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Impact Wrestling: No Surrender
February 19, 2022

by Doc Allen

Impact No Surrender 2022

Live from the Alario Center in Westwego, Louisiana. Our hosts are Matthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan.

Chris Bey vs. Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) vs. Jake Something vs. Mike Bailey

Austin offers a handshake to Bailey only, as he's trying to recruit him, which doesn't sit well with the others. The ring gets cleared out so Bailey can hit his silly looking rapid kicks on something. Bailey's double dropkick looks much better, but Something blindsides him with a body avalanche. Something suplexes Bailey outside onto the others! Crowd chants "That was Something!" Jake hits a dive onto the field. Ace comes back with a heat seeker on Jake for 2. Bey interrupts and leaps off Something's back to dropkick Bailey off the apron. Bey misfires on a dive and lands in the aisle. Bailey recovers with a super cool springboard moonsault to outside! Jake blocks Bailey's flying rana, but Bey dropkicks him to interrupt a powerbomb. Bey's poison rana on Jake is good, so he hits Austin with a flog splash, but Bailey breaks the cover with a running SSP. Jake stumbles up but Bailey and Austin hit double superkicks. They share another handshake, but Bey hits a springboard cutter on Bailey, Ace saves the match. Austin clotheslines Bey outside, but Jake reverses Into the Void for the sudden victory at 7:21! Crisp spotfest, Jake brought something a little different with his power and size, ***.
Winner: Jake Something

Eric Young channels his dark side in a video promo. He's a pure professional wrestler and had to earn everything the hard way. He boasts to be the best all around wrestler in the business. Eric is willing to die for his reputation, and wants to know how far Jay White will go to defend his own reputation.

Jonah Rock vs. Black Taurus (with Crazzy Steve)

Fans give them a dueling chant as they lock up. Taurus is at a rare size disadvantage and flips into position for some mean uppercuts and chops. Jonah defiantly absorbs some shoulder blocks and swats the minotaur down. They head outside, where Taurus drives Jonah into the ring post and follows with a dive. Taurus shows off with a corkscrew plancha. Jonah recovers with a huge press slam onto the buckles! Another press slam by Jonah sends Taurus flying across the ring. Taurus escapes a tight waistlock, but Jonah hits a mean back elbow. Taurus makes a comeback and hits a crucifix bomb for 2. Jonah hits another body avalanche, but Taurus hits a clunky 619, and then a twisting senton for only 2. Taurus looks for a Frankensteiner, but Jonah slams him down and hits a flying Thesz press! Jonah's powerbomb gets 2, so he hits a lariat and the Tsunami slays the bull at 8:08. Good hoss match that didn't hold back, ***.
Winner: Jonah Rock

Backstage interview with Jake Something, who is now the top contender for the X-Division Championship. Jake knows that Trey Miguel is the standard of the division but he thinks he has what it takes to beat him. Trey Miguel interrupts with some sarcastic applause, but he doesn't plan on losing. Ace Austin interrupts as well, and (rightfully) complains that anyone can win a multi-man match. They set up a tag match for TV, Trey and Jake are cool for now but CAN THEY COEXIST?!?

Video recap of Bullet Club establishing their presence in Impact Wrestling, which doesn't sit well with Violent by Design.

Eric Young (with Violent by Design) vs. Jay White

They lock up, trade chops and kicks. Eric blocks a suplex but Jay responds with a back body drop. White repeatedly smashes Young's spine against the ring frame. Young answers with a strong Irish whip into the buckles. Eric lifts Jay up into a standing Dragon sleeper. White surprises with a snap DDT. Twisting suplex by White gets 2. Young hits a DDT of his own, followed by a discus clothesline. Young's DVD gets 2. They exchange chops and forearms, Young recovers from a hard Irish whip, bites the forehead, and nails a flying elbow for 2. Jay answers with an uranage for 2. Saito suplex by White, then a DDT onto the apron. They gouge each other's eyes and battle on the apron until Eric delivers a mean piledriver! They trade pinning predicaments, Jay nails a halfnhalf suplex. Blade Runner by Jay gets the straightforward pinfall at 12:12. This was physical and featured a lot of visually pleasing hard hitting moves, but the psychology didn't stray too far from the formula of guys arbitrarily taking turns getting their sh!t in, **¾.
Winner: Jay White

Ace Austin tries to recruit Mike Bailey as his partner against Miguel and Jake. Bailey politely rejects the offer, he's not looking to be in a tag team right now. Ace tells some blatant lies about overhearing his opponents disrespecting Bailey, and the mind games work. Hopefully, Bailey knows what he's doing and isn't a totally dumb babyface.

ROH Women's and AAA Champion Deonna Purrazzo comes to the ring for her open challenge for either one of her belts. Miranda Alize answers and the crowd acts like they don't know her.

ROH Women's Championship: Deonna Purrazzo © vs. Miranda Alize

They aggressively lock up, Alize scores a quick nearfall. They lock knuckles, Miranda survives a monkey flip attempt and looks for a crossface, forcing a break. Miranda hits a pair of low dropkicks and quickens the pace for a rana and clunky dive to outside. Deonna cuts her off with a mean pump kick. Deonna tries to slow things down with a Gory Special stretch, but Miranda is crafty and nails a low rana. They slug it out until Alize takes over with running corner attacks. Deonna's suplex gets 2, but Alize answers with her patented crossface. Deonna escapes, so Aleze plants her for a missed senton. Deonna stretches Alize into the Rings of Saturn and wins at 7:27. Good showing with a few whiffs along the way, they got the fans into it by the end, **½.
Winner and still ROH Women's Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

Interview with Mickie James' friends, Chapel Heart, who performed the National Anthem to open the show. Mickie is so happy her friends are here and puts them over. Alisha Edwards joins them to wish Mickie luck later, but not that Mickie needs it, drinks will be on Chapel Heart.

Digital Media Championship: Matt Cardona © vs. Jordynne Grace

Cardona has finally turned heel in Impact and is playing the same d-bag mimbo that he's been in GCW for months. He enjoys a clear size advantage, but Grace is too quick for him early. Grace grabs a sleeper and then hits a vertical suplex for 2! Cardona sells back pain and considers walking away, but Grace forces him back. Cardona uses the ref to shield a charge and slams Grace down by her hair. Cardona slows the pace and suplexes Grace into the buckles. Grace makes a quick comeback with a sliding lariat. Spinebuster by Grace gets 2! Cardona answers with a missile dropkick and then the Broski Boot. The crowd boos loudly as Cardona hits a second Broski Boot, but Grace kicks out! Grace desperately hits body shots and running double knees to the spine. Running elbow by Grace sends Cardona rolling outside. Cardona gets ready to block a dive with a chair, but Grace adjusts to kick it into his head. The ref takes the chair from Grace, allowing Cardona to nearly win via roll-up. Cardona chases the ref away and lunges at Grace with a chair, but Grace protects herself with a low blow, drawing the DQ at 7:59! This had great crowd heat and was a good time to use a DQ. Cardona shines best as a vile bad guy, **¾.
Winner via DQ: Matt Cardona

Grace teaches Cardona a lesson with a chair to the spine.

Backstage interview with Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans). Tasha's middle name is "Confident" after winning Ultimate X. She's ready to beat Mickie's @ss to become champion. They're interrupted by a cry for help, someone has taken down Eddie Edwards!

Impact Tag Team Championship:
The Good Brothers © (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) vs. Guerillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa)

Anderson and Tonga rip into each other at the bell. Tonga loses control choking with his leg against the ropes. G.o.D. double team Anderson, so Gallows makes the save for a ringside brawl. Tonga gets Anderson back to the ring for a mean clothesline. Loa helps with a cutter and shoulder thrusts Anderson against the buckles. Anderson rakes the eyes to tag in Gallows. Loa and Gallows relish the chance to duke it out. Tonga returns but Gallows puts him down with a slam. The Good Brothers work Tonga over as required by the formula. Loa gets the hot tag for a good running wild sequence. G.o.D. hit Anderson with a tandem neckbreaker, Gallows breaks the pin. Good Brothers answer with a tandem neckbreaker of their own, but Tonga kicks out. Tonga blocks the Magic Killer, Loa returns with a spear on Gallows. Anderson spinebusters Loa, Tonga reverses Anderson's Stun Gun to give them all a breather. Loa gets up and drops Anderson with a rolling DVD, follows with a frog splash for only 2! G.o.D. look poised for a Magic Killer when Chris Bey runs in to distract the ref. Gallows chokeslams Loa outside. Jay White slips into the ring and puts Tonga down with Blade Runner! The Good Brothers finish with Magic Killer at 12:20, and it appears that G.o.D. are no longer welcome in Bullet Club! This was a very good hoss tag match, the hot angle at the end actually helps, ***½.
Winners and still Impact Tag Team Champions: The Good Brothers

Jay White and Chris Bey make the TOO SWEET gesture to officially welcome the Good Brothers back into Bullet Club.

Impact Knockouts Championship: Mickie James © vs. Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans)

Chapel Heart cheer Mickie on as she feels Steelz out. They lock knuckles and exchange bridges. Mickie monkey flips out of a pinning predicament and hits a tight kick for 2. Tasha's springboard dropkick sends Mickie tumbling outside. Tasha looks at the camera to ask "Nicholas" about why he didn't keep his wife home. Mickie answers with a brutal neckbreaker on the floor. Evans sends Mickie into the ring post, giving control back to Steelz. Mickie hits a head scissors takedown, but Steelz hits a pump kick. Mickie kicks the groin and flips double middle fingers, signaling a HARDCORE COUNTRY comeback. Mickie's flying seated senton only gets 2. Mickie pauses to hit Evans with a Mick Kick, and Steelz sneakily hits a cutter. Chelsea Green runs in to fight Evans. Mickie inadvertently bumps Steelz into Green, and wins with a rollup at 10:28. Mickie wins, but it may have cost her a friend. Good match, and an eye-opening performance from Steelz, ***.
Winner and still Knockouts Champion: Mickie James

Backstage interview with Team Impact, consisting of Rhino, Steve Maclin, and Chris Sabin. The group wants to destroy Honor No More, but question who took out Eddie Edwards. Rich Swann brings Willie Mack into the group as a replacement. Sabin unites the group with a rallying cry and they're off.

Impact World Championship: Moose © vs. W. Morrissey

They start trading punches and we've got a proper hoss fight on our hands. They both go for clotheslines and go down. Moose hits a spear out of nowhere! Moose hits a second spear and Morrissey wisely rolls outside. Morrissey recovers for a big boot and then a powerbomb. Moose rolls out for a breather. Morrissey doesn't let up and tosses Moose against the guardrail. Moose immediately answers with a uranage through a table. Morrissey fires back with a big boot and then a powerbomb onto the ring apron. Back to the ring, Moose counters with a big time head scissors takedown. They exchange many stiff shots in the corner. They collide and seem to have botched a flipping DDT, but it's okay. Moose escapes a backdrop and hits a third spear, Morrissey hits his powerbomb, but neither man can get the pinfall due to rope breaks. Moose sprints into a superplex that wows the crowd. Moose hits one more spear and makes sure to pin Morrissey in the middle of the ring at 12:13! I was digging this match early when it seemed like it was going to be a 4 minute sprint that held nothing back, but then it lumbered on for another 8 minutes. They kind of did all the right spots but in reverse. Still, they had the fans with them at the end, **½.
Winner and still Impact World Champion: Moose

Honor No More (Mike Bennett, Kenny King, PCO, VINCENT, and Matt Taven, with Maria Kanellis) vs. Team Impact (Rhino, Steve Maclin, Chris Sabin, Rich Swann, and Willie Mack)

If Honor No More wins, they can stay in Impact and continue to wreak havoc. A brawl breaks out after VINCENT cheapshots Maclin. Bennett and Maclin settle in as the legal men and exchange chops. Bennett runs away from Sabin, Taven tags in for an athletic sequence. Taven meets Swann with a swinging kick. VINCENT hits Swann with a crossbody, but Swann cartwheels into a dropkick. PCO (an apparent crowd favorite) tags in to no sell Swann's kicks. Rhino and PCO have a chopfest. Mack enters, but gets dragged into Honor No More's corner. Mack comes back with a shoulder tackle and dropkick onto King. Team Impact trap King for a series of quick attacks. Honor No More turn it around and trap Sabin for a heat sequence. Sabin rescues himself with a modified tornado DDT. Swann gets the hot tag and puts on a good running wild show, sending Taven onto Bennett with a rana. Sadly, he gets caught by Honor No More at ringside and VINCENT stomps through him. Swann takes his turn getting worked over in enemy territory. PCO takes himself out on a head of steam, the fans like him more than Team Impact, but they can still get behind Mack's hot tag. Swann and Mack hit a tandem neckbreaker for 2, Taven saves Bennett. The match breaks down with everyone running in to hit their signature moves. King takes out the referee and dives onto Maclin, which sparks a series of dives that pops the fans. Swann and Mack are held in place for PCO's somersault senton, followed by VINCENT's Redrum! Everyone brawls as a group to catch PCO's moonsault to outside. Rhino signals the GORE, but Maria steps in to protect her husband. Eddie Edwards runs in with a kendo stick and teases an attack on Maria before turning on Rhino. Edwards is a former ROH World Champion, in case you forgot. Eddie cleans house with kendo shots on Team Impact, and allows King to pin Rhino at 24:02. This was a slowburn main event that ended on a hot note with a great angle, ***½.
Winners: Honor No More

Final Thoughts: No Surrender is a show filled with decent to good matches, and some great angles. Recommended for all the quality storyline advancements.

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