secret Service. Ali springboards into Jake's fist! Into the Void by Jake, but Ali gets a rope break, then holds on for leverage to pin Jake at 11:39. I really liked their chemistry,, Ali was a great punching bag for Jake. Ali looks lucky to have squeaked out the win, ***½.
Winner and still X-Division Champion: Mustafa Ali

NFL star Shawn Merriman is spotted in the front row.

Rich Swann (with AJ Francis) vs. Joe Hendry

Hendry has altered his entrance video with AI images of Rich and AJ dancing to his music. Hendry's mind games work and he enjoys a hot start. AJ's distraction allows Rich to send Hendry into the steps with a drop toe hold. Swann goes to work on the neck and face. Joe eventually makes a comeback, at least until AJ pulls him out. AJ's Youtube friend hands him a chain, but Merriman steps in for a confrontation. Typically, it's a swerve, and Merriman drops Hendry with an admittedly impressive lariat. Swann hits a frog splash for the easy pinfall at 7:30. They had a routine house show match out of pure obligation just to get to the Merriman angle, *½.
Winner: Rich Swann

AJ's First Class faction walk all over Hendry to celebrate. AJ's girlfriend twerks on Hendry too, I guess that's some kind of consolation prize...?

Full Metal Mayhem:
Frankie Kazarian vs. Eric Young

Eric shakes off Kazarian's cheap shot attempt and clears him out for a baseball slide. Eric vertical suplexes a ladder onto Kaz. Eric bridges a ladder, but Kaz shoves his forehead into it. They tease stunt bumps through a table until Kaz hits a guillotine leg drop and slingshot DDT back into the ring. Kaz retrieves an XL ladder and throws it into Young's face! Kaz misses a springboard leg drop onto a ladder! Eric finds time to pull out plunder and finds Janice! Kaz begs for mercy but blocks Janice. Kazarian misses a Janice swing but then spears Eric through the ringside table! They stumble up and trade unprotected weapon shots to the head. Eric wins the exchange and hits a DDT for 2. Kaz wraps a chain around Eric for a chicken wing! Young escapes and wrenches Kaz off the top rope with the chain. Young puts Kaz in a trash can for a flying elbow, but Kaz kicks out! Kazarian recovers with an Unprettier onto a ladder. Fans want fire, instead they get to enjoy Kazarian hitting an avalanche Flux Capacitor onto the EDGE OF A TABLE to win at 15:22! Eric took a BRUTAL bump right there, I hope he's ok. I wasn't that interested in this to start, but they decided to kill themselves and have a memorable hardcore fight, ***¾.
Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Backstage interview with Nic Nemeth. His dad is in attendance, so he's extra motivated to become World Champion and take TNA to another level.

Steve Maclin crashes the show with a mic in hand. He's offended to not be featured on the pay-per-view and demands management do something about it. Director of Authority Santino Marella says Steve is in luck, because he just signed a new superstar, and here's Santana!

Steve Maclin vs. Mike Santana

They brawl to start, Santana hits a dive. Steve comes back with a uranage backbreaker. Maclin wears Santana down with standard heel offense. Santana absorbs a polite amount of offense before making a comeback, hitting a DVD for 2. Maclin answers with a running knee and ill-advised diving headbutt. Sitout power slam by Maclin gets a routine nearfall. This match has the feeling of "Can Santana just win so we can move on already?" Santana heard me and hits Spin the Block to win at 8:13. Take away the novelty of Santana's return, this was dark match worthy stuff, *¼.
Winner: Mike Santana

Backstage interview with The System (TNA World Champion Moose, TNA Tag Team Champions Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers, and Alisha Edwards). They have big title defenses tonight but aren't scared. Moose introduces his special guest, John Abram. He's probably more dangerous than Nemeth's dad.

TNA Tag Team Championship:
The System © (Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers, with Alisha Edwards) vs. Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey and Trent Seven)

They start by ignoring tags and going wild with chops. Speedball Mountain swarm Eddie with an assisted flipping splash. Edwards desperately needs a tag but eats Seven's swinging DDT. Eddie saves himself by giving Seven an atomic drop onto the steps. Seven and Edwards bonk foreheads, and both teams get tags, but it's Bailey who gets to run wild through Myers. Myers blocks Bailey's superplex, but Seven arrives to hit one instead. Bailey hits the Shooting Star Press but Myers kicks out! The System target Seven's bad knee again, but he fights back with machine gun chops. Eddie hits the stacked powerbomb into the half crab! Bailey fights through Myers to deliver YES kicks to Eddie, who refuses to let go of the half crab. Bailey hits his ludicrous jumping kicks to save Seven and then sprints into a moonsault on Myers. Bailey kicks Eddie into Seven's dragon suplex for only 2! Eddie gives Seven a backpack stunner, setting up Myers' flying elbow, but Trent kicks out! Speedball Mountain make a comeback, serving Eddie with a Burning Hammer/SSP knee drop combo, but Myers breaks the pin! Fans chant "This is awesome!" Bailey flies from the apron into Myers' spear. Meanwhile, Seven snaps Eddie's fingers, but gets caught by Myers' Roster Cut lariat, and the Boston Knee Party finishes at 12:58! Really cool stunt show with everyone firing on all cylinders (even if I still hate Bailey's leaping kicks). Show stealer, ****.
Winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions: The System

Last Man Standing:
Hammerstone vs. Josh Alexander

Josh doesn't like Hammerstone carrying his headgear as a trophy and brutalizes him in the early going. Apparently no other headgear exists and Josh is fighting bald. Josh slams Hammerstone onto the ring frame. Hammerstone finally finds an opening by knocking Josh from the apron. Hammerstone mercilessly hits a stalling suplex at ringside. Josh answers with a half nelson suplex onto the ring frame! I'm starting to think these guys don't like each other. Josh shifts his attention to the leg and wraps it around the ring post. Hammerstone manages to cut Josh open behind his ear, which wouldn't have happened if he had his headgear!! Is there a national headgear shortage or something? Hammerstone hits a deadlift fallaway slam and then pump kicks Josh's head into the post. Josh survives a Torture Rack, beats the clock, and lures Hammerstone into an ankle lock! Josh targets the midsection with a running crossblock into a tree of woe position. C4 is blocked, so Josh dumps THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of thumbtacks onto the canvas. Sadly for Alexander, Hammerstone gives him an AVALANCHE NIGHTMARE PENDULUM ONTO THE TACKS! Josh beats the count by rolling outside to his feet. Hammerstone punches the stolen headgear into Alexander's face, but Josh reverses with a half n' half suplex onto the ramp! C4 on the stage! Hammerstone can't beat the count and Josh wins at 19:57! Josh reclaims his signature headgear and celebrates with the fans. Simply brutal main event-style brawl. The stolen headgear story added to the story, ****.
Winner: Josh Alexander

Video package teasing the pending arrival of Jonathan Gresham. He might seem like a normal person, but give him the Kraken mask, and he becomes his true self. Gresham is seen stumbling into a bathroom and spitting out black blood. The Kraken appears in the mirror, as if he's the Ultimate Warrior haunting Hulk Hogan in WCW. This is so stupid and I love it.

George Iceman hijacks the show to introduce Ash by Elegance on the balcony.

TNA Knockouts Championship:
Jordynne Grace © vs. Steph De Lander (with The Good Hands)

Grace charges but Steph womanhandles her into the buckles. Grace punches the jaw, but Steph blocks the Juggernaut driver. Grace settles for a tope and crashes against the barricade! De Lander finds an opening to take control with strong offense. Grace shows fire, despite taking a prolonged beating, but Steph clotheslines her down again. Steph gets carried away taunting the fans, and Grace uses the opening for a sleeper. Steph slams Grace backwards, but doesn't break the sleeper. The Good Hands distract the ref from Steph's submission. Grace blocks a belt shot but accidentally takes the ref down with a back hand. Steph plants Grace, but the referee is out cold. The Good Hands steal the referee uniform to perform the 3 count, but the lights go out. PCO appears in the ring and dismantles the Good Hands with double chokeslams. Steph tries to work her womanly charms on PCO, but he tries to chokeslam her instead. Kon attacks from behind and slams PCO onto the ring frame. Grace gets into Kon's face and gets shoved down. She gives Kon a low blow and hoists him up, but the Good Hands return for a beatdown. Kon gets ready to snap Grace's neck, but the lights go out for a second time. Sami Callihan appears with a bat and clears the ring. Sami feeds Steph to Grace for the Juggernaut Driver and the pin at 12:33. This was a perfectly good singles match until it went all kooky sportz entertainment. The fans played along and it had a happy ending, so no harm, no foul, **½.
Winner and still Knockouts Champion: Jordynne Grace

TNA World Championship:
Moose © (with The SysteM) vs. Nic Nemeth

Moose palms the face, Nic makes him pay with a flurry of offense. Nic flies into Moose's arms and gets tossed onto the apron. Moose has words for Nemeth's family in the front row. Nemeth does a helluva job selling Moose's offense, and desperately hits a backdrop onto the ramp. Moose blocks a Fame-asser, but Nemeth recovers for a missile dropkick. Big DDT by Nemeth gets 2. It doesn't feel like they're pacing themselves for a long match, these nearfalls feel urgent. Alisha grabs Nemeth's ankle, allowing Moose to retake control with a big boot. The ref tosses The System, perhaps trying to avoid a repeat of the Knockouts title match. Nemeth grabs a tight sleeper and refuses to let go until Moose climbs the ropes to slam him off. Moose tries a powerslam onto the stairs, but Nemeth slips away for a flying Fame-asser from the ramp! Nemeth hits his trademark rapid elbow drops, Moose slips to ringside, so Nic hits one final elbow to the floor! I was wrong, Nic hits another flying elbow in the ring but Moose kicks out! Moose blocks a superkick, and pulls Nemeth from the top rope for Sky High! NEMETH KICKS OUT! Moose blocks several moves before hitting another nasty powerbomb! Moose hits yet another powerbomb onto the ramp, knocking the broadcast offline for a moment! Nemeth finds enough gas for a desperation Fame-asser. They slug it out and trade kicks. Nemeth hits an inside out lariat and Fame-asser, but MOOSE KICKS OUT! Nemeth counters with a spear for another good nearfall. Moose pops up and hits a brutal spear and WINS at 17:09! Wow, I fully expected Nemeth to win the title. The Nemeth family looks heartbroken. Great main event, just the right chemistry, and a surprising conclusion, ****.
Winner and still TNA World Champion: Moose

The System arrive for the celebration but it's LIGHTS OUT again! This time Broken Matt Hardy appears in the ring and puts Moose down with a Twist of Fate! Well, that's certainly a fun surprise, but I think I'd rather build around Nemeth.

Final Thoughts: Rebellion 2024 provided some great four star matches, but I'm kind of worried about jobbing Nemeth in the main event in favor of bringing in Matt Hardy to chase for the title. I wouldn't have put Nemeth in that spot unless I was ready to pull the trigger and make him champion. I suppose it's possible that Nemeth's deal isn't exclusive or long term enough to build around him, but TNA has made much worse financial decisions than possibly throwing enough money to keep him in house. Overall, this was an entertaining show that would entertain most viewers, but I am left scratching my head a bit.

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