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TNA Lockdown
by Kieren Lucas

March 9, 2014

Live from Miami, Florida. Commentators are Mike Tenay and Taz

Steel Cage Match - Bad Influence and Chris Sabin vs Sanada (X Division Champion), Yasu and The Great Muta

I am writing this review in August 2014 and as of right now the only wrestler in this match who is still currently employed with TNA Wrestling is Sanada, which just goes to show just how quickly the ship has sunk. This match starts off by Sabin using some dirty tactics by poking his thumb into Yasu's eye and starts going to work on Yasu. Sanada gets involved in the match by hitting some nice deep arm drags and applies an abdominal stretch. Kazarian has his first involvement in this match and that is a discus clothesline, but he walks into a hip toss from Yasu. The Great Muta applies a STF, until Daniels makes the save for his team. After this most wrestlers hit dropkicks until Kazarian hits a springboard leg drop which is immediately followed by a springboard moonsault by Daniels and that received a decent pop from the crowd in Miami. Kazarian goes up to the top but misses a leg drop and Sanada takes advantage by hitting a hurricanrana. Sanada goes on to hit several more dropkicks and a TKO which only got a two count. Sanada goes to hit an enziguri but Daniels ducks out of dodge and Bad Influence hits the High Low which also only got a two count. The Great Muta gets the hot tag and he hits a nice dragon screw leg sweep and sprays the legendary green most into the face of Kazarian. Muta hits a Shining Wizard and Sanada hits a moonsault off the top rope to get the win. Nothing bad about this match, however there was nothing memorable about it either. *3/4

Steel Cage Match (Escape Only) - Mr Anderson vs Samuel Shaw

Before I get started on the match, the referee for this contest is Earl Hebner and this is his ten thousandth match as a referee and I really did love the edginess for the video package for this match. The story for this one is that Samuel Shaw has a fascination over Christy Hemme, but she doesn't have feelings for him so he just goes on to stalk her, until her good friend Anderson turns up. Anderson starts this one off in firm control by hitting several clotheslines and a gutwrench suplex. Shaw gets his first piece of offense in by shoving Anderson into the Steel Cage, finally for an all steel cage Pay Per View, this is the first time the cage has been used. Shaw tries to escape early but Anderson stops him by smacking his head against the cage itself and Anderson goes on to hit a belly to back suplex off the top rope. Anderson accidentally pushes Shaw into Hebner who bumps like a champ and Shaw walks into two Mic Checks with one of them going into the turnbuckle. Christy Hemme now shows up and Anderson gets down to the floor, but Earl Hebner is still down so Shaw grabs Hemme into the ring but she slaps him in the face! Anderson goes back into the ring to finish the job but Shaw hits a low blow and chokes out Anderson. Shaw walks out of the door and Hebner wakes up and sees him which means the winner of the match is Samuel Shaw. Below average match but the story to this is what makes the match in general. **

Steel Cage Match - EC3 Open Challenge

This was originally meant to be EC3 vs Kurt Angle but unfortunately Kurt Angle got an injury which meant that he couldn't compete at this event. The Open Challenge was accepted by none other than Bobby Lashley. I admit to marking out like bandit a lot when I saw it was Lashley and in today's TNA, Lashley is the World Heavyweight Champion. Lashley gets a quick win after hitting a running powerslam and a Spear. I am only going to give this match a rating because of the surprise of Lashley as the match was a squash. *

Steel Cage Match - Manik vs Tigre Uno

I have absolutely no clue to why on god's green earth that this match took place, but hey at least it is wrestling, and at the end of the day it's not some lame backstage segment. To their credit, this match starts off with some very nice chain and hold to hold wrestling and Manik hits a nice head scissors take down. Uno hits a decent moonsault off the top rope and Manik hits a decent springboard dropkick which sends Uno into the steel cage. Tigre Uno goes to hit a crossbody but Manik moves out of the way and Uno crash lands into the cage again and it looked pretty dam awesome. Manik goes on to hit several different variations of suplexes and applies a Bow and Arrow hold. Manik hits a back breaker for two and he also nails a springboard hurricanrana. Tigre Uno is on the comeback and he hits a leg lariat and a nice tornado DDT, but Manik stops his momentum by hitting a nice standing powerbomb but only got a two count. Tigre Uno hits a lovely high cradle suplex and a Corkscrew 450 Splash of the top rope to get the win. Very good match, but i had no reason to care. **1/2

Steel Cage Match (Last Man Standing) - Gunner vs James Storm

They are in a steel cage for crying out loud why does this match need to have a Last Man Standing stipulation on it? The build up for this match has been that Storm has turned on Gunner as they were a Tag Team for a few months and even won the Tag straps. This match starts off with brawling on the ramp and Gunner hits a suplex on the floor. Storm does what happens in every cage match that has brawling on the outside involved and that is slamming the door into Gunners face. Storm hits a DDT and starts choking him with the tag rope. Storm then decides to tie up Gunner upside down with the tag rope which looked very nice and he also hits a low blow. Gunner is now on the comeback and he hits several clotheslines and a running high knee and he also hits a Spear. Gunner hits a nice TKO and goes up to the top rope to hit a diving headbutt but in mid air Storm throws a chair straight into his face and that looked great. Storm goes on to set up two standing chairs in the center of the ring but Gunner puts Storm on the top rope and he hits a superplex off the top rope onto the two standing chairs! That starts a "TNA" Chant and Gunner just manages to get to his feet before the count of ten but Storm did not which means the winner of the match was Gunner. Several good spots in the match but in between spots where pretty dull. **1/2

Steel Cage Match (Submission Only) - TNA World Heavyweight Championship - Magnus (Champion) vs Samoa Joe

To give credit when credit is due, this match has been built perfectly. There is history between the two as they have been Tag Team Champions together but they have also fought over the TV Championship back in late 2012, but now they are going to dance with the lights on bright and for TNA it doesn't get bigger than this: Lockdown and the TNA Heavyweight Championship of the World! This match starts off with Joe applying a side head scissors and Magnus counters it but walks into headbutts from Joe and some hard hitting strikes in the corner. Joe also hits a running big boot in the corner and hits a atomic drop and launches Magnus into the Cage. Joe goes on to smash Magnus into the cage ten times and Magnus is busted open. YES, finally some common sense in the world of Professional Wrestling because if you smash someones head ten times into a steel cage the opponent should be bleeding. Joe, the sick animal, bites Magnus's cut and Magnus finally gets some offense in by hitting a running knee to the back of Joe. Magnus smashes Joe's face into the steel cage and Joe is busted open as well, great stuff. I am not a guy who goes to Wrestling shows and chants for blood, I just appreciate when blood is used right and it annoys me when it isn't used when it should be. Magnus applies a Figure Four Leglock and Joe rolls over and Magnus gets to the ropes. Joe hits a belly to back suplex and they exchange strikes in the center of the ring, until Joe hits a big boot and a back splash. Joe hits a power slam and a cross arm breaker but Magnus manages to get to the ropes. Magnus goes to the top rope and he hits an elbow drop off the top rope and Joe hits the Muscle Buster! Joe applies the rear naked choke, we are going to see a new World Champion if Magnus taps, but out of no where a hand is coming through the ring and drags Joe underneath. What the hell, the crowd is chanting abusive language towards the match and rightly so. Joe manages to get back into the ring and again chokes out Magnus. Abyss though comes up through the ring and hits Joe with Janice and also hits a Black Hole Slam. Magnus applies a rear naked choke and Joe taps. Damn it TNA, I was emotionally invested into this match and you spit in my face with that finish, this match has the in-ring match rating for a four star match but that finish was insulting. **1/2

Steel Cage Match - Lethal Lockdown ( Winner gets complete control of Wrestling Operations)

Team Dixie Carter (Bobby Roode, BroMans and Austin Aries) vs Team MVP (The Wolves, MVP and Willow)

If Team Dixie win, then Dixie Carter gets to keep control of Wrestling Operations and if MVP wins he gets to gain control of Wrestling Operations. This match is meaningless as in TNA today Kurt Angle is Director of Wrestling Operations and its only been five months. Austin Aries and MVP are the two wrestlers who start the match off and MVP hits a big boot and Aries hits a nice running forearm and a bulldog. MVP hits a nice T-bone suplex. Robbie E is the next competitor to join the match as Team Dixie has the man advantage. MVP is still in control of both of them as he hits them both with clotheslines and suplexes but Aries stops him with a dropkick. Robbie hits a fist drop off the second rope and the next entrant is Eddie Edwards. Edwards connects with several chops and a Shining Wizard and the next entrant is Jessie Goderz. The Bromans hit a double flapjack and Davey Richards is the next participant into the match. The Wolves take control of the match and Eddie hits a drop toe hold and Richards runs and smashes him with a dropkick to the face and The Wolves also aplies Half Boston Crabs. Aries though stops there momentum by hitting a double clothesline and Bobby Roode is the next entrant and he hits three Double R Spinebusters. Willow is the final competitor and he hits a crossbody off the top of the steel cage onto all four members of Team Dixie! The weapons have been lowered and Dixie Carter comes out to and announces the Special guest referee which is none other than Bully Ray. Robbie E uses a kendo stick and Roode uses a chair on the members of Team MVP. Aries connects with a running dropkick onto a trash can lid, into the face of Davey Richards. Roode applies a Crossface and Willow hits a powerbomb into the steel cage! In the best spot of the match, in my opinion, both members of The Wolves hit Coast to Coast onto Jessie with a Trash can on his face! Richards connects with vicious kicks and Aries hits a Brainbuster onto a steel chair! Aries goes up to the top rope and misses a 450 splash and Willow hits him with a Twist Of Fate. Willow also goes up top and hits a Swanton Bomb onto Aries with a Trash Can lid on him but that only got a two count. Bully Ray goes face to face with Bobby Roode and Bully Ray turns Babyface and slams Roode which allows MVP to hit a drive by kick to get the win for his team. After the match Bully Ray powerbombs Bobby Roode through a table.This started off a five month rivalry with Bully Ray and Dixie Carter which ended in Bully Ray powerbombing Dixie through a table in one of the best moments in Impact Wrestling history. This match though was very good and featured the right talent. ****

Overall- 5/10

This show is the definition of a average show. The reason being is that when a match did get good such as the awesome Samoa Joe vs Magnus match, the creative team just shove a middle finger to the TNA fans by having a man climb from under the ring during a Heavyweight Championship match. It's just plain stupid, but hey I must have forgot I was watching TNA!

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