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Impact Wrestling: Turning Point
November 14, 2020

by Samoa Rowe

Welcome to an early serving of Thanksgiving Thumpin'. Kick back and catch up with Impact's annual November tradition, Turning Point.

From an empty Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Our hosts are Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne.

Eddie Edwards vs. Daivari

Daivari is making yet another comeback, and he's actually in pretty killer shape. They feel each other out, and Edwards continually goes after the arm. Vertical suplex by Edwards gets 2. Atomic drop by Eddie sets up a release overhead suplex. Daivari sends Edwards hurtling into the ring post and takes over by working over the arm. Desperation suplex by Eddie, but Daivari wrenches the bad arm to retain control. Daivari softens the arm with ringside furniture and applies a hammerlock in the ring. Edwards comes back with a backpack stunner. Daivari takes a head butt, but manages a super rana for a good nearfall. Eddie doesn't like getting punched in the face and nails a Tiger Driver. Daivari avoids a penalty kick, gets caught on a rope-assisted pin attempt, and Eddie catches him with the Boston Knee Party to win at 11:29. Good match between two pros. This is like the most *** match ever.
Winner: Eddie Edwards

Kaleb with a K puts over Tenille Dashwood's social media claims to fame.

Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) and Jordynne Grace vs. Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

Bell rings but Tenille just wants to pose for Kaleb, but Havok interrupts with a photobomb. Quick tag to Valkyrie sends Tenille fleeing. Grace and Taya trade holds, with Grace picking up steam with shoulder tackles. Taya turns it around with targeted strikes, and Rosemary tags in to hit a fallaway slam and Last Chancery. Taya hits a hard spinebuster, but doesn't see a blind tag to Tenille, who slips in for a snapmare and low crossbody. Taya comes right back to clothesline the grin off Tenille's face. Grace tags in but soon eats a spear. Hot tag to Rosemary who pummels Grace while Tenille poses for Kaleb at ringside. Rosemary finishes Grace with a double underhook powerbomb at 8:14. Solid and lively match that would have benefited greatly with a little more time, **¾.
Winners: Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

The Deaners argue backstage, as they have suffered some embarrassing losses as of late due to not being on the same page. Cody is furious that he lost to "JOHNNY FREAKING SWINGER!" Jake apologizes and they head off to look for a fight.

Brian Myers vs. Swoggle

Swoggle declares that Impact Wrestling is where he belongs, but Myers orders him to lay down. Swoggle easily ducks a clothesline and hits a rana. Swoggle hits a tope suicida and bashes Brian's head into the steps. Myers trips Swoggle on the ring frame to gain control. Myers seems to enjoy beating up Swoggle and mockingly asks if he'd like some water. Swoggle desperately nails a RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Swoggle lights up the gut of Myers and hits a cutter. Myers interrupts the Tadpole Splash with an enziguri. Swoggle blocks a superplex via biting and hits the Tadpole Splash for only 2. Myers snaps the neck on the ropes and hits a low clothesline for the win at 8:25. This was a bit slow in the middle, but Swoggle generated good sympathy and Myers carried himself like a real jerk, **.
Winner: Brian Myers

Crazzy Steve runs in to save Swoggle from a post-match beatdown. Myers bails but looks interested in facing Steve later.

Backstage interview with XXXL, who have a tough assignment tonight against James Storm and Chris Sabin. They feel they are the more cohesive team and will have their own turning point at the expense of the dream team.

XXXL (Acey Romero and Larry D) vs. James Storm and Chris Sabin

Sabin's shoulder block on Larry has little effect, so he dropkicks the knee and clothesline the back of the head. Larry withstands a swarm, but Storm drags him to ringside for a whip into Sabin's penalty kick. Romero gets a tag and has to withstand a flurry of quick attacks before catching Sabin with a shotgun dropkick. XXXL get their heat on Sabin for several minutes. Storm gets the inevitable hot tag and plows through Larry D. Sabin helps Storm as they put Larry through some MCMG-style kicks. They wipe out XXXL with dives and hit a double suplex on Larry. Sabin and Storm do the Beer Money celebration, which Sabin makes awkward by turning it into "BEER GUN!" Storm hits the DDT for just 2. Sabin gets caught by Romero's urange and back senton but kicks out. XXXL miss a stereo splash, and Romero takes a pair of superkicks for the loss at 11:26. Decent match that gets me on board with the Storm/Sabin pairing, **½.
Winners: James Storm and Chris Sabin

The Deaners are storming around in search of Johnny Swinger. They go through his luggage and find a gun. Cody thinks Swinger shot John E. Bravo.

Defeat Rohit Challenge
X-Division Champion Rohit Raju vs. Cousin Jake (with Cody Deaner)

Rohit puts himself in a promo and reminds us that his open challenge is for anyone but TJP. Jake has a hard time hitting Rohit but manages a body avalanche. Rohit scores some kicks, but Jake hits a roundhouse clothesline for 2. Rohit uses his athleticism to stay alive and hit more kicks to the knees. Leaping double stomp to the back by Raju gets 2. Jake muscles back with a shoulder block to the guts. Jake counters again with a piledriver. Rohit tries to rally, but Jake catches him with a sitout powerbomb for a good nearfall. Rohit finds his second or third wind and hits a running knee to win at 7:15. This threatened to turn into a compelling David vs. Goliath match, but it never quite hit that groove, **.
Winner and still X-Division Champion: Rohit Raju

Eric Young leads the returning Joe Doering to the ring to beat up the Deaners.

The Good Brothers are on a mission to become Tag Team Champions.

TNA World Championship:
Moose &cop vs. Willie Mack

Impact has worked so hard for so long to get past the "TNA" stink, and they go and have Moose bring back the old world title as a vanity belt. For those of you who care, the current Impact Heavyweight Championship has the lineage of the old TNA title that dates back to Kurt Angle in 2007. With all that said, Mack seems to really want the title and gets a hot start until Moose sweeps him off his feet on the apron. Moose works Mack over in methodical fashion. Several minutes go by before Mack rallies, but Moose cuts him off with a pair of uranages. Mack doesn't like getting slapped, and it wakes him up for a slugfest. Moose hits a bicycle kick but Mack answers with a back heel kick. Power slam by Mack and leg drop get 2. Moose hits a superplex that Mack sells like death. Mack leaps over a spear and hits a Samoan Drop and standing moonsault, but Moose kicks out! Moose counters into a somersault spear and pummels Mack into the canvas until the ref calls the match at 12:25. Wow, this took a bit to get going, but it ended up being a very entertaining hoss fight, ***.
Winner and still TNA World Champion: Moose

Eddie Edwards visits Impact World Champion Rich Swann to offer support and good vibes for his match against Sami Callihan tonight.

Impact Tag Team Championship:
The North © (Josh Alexander and Ethan Page) vs. The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows)

Alexander starts against Anderson with some chain wrestling. Gallows tag and pummels Alexander into a heap and hits a suplex. Rapid elbow drops by Gallows, but Page breaks a cover. Anderson tags but misses a head of steam, but avoids getting isolated with a tag. Good Brothers work Page over in their corner. Alexander's cheap shot gives Page an edge, and the North take control of Anderson. Karl plays a pretty good "de facto babyface in peril.' Anderson saves himself with a neckbreaker on Page, and Gallows gets a well earned hot tag. The North cut Gallows off with a double team slam for a good nearfall. Anderson makes a save and helps Gallow hit a suplex/neckbreaker combo for another good 2 count. Page interrupts the Magic Killer and the match has totally broken down. Anderson's drive by kick on Alexander leaves them both down. Match restarts with Anderson hitting a spinebuster, and the Magic Killer finishes Page at 12:54. Great tag team action on display, but this felt like a teaser of the truly epic classic these guys could deliver, ***½.
Winner and new Impact Tag Team Champions: The Good Brothers

Jordynne Grace demands answers from Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K, who don't seem terribly bothered by their loss.

Impact Knockouts Championship (No Disqualifications):
Su Yung © vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Yung has reverted to her evil undead persona. Purrazzo's ambush backfires as Yung pulls the ropes to send her to the floor. Yung applies a head scissors and wrenches Purrazzo into the ring. Purrazzo counters into an ankle lock, but Yung puts on a bloody glove and attacks the face. Purrazzo hits a single arm DDT and puts Yung into a Paradise Lock for a dropkick. Purrazzo sets a chair in the corner, but has to settle for a normal German suplex. Yung hits a kendo stick blow, but Purrazzo answers with a side Russian leg sweep. Purrazzo softens Yung's shoulder with ringside furniture. Purrazzo unloads with kendo shots, but Yung sidesteps a head of steam to send her challenger into the propped chair. They duke it out and Yung gains an advantage with the time bell. They head to the stage, where Yung hits a Pedigree! Back to the ring, Yung gets a late 2 count and protests. Purrazzo smashes a blank canvas over Yung's head. Purrazzo wraps a chair around Yung's head and applies a double arm submission. Yung's body goes limp, but the match continues when she answers the ref. Yung goes for for the Mandible Claw, and then chokes with a noose. Purrazzo frees herself with an armdrag and hits a modified piledriver to win at 14:45! Top notch brawl and best "No DQ" match I've seen in a while, ****.
Winner and new Impact Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

Impact World Championship:
Rich Swann © vs. Sami Callihan

These guys had a great main event at No Surrender last year, so I have high hopes tonight. They trade palm thrusts, and Swann pummels his challenger into the corner. Swann nearly steals an early pinfall so Sami takes a timeout. Swann takes the bait and Sami smashes him around ringside. Swann avoids a powerbomb and delivers a somersault senton off the apron. Swann hits some turnbuckle punches, but Callihan superkicks the previously injured ankle to gain control. Swann takes a beating but then digs deep to strike his way back into the fight. They both go down after stereo pump kicks. Swann is up first and overwhelms with a flurry of offense. Sami comes back with a buckle bomb and brainbuster, but SWANN KICKS OUT! Sami is amused to find one of Swann's dreads on the mat and pretends it's a mustache. Swann fires back with a swinging neckbreaker and hits a back handspring moonsault for 2. Sami counters into a Bastard Driver but Swann kicks out! Callihan hits another piledriver on the apron, but Swann pops up for a cutter onto the floor. Back to the ring, Swann struggles to lift up Callihan, who then sprints up for a clothesline. Swann blocks a piledriver and hits a big boot. Swann gets distracted by Ken Shamrock, but Eddie Edwards runs in to remove him. Swann saves face with a series of brutal kicks on Callihan, and finishes him at 20:32. Swann showed great fire throughout and looks like a worthy champion, ***¾.
Winner and still Impact World Champion: Rich Swann

Final Thoughts: Turning Point 2020 is a great professional wrestling show. Impact Wrestling has become a great professional wrestling company. Pass it on.

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